i have pictures with the coat

The man in a blue peacoat says to you, “Hey kid, wanna buy a niffler?” and opens up his coat.

You go to reply, reaching for your wallet subconsciously, but it’s too late.

The nifflers have stolen it.

They have stolen it all.

You reach out to the man but he is gone.

You realize you’ve been hit by a smooth criminal.

Newt “Scam"ander.

Dean Winchester by Jensen Ackles.

Okay, feel free to give me some tips about realism and portraits, or just reviews about this, because it’s my first digital potrait ever… 


Yuuri and Viktor from Bloodied Suits Look Better by emulikule which can be found in AO3 (I have no idea how to put the link in sorry)

go check it out, the story is really great :D

to the creator, this is how I pictured them when I read it (Yuuri actually had like a thick kimono like coat but it got in the way with the pose so I removed it) I hope you like it :)


Ok, so I decided to look into this a little more…

Here he is in TEH:

And now in T6T… I’m pretty damned sure it’s the same guy. He even wears the same coat from the first CAM picture.

First bus scene in the episode:

Note how the newspaper says ‘be in two places at once’ which is a reference to one of Sherlock’s cases from earlier in the episode:

Definitely hints that this whole thing is in Sherlock’s head imo…

Second bus scene in the episode:

The newspapers are exactly the same. Moran is standing in exactly the same position in what (to us) felt like a scene that happened later on? 

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Click! | Wonho Oneshot

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Genre: College AU, fluff, romance.

Summary: “There’s no love stronger than the love I have for you”


     Black and white blotches coated your vision as you glanced up from your laptop to see Wonho standing at your bedroom door, waving a polaroid picture in his hand to help the picture develop. Standing there, he looked almost dreamlike in the dim lighting of your apartment that was strung with fairy lights on every surface. The area screamed cozy and warm with just the right amount of aesthetically pleasing pieces of furniture: perfect for the two of you.

     “You need to stop sneaking up on me like that, I’m gonna lose my sight soon.” You yawned, pushing your work off your lap and rubbing your eyes.

     Your boyfriend chuckled, setting his polaroid camera on the desk and smiled down at the picture in his hand. He replied, “I told you, it’s for my college graduation project.”

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Hamilton Ladies’ Ensemble Costumes, as designed by Paul Tazewell

The Hamilton Ladies Ensemble wear their white breeches as a base with every added costume piece throughout the show, alternating between their corsets and vests as a base bodice as well as between black boots and buckled heeled shoes.

The padded skirt/corset piece is worn as they play guests during the Winter’s Ball/Hamilton Wedding ceremony. They wear their vests with their blue or red coats, depending on which soldiers they’re playing at the time. Once the timeline changes to the Regency period, everyone gets an empire waisted coat and the empire waisted skirt/black Spencer jacket come in during Quiet Uptown after Phillip dies.

At one point, one of the ensemble ladies gets an Elizabethan collared costume when she plays a character in the play Eacker is at when Phillip challenges him and I don’t have a picture of that, but on Broadway it was in the Betsy Struxness track. 

For more costume pics, check out my Hamilton Costume Tag!

So I may be completely overanalysing something here. It may just be a coincidence. If not, kudos to the Holby City production team.

Bernie and Serena first meet in All Fall Down.

Look at these lovely stills:

We have Serena wearing a low-cut top layered over with neutral stripes. She is also wearing an extra necklace. Bernie is in a black shirt, open at the top, with a long coat with wide lapels.

Fast forward to The Kill List, when they first meet again after Bernie’s secondment.

Look at these lovely stills:

What do we have here?

Serena wearing a low-cut top layered over with neutral stripes. She is also wearing an extra necklace. Bernie is in a black shirt, open at the top, with a long coat with wide lapels.

Coincidental parallels or careful planning?

What Christmas gift do you want to get for your girlfriend?

Jiwon: Me, myself. There’s nothing better than that.

Sunghoon: I’m not sure. A pair of gloves or a coat?

Jaejin: Pictures that we took together, clothes, flowers, etc.

Jaeduc: I want us to have fun and make it a really memorable Christmas.

Jiyong: I want to go on a vacation to a really nice place.

Suwon: What gift? We’re in an IMF financial crisis. As long as we have love for each other, it’s OK!



Hi there! 👋🏻

Life’s been so, so hectic lately and I’ve been a bit overwhelmed. I hope that I will be back more regularly, and I do hate that I’m terribly behind on all of your lives. I hope you know I hope you’re well and that you’re enjoying the countdown to the holidays! December 20th is my last day of work for the year, so at least I’ll have more time after that.

I’ve been visiting Dad–took this picture on one of his really good days! Sadly, I look like I’ve been dragged behind a truck, buuuut I felt like it, so I guess that’s to be expected. Dad has to be in a care facility and we won’t go into some of the things that have upset us about that. It’s hard. I will say that.

Work is INSANE. Everyone wants to give back around the holidays–good but exhausting. Yesterday, I spent the day at Coats for Kids and gave away thousands of books to families! ❤️

Next week is more craziness plus holiday parties. I’m not going to the board party for my work, but the husband’s is on Thursday night and we’re going to that. It’s a casino night again.

Is it December 21st yet? I just want to spend a whole day in my pajamas.

so the shadowhunters have this huge database of downworlders right

but can you please explain me why do they have this picture of the high warlock of brooklyn being the cutest little nugget on the top of what mount everest? 

also can i have the original copy please

So this was bothering me

So in like a bazillion years, what will future archaeologists  know about fandoms? Because we’ve got a ton of crazy shit.

“Who is this ‘destiel’, why is this Sherlock man married to so many(Especially this Watson guy, who even?), why did so many girls have a picture of this Ackles man with a man named moose and this guy in a trench coat?

What is this crazy language? WHAT IS THE GRAMMAR? What the hell is the SuperWhoLock? Is it a religion? A way of life? An order?

And what is this whole… fanfiction thing? The INternet devision needs to get to work.”

Garrick took a much better picture than I did of the coat! Still chalk lines and some pieces in the mail but it’s close!
Still have to finish the pants and the shirt for this and give G a sweet haircut to match ;)

After I finish some stuff for a friend this week it’s onto Noct and Iggy’s shirt! I’m so excited to share how serendipitously Ignis came to be, it’s hilarious what I can find in our closet.

Oh and wigs. Going to try some new techniques for dying their wigs.

I said I wasn’t going to go crazy but I haven’t loved a build as much as I have these in a while.

anonymous asked:

What is one of your favorite con memories?


So at LA Comic Con aka Comikaze this year, @hustleandbustlecosplay competed in the cosplay competition as Anastasia. She was beautiful. She came in 2nd. It was amazing. Look at her. Literal angel. 

And part of her walk on routine for the competition involved a giant fur coat that she came out in and shrugged off while saying, “Grandma! It’s me! Anastasia!” It was hilarious. But she really didn’t want to be carrying around a giant fur coat for the entire day, so she left it in our hotel room and @catamantics and I said we’d bring it to her right before the competition when we went back to the room to change out of our Voltron Paladin armor for the day. Which we did. 

But we were cutting it close for time, so we had to do a dead sprint from the Marriott to the South Hall. Which if you know the LA Convention Center is pretty damn far. And since we’d just changed out of our Paladin armor and threw on comfy clothes, we did it dressed like this.

We ran like 5 blocks dressed as the accidental stripper Klance au no one asked for. It was great. 


“Human. Don’t you know how to greet a new pal?”

A Sans plush I finished a few days ago but just now got around to taking pictures. He took me about a week to complete in my off hours. This plush has the most needle sculpting of any plush I’ve done in the past.
He’s made of mostly alova, his coat, hood trim, and slippers are made of minky. The hoodie is fully functional with a tiny zipper and functioning draw strings coming out of the inlaid eyelets! I’m super proud of this plush and I plan to make a papyrus one if I have the time!
The specific design for this plush was based off of this picture.

Sometimes I like to stress myself out by staring at concept art for the Clone Wars Season 7 Bounty Hunter arc

For example

Where is Bane’s hat and coat in the first picture?? Where is Boba’s helmet?? It looks like they’re walking away from a Tusken Raider camp so what happened to their equipment? What the fuck are they talking about anyway?

do they go inside a Tusken camp? Why all the details about the tents? And why is there a design for a flogging post?

Is the Tusken Shaman a friend or an enemy or neither or both or what????

I have so many questions that will probably never get answered and it stresses me out

I saw that picture of Nino in the snow holding a fork with a potato in the Christmas special trailer
And like
It’s so random
He’s standing in the snow…
No coat,
No jacket,
Holding a fork with a potato
But just think….
He’s probably going to see the villain and have to run like in the other episodes
And like
I’m just thinking about how he’s trying to have Christmas dinner at home,
The akumatized santa comes along,
And he runs out because he doesn’t want to die
And in his moment of panic…
Brings his fork
Okay but just imagine:
Nino running EVERYWHERE….
And bringing THE FORK because now that he has it he can’t put it down just anywhere like what is he suppose to do with it oh no he’s ran halfway across Paris and his potato is beginning to freeze hELP WHAT IS HE SUPPOSE TO DO


today: good job related things happened (not what i talked about yesterday but something i’m excited about, no details because i don’t want to jinx it and yes i’m superstitious), talked to ed on the phone for literally three hours, had plenty of lovely walks with min and it is a springlike wonderful sunny day, and finally had time to run as the sun was starting to set - which was floaty and magically gold-coated and warm.
also i took a picture of her walking as an example of what i mean when i say if you’re seriously working on leash skills, your dog should be looking at you while you walk. as you can see, her focus is on me (well, on her treats) and therefore she’s not looking at kids she’d love to bark at or ducks she wants to eat. training her to walk this way has completely improved her quality of life as well as ours so if you have issues walking your dog, 10/10 recommend.

happy monday y’all <3


It wasn’t your fault.

From the (soon-to-be-published) next chapter of my fanfic.

I know it’s been a while, but the next chapter is in the process of being edited, and will be out soon. Until then, have a sneak preview in the form of an illustration.