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Prompt - Anxiety have a attack in front of Thomas while they're filming a video (and this is something that never happens, so Thomas is all like "??????? Oh shit, what's happening") and one of the other sides (logan perhaps? Or any of the others, it doesn't matter) has to help calm Anx down. And then Anx and Thomas have a talk about what happened

Hey anon, I’m really sorry, but I don’t tend to write Thomas as a character in my fics. Like this is a good prompt, and if anyone who sees this post want to write it, that would be great, but for me it’s just hard/weird to write him. I think it’s because as a really person I can’t get into his head the same way. So while he’ll show up as a mention or maybe background character, he’s not ever the focus of it. Again sorry

Kamunami Week coming soon!


1. Whether you choose SDR2 (Super Dangan ronpa 2) or DR3 (Danganronpa 3) Kamunami, it does not matter. Whichever one you prefer is fine. If you like the AI version of Chiaki better than human Chiaki, that’s fine. It still counts regardless.

2. If you are late in submitting your work, be it a fanfiction, a drawing, a creative video, homemade item etc., it’s fine. I will accept late submissions. I want those who are participating to take as much time as they need to work on whatever it is they are contributing. Be sure to tag your work with the tag: “kamunami week”, so I can find it.

3. Remember, this is Kamunami Week, not Hinanami Week. People have different interpretations on how they ship Kamunami. That’s fine. I’m not going to tell you how to ship. However, if you are going to use some Hinanami undertones, be sure that it’s not overpowering Kamunami. In other words, don’t make it 90% Hinanami and only have a bit of Kamunami somewhere in your work. I will not accept that. Kamunami needs to be the main focus of your work. If you do use some slight Hinanami be sure to tag it in there. If I see Hinanami and you don’t tag it, I will not count it. You may post it, but I will not count it towards Kamunami Week.

4. Respect other people’s creations. This is not a contest. This is about expanding Kamunami.

5. You do not have to participate for all the prompts. If you want to, that’s awesome, but you are not required to do all of them. Just the ones you want.

6. If you have questions about any of the prompts/themes or rules, feel free to message me.

7. NSFW will not be allowed.

Prompts/Themes (interpret these as you see it):

Day 1 (Feb 13th): Flower Crowns

Day 2 (Feb 14th): Max Affection

Day 3 (Feb 15th): Stargazing

Day 4 (Feb 16th): Boats

Day 5 (Feb 17th): Co-op

Day 6 (Feb 18th): Sacrifice/Death

Day 7 (Feb 19th): Rebirth

Day 8 (Feb 20th): Rain

Day 9 (Feb 21st): Hope

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I know you do prompts, but I'm struggling with a video game I'm making. There's two people whose dark personas try to take over and make them fall into comas and then they have to fight the other's fears and demons with the help of the other's sidekick. They also are BFFs and romantically love each other but don't realize it. After they defeat the demons and fears, they have to fight together to stop their dark personas. It'd be mostly dialogue based I think and I have no clue where to start.

Sure, I do prompts, but I also do advice. My inbox is always open to talk about anything you want or need to talk about. My main point of focus is on writing help, but if anyone ever needs any kind of advice, or just someone to talk to, I am always willing to listen and help. 

So lets see here. This is a pretty interesting concept you’ve got going on. I think the best place to start would be to map out what their demons and fears are, and what order they would appear in. You should also figure out what exactly their dark personas consists of. If you’ve already got those figured out, then great. 

Next step would probably to determine the cause of the situation. Why are their fears and dark personas appearing? Is it a dream? A curse? Some weird science experiment? A lot of games like this have prologues in which they find some kind of whimsical like way to describe the main thing that triggered the events in the game. For example, say this is happening because the two characters are cursed? A neat prologue might be a fairy tale styled, almost poetic like little story that explains the who, what, why and when (Sometimes where as well, but thats only important if you need to establish a special location like a mythical world or an alternate universe.) So who made what for who, why they did it and when did they do it? “Long ago in a far away land, an evil witch decided to set a curse upon an entire village as revenge for killing her family” A little something like that, but usually longer, more specific and probably with more poetic wording. 

 Beyond that, Its usually best for games like this to be given large environments are locations. Places like Mansions, Amusement parks, Open Nature, Hotels and Abandoned Malls are often really good. Isolation is great for games like this as well, having your characters stuck, or locked in somewhere would force them to literally face their fears. 

I really hope this helps, and I wish you luck! If you have any other questions, or something isnt clear, please feel free to contact me! 


Hey everyone! Thank you so so much for the 500 followers! I still can’t believe it, it’s just so incredible! So! To celebrate, I’m going to be making moodboards by request! I can make moodboards for any ship/fandom/character. For the fandoms on this blog, you can refer to my about and for my personal favorite ships you can refer to my ships page. Of course, moodboards aren’t strictly restricted to those ships, I’ll do any ship, those are just if you need some ideas!

In the meantime, I will be closing down writing prompts FOR NOW. Once I finish the ones in my inbox, they will be closed temporarily while I focus on moodboards. Moodboards take a lot of time and I don’t want to have to worry about writing while I’m doing it. Not to mention, I have other things I need to catch up on as far as writing goes. I’ll upon up prompts again once I catch up and the moodboards die down or I decide to close those down. If you really want, you can leave me a prompt but it won’t be completed until moodboards are done or until I can find time for it.

If you want to look at my moodboards you can go to /tagged/mine to see some of what I’ve done! Thank you so much again and I can’t wait to start working on any requests I get sent!!

open prompts/requests for critical role fandom

Hello everyone~

Due to my life getting very busy, I’ve not had the motivation to work on the long fanfics I have in progress. I do want to finish them, it’s just difficult to focus on them right now. 

But I want to keep writing and also write things people are interested in, so I’m opening prompts or requests for ficlets/short fanfics. 

Pairings, general fic, dark fic, nsfw, are all good as long as they’re not meant to intentionally harm others. Send me an ask or IM on tumblr if you want to read something! Anything I write will probably be 500-1000 words, probably no more than 2k words. I’m trying to get back into the swing of things.  

Don’t be shy and feel free to send me something~

Master Post (2017 Edition)

I’ve seen a lot of Digimon prompts lately and Joumato is a ship that seems well-loved but under-represented, so I wanted to give us a chance to share that! Why a month? Because a week was just too short!

This is for the pairing of Yamato Ishida and Jou Kido in Digimon.


Use the #joumatomonth tag so we can see your posts!

Signal boost the #Joumato and #Jyoumato tags! [Optional]

The prompts don’t have to be romantic. Other characters and Digimon can be mentioned/included.

All submissions must heavily or exclusively focus on Yamato and Jou.

Submissions can include fan fiction, general thoughts, fan art, AMVs, cosplay… anything you want as long as it focuses on the prompt!

Don’t reblog any art or fanfic without original creator’s permission. Do not blog or post links to unofficial sources for the anime (ie: full episode streams) and do not post full episodes yourself.

Do not start submissions or posting until June 1st. You can post the prompts anytime AFTER their respective day, even after the event itself has passed (for those lazy/procrastinators like myself).

I will allow NSFW on this tumblr. In fact, I encourage it! But please put it under a “read more” / cut so people just don’t have them appearing on their feeds.

Bonuses aren’t required; just things that make it extra fun for me. You can write these prompts any way you want!

Be respectful and have fun!

The dates and prompts are as follows:

June 1st through June 30th

Day 1: Love / Post what you love about the pairing!

Day 2: Role-reversal / What If (Bonus: Occupation switching)

Day 3: Different Time Period (Bonus: the Titanic)

Day 4: Favorite moment. / What’s your favorite moment?

Day 5: Laptops / Video Games

Day 6: Headcanons. Write or draw your headcanons with this pairing.

Day 7: “How long have you been standing there?”

Day 8: Holiday (Pick any holiday to write about.) (Bonus: Halloween)

Day 9: “We were pretending to be astronauts so that’s why we broke our neighbors window” AU

Day 10: Stuck in detention.

Day 11: Movies.

Day 12: “You’re going out dressed like that?”

Day 13: “You had a nightmare. Tell me what it’s about so I can fix it.” (Bonus: Jou has the nightmare.)

Day 14: Sushi.

Day 15: Freebie day. Post whatever you want!

Day 16: “I was sent to kill you but I got hurt and now you’re naively nursing me back to health and calling me cute pet names I cannot do this” AU

Day 17: Seasons (Write about the characters during a certain season.)

Day 18: Close (Take this term any way you want.)

Day 19: Asylum (Take this term any way you want.)

Day 20: Kids

Day 21: Road Trip

Day 22:  OTP “I’m your husband, that’s my job.” / BroTP “I’m your best friend, that’s what friends are for.”

Day 23: “Oh my God, these are your baby pictures?”

Day 24: Drunk.

Day 25: Trans/Ace AU.

Day 26: Who asks their partner’s parents/guardians permission to get married? (BroTP: The two discuss this topic in regards to Person C.)

Day 27: Secret Kink

Day 28: Imagine your OTP/BroTP walking around and seeing two ducks of the same gender walking around. Person A turns to B and says “gay ducks.” Person B replies with “Same.”

Day 29: Cosplay

Day 30: Finale / The End.

Enjoy Joumato Week! (Er, all 4 of them!)

Solavellan Masterpost

This will be a list of everything I write for Dragon Age: Inquisition.  There will be other master lists for the other games (eventually), but I really want to focus on one game at a time.  Solas has taken over my life, so be prepared.  I am learning, so feel free to throw constructive criticism my way.  It’s greatly appreciated since I want to be better.  

If you have any suggestions for short stories, send me a prompt and I will do my best! 

And if you’d like to learn more about my Inquisitor Nira’sal Lavellan, you can click here!

Solas & Nira’sal canon - In chronological order

A Change of PlansAs the events at Haven begin to spiral out of control, Solas finds one small beacon of hope resting alongside the humans.  Upon finding a young elf among the wreckage of the Conclave, Solas finds familiarity with the strange power emitting from her hand.

Introductions - Nira’sal meets Solas on the way to the Breach and can’t seem to keep herself in check. (prompt)

Reconsider  -  Having to reconsider his plans, Solas keeps a close eye on the elf that came into contact with his orb.

SmileyFinally catching her breath, Nira decides whether she should stay with the Inquisition or not.  Varric comes to give her some encouragement.

One Step  - Being called the “Herald of Andraste” worries Nira quite a bit.  Not used to the responsibilities, she falters in her resolve and searches for answers.

New Faces  - Meeting new people has always been difficult for Nira, but something about Solas makes her feel more comfortable.  She takes the time she can while he studies the mark to get to know him a little.

Unexpected - While gathering herbs, an unexpected event keeps them from returning to Haven.

A Pulsing EnergyFeeling the presence of an ancient elven artifact, Nira accompanies Solas to inspect it.

Fear -   As Nira tries to console herself with everything that has happened over the past few days, she finds herself confronted once again by the demon.  She feels as if she is facing this demon alone, but is she?

A Walk in the Snow aka Solas is MOM according to Avi - Once again, Solas comes to Nira’s rescue, but the two distract each other from their situations, something else starts to come to light.

Distractions -  As Nira'sal continues her training, Solas suggests a distraction. Nira decides to take his advice into her own hands.

Napping on the Job  - In hopes of playing a prank on Solas after a long day of boredom, Nira’sal goes to his study only to find him asleep.


An Important Choice - Nira is faced with a choice and goes to Solas for comfort.  What kind of mage will she decide to be and how will that shape the Inquisition?

Some Light Reading - Solas POV - Solas spends the evening reading one of his favorite books, but is interrupted by a young elf who can’t sleep.

Losing Oneself - In an attempt to prepare Nira’sal for many of the possible futures, Solas takes her through the Fade and back to Haven.  A slip of the tongue causes his plans to derail. 

Worth the Trouble - Nira confronts Solas about the kiss in the Fade.  Solas does whatever he can to keep her at a distance, despite his best efforts.

All New - Solas POV - pt 1 -  Hearing that his friend has been used in a spirit binding devastates Solas and sends him in a frenzy to go off and help her.  Though he does all he can, it may already be too late.

Faded - Solas POV - pt 2 -  After the pain of losing his oldest friend, Solas remembers his last moments together with Wisdom.  From her words, he decides his next path.

Much Needed Help - As Solas struggles with Wisdom’s death, Nira takes matters into her own hands as she makes more trouble in the kitchen.

Before the Band Stops - Resting after the events of Halamshiral, it seems Nira needs a much needed distraction and Solas is more than happy to oblige.

Truly Unique - Solas and Nira spend the day painting in his study.

Just SmileNoticing that Solas has been acting strangely, Nira does everything she can to make him smile.

The GiftSolas gives Nira a gift with a special enchantment.

Before the Breach - Receiving the letter that her clan was destroyed, Nira recounts the events before she came to the Inquisition and her mysterious actions that ended in their death.  [Part 1]

Stay With Me - Solas POV - Preparing to depart for Mythal’s Temple, Solas give Nira a small warning, but more importantly, he gives her hope that everything will be alright.  He will forever remain by her side. (prompt)

Lost in Thought - Solas POV - Solas plays along with Nira’s games, but finds himself distracted.

In Claws of Dread - Solas POVSolas continues to struggle with himself, but feels his heart has made it’s decision.  The Wolf refuses to allow him to divert from his destined path.  NSFW

One Last Time - Solas POVAs Solas prepares to leave the area after helping defeat Corypheus, he leaves one final gift with his vhenan.

Var Lath Vir Suledin -  Solas POV - TRESPASSER SPOILERS! Solas struggles with himself before leaving Nira one final time.  One kiss and one goodbye is all he needs.

Solas & Nira’sal AUs

Suledin Bell’ana - AU, BUT TRESPASSER SPOILERS!   An AU alternate ending to Var Lath Vir Suledin.  Nira struggles to fight past the pain the Anchor is creating in order to remain with the one she loves.

El’las’in - Solas POV - EVEN MORE TRESPASSER SPOILERS!  AU where Solas and Nira still meet from time to time post-Trespasser, despite the paths they are walking and what their meetings may possibly lead to in the future.  Possibly a prelude to something down the road.  I can’t stop writing AU’s!  It’s the only way to make me happy!

Faded Away -  Solavellan style Spirited Away AU.  Nira wanders a Fade she had never come across before and unable to return home.  When a figure steps in, she finds it hard to believe that he is there to save her.  She has little choice, but to listen as the Evanuris will kill any mortal caught in their realm. [Ch 1]

Fen’nas -  insp. by this post made by @fatally-procrastinating.  Original post is here.  Solas doesn’t so much sleep as doze. Sleeping pulls him into the Fade and he prefers to feel the heartbeat and listen to the soft, steady breathing of his child. He traces the outline of his child’s ear, murmuring in ancient elven about things lost past. In these small intimate moments, with no one else around to hear, he can finally speak the truth.  

The Dreadful Tails (Solavellan Fairy tale AUs)

A Dreadful Masquerade  (Cinderella) -   A Solavellan fairy tale AU. Sneaking into her own ball, Nira meets a mysterious stranger that quickly makes the night one to remember.  [Act 1] [Act 2]


Sylvas & Fen’nas Masterpost - TBA

Random Solavellan prompt AUs

Kid!quisitor Masterpost

Nira’sal x Suledin

I’m Conceited. Honestly, I Haven’t Got a Reason

I am a newbie returning to the bowl for the third time. I have turned down 2 arrangements and talked myself out of another. I thought I could do better. I have not yet. I thought I was better than all of that. I thought that I deserved $3,000 off the bat. I thought there were so many men in my city with that type of money just willing to hand it over to a pretty black girl in drug store lipstick. My bank account says otherwise. My absolutely barren inbox says otherwise. 

I have walked into sugar dating with the advice of established sb’s in my head. Know your worth! Girl, don’t you take some little allowance from him! These men are idiots! Take EVERYTHING! These words of advice have hindered me more than they’ve helped me. 

SA, SD4M, sugardaddie, they have all been disappointments for me. SD4M less so than the others. The fact remains however that while I’ve gotten offers and dates from that site, they haven’t led to anything substantial. The fact remains that this is largely my fault. 

It is time for me to admit that things aren’t working. However, unlike my previous experiences in the bowl, it is not time for me to give up. I focused on the glitz and glamour. I focused on the pretty pictures of Cartier, Chanel, and Louboutins. I ignored the advice to focus on what prompted me to enter the bowl and get that need taken care of first before pursuing any other superficial goals. I started this journey because I hate the humdrum of a 9-5. I want to be able to pursue my passions without having the hindrance of financial responsibility. What is the best way to do that? Find a man (or woman) that’s willing to cover my basic bills and focus on getting my business up and running as quickly as possible. If I had focused on that I could have accepted an allowance of $1,500 or less and accomplished my first goal. I could have gotten a second SD who may have been offering a smaller allowance and deposited that money directly into a savings account. Hindsight is 20/20 and one of my cardinal sins is greed. It is brought on by a lust for things I don’t really need. It is brought on by a lust for the instantaneous, the easy path to success. 

It is time for me to admit that things aren’t working. Sugar websites are not leading me to arrangements with sugar daddies. This is mostly my fault. I have been pursuing an excessive allowance instead of a necessary one. I have lacked consistency with the men that have shown interest and I haven’t been nearly as aggressive as I could be. 

It is time for me to admit that things aren’t working. I am not experienced enough to command the type of allowance I would ultimately desire. I have not yet been lucky enough to find a man to blindly hand me the allowance that I would ultimately like. And I have not done anything to put myself in the path of such a man. 

Certain things however are working. I have finally begun to pay attention not just to the pretty pictures and the success stories but the stories of hard work, confusion, and sometimes depression that preceded them. I have determined what I need vs what I want. I have unplugged myself from the fantasy of this life and focused on what I want my reality to be. I have looked at my failures and my losses and instead of making excuses and giving up I am looking forward. I’ve built a loose business plan that I’ll continue to refine. I have found the sites and methods that work for me and I’m going to expand upon them. I’m going to go on dates. I’m going to keep an open mind. I’m going to kick ass.

Have you ever just wanted to draw your fav in an outfit other than their canon outfit? 

Me too. Thus, Sam happened. I was working on a comic art prompt, then this happened. I don’t know how or when I switched focus, but I ended up with this.

Want to send an art/writing prompt or have a question? ClickHERE! Or send a MESSAGE! Remember I have seen your prompt, I just like to leave them in my inbox so I don’t lose them later. Interested in a commission? Click HERE!

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namseok college roommates au? with a stuck-up namjoon falling for a carefree hoseok :)

Namjoon hates libraries.

Libraries are always overcrowded because it seems like everybody decides to study on the days when Namjoon has to go there and silence becomes an abstract noun with so much people in one place. Everybody is whispering or listening to music or idly flipping through the pages of their books or moving around, going out for nothing and coming in with nothing.

Namjoon hates it and no matter how hard he tries, he can’t focus on the tasks in front of him and after a while it seems like the exercises in his books are mocking him.

But Namjoon doesn’t have to be in the library. He’s one of the lucky ones on the campus who got only one roommate and a decent-sized room for college. His floor is silent because the majority of residents are chemistry and physics majors who spend their time in the laboratories.

Namjoon could easily study in his room with the large window opened, but there’s only one tiny obstacle he can’t overcome and it’s named Hoseok.

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Hanzo rally miss his old home, mccree can't take him there, but he want the archer to feel at home at any cost. If he can't take hanzo to hanamura he will take hanamura to hanzo.

sorry it’s so short i didn’t have a lot of ideas but i hope you like it regardless @_@

still accepting prompts.  plz send me prompts so I can focus on something other than my anger at my country

“What’s home like for you, archer?” the gunslinger purred, combing his partner’s hair back with his fingers.

“A village on top of a hill,” hummed Hanzo. “There are cherry blossoms in the spring. I miss it dearly.”

“It’s still there, Hanz,” McCree reminded.

“Yet I cannot go back,” he sighed. “When I left the Shimada clan, I knew I could never set foot in Hanamura again. I risked it only to honor Genji.”

“Nothin’ you can do, huh? You’re capable, and-”

“I cannot go back,” Hanzo repeated.

McCree paused. “‘M sorry.”

“No need. This is my own doing.” He slumped back into his lover’s chest. “Sometimes I wish I could show it to you.”

He frowned. “Sure it’s lovely, darlin’.”

“It was.”

“Hanz!” he heard is lover call, spurs jingling on tile. “Hold up.”

“Hello,” he smiled, then blinked at what the gunslinger was carrying. “You bought a plant.”

“Yeah, well - ya see, hmm,” he flustered. “This is a might embarrassin’, but I bought a plant for you.”

“Oh,” he nodded. “Thank you.”

“No – shit. Let me start over from the beginning. It’s a cherry blossom tree. Erm, sapling,” Jesse explained. “You were real homesick, and I thought we could plant it at the base. Then you could feel better. But I don’t even know if it can grow ‘round here; I shoulda done my homework.”

Hanzo gave a soft laugh.

“Look, it’s stupid. I know. But I-”

“No, Jesse,” Hanzo beamed. “I adore it.”

“Oh. Good,” sighed McCree. “Maybe Winston or Mei can give it somethin’, make it grow here. Went out and bought that tea you like, too. I just want you to feel at home, is all.”

Hanzo took the tree and placed it on a nearby table. “It is… sweet of you to worry. But you did not have to do this.”

“I know; I just wanted to– aww, hell. You don’t like it? I can-”

“No. Not that.”


“Will you hear my confession?”

McCree flinched. “Yeah, sweetpea. You know you can tell me anything.”

“‘Home’ is a tricky definition. It differs for each person. I did not know its meaning until you held me,” he admitted. “What I mean is… I do miss Hanamura, but I would rather be with you than have a chance to go back. I have never felt safer than with you by my side. Perhaps home can be a person.”

“Angel,” breathed McCree. “You really mean that?”

“I would not use these words lightly.”

“That’s how I feel. About you. Always on the road, but you – shit, I’m supposed to be making you blush, Hanzo,” he stammered.

“Can we skip to the part where you kiss me?” smirked Hanzo, taking a step closer.

Jesse laughed, cupping the archer’s head in his hands, whispering “te amo” under his breath before fulfilling his lover’s request.

Focus on Me

Author: mlchaeijones
Word Count: 3,313 words
Warnings: There’s a lot of smut and alcohol. 
Summary: This was prompted by bowsermofo for a fic giveaway that I’m doing. Hybrid AU, where Gavin does the bird mating thing, where they puff their feathers to attract someone they like. Also, bottom!Michael.

Pairing: Mavin (MichaelxGavin)

AO3 Link: (X)

Author’s Note: I hope this turned out the way you wanted, even though the smut may have gotten to the point where there’s more of it than the actual prompt. For that I apologize. If you want to read any of my other stuff, you can find it here.

Focus on Me

Staying focused had never been one of Gavin’s strong points. Having Michael sitting beside him, somehow managing to be a mix of goddamn cute and really fucking sexy at the same time wasn’t helping anything.

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What Do You Mean It's Still On?: Teen Wolf (Liam Dunbar)

•••PART 2 AVAILABLE HERE: http://my-little-wolfies.tumblr.com/post/138111335140/what-do-you-mean-its-still-on-part-2-teen-wolf •••

Hey everybody! I’m going to be pumping a bunch of little blurbs for you all and I hope you enjoy them immensely. Please send in any requests or any characters that you would like to have me write about (they don’t have to be from fandoms I’ve already written about) that I haven’t covered yet. I also want to do a preference so if you have any ideas as to what they should be on then hit up my messages! Enjoy!

PROMPT: Your crush Liam Dunbar forgets to turn off the microphone while doing an announcement for the lacrosse team.

It was first period math and you were bored out of your mind. You had already finished all of your work and was now begging the PA system gods to finally start announcements so that you could focus on anything other than the completed questions in front of you. The speakers crackled and blared to life. Your prayers were answered.

“Good morning students!” The principle announced. “Please welcome our announcers for today.” The announcements were
-more or less- always the same. A massive slew of messages from all sorts of clubs that would only be useful to you if you were actually in those groups. Then to top it all off your ears would be blessed by coach Finstock and/or his lacrosse team discussing any recent wins or future games they would encourage you to support.

“Um, uh hello Beacon Hills High.” Your heart fluttered a little. You recognized that voice all too well. It was Liam Dunbar, your ultimate crush. Dunbar was severely hot but he almost never noticed you. The only reason there’s an ‘almost’ was because he accidentally bumped into you in the hallway on his way to practice. You always joked with god that if he ever got Liam to notice you, you would dedicate one hour each day to saying nothing but ‘Hail Mary’.

“On behalf of the Beacon Hills High School lacrosse team I would like to inform you of our upcoming State Championship game against Devenford Prep tomorrow night. Please show your spirit!” You giggled at Liam trying to be enthusiastic. He really was the cutest. Everyone started to pack up their textbooks but more noise came from the speakers. Your teacher instructed the class to sit down and listen to the rest of the announcements.

“Yo Liam,” It was Mason. Liam must have forgot to turn off the microphone. “how’s it going?”


“You did good on the announcements.”


“So, did you ask Y/N out yet?” Everyone in the room seemed to gasp and turn to you at the same time. Suddenly you couldn’t breath.

“He couldn’t mean me.” You mumbled out. Everyone turned back the the speaker. Those who weren’t paying attention, were now.

“No.” You heard Liam say bashfully. “I’m waiting until she gets out of math.” Everyone turned back to you.

“There’s no way it’s me.” You said louder this time.

“You’re totally lying Liam.” Mason retorted. “If you don’t ask her out soon, I will for you.” A wave of mixed emotions washed over you. Shock, anxiety, love, joy, all pulling you under.

“She’ll never say yes Mason. She’s way too beautiful, and smart, and compassionate, and calm. If I asked her out I would get the same reaction as if I got down on one knee and said ‘Y/F/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?’ She’s way too good for me dude.” Your heart stopped beating and your lungs gave out as the entire class let out an even more dramatic, collective gasp. All you could push out of your lips was a weak ‘Hail Mary’. The last thing you heard from the speaker after that was the Principle entering the room followed by Liam’s terrified “What do you mean it’s still on?” Then silence. The bell rang and you quickly left the classroom, looking for Liam.

You heard him before you saw him, or rather you heard the people around him. “Smooth move Dunbar.” “Hey Liam? Will you marry me?” and “At least you tried.” were all tossed out at him, each one followed by snickers. Liam saw you and his faced dropped from a look of embarrassment to a look of shame. Once he made it close enough to you he tried to apologize.

“Y/N I am so sorry. That’s not how I wanted you to find out and I-” he hung his head. “You must hate me.”

“Hail Mary.” Liam’s head shot up again. You made a mental note to punch yourself in the face.

“Pardon?” He asked.

“We’re you really ever going to ask me out?“ You politely asked the flustered boy. Liam smiled but began picking at his fingernails.

“Y/N,” He stammered but regained his composure. “Would you like to go to the lacrosse game with me tomorrow?”

“Don’t you have to play?” You asked confused.

Liam smiled. “I’ll make an exception.” The jeering from the crowd of teenage lacrosse team members around the two of you hadn’t ceased so you grabbed his face and kissed him, causing everyone in the hallways to fall silent.

“Then I’ll see you there.”

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Patreon advice/requests?

Hey so I’m going to bed because I’m a lamer (and I am tired so this might be an idiotic time to write this) but I’ve been having a real hard time thinking about what to do about Patreon, which I finally intend to have a crack at, and with my hand recovering it looks like I might be good to start drawing in earnest again in a fortnight or so.

I’m also officially between contracts and thus at a great point to try and make a break for it- if I can make enough to support myself I could make drawing these stories for you my means of living and that is, like, crazy amazing even as a far out possibility. I just don’t know how to go about it, so what would you people want if you became a supporter for me on Patreon? Basically, what would be a big draw for you to help me? What would you want to have exclusive access to? Character design sheets? Q+A’s and step by steps? Writing short stories based off prompts from you? If any of you could help me out that would be great, (especially you’ve made a Patreon yourself or if you’re a supporter on there), because if I can do this that would mean I could finally seriously focus on getting TPoH, the SKIP stories and a whole bunch of other things out of my brain and into your hands!

Wait, that, sounded gross. Into your eyes? No that’s worse anyway uh yeah THROW SUGGESTIONS AT ME I’LL BE HAPPY TO CONSIDER THEM.

sweatergirl223-deactivated20150  asked:

20 Solllaaannnggggeeelllloooo

20- “What do you remember about your mother?”

“Your turn.” 

Will rolled over onto his side to face Nico, whose eyes were closed in thought. “My turn, huh? Let me think.”

They had been playing this game for hours. One of them would ask any question about the other, and it would have to be answered, no matter what.

“Do you mind if I ask something super personal?” 

Nico frowned slightly, the corners of his lips turning downwards, but he nodded his head yes.

“What do you remember about your mother?”

Nico’s eyes flew open. “My mother?”

“You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.” Will added quickly. “We can break the rules just this once.”

“No it’s fine.” Nico bit his lip. “It’s just- all my memories of her are really hazy. I have to focus really just to remember what she looks like.”

Will nodded, prompting Nico to go on.

“But, I do remember how she smelled. Sorta like honey and flour. She used to make Bianca and I homemade bread all the time, with honey spread on top.”

“Do you miss her?” Will asked.

Nico frowned. “I think I miss the thought of having a mother. I don’t really remember much about her, to be honest.”

“Oh.” Will replied, searching for words, but finding none.

“I do remember her giving the best hugs though.” Nico added.

Will smiled. “She must have really loved you.”

Nico attempted to smile, but Will could see that his eyes were watering. “Yeah,   I think so too.”

I don’t know how many of y’all that follow me are of the witchy woo persuasion, but maybe you’d know something

So I like the idea of the Grimoire Challenge ( @grimoirechallenge) esp since I’m trying to get back to having some kind of focus on my spirituality. However, it’s VERY heavy on Law of Attraction (as well as some other “laws” of dubious provenance) and anything to do with LoA makes me want to throw chairs.

Are there any other similar prompts/challenges/etc that aren’t so LoA heavy?