i have our rp drafted btw

forgottenflower replied to your post: M!A - I seem to recall a certain mun wishing for an excuse to have her muse go crazy, so here it is; Roxas is violent, deranged, cruel, and borderline evil for the next 5 hours. Blood gives him a high, pain is just funny, etc. There is not a drop of remorse or mercy in his body- Just pure insanity.

“Uh… I’m going to run now. Bye!”

Roxas smirked, red eyes snapping up to look at the evidently scared girl. His head twitched, cocking to one side sharply and he let out a laugh.

“Won’t you come and play with me?”

He sang, pushing himself to his feet and straightening his head atop his shoulders.

‘Kill her’

'Not now’

'Wait- Stop-’

“Pretty little toy~”