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colored some doodles of act 1 veronica <3 


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The world shrank, and grew, and came to life.
⤿ created for @greenopalus. text from @piedrpiper’s “come to me”.


TVD Movie AU: Six Mornings After || There’s a loooot more to goody-goody Stefan than meets the eye. 


Whose Line Is It Anyway, Secret. S10E08

So many questions…


Happy Birthday Annie!


AU MEME:   Damon and Alison as friends & partners in crime 
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Damon finds an online website offering help in getting revenge, and determined to hurt Katherine as she hurt him, reaches out. There he meets Alison DiLaurentis, someone as hell bent on revenge and ‘justice’ as him. They soon become friends, working together to get even with all their enemies. 

that one part of beat it when everybodys dancing hardcore then this guy just kinda