i have pepperony feels

Imagine Tony coming up to Pepper one day and telling her he has a surprise for her, and Pepper sighs loudly and is mentally preparing for whatever awful thing he’s done that she’s going to have to fix

and then he unbuttons his shirt and takes off a large cloth bandage to reveal a tattoo on his chest, right over his heart, that says ‘Virginia’ in a delicate scrawl

and he points to the shrapnel necklace and says, 'My heart is always with you, and now you’ll always be with my heart’ and Pepper claps her hands to her mouth and can’t believe that he’s gone and gotten her actual first name tattooed on him, and she tears up a little

and she pulls him into a tight hug and he winces and says, 'Easy, Potts, it’s still a little sore’ and so she kisses him instead

tony having to stand on his toes to kiss pepper when she’s in heels  ◡‿◡✿