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Starlight Challenge Weekly prompt: February 9th, 2015


He spends years pretending to forget, and sometimes he even fools himself.


Fandom: Red Versus Blue
Character: Locus, Felix
Ship: Lolix
Rating: G
Word Count: 4406
Notes: Synnesai sent me a song and mentioned an idea and this sorta just happened.

Sun and Moon

The life of a young noble, Locus learned early on, was one of tedium. No, that statement was not entirely true. It was more correct to say that winters as a young noble resulted in the worst kind of tedium imaginable.

For the rest of the year his life was one of lessons. Lessons on etiquette. Lessons on the management of not only the vast estates he was to inherit but in how to delegate responsibilities to trusted subordinates. Lessons on recognizing which subordinates could be trusted with funds and which were hardly fit to be trusted mucking out stables. Politics, finances, the brokering of deals and power and currying of favor were all things he was trained in from a young age. Riding, hunting, combat, and conversation were all relevant points to him. Spring, summer and fall were filled with useful, nay, vital information and crucial lessons that would one day serve him in fulfilling his duty as the heir to the Castille family.

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