i have other prompts i want to focus on

So um…It’s looking like Camp Swan miiiiight have to be put on hold for a while. At least until after Christmas. I’ve got a bunch of Christmas prompts I want to focus on plus I’ll Be Home, which I’m aiming to have done on Christmas (my own fault for starting a multi-chapter Christmas fic) 

I’m about half-way through Part 10 of Camp Swan and honestly? I’m stuck on the second half. I’m pretty happy with the first half of it but I’m not sure how to keep going with it. I want to be able to sit down and give it my full attention without a dozen other stories hanging over my head. 

I’m really sorry to those of you who like Camp Swan and are awaiting the next chapter. This’ll give me time to think about it, though, and figure out how I want the next leg of the story to go 

ooooon the bright side new I’ll Be Home chapter tomorrow :) and it’s looking like there’ll be a prompt a day leading up to Christmas PLUS I’ll Be Home updates, so it’s not like there’ll be no content. 

I’m gonna put the Camp Swan tag list here so y’all will be sure to know :) 

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Meet the JSE community official prompt list!

Hey there friends! Earlier this week I made a little post brain dumping for a little activity the community can do!

As someone who has gone on to really talk to and connect with people on tumblr through meeting them within the community, it’s made me realise that people are SO much more than their avatars and screen names, and I really want to get to know you guys!!

So I’d like to start a meme similar to “Meet the Artist”, where I list a bunch of questions you have to answer, with some space for creativity in there if you want to illustrate it or make your list stylised and have that #aesthetic.

This will be open for as long as you guys want to do them, but at the end of the weekend, I’ll post a little collage of everyone’s submissions!!

To help me find them, please tag it #meetjsecommunity, @ me and spam my inbox because I am the WORST at finding these things. Also, if you could reblog this post to share it around so other people can find it and join in, that would be awesome!!!

So, here we have the official list! Please keep in mind, these are prompts, and you all have creative freedom to not answer these questions, or add your own!! Some of these questions have a focus on Jack, but I really want to focus on YOU guys and who YOU are so the majority are personal :)

1. Name, Age, Country? (I always like seeing country Cus it’s incredible how widespread the community is sometimes)
2. Appearance? (For all you artists you can draw some pictures of yourselves!!)
3. Hobbies?
4. What is your dream job?
5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?
6. How would you describe your personality?
7. When did you find Jack’s channel?
8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!
9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch? (Multiple answers are fine, I know I’ll find it hard to answer)
10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community?
If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others?

Feel free to skip or add your own questions!! I’ve tried to make it so that these questions are easy to draw accompanying illustrations because I know how much you guys love to draw!!

Have fun guys! I can’t wait to get to know you all a bit better!

I’m Conceited. Honestly, I Haven’t Got a Reason

I am a newbie returning to the bowl for the third time. I have turned down 2 arrangements and talked myself out of another. I thought I could do better. I have not yet. I thought I was better than all of that. I thought that I deserved $3,000 off the bat. I thought there were so many men in my city with that type of money just willing to hand it over to a pretty black girl in drug store lipstick. My bank account says otherwise. My absolutely barren inbox says otherwise. 

I have walked into sugar dating with the advice of established sb’s in my head. Know your worth! Girl, don’t you take some little allowance from him! These men are idiots! Take EVERYTHING! These words of advice have hindered me more than they’ve helped me. 

SA, SD4M, sugardaddie, they have all been disappointments for me. SD4M less so than the others. The fact remains however that while I’ve gotten offers and dates from that site, they haven’t led to anything substantial. The fact remains that this is largely my fault. 

It is time for me to admit that things aren’t working. However, unlike my previous experiences in the bowl, it is not time for me to give up. I focused on the glitz and glamour. I focused on the pretty pictures of Cartier, Chanel, and Louboutins. I ignored the advice to focus on what prompted me to enter the bowl and get that need taken care of first before pursuing any other superficial goals. I started this journey because I hate the humdrum of a 9-5. I want to be able to pursue my passions without having the hindrance of financial responsibility. What is the best way to do that? Find a man (or woman) that’s willing to cover my basic bills and focus on getting my business up and running as quickly as possible. If I had focused on that I could have accepted an allowance of $1,500 or less and accomplished my first goal. I could have gotten a second SD who may have been offering a smaller allowance and deposited that money directly into a savings account. Hindsight is 20/20 and one of my cardinal sins is greed. It is brought on by a lust for things I don’t really need. It is brought on by a lust for the instantaneous, the easy path to success. 

It is time for me to admit that things aren’t working. Sugar websites are not leading me to arrangements with sugar daddies. This is mostly my fault. I have been pursuing an excessive allowance instead of a necessary one. I have lacked consistency with the men that have shown interest and I haven’t been nearly as aggressive as I could be. 

It is time for me to admit that things aren’t working. I am not experienced enough to command the type of allowance I would ultimately desire. I have not yet been lucky enough to find a man to blindly hand me the allowance that I would ultimately like. And I have not done anything to put myself in the path of such a man. 

Certain things however are working. I have finally begun to pay attention not just to the pretty pictures and the success stories but the stories of hard work, confusion, and sometimes depression that preceded them. I have determined what I need vs what I want. I have unplugged myself from the fantasy of this life and focused on what I want my reality to be. I have looked at my failures and my losses and instead of making excuses and giving up I am looking forward. I’ve built a loose business plan that I’ll continue to refine. I have found the sites and methods that work for me and I’m going to expand upon them. I’m going to go on dates. I’m going to keep an open mind. I’m going to kick ass.

Lost Together

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: None

Word Count: 850+

Prompt: 'So my friends abandoned me in this corn maze and you seem lost too, let’s be lost together?’ from a list I found here on Tumblr, but I don’t remember where…

A/N: So I’ve been having a bit of a writer’s block recently, and I haven’t been able to focus on my other stories. It’s awful… I wanted to do something for Halloween, and found this cute little prompt. I wrote it pretty quickly, and I didn’t really edit it because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post it. I also suck at making titles. Hopefully you guys enjoy it!

Gifs aren’t mine, credit to the creators!

Of all the places in the world Y/N thought she’d end up being left behind in, (unintentionally she hoped) the middle of a corn maze at the city fair was not one of them. She didn’t think she was that far ahead of her friends, at least a turn or two, but she needed to escape the two couples she had come with. She loved her friends, no really, she did. But if she had to sit and listen to the couples go on and on for a second more she might just lose her mind. So, Y/N decided to head further in the maze, keeping them in her peripherals as best she could until she went too far. Now here she stood, in the center of the maze completely lost and alone. She hadn’t crossed paths with any one for several minutes now, and panic was starting to settle in.

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The Danvers Sisters (the youngest sibling)

Request: could you write some headcannons on being alex and kara’s little sister? 

a/n: HECK YEAH I CAN. These are always so fun to do lol, bring it on!! These are more dumb than emotional, I think… I live for the trash and the crack, y’all LOL

Also a little sidenote, headcanon requests (for now, anyway, in my absence) are something I’d be more likely to do since they’re much quicker than coming up with actual prose - those are the ones I really want the most time to focus on. These are just quicker as little flashes of inspiration, and they even help in creating some backstory for the other requests. So that’s just the reason why I’m getting to them before the other prompts, in case anyone was wondering. Have an awesome day y’all :D

- - - - -

  • it wasn’t always that you were close to your sister, Alex. Life seems to have a different way of handling things than you expect, and you’ve come to learn that things fall into place exactly as they’re meant to; when they’re meant to

  • you were much younger than Alex, and you figured you had a relationship as ordinary as any other siblings would have. She wouldn’t annoy or pester you, but she would tease you quite often whenever she had the chance - for the most part, you took it in stride, never having seen your sister get close to anything that could be described as malicious

  • she was always so cool and even at a young age, she just seemed to know what she was about

  • you, on the other hand, were both parts rambunctious as you were delightful. You spent as much time feeding your untamed imagination as you did swimming the depths of the deep ocean or chartering the vast distances of outer space

  • Alex never failed to mention how lame you were, but nonetheless joined in whenever the two of you were outside and parkouring on nearly every single thing you could find in your wild savannah adventure

  • your parents eventually put you into sports to expend your impressive abundance of energy - needless to say you thrived at it, albeit a little too eagerly, if the bruises you got and the fiery competition in your eyes were any indication

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A few changes!

Hello loves! ( and welcome new followers i never thanked! )

So school is coming up, which is a time taker; and i work part time, which is definitely a time taker ( i can’t doodle on notes???).  Also, ctn animation expo is coming up!! I really don’t feel that i’ve created things worth while, but i really  want to take this opportunity to bring a portfolio!

So, with what ever time i will have, i wanted to start focusing closely to my own work, and put my little tumblr projects to the side. Which ,sadly, includes miraculous moves :’) i was really hoping to get to a certain point, but i don’t want to focus on a project that i feel won’t be beneficial to me. don’t get me wrong!! it’s been incredible practice, and i’ve learned a lot about clip studio just by playing with it like this!

Don’t worry tho, i’ll write out the prompt i planned out with a couple doodles for visuals haha<3 thank you everyone who’s read it up to this point! sorry i never got to much breakdancing lol;;; 

With that, i will have less time to provide fan art or other fun fandom things :’) so i will most likely be going silent for most of the season;; ( outside of sharing personal work, which i am shy about so bare with me lol;;;; )

I might have time for a couple commissions, however. Only because work hours needed to be cut for school;; these are a bit up in the air for now, but very likely! ( as long as my customers will be patient with me haha;; )

Thank you for taking the time to read! 

i am pretty active on twitter and instagram @starrycove  if you use those medias! i like uploading sketches to the instagram snap chat thing lol;; 

Thank you all for liking me and my little unprofessional doodles :’) your support means the world to me, and really inspires me to think i can achieve my goals!! 

y’all are great<3

anonymous asked:

Harry x uma x gil on a picnic and Gil being upset that Harry is paying to much attention to uma

Harry loved both Gil and Uma. Gil knows this, but sometimes he thinks that Harry neglects Gil in favor of Uma. There are times when he wants to tell Harry how he feels but other times he thinks it’s best to keep quiet. He’s use to being overlooked or not being someone’s favorite.

He should be use to being overlooked, hell his own father ignored him whenever he could and always chose his brothers over him. 

He never mind his brothers or father ignoring or being second best but not when it comes to both Harry and Uma. He loves it when they give him their attention so it really hurts whenever the Harry is in his own little world with Uma and no one-not even Gil-was a part of.

At the moment the three were having a picnic by the beach. The three love the sea and being surrounded by it, the ocean had a strange way of calming them and making them feel like they were home.

He tried not to have a pouty face as Harry laid on Uma’s lap and just stroke her hand with his own. He tried to ignore the jealousy that was slowly creeping up on him, the annoyance that he was feeling as Harry laughed at something Uma said.

Taking a deep breath he laid down on the other side of the blanket and just gazed at the sky.

“Gil love, are you alright?”

Gil turned his head to see both Harry and Uma giving him a look of concern.

“Oh, now you pay attention to me?”

Harry stared at Gil’s indifference face as he stared at him and Uma.

Uma looked at Gil with concern on her face, she knew how Harry was ignoring Gil and she asked him if she wanted her to talk to him. Gil said no, he wanted Harry to figure it out on his own.

Uma didn’t like that but she understood, sometimes Harry can be oblivious to people and their feelings especially Gil’s. 

He needed to learn how to pay attention and fix any problems he caused. Uma and Gil can’t always do it for him, it was time he learn to do it himself. Still, it bugged Uma that he has yet to catch the hint that he was unintentionally hurting Gil.

“Yeah I am,” he said in neutral tone. 

Harry flinched at Gil’s indifference tone. Lately Gil has been acting different, instead of being the usual happy sunshine boy that he loved, Gil was cold towards Harry and sometimes he would just blow Harry off whenever he wanted to spend time with him.

He tried talking to Uma about it once but Uma just said that he needs to focus more on Gil’s feelings if he wants to know what’s bothering their boy.

Harry getting tired of Gil and his attitude said,

“No your not,”

Gil sat up and glared at the first mate Harry sat up and glared right back, Uma got in the middle ready to stop them if they did anything stupid.

“Oh now your paying attention to me?”

“What the bloody hell is that supposed to mean?”

“Exactly what I’m saying,”

“You’re not making bloody sense,”

“How the fuck am I not making sense?”

“One, I am always paying attention to you and two You just cuss, you never cuss!”

“Maybe I’m annoy with how you’ve been treating me lately!”

“How the fuck am I treating?!”

If it weren’t for Uma, Gil would have tackled Harry and beat him senseless. Instead of wasting words with someone who obviously did not want to hear him he got up and left the picnic.

Harry stared at Gil’s retreating back before being smacked in the back of his head by Uma.

“What the hell?!”

“I should be asking you that,” she growled at him.


“You’ve been ignoring Gil the past three weeks Harry three weeks 

Harry stared at Uma waiting for her to tell him that it’s a joke. as if reading his mind Uma said,

“I’m not joking Harry, I’m being honest,” with that said she got up and was ready to go find Gil until a hand grabbed hers.

Looking down she saw Harry’s hand grabbing hers.

“Let me go talk to him,”


“Please Uma,”

Uma continue to glare at him trying to decide if she should let him go or if she should go with him.

“Five minutes, give me five minutes and if I’m not back with our happy sunshine you can come and kick my ass,”

“You have five minutes,”

“Thank you,” with that he left to go find Gil.

Luckily for him Gil didn’t go that far.

“Hey pretty boy, how are you?” Harry said as he approached his boyfriend.

“Oh, so now you care or did Uma send you here?”

“Gil, I’m sorry, if I did anything to upset you-”

“That’s just it Harry, you do things like this and you don’t realize it until Uma points it out to you,” Gil turned to look at Harry.

“And it’s getting annoying,”

Harry walked over to Gil and stared at him, he could see such sadness and pain in his eyes, it reminded him…of the time…Harry’s eyes widen as he began to kick himself because he finally realized what he was doing.

He was doing the same thing that Gaston and the other two idiots were doing to poor Gil. He was ignoring him.

He wrapped his arms around Gil and pulled him into a hug.

“I’m sorry, so, so, sorry; I no this is a lame excuse but I did not mean to ignore you pretty boy, I have no reason as to why I was doing it, but I am sorry baby boy,”

He held him as close as he could, he then stepped back to look at Gil in the eyes and lean down to kiss him. 

When they pulled back Gil stared into those oceanic eyes that he loves.

“I promise you from here on out baby boy you will no longer have to compete for my attention nor will I ever make you feel like second best.

He held out his pinky making Gil laughed as he wrapped his own pinkie around Harry’s the two lean down and kissed their hands. They pulled back both wearing matching smiles.

“I promise Gil, from here on out I will be more focus on you and I am sorry for not giving you the attention you deserve,”

Gil just smiled.

“That’s all I wanted Harry,” the two continue to kiss, Uma stood to the side; having watch the whole thing. She couldn’t help but smile knowing full well that both her boys are gonna do whatever they can to make the other happy.

The Confession-Part 2


Here, have the second and final part to this.

Part 1 - Part 2

@susybird gave me the prompt for this part, and I will bold the prompt but I don’t want to spoil the cuteness so it will not be featured up here in the notes lol.

Part 2: The Reply

Song rec: Shelter by Lyves

Word count: 1,092 words filled with cuteness

Warnings: Swearing (duh at this point), hospitals, quick mentions of needles.

Read the story with your name (and other info like eye/hair color!) by clicking here and downloading this extension!!!!

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2017/2018 Rules, FAQ, and Welcome!

Hiya folks! Welcome to the 2017/2018 round of the Glimmer of Hob fest! You may remember Sugoi Deer of last year. Well, I’m rebranding, and for the second Hobi fic fest, there’s a new name and a new format!

Instead of involving Livejournal at all, everything for the fest will be centered around Twitter/Tumblr and AO3. Prompts will be submitted via Google spreadsheet rather than in the comments of a Livejournal post. In addition, fics will be submitted via AO3 directly. Hopefully, this change will make everything more convenient for everyone involved!

Now that the change announcements are out of the way, time for some information about the fest for people just joining this year and those who need a refresher course!


  • Do not write a small novel as your prompt. Prompts should be succinct and open enough to give the writer room to play around. However, prompts also shouldn’t be so sparse that the writer has nothing to work with.
    • BAD PROMPT EXAMPLE: Hoseok and Yoongi are rutabaga farmers in the 1920s. They’re neighbors and occasionally competition with one another until a drought happens. They’re left with no choice but to join forces for survival. Yoongi moves in with Hoseok and one night during a storm that finally comes, they wind up making out. Things are awkward from there for a while until eventually they talk about what happened. They decide they’d like it to keep happening. They live together as partners in both business and romance until A comes along and threatens to buy out Hoseok’s farm and disrupt their entire way of life. The fic ends with Hoseok and Yoongi still living together and still farming and everyone is happy. (Way way too specific.)
    • BAD PROMPT EXAMPLE: Jimin and Hoseok are neighbors and smut happens. (Way way too vague.)
    • GOOD PROMPT EXAMPLE: To say Hoseok is an overachiever would be an understatement. He’s got this compulsive need to be number one in everything. So when Seokjin comes along and starts to take Hoseok’s glory at work, delegating him to number two spot, Hoseok sets a plan in motion to get back on top–and it might involve getting on top of Seokjin. (Just enough info for writers to work with without stifling their creativity.)
  • List your dos and don’ts very carefully. Don’t expect a writer to read your mind and know you want lots of hand-holding if you don’t specify that in your do section. If you know you wouldn’t want to read mpreg, specify that you don’t want mpreg. Not keen on angst? Specify no angst.


  • Don’t panic. This fest is meant to be fun, not stressful. If at any point you feel you can’t continue, let me know. It’s totally okay and because this is a fest and not an exchange, no one will even know unless they hear it from you!
  • There is a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism. This includes works by the same author previously published elsewhere. This fest requires brand new original work. Any works found to be plagiarized will be removed and the offending party will be banned from future participation.
  • Follow prompts to the best of your abilities but especially follow the prompter’s “don’t” list. For instance, if your chosen prompt specifies no smut, do not add smut. Submissions that do not follow this will be removed.
  • Your minimum word count for this fest is 2000. No less, but certainly more if your mojo allows.
  • Do not use stage names as primary name. For example, if you claim a fic in which Hoseok’s an underground rapper, you’re free to use J-Hope as his stage name. Do not use J-Hope as his actual name throughout the entire fic.
  • If your fic contains sensitive material, make use of the trigger warnings properly. For instance, if there is a scene that involves dubious consent, put that loud and clear in the warnings. If there’s talk of rape in a character’s past, write it in your warnings. If a scene involves drug or alcohol use, say so. I will remove fics from the collection and ban authors who do not tag sensitive material well.
  • Do NOT publicly reveal which fic is yours before official reveals are made. You’re free to let beta readers or friends in on what you’re working on as long as they don’t spill the beans publicly, either. Writers found in violation may be banned from future participation.
  • Do NOT post your work elsewhere, in whole or part, before reveals are made. You’re free to post your work wherever you want beginning 2/19 however!


  • What is a fic fest? A fic fest is an event in which people submit prompts, writers choose prompts, and the end result is a lot of brand spankin’ new work to read!
  • How is this different from an exchange? With a fic exchange, you’re assigned a specific recipient and you must write prompts according to what that recipient wishes to receive. A fic fest offers a little more freedom - prompters don’t have to write, and writers don’t have to prompt. But you’re more than welcome to do both!
  • Can I submit more than one prompt? Absolutely! In fact, please do. The more prompts we have, the more options our writers will have. And, with any luck, more options means more participants. Hooray!
  • Can I claim more than one prompt? Short answer - no. Long answer - no, unless you submit your initial fic early and can definitely handle churning out a second. Should you fail to complete your second fic, though, you run the risk of not being able to participate in future fests.
  • Does it have to be a romantic ship? Can I request platonic ships? Yes, platonic ships are more than welcome! Your prompts don’t have to have a romantic slant to them. They don’t have to have smut if you don’t want smut. There doesn’t even have to be a pairing involved at all! The only requirement is that the fic’s main focus is Hoseok.
  • Can I request/write asexual/demisexual/genderfluid/transgender/etc. characters? You sure can! This fest welcomes all such interpretations as long as they’re handled in a respectful way.
  • Can I include other idols/actors? Sure! Crossovers are welcome. But please make sure the main focus is Hoseok.
  • Can I request OT3/4/+? You sure can! Just make sure you specify it in your prompt.
  • How will prompting work? Starting 6/30, you will be able to submit prompts to a spreadsheet. You may submit as many prompts as you’d like, but only one prompt per line in the spreadsheet.
  • How will claiming work? Starting 8/4, a google form will be available for you to submit your prompt requests. Your job as writer is to peruse the prompt sheet, pick out three (3) prompts that you’d like to work on, and submit them. You will be required to list your prompt choices in order from your most-desired choice, first backup, and second backup. You’ll then receive confirmation within 72 hours about which prompt you were assigned. For instance, if you select prompts 4, 2, and 1 as your top choices, but 4 was taken by another writer earlier on, you will be assigned prompt 2 instead. If 4 and 2 are taken, you will receive prompt 1. If all three are taken, I will notify you so that you can make three other choices. The spreadsheet will be kept as current as possible to minimize attempts at claiming already-claimed prompts. 


  • 6/30/17 - Prompt submission begins
  • 7/31/17 - Prompt submission ends
  • 8/4/17 - Prompt claiming begins
  • 8/18/17 - Prompt claiming ends
  • 10/27/17 - First check-in
  • 12/29/17 - Last day to drop out of the fest
  • 1/8/18 - Second check-in
  • 2/16/18 - Fics due
  • 2/18/18 - Author reveals


Got any questions that aren’t answered here? Want some clarification about a point? Please don’t hesitate to contact me! You can either send an ask on this here tumblr, @ the fest on Twitter (@glimmerofhob there, too!), or email me at glimmerofhob@gmail.com. Thanks for your interest, and please spread the word so we can celebrate Hobi’s birthday with a bang!

Just us.

I combined two prompts for this.

(…) something about mikadam. like, both of them starting to feeling things about each other.

(…) maybe some angst? like adam saying ‘why do you keep fighting it everytime you feel?’ and some sad mikael

I’m going to be honest here, I have no idea how this turned out. It’s the first time I’m writing them as the focus and since we didn’t see too much of them in the show I might have written them out of character. So any comment is very welcome.


As always the boys are hanging out together. 
Honestly, it’s a relatively cold day but Mutta wanted to eat ice cream and the boys had not left the house in hours so they ended up going to the ice cream parlour.

“Mutta, I’m not giving you any of my ice cream!”, Adam exclaims while taking a step away from Mutta.

Doing that, he crashes into Mikael, who tries to give Adam a bit of support with his free hand so that he doesn’t stumble more.

“Why not? You gave Yousef some of it!”, Mutta complains taking a step closer to Adam.

They had left the ice cream place a few minute ago but Mutta finished it quickly. Seeing as they are too far away to go back now, Mutta tries to eat some of the other guys’ ice cream.

“Because Yousef just wanted to try and not eat all of it!”, Adam responds and laughs. 

Mutta pouts and while Elias hands Mutta his ice cream, Yousef says: “It wasn’t too good anyway.”

“No! This…”, Adam lifts the cup in his hand, “…is delicious!”

Adam feels a light jab to his ribs. Confused Adam looks to his left side, his eyes finding Mikael looking at him with wide eyes and shaking his head.

Mikael leans closer to Adam and whispers: “It’s better if he thinks it’s bad.”, and nods towards Mutta.

Adam cannot look at their hungry friend as quickly as Mikael does. He is very close. A few more centimetres and their noses would touch. It makes Adam gulp and having to actively remind himself to breathe.

When he finally manages to look away, and to his other friends, Adam thinks to himself.

Why did that close proximity just make him feel like that? A bit nervous, but somehow in a good way.

He never feels like that with the other boys.

They walk around for a while, just goofing around and having fun until Yousef stops them.

“I need to go in there and buy something. It’ll be just two minutes.”, Yousef says while pointing at the little bakery they are walking past.

All of them stop walking and turn to Yousef.

“Are you getting something for Sana again?”, Adam asks.

Whenever Yousef sees something that he thinks Sana would like, he stops and goes and gets it or takes a picture or something like that.

Mikael finds himself smiling at that thought. He teases Yousef a lot about it but secretly he admires it.

“Actually, no. My mom told me yesterday she craved the cupcakes from here.”, Yousef answers.

Mikael smiles at that and sees how Elias rolls his eyes.

“This is the reason why my mom tells me to be more like you!”, Elias complains but ends up laughing along with the other four.

Yousef just smirks. “Sana loves those cupcakes too so I’ll get her some, too.”

Adam and Mikael roll their eyes at the same time.

Elias joins Yousef to buy his own mom something sweet and Mutta runs after them just to see if he wants something to eat, too.

This only leaves Adam and Mikael who then sit down on the stairs leading to the little bakery.

They start talking about the last football game they watched, which was the night before at Adam’s house, only Adam, Mikael and Mutta.

Mikael leans on the right banister, Adam on the left, they’re facing each other.

As Adam is waving around with his hands animatedly while talking about the amazing goal that fell last night Mikael smiles, nodding along. He has never been too into football but whenever Adam talks about it, he feels like maybe he’ll like it more the next time he watches a match.

“Are you listening to me?”, Adam asks after noticing Mikael stop nodding along and just looking at him with a small smile playing on his lips.

Mikael is pulled out of his trance and nods. Then he looks towards the door of the bakery and still no sign of the three other guys.

“You know, we tease them a lot but Yousef and Sana are really great together.”, Adam says out of nowhere. He had followed Mikael’s gaze.

Apparently he was done talking about football and Mikael didn’t even notice.

Again, Mikael nods and looks back at Adam, who has to shade his eyes with his hand a bit because the sun is shining right in his eyes.

“Yeah, he’s always thinking about her.”, Mikael says and asks himself if him thinking about Adam so much lately means anything similar like that.

Then, it gets weird between the two friends. Only for a few moments in which Adam wrings his hands together and keeps looking from Mikael to the bakery door nervously.

“About that.”, Adam starts slowly, gathering the confidence to say what he wants to say. He has been thinking about how to say it for too long now, he just confuses himself more. That’s why he decided to do it like he would want someone to open up to him.

“I wanted to talk to you about something.”, Adam continues.

He can see how Mikael’s face quickly changes but he doesn’t know how to interpret it. Does Mikael know? Does he feel the same way? Is he freaked out because he doesn’t?

“Let’s go!”, Elias shouts, hopping down the stairs and over Mikael and Adam’s feet.

Adam jumps at the sudden loud interruption but stands up. Same as Mikael. While he goes over to Elias, Adam curses himself for not speaking faster. Who knows if he’ll ever gather the courage to bring this topic up again? It was hard enough now. Mikael is his best friend, after all. Having these confusing feelings now is not easy and messes with Adam’s head but in that moment, a few minutes ago, it feel like the right time.
The way Mikael kept looking at him, the tone of his voice when talking about Sana and Yousef…

Maybe he did imagine it all, the signs that Mikael might return the feelings.


Once again, Adam spends his day with his best friends. They are his second family by now, some weeks he sees them more than his actual family. 

Today the plan was to go watch the new Spiderman movie after Elias, Adam and Yousef said it looks better than the other ones just from the trailer.

If there is one thing anyone should know about this group of friends is that they are very well adjusted to each other. They know when to leave the others alone, when to try and help and when to just accept how they are and not question it.

Another thing all of them know is that Mikael won’t shut up during a movie. It doesn’t matter if it’s at home or in the cinema. He will not shy away from commenting or criticizing the movie and the actors, not even when other people shush him. That’s why none of the boys fight over who gets to sit next to Mikael. Well, not until too long ago. Now Adam just does it without thinking or talking about it. He started to care less and less about Mikael not shutting up about something he is so passionate about it. 

And when Mikael started to lean over to Adam to tell him something and just stayed like that, Adam had a harder time concentrating on the movie. 

Little did he know that Mikael didn’t even realize what he was doing. It just felt very comfortable being so close to Adam. Not in the way he feels with the other guys. He feels comfortable with all of them but Adam… there is something else to it. 

However, when Mikael notices that he’s almost leaning his head on Adam’s shoulder he quickly sits up and leans the other way. He shouldn’t feel differently with Adam compared to the others. 

The movie ends and without even talking about it all of them start walking towards the Bakkoush house. 

“I’m just saying… Imagine one of us would be a secret superhero!”

“Mutta, we spend pretty much all day together. We would notice.”

“No, but that’s what the family of superheroes usually think, too.”

“The only one that spends less time with us lately is Yousef … but then he is with my sister.”

“See, maybe they are a badass crime fighting couple.”

Their very interesting conversation gets cut short by a group of girls. Some of which are girls the boys went to school with. They all say hi and hug and start catching up a little. Some of these girls Adam has not seen since they finished school.

Ten minutes they stand there and talk until the girls say they should get going. With that the guys start walking again too. 

Adam puts his hands in the pockets of his coat because it has gotten pretty cold and just standing around didn’t help.

“She just gave you her number?”, Yousef asks. He sounds surprised but at the same time not at all. 

Adam was deep in his own thoughts and didn’t hear who it is directed at. But that the other three guys look at Mikael gives him his answer and immediately he presses his lips together. 

“Who gave you her number?”, Adam presses out and tries to be casual about it. 

Mikael just shrugs, looking uncomfortable but Mutta answers for him. “Luisa, the blonde one with the freckles.”

Adam just nods and looks away. His eyes are directed to the way they are going when he hears Elias laugh and say something that makes him look up quickly.

“Aww, Adam. Don’t be jealous.”

“Why would I be jealous?”, maybe he says it too aggressively. 

Mikael looks between Elias and Adam and lets his gaze rest on the latter. Why does it bother Adam this much that a girl gave him her number? Could it be the same reason he really wanted to interject when the girl with the long hair hugged Adam for a second too long?

“Because Mr. Looking-like-a-model over there..”, Elias points at Mikael,“…doesn’t even have to try and gets phone numbers thrown at him.”

The whole way to Elias’ house Mikael notices how Adam doesn’t look into his direction once. 

Elias had once again forgotten his keys but luckily his family is home. Sana opens the door and lets them all in. Mikael notices how her eyes immediately find Yousef’s and how they start grinning at each other. 

Elias rolls his eyes at them with a smile on his face and leads the way to the kitchen. Sana and Yousef joining the rest a minute later. 

“Mamma made way too much food again so if you’re hungry help yourself.”, Sana tells the guys .

“Thanks!”, Adam says, “Hey, why didn’t you join us at the cinema?”

“I had to join a study group for an exam next week.”, Sana explains with a smile.

She’s standing behind the chair Yousef sits on. 

Elias and Mutta started looking through the pots to see what they could eat even if it wasn’t long ago that they ate.

A phone beeps and all six people in the room take out their phones. It was Sana’s.

Mikael observes how Sana reads the text and rolls her eyes. Before she has the chance to put it back in her pocket, it beeps again and again and again. 

Yousef, Adam and Mikael turn to her and look at her with an amused looks. She sighs and shakes her head as if she can’t believe what she is going to say now but she still does. 

Turning to Adam she says: “I can’t believe I’m saying this but this girl from my school, Ingrid, has not stopped asking about you since the Eid party in the summer. And she’s still not stopping so I’m supposed to ask you if you’re free to go out with her sometime soon.”

Sana looks like saying this puts her in great pain. Hearing it puts Mikael in great pain and he hates it.

That Adam’s gaze wanders over to him right after hearing what Sana says doesn’t help the fact that the uneasy feeling in Mikael’s gut grows. 

“I..”, Adam says and it’s all Mikael wants to hear. Quietly he leaves the room and knows he needs fresh air. 

When he gets out of the house he starts walking up and down the street in front of it. All he needs is to clear his head. Even if clearing his head works, ignoring the feeling in his chest is impossible.

Avoiding feelings that arise whenever Adam is near him while they are in a group is easy. He can just concentrate on the other people around. But he can’t do that when the topic of the conversation is Adam being set up to go on a date with someone else. 

“Hey.”, he hears being called out and turns around to see Adam walking towards him. 

Get it together, get it together, is what goes through Mikael’s head the closer Adam gets. 

“What’s up? Are you okay?”, Mikael gets asked which he just nods to.

“Yeah, just felt like getting fresh air.”

“Are you feeling sick? Elias’ mom has this great tea that helps a lot. I’m sure we can make you some of that.”, Adam says and looks at Mikael with a very worried look on his face.

Sighing, trying to ignore what he thinks, Mikael declines and says he just needs a minute. Adam nods and turns around to go back inside and give Mikael his space but then remembers what he wanted to say.

“I didn’t accept it.”, Adam says and makes Mikael stop in his tracks.

“That date with Sana’s friend. Not happening.”, Adam continues, taking a step towards Mikael.

Mikael raises his eyebrows, hoping not to show how that new information relieves him a bit.

“Oh, why not?”, he asks. Why is he doing that? He knows he is bad at things like this. 

Adam, who is more forward with what he’s thinking and feeling, takes another step closer.

“Mikael, look. I need to tell you that …”

Mikael doesn’t let him finish. He panics. He’s bad with this kind of things and he knows where this conversation is going. 

“I should get inside. It’s cold.”, Mikael stutters out and quickly walks past Adam to the Bakkoush house. Being in a group of people makes it easier. 

“Why do you keep fighting it every time you feel it?”, Adam calls behind him, before he is too far away. 

He doesn’t turn around, he just leaves Adam to look after him and wonder why he even bothers. 

As soon as Mikael is in the staircase, he stops. Why does he always do that kind of stuff? He messed up. If Adam doesn’t care enough anymore it’s all on Mikael and he knows it. 

Maybe he should have thought about it more but he takes his phone out of his jeans pocket and opens the chat with Adam. 

I’m sorry.”

Want to meet tomorrow? Just us.

After doing that he goes back inside and anxiously waits if Adam will come back inside and if he will answer. Elias and Mutta are too busy with the food and Sana and Yousef are too busy with being sickeningly cute to notice it.

Mikael’s heart stops when his phone vibrates. He takes it out but hesitates to look at it.

Sounds good”, is all the text from Adam says but it makes Mikael grin like an idiot. 

Exactly then Adam joins them in the kitchen and his eyes find Mikael. They look at each other from across the room with a smile that promises a better day for them together tomorrow than it has been today.

• What is the Boueibu Characters Week?

It’s a week dedicated to sharing our love for boueibu characters through any kind of creative media (fanart, fanfiction, edits, etc.). You’ll get a number of prompts for each day and a suggested character to work with.

• When will the week begin?

The Characters Week will be on 15th~21st January 2018.

• Am I forced to draw a different character every day?

Absolutely not! While each day contains a prompt that is more specific to a certain character (i.e.: En/Naps), you are allowed to draw any character you want and use any prompt you wish (so you may, for instance, use the ‘Naps’ prompt and draw Yumoto instead of En). You can even draw the same character for the whole week, if you want! :)

• Am I allowed to do multiple prompts on the same day?

Of course! ^^

• Am I allowed to choose a different prompt than those given for each day?
No, you may only choose one or more prompts among the ¾ given for each day. You can’t mix different prompts and different days together.

• Can I choose other characters besides the main10?
Yes, you can use any character you want as long as it’s canon, including Goura, the Loveless, the aliens, side characters and background characters.

• Can I use OCs?

OCs can be mentioned in an artist’s note or have a minor role in a fanfiction. The spotlight and focus must be reserved to a canon character, though.

• Am I allowed to draw more than one character in the same picture?

Yes, as long as the interaction is meant to represent friendship and not romance. Kisses and such are therefore not allowed.

• So are ships banned from the week?

Ships can be implied as long as the picture doesn’t portray both characters fully.
For instance, Ryuu holding a plush of Io is fine, Ryuu holding actual Io in his lap is not.
Ships are allowed in fanfictions as long as the POV is exclusive to one character and his feelings are the main focus.

• Is NSFW allowed?

Yes, it’s allowed as long as you put it under a cut on Tumblr or put a warning for it if it’s an external link.

• The Student Council and the VEPPer only get one day for their group. How does it work?

You can draw the whole groups in the same picture as long as a ship isn’t the focus. You can also just pick one character for each group and draw him. 
Or you can draw none and still draw one or more of the main5 even on the last two days.
Finally, you may as well draw the Student Council or VEPPer for the whole week. As you wish!

• What’s the difference between Actors!AU and Movie!AU?

Actors!AU is a sort of meta AU where boueibu follows basically the same plot, but the characters are actually ‘real, human’ actors playing a role in it.
Movie!AU is a parody/crossover of any movie (or tv show) with boueibu characters instead (e.g: Titanic!AU).

• How do I submit my work?

You can submit the work on your blog. Tag it as 'boueibucw’ in the first 5 tags (or it won’t appear in the search), add the day (day1, day2, day3 …) and what prompt did you use (characterprompt, generalprompt1, generalprompt2, auprompt).
You can also send the work via message or submission.

If you have any other question, please feel free to send an ask! C:

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i need more feltcliffe in my life.

temporary hiatus announcement

Hey everyone,

I’ve been feeling like it’s time to step away from tumblr for a while and push the reset button, so I’ll be away for the month of August. The timing works well, because I’ll be traveling for a good chunk of the month, and it’ll give me a chance to really focus on some more important priorities for a while. :) (And read a few Rogue One novels, listen to more Eight and Charley Big Finish audios, and catch up on a few other long multi chap fics in my reading queue.)

In the meantime, I am hoping to start writing and posting at least a few of the 800 follower fic giveaway prompts. (At least, that’s the plan, because writing is fun, and if I feel like writing, I want to do it.) 

For now, I will only be posting to AO3, so if you have an account but usually only read my stuff on tumblr, maybe find me there? I’ll also be updating my Tiny TARDIS Instagram account with pictures of my adventures, if you’re interested. :)

Find me here:

Writing: AO3
Instagram: Tiny_TARDIS_Adventures

See you back in September!! 


inell  asked:

“Right now, I don’t know if I want to kiss you or shove you off a bridge” “Can I pick?”

Idk. I had a bit of an idea but it kind of ran away from me. Thanks for the prompt bb!

“Guys, come on,” Scott mumbled from the other end of the com. “Focus, please. We have one chance to make this happen.”

Stiles smirked. “Scott’s right, Derek. You should really focus up.”

“Stiles, I swear to god,” Derek grumbled pretty much in his ear. And considering the fact that they were dangling off a bridge by a shared wire, he pretty much was in his ear. There wasn’t much wiggle room, which was part of the problem. “I don’t know if I want to kiss you or shove you off this fucking bridge.”

Well that was…different. And totally gave Stiles a few ideas.

“Can I pick?” That seemed to shut him up at least. But maybe it wasn’t exactly the right thing to say because Derek was now looking at Stiles like he could gobble him up, and he didn’t know if he’d like it or not.

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Solavellan Masterpost

This will be a list of everything I write for Dragon Age: Inquisition.  There will be other master lists for the other games (eventually), but I really want to focus on one game at a time.  Solas has taken over my life, so be prepared.  I am learning, so feel free to throw constructive criticism my way.  It’s greatly appreciated since I want to be better.  

If you have any suggestions for short stories, send me a prompt and I will do my best! 

And if you’d like to learn more about my Inquisitor Nira’sal Lavellan, you can click here!

Solas & Nira’sal canon - In chronological order

A Change of PlansAs the events at Haven begin to spiral out of control, Solas finds one small beacon of hope resting alongside the humans.  Upon finding a young elf among the wreckage of the Conclave, Solas finds familiarity with the strange power emitting from her hand.

Introductions - Nira’sal meets Solas on the way to the Breach and can’t seem to keep herself in check. (prompt)

Reconsider  -  Having to reconsider his plans, Solas keeps a close eye on the elf that came into contact with his orb.

SmileyFinally catching her breath, Nira decides whether she should stay with the Inquisition or not.  Varric comes to give her some encouragement.

One Step  - Being called the “Herald of Andraste” worries Nira quite a bit.  Not used to the responsibilities, she falters in her resolve and searches for answers.

New Faces  - Meeting new people has always been difficult for Nira, but something about Solas makes her feel more comfortable.  She takes the time she can while he studies the mark to get to know him a little.

Unexpected - While gathering herbs, an unexpected event keeps them from returning to Haven.

A Pulsing EnergyFeeling the presence of an ancient elven artifact, Nira accompanies Solas to inspect it.

Fear -   As Nira tries to console herself with everything that has happened over the past few days, she finds herself confronted once again by the demon.  She feels as if she is facing this demon alone, but is she?

A Walk in the Snow aka Solas is MOM according to Avi - Once again, Solas comes to Nira’s rescue, but the two distract each other from their situations, something else starts to come to light.

His True Failure - As they leave Haven to burn, Solas worries for Nira’sal’s life and considers the feelings that have begun to bud within him.

Distractions -  As Nira'sal continues her training, Solas suggests a distraction. Nira decides to take his advice into her own hands.

Napping on the Job  - In hopes of playing a prank on Solas after a long day of boredom, Nira’sal goes to his study only to find him asleep.

An Important Choice - Nira is faced with a choice and goes to Solas for comfort.  What kind of mage will she decide to be and how will that shape the Inquisition?

Losing Oneself - In an attempt to prepare Nira’sal for many of the possible futures, Solas takes her through the Fade and back to Haven.  A slip of the tongue causes his plans to derail. 

Worth the Trouble - Nira confronts Solas about the kiss in the Fade.  Solas does whatever he can to keep her at a distance, despite his best efforts.

Some Light Reading - Solas POV - Solas spends the evening reading one of his favorite books, but is interrupted by a young elf who can’t sleep.

All New - Solas POV - pt 1 -  Hearing that his friend has been used in a spirit binding devastates Solas and sends him in a frenzy to go off and help her.  Though he does all he can, it may already be too late.

Faded - Solas POV - pt 2 -  After the pain of losing his oldest friend, Solas remembers his last moments together with Wisdom.  From her words, he decides his next path.

Much Needed Help - As Solas struggles with Wisdom’s death, Nira takes matters into her own hands as she makes more trouble in the kitchen.

Before the Band Stops - Resting after the events of Halamshiral, it seems Nira needs a much needed distraction and Solas is more than happy to oblige.

Truly Unique - Solas and Nira spend the day painting in his study.

Just SmileNoticing that Solas has been acting strangely, Nira does everything she can to make him smile.

The GiftSolas gives Nira a gift with a special enchantment.

Before the Breach - Receiving the letter that her clan was destroyed, Nira recounts the events before she came to the Inquisition and her mysterious actions that ended in their death.  [Part 1]

Stay With Me - Solas POV - Preparing to depart for Mythal’s Temple, Solas give Nira a small warning, but more importantly, he gives her hope that everything will be alright.  He will forever remain by her side. (prompt)

Lost in Thought - Solas POV - Solas plays along with Nira’s games, but finds himself distracted.

In Claws of Dread - Solas POV - Solas continues to struggle with himself, but feels his heart has made it’s decision.  The Wolf refuses to allow him to divert from his destined path.  NSFW

One Last Time - Solas POVAs Solas prepares to leave the area after helping defeat Corypheus, he leaves one final gift with his vhenan.

Lonely and Mischievious - Solas POV - Memories…

Var Lath Vir Suledin -  Solas POV - TRESPASSER SPOILERS! Solas struggles with himself before leaving Nira one final time.  One kiss and one goodbye is all he needs.

Solas & Nira’sal AUs

Suledin Bell’ana - AU, BUT TRESPASSER SPOILERS!   An AU alternate ending to Var Lath Vir Suledin.  Nira struggles to fight past the pain the Anchor is creating in order to remain with the one she loves.

El’las’in - Solas POV - EVEN MORE TRESPASSER SPOILERS!  AU where Solas and Nira still meet from time to time post-Trespasser, despite the paths they are walking and what their meetings may possibly lead to in the future.  Possibly a prelude to something down the road.  I can’t stop writing AU’s!  It’s the only way to make me happy!

Faded Away -  Solavellan style Spirited Away AU.  Nira wanders a Fade she had never come across before and unable to return home.  When a figure steps in, she finds it hard to believe that he is there to save her.  She has little choice, but to listen as the Evanuris will kill any mortal caught in their realm. [Ch 1]

Fen’nas -  insp. by this post made by @fatally-procrastinating.  Original post is here.  Solas doesn’t so much sleep as doze. Sleeping pulls him into the Fade and he prefers to feel the heartbeat and listen to the soft, steady breathing of his child. He traces the outline of his child’s ear, murmuring in ancient elven about things lost past. In these small intimate moments, with no one else around to hear, he can finally speak the truth.  

The Dreadful Tails (Solavellan Fairytale AUs)

A Dreadful Masquerade  (Cinderella) -   A Solavellan fairy tale AU. Sneaking into her own ball, Nira meets a mysterious stranger that quickly makes the night one to remember.  [Act 1] [Act 2]


Kid!quisitor Masterpost

Random Solavellan prompts

Ok, I’m a tiny bit late, but this was my submission for @yearlyesca‘s Aug/Sept theme of “Shifting Focus” I do a lot of Celena, but not much of anything of Allen. I maybe have drawn him one other time than now? 

This is obviously movie Allen, challenging Van in the stereotypical “i’m the leader of a group and I want you to fight me in order to see whether or not you’ll join”. 

Of course Van is not entirely having it because after Berserk we all know long haired blonde men are sometimes not to be trusted. 

Also because Allen took off his shirt.

is it too late to add sparkles? 

anonymous asked:

Prompt - Anxiety have a attack in front of Thomas while they're filming a video (and this is something that never happens, so Thomas is all like "??????? Oh shit, what's happening") and one of the other sides (logan perhaps? Or any of the others, it doesn't matter) has to help calm Anx down. And then Anx and Thomas have a talk about what happened

Hey anon, I’m really sorry, but I don’t tend to write Thomas as a character in my fics. Like this is a good prompt, and if anyone who sees this post want to write it, that would be great, but for me it’s just hard/weird to write him. I think it’s because as a really person I can’t get into his head the same way. So while he’ll show up as a mention or maybe background character, he’s not ever the focus of it. Again sorry

Kamunami Week coming soon!


1. Whether you choose SDR2 (Super Dangan ronpa 2) or DR3 (Danganronpa 3) Kamunami, it does not matter. Whichever one you prefer is fine. If you like the AI version of Chiaki better than human Chiaki, that’s fine. It still counts regardless.

2. If you are late in submitting your work, be it a fanfiction, a drawing, a creative video, homemade item etc., it’s fine. I will accept late submissions. I want those who are participating to take as much time as they need to work on whatever it is they are contributing. Be sure to tag your work with the tag: “kamunami week”, so I can find it.

3. Remember, this is Kamunami Week, not Hinanami Week. People have different interpretations on how they ship Kamunami. That’s fine. I’m not going to tell you how to ship. However, if you are going to use some Hinanami undertones, be sure that it’s not overpowering Kamunami. In other words, don’t make it 90% Hinanami and only have a bit of Kamunami somewhere in your work. I will not accept that. Kamunami needs to be the main focus of your work. If you do use some slight Hinanami be sure to tag it in there. If I see Hinanami and you don’t tag it, I will not count it. You may post it, but I will not count it towards Kamunami Week.

4. Respect other people’s creations. This is not a contest. This is about expanding Kamunami.

5. You do not have to participate for all the prompts. If you want to, that’s awesome, but you are not required to do all of them. Just the ones you want.

6. If you have questions about any of the prompts/themes or rules, feel free to message me.

7. NSFW will not be allowed.

Prompts/Themes (interpret these as you see it):

Day 1 (Feb 13th): Flower Crowns

Day 2 (Feb 14th): Max Affection

Day 3 (Feb 15th): Stargazing

Day 4 (Feb 16th): Boats

Day 5 (Feb 17th): Co-op

Day 6 (Feb 18th): Sacrifice/Death

Day 7 (Feb 19th): Rebirth

Day 8 (Feb 20th): Rain

Day 9 (Feb 21st): Hope

Flower Language

Request: 20 with Dino. Thank you :)

20) You have been feeling insecure about yourself lately. Your bias enlists the help of their group members to make you realize how special you are. 

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Seventeen’s Dino x Y/N x (ft. the other dorks of Svt)

Type: Fluff

In general, I hid in floral. Floral reminded me of wallpaper, which is what I wanted to blend into. I was never enticed by the idea of being the center of attention. Maybe that was why I ultimately fell for Chan. More often than not, he was the focus in any situation we were in together, unknowingly serving as a shield for my awkward aura. 

I tugged down at my skirt, decorated in daisies. It was a bit short, but most Korean clothing was. My body, especially my hips weren’t that of your average Korean female. I had a constant struggle of trying to select clothes by cuteness or comfort, usually opting for the comfort factor nine times out of ten. 

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other as I hit the buzzer at the Seventeen dorm again. C’mon Dino, I know you know it’s me. I texted you only a few minutes ago to preempt my arrival. 

Chan had slowly begun to notice through our budding relationship the toll my insecurities took. He was pretty shy when it came to me, so whenever silence fell, he would watch me carefully, my mannerisms, my groans in social situations. He had learned my body language pretty quickly and tried to encourage me. Sometimes though, his words would only make me more silent, the opposite of the giggles and smiles he so craved.  

“Chan!” I whined, now knocking on the door. The wind was picking up through the hallway and my skirt rippled along my body. I felt my face become flush with embarrassment as someone walked by, giving me a quick head nod. Please open the door so I can wilt in peace. 

“Hey sweet pea,” Chan cooed, finally heaving the door open. “How are you?”

“Mortified,” I mumbled. “I think I flashed a poor man some upper thigh.”

Chan looked away, a blush creeping across his cheeks. Sometimes I had to remember that he was still relatively new to the whole relationship thing, especially when it came to thoughts regarding my bare body. This was coming from the same boy who froze up whenever his hand accidentally grazed any piece of me. 

“He should only be so blessed,” Jun said with a wink from behind Dino. 

“Aish hyung!” Dino groaned, holding my hand so I wouldn’t lose balance stepping out of my shoes. “That’s my girlfriend.”

“And from what I understand, she needs to be reminded of how beautiful she is,” Jun smiled. 

I looked back and forth from Junhui to Dino with furrowed brows. Granted, I didn’t have the highest self esteem, but what would make him say that?

Jun took one of my hands in his, and pulled his opposite hand from behind his back.

“A pink rose,” he smiled, twisting it in his fingers. “In the language of flowers…it means trust and confidence. For some reason you’ve decided to trust our group of idiots, and we have confidence that one day you’ll be better off for it. You’re as beautiful as this rose.”

Jun placed the flower in the hand he was just holding and bowed, disappearing down the hall. I was taken aback for a moment, staying frozen in my spot. Dino gave me a shy smile as he tugged me along past the entryway and towards the sitting area. 

All eleven of Dino’s other member’s stood in line near the couch, looking at me with beaming expressions. I felt my chest grow heavy at the immediate attention and started to turn around when Dino stopped me. 

“What’s wrong?” he whispered, his face full of concern. 

“They’re all looking at me,” I said quietly, avoiding eye contact with him. 

“On any other occasion, I’d complain,” he chuckled. “But please, listen to what they have to say. They are the elders after all.”

I gave a small nod and slowly turned back around. Seungcheol stepped forward, watching me carefully. A small smile spread on his lips as he pulled his hand from behind his back. 

“An azalea,” he nodded. “It stands for patience and modesty, two things I feel like have defined you since you stepped foot into our crazy lives. You are as beautiful as this azalea.”

Jeonghan was next. I felt my heart begin to do back flips in my chest. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me.

He flipped his hair back to get a better look at me and immediately smiled his angelic grin. He let a hand hover near my face, tucking a few stray hairs behind my ear. He pulled his other arm from behind him. 

“A bluebell,” he said loudly, showcasing the flower to everyone down the line. “In the language of flowers you give it to someone you are grateful too. We are so grateful that Dino has a more responsible babysitter than us. You are as lovely as this azalea.”

“A cactus,” Vernon said, stepping forward, speaking as if he had rehearsed a script. I heard Chan groan behind me as Vernon’s cheeks turned an angry red. “It means lust and sex. Which you shouldn’t have any time soon. You’re both still children.”

Each boy shifted awkwardly in their spots, a few letting out audible groans. 

“Chan, you didn’t ask him what he chose before we decided to do this?” Coups hissed. 

I turned as Dino shrugged and winced, mouthing a quick “sorry” to me. 

“You are as majestic as this cactus,” Vernon nodded, handing the small pot to me. Seungcheol immediately took it from my hands and shot Vernon a dirty look. 

“A daffodil,” Seungkwan sighed, stepping up. “It means respect, and honestly I would respect your decision to leave after what just happened. You are as pretty as this daffodil.”

“Wait, before you leave,” Mingyu said, launching himself forward now. “A dahlia! It means good taste, and I mean, you obviously have it since you choose to hang out with all of us.”

Several of the boys rolled their eyes as I moved along to Wonwoo who gave me his usual shy smile. 

“Hi Y/N,” he said quietly so only the two of us could hear his voice. “A forget-me-not…it means true love. I believe what you and Chan have is really something. I mean…he put all of this together so…you are as eye catching as this forget-me-not.”

I smiled and gave him a quick bow. Wonwoo always knew how to save a situation. 

“I have chosen a hibiscus,” Woozi said slowly, not making direct eye contact. “It means gentleness. You’re as pretty as this hibiscus.”

“I picked a sunflower!” Minghao smiled brightly as he stepped forward. “It means…um…it means…”

“Radiance,” Jisoo whispered from down the line. 

“It means radiance!” Minghao repeated. “You are radiant, like this sunflower.”

I took the flower and looked down at the growing bouquet in my hands, making my way to the final three boys. 

“So…Hoshi and I didn’t discuss this before, but we picked the same flower,” DK muttered as they both took out their flowers. 

“It’s called a narcissus,” Hoshi smiled. “Not because we think you’re narcissistic, but it means to have self esteem.”

“And we don’t see any reason why yours should be low, ever,” DK glowed. “You’re as gorgeous as these narcissuses…narcissussees…narcissussi?”

“You’re just gorgeous,” Hoshi nodded, his eyes disappearing in his smile. 

I stepped slowly over and met the final boy, Joshua. 

“Y/N,” he said, near breathless. “I picked a zinnia, it means loyalty, and I want you to know, not just Chan, but all thirteen of us are loyal to you. If you ever need a friend, we’re all here. You are as wonderful as this zinnia.”

I heard Chan clear his throat. He stood by the bar, shaking with nerves, a single red rose held in his hand. 

“And…and…”he stuttered, looking down to his hand. He squinted at it. I approached him slowly, noting the blue pen ink scribbled into his palm. 

“I picked the red rose,” he said quietly. “It means love…and I never want you to feel unloved or unimportant or imperfect…we picked all of these flowers because they reminded us of you in some way. I notice you always wear floral…and you always joked that it was because you wanted to blend in rather than stand out…but Y/N, I hate to tell you, you can’t blend in. Just like these flowers…everyone wants to look at you, appreciate you for your different traits and be proud of them…because we are.”

I felt tears begin to come to my eyes. I began to wave my hand near my face, trying to keep them from pushing over the brim.

“Except the cactus,” Seungcheol muttered. “Vernon just makes bad decisions.”

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Christmas Countdown

Hey all!! I hope you’re having a good day/night

So yeah yeah I know it’s only November but I’m already in the holiday mindset. It’s cold, I can wear my fuzzy Snoopy Christmas pajamas, I can curl up by the fire, and I’m getting presents for people. I just love the holidays, man.

So I have the idea to post a holiday/winter themed Sanders Sides fic every week from now until Christmas. However since I’m one brain and probably will struggle for ideas, I need prompts! What do you want to read? Which ship or AU do you want? I’ll write any ship or AU, so whichever is your favorite. My goal is to get one up every week, but the more the merrier.

ALSO I focus on Christmas because that’s the holiday I celebrate, but if you want to see the Sides/Thomas celebrating other holidays (AUs and headcanons are a thing), I’d be willing to write it. Or even co-write it since I’m not well versed on how other holidays are celebrated. Just know I might ask for your help to make sure I don’t get anything wrong.

So send me some holiday/winter prompts! Let’s all get in the mood for good holiday fluff :)