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Okie Dokie Then

I think I just wrote the epilogue to “Instincts”. I’m gonna have to give it time to settle in my mind and of course do all the editing, but I’m kind of reeling that I might have completed the story. It happened a little faster than I expected or intended, but it just sort of brought itself to conclusion naturally, which I guess is appropriate considering that’s basically how I’ve written the entire story. There’s still events that I haven’t written about that are rattling around in my head, so I’ll probably end up returning to the setting for one shots or even a spin-off tale, but there are other things I want to write, too, so I guess this is great for getting to branch out and try new plot lines.

Gonna take a little break now, and then try writing some more of my second story that I’ve been working on in between chapters to clear my head. Honestly, I’m kind of excited about the prospect of starting other things. I’m super proud of the work I’ve done on “Instincts”, and I want to make sure it concludes with the most possible satisfaction, so I’ll be turning the ending over in my mind a lot before it gets posted. Anyway, just wanted to make a post since I’m both excited and nervous about having brought the story to a stopping point. It’s kinda cool to think that I wrote a smutty novel in a month and a half! Wow!

hanofhousesolo  asked:

HTTYD gang Summer Olympics AU: what sport/event do you think each person would compete in?

Cheezit, I love you.

Astrid: Gymnastics

Astrid is a gymnast canonically! She does back handsprings and flips on top of a flying dragon. She’ll somersault and tumble while fighting others. It makes perfect sense for her to compete in the Olympics in artistic gymnastics. I imagine she is talented enough to win the all-around individual, though I imagine she is very remarkable on balance beam.

Other events she could be good at: fencing, judo, taekwondo, volleyball, individual diving, and trampoline.

Snotlout: Rugby

Though he sometimes is an individual who doesn’t work well in a team, I do think he would extraordinarily enjoy this team sport. Snotlout would love the dramatic combination of tackling, kicking, and running with a ball to the other side. I can just imagine him charging down the field, ball tucked under arm.

Other events he could be good at: freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, hockey, water polo, and boxing.

Ruffnut and Tuffnut: Badminton

Mixed gender doubles badminton would be their sport. I imagine that Ruffnut and Tuffnut, being as close of siblings as they are, would want to compete together in the Olympics. It also just seems like the sort of sport that they would entertain themselves with, for whatever reason. It’s hard for me to find the exact words except to say, “It’s them.” And man oh man, they would be able to whack that birdie hard.

Other events they could be good at: synchronized swimming, table tennis, beach volleyball, and freestyle wrestling.

Fishlegs: Equestrian Dressage

Equestrian dressage, for people who may be unfamiliar, is an event in which horse and rider work through some pre-planned, intricate moves. The horse, in a way, “dances” to the music through complicated steps, demonstrating good rider-horse communication, cooperation, and control. 

Fishlegs would not have a dragon in a modern AU, but I can easily imagine him falling in love with horses and getting some fun riding this way. But Fishlegs has never been interested in fast speeds; canonically, Meatlug is the slowest dragon. However, he rides with great love for intricacy and moves. In a world where Fishlegs rides a horse, he would adore an event that allows him to forge close communication and control with his horse, and be artistic with his riding at the same time!

Other events he could be good at: table tennis, badminton, and shot put.

Hiccup: Equestrian jumping

Like Fishlegs, I imagine Hiccup teaming with Toothless the horse for the Olympics. While Hiccup does have a flair for tricks, it’s also embedded in a desire to go fast and dramatically. He could be good at eventing, but I think that jumping would get that adrenaline rushing exactly the way Hiccup likes it. Just like Toothless is the fastest dragon in canon world, I imagine Toothless is one fast and wild of a jumper as a horse in the Olympics.

Other events he could be good at: equestrian eventing, archery, and road cycling.

Heather: Fencing

Heather always has an excited, intense expression when she pulls out her double-headed axe in Race to the Edge. While there is no double-headed axe event in the Olympics, she could find a similar competitive thrill with fencing.

Other events she could be good at: equestrian jumping, football/soccer, rugby, individuals tennis, and individuals diving.

Finn Balor x Reader - Thru a Screen

You bounced your leg up and down nervously as you kept checking the time on your phone. Your best friend in the whole world was having an operation right now and each passing minute was killing you. It all happened so fast. He was having a huge title match just the other night and actually won it… Able to hold it high above his head and now he was laying on a table being cut open… Never in a million years did you think this was happen to him… Finn of all people. The person that was by your side on flights and in the ring as you two climbed the long later up to being professional wrestlers on the main roster. Both of you were called up with the draft with the brand split and it was he happiest day so far for both of you. It seemed like all of your lucky stars were lining up as you both had title shots lined up… And then Finn messed his arm up causing more than his fair share of set backs. As you were lost in thought about over all of the recent events you didn’t even notice the nurse who had walked into the waiting room. “You hear for Mr. Balor??” she asked quietly making you jump. “Y…Yeah sorry…” You got up from your seat and made your way over to her. “He is out of surgery and is expected to have a good recovery… Its gonna be a long road but he should be fine.” She gave you a smile as you let out a sigh of relief. “Can I see him??” You asked shyly. “Yeah of course come on.”

“Heyyy.” You sang quietly as you poked your head through the doorway of the hospital room. “Hey you.” He groggily replied back moving his head to the side to smile over at you. “You look great.” You sat on the side of his bed. “You’ve looked better.” He joked weakly making you laugh. “Always a gentleman.” You laughed more. “Do me a favor??” He asked adjusting himself a bit where he laid. “Depends on what it is.” “Nothing dirty.” He laughed. “Okay then whats up??” You turned more toward him. “And me my phone so I can post it on instagram.” He asked pointing over to where his phone laid. ‘Always thinking of his fans…’ You thought to yourself with a smile as you leaned over to grab his phone. “Alright smile.” You take a pic of him. “You too.” He beckoned you over to squeeze in with him. “Fine but I charge.” You teased. “Been on the main roster for what?? A week or more?? And now you’re one of those girls…” He rolled his eyes and leaned closer to you to take a selfie with you. “You want anything?? The nurse told me you could try and eat something… Want a snack for now?? I’m sure I can talk Sami into bringing you something when he heads over…” You ask getting up from the bed as Finn types one handed on his phone. “Yeah I could eat a snack… You know what I like…” As he spoke he didn’t even look up form his phone. You stood there waiting for him to at least look at you. “What you want an audience?? Shoo get out of here…” He scoffed. “Oh so now that you’re hurt you’re gonna act like a brat??” You propped your hands on your hips. “Duh?? Now go on get??” He couldn’t hold back his smile any longer as you lost it as well. “You’re a brat.” “Back at ya.” 

While you were in the waiting room to grab Finn a snack your phone in your back pocket vibrated. Checking it you smiled yourself at the post you were tagged in. Finn had posted the picture of you two and captioned it with: “A real friends are there when you fall down… #bestfriend #roadtorecovery”

Over the next few weeks you weren’t able to be with Finn as much as you would like. You knew deep down that he would do all in his power to be with you if you were in his situation but you had matches and apperances to keep up. When you two facetimed (which was an overly healthy amount) he would give you a grumpy pout if you said you were going to take off time to see him. “Don’t you dare… I am living my dream of being a women’s superstar through you… If you aint on my tv winning matches I’m not winning matches… Stay you’re having fun… I’ll be back on the road soon enough annoying you… I’ve been saving up mean things to say when I get back just for you.” He always had such a way with words (sarcasm). 

Today you were lined up for a title shot on a PPV. You were all dressed and made up for the show and you sat restless backstage phone in hand waiting for Finn to at least text you. Usually he and you would chill before a match and just get each others minds off the upcoming events. Finally your phone pinged in your hands. “I haven’t even seen what you’re wearing tonight and I already know you look bad ass… You’re gonna do great today… Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… And just have some fun out there :)” You smiled brightly at his message and set your phone aside to head out into the ring.

Finn sat on his bed watching the PPV event. He turned it up as soon as they announced your match was next. He couldn’t help but grin proudly as the crowd roared as you made your entrance. You looked adorable in your jean shorts and crop top. He rolled his eyes as he saw your crop top was actually one of his shirts from the merch store. Finn watched on pins and needles as you worked it in the ring. He cheered in his room when you would kick out and would yell when the ref said you had your opponent down for two when it was clearly for three. Finally you got the upper hand long enough to have the champ down for more than three counts. He screamed out when you one the women’s title. You held the title high and right at the camera declared “THIS IS FOR FINN!!” He blushed a bit as you cried happy tears and clung to your hard earned reward. His stomach did a bit of flip as a thought went through his head. At that moment all he wanted to do was wrap you up in his good arm and give you a kiss on the lips. He had never thought of you in that way but deep down he knew that he loved you. You were his best friend, his partner in crime the one that would never let him down. He knew in his heart he had to act on this feeling before he grew to regret swallowing it down. He wanted you to be in his life forever. Be his and only his. He wanted to spend the rest of his life trying to make you at least half as happy as you made him. And he was going to start this right now with a phone call to the new champ. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING… thanks to my friend for requesting this… you know who you are and you know how awesome you are… please let me know what you think… any and all feedback is welcome… THANK YOU AGAIN FOR READING 

12x01 - Keep Calm and... How do I keep calm when that episode was SO GOOD?

Top Moments

Dean and Mary Obviously. Some thoughts on their reunion and interactions in the episode:

  • The way she took him down at the start - Mary’s very first scene and she is proving to the audience that she can handle herself, she is no longer the original fridged woman. She is every bit the skilled Hunter and fighter she was when she was younger.
  • Dean talking about John and Mary’s meet-cute. Slaughterhouse 5 and Zeppelin. So now we know that it isn’t all John that Dean gets it from. His favourite things also come from his mother. That is certainly a positive point to know going forward.
  • Dean’s face when Mary hugs him - it was beautiful. I have nothing else to say.
  • Mary and the Impala! Dean’s realisation that his mother had sex in the back of the car and that he was probably conceived there… hilarious! Oh Dean. You and the Impala truly are bonded aren’t you? I see the Impala as a symbol of Dean’s soul (as I believe many others do too) and this moment was brilliant in tying up that theory that his whole life right from conception has been connected to his car.
  • Mary saving Dean from Knuckleduster Lady. She saved the day this episode. I doubt it will be the last time she saves her boys. 
  • Blood on her hands - That moment sitting in the car where Mary was looking at her hands reminded me of Lady Macbeth “Out! Damn Spot!” Anyone else think that or is that weird? I dunno.. but I think Mary is going to be very much haunted by her choices and what is ultimately her fault. She didn’t get her memory wiped of her deal with Azazel. We know she knew him when he was standing over Sam’s crib. Mary will recognise this and understand that it was her deal with Azazel that started this series of events that leads her here now, facing her grown son and his kidnapped brother, both doing exactly what she has been running from her whole life. Then, one of the first things she has to do as soon as she is brought back to life, is take another life. I can very well believe that she sees that damn spot… the blood on her hands. How she will deal with this will be an interesting thing to watch throughout the season ahead.
  • Are you okay?” “No.” GUYS. GUYS. You know when we were talking about what good things Mary would bring to Dean and Sam’s lives and how her presence should encourage good character development and a change for the better? THIS IS THE START. What was it that Cas said in 10x03?“It’s what the humans do. They say they’re fine. And even if I—I don’t look it, you say I look well, and that way, we avoid talking about something we can do nothing about.” Castiel learned this from the Winchesters, because they do this all the time. They repress any issues they have, they lie about feeling okay because its easier than dealing with the huge amount of emotional baggage that they are carrying. Mary however comes along and when Dean asks if she’s okay she tells the truth. and it leads to them having an honest conversation, with Dean helping her a little bit and her helping him to understand a bit more. It was such a good conversation for Dean to have. 

Dean and Castiel

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As soon as I saw this shot from the Olympic opening ceremony last night I sent a note to @adrianalima to say that this is possibly the most beautiful photograph of her I have ever seen. And I have seen a lot and shot a lot of Adriana, maybe more than any other photographer. I have no idea who shot this, if they used a phone camera or a professional system.  It proves though that no matter how great the technology it really is about capturing that moment. In this case you can see the overwhelming emotions that must come with the great honor to carry the torch for a brief moment at an event that is the symbol for global unity.
And what a moment was captured. I know Adriana to be one of the kindest and compassionate people I have had the good fortune to know. Incredibly humble and always working behind the scenes to help childrens hospitals, worthy charities and even our own @nomadtwoworlds foundation that works to raise self esteem in kids in tough communities. And somehow with all her fame and charitable commitments she still manages to have an astounding work ethic and a dedicated devotion to her kids.
Adriana is one of the most beautiful woman on the planet - we all know that. However this image shows us that beauty is truly inside and out. It captured who Adriana is at her core.
Go Adriana! Thanks for reminding me that outside all the current political theatre and global concerns what the Olympics are supposed to about. Putting aside differences for a brief moment to celebrate humanity through excellence.
And if anyone knows who took this shot I would love to acknowledge them. If you know please share.
Let the games begin!

My current Sterek WIPs:

Just to make y’all understand how royally fucked I am with school taking all my writing time away from me. (don’t miss the links)

which is not an AU, contrary to popular belief. It’s canon Derek going blind, and I have a very interesting story planned for this. I posted a snippet of it forever ago. You can read it here.

first written during the S2-3A hiatus, and will therefore keep the “old school” Teen Wolf theme and characters. I haven’t written a word on it for over a year, but it’s one of those fics I refuse to trash. It will be completed.

Medical AU*
it’s still in the notes-only stage, but I have great plans for this fic. Inspired by personal events, it’ll be about Stiles getting a new doctor in charge of his meds: Derek Hale, who discovers there’s far more to fix other than Stiles’ insomnia and hyper vigilance. 

Ignited (Illuminated 2)
the long requested sequel to my 5k one-shot ‘Illuminated’, which I’ve been promising to complete ever since the Slash Madness Tournament. I’m sorry for the delay, but apparently I need forever to write emotional porn.

second installment to the random cowboy!Derek verse I started a couple weeks ago. It’ll be 3 parts in total, and I have them all mapped out. This one will feature Stiles keeping his promise from the first part.

this is somewhat purely for my self, because writing about Derek accepting and dealing with his PTSD helps me do the same. It’ll be very personal, but I know some of you will want to read it.

it all started with this gifset that I’ve been planning to make forever, which I’ve pretty much been bombed with requests to write a fic for every since I posted it. Probably won’t be 100k as someone wanted, but I’ll try extend it past its current 5k, in the very least.

( * = to be properly titled )

And that’s not to mention all the AUs that I’ve got planned but haven’t written enough on to be listed here. Or the #eternalmam verse. There’s just… so much I wanna write. Oh my god.


This week, I wanted to highlight some great portraits by @axelthemoogle. Without her, and all the other amazing photographers in the fandom, I would not have my archives of memories at the conventions I attend. Those weekends go by so quickly, that sometimes I need photos to properly recap all of the events I attend. 

I’m grateful for her, and all the other photo peeps that work hard, so that others can preserve their memories. So this Fursuit Friday belongs to them today <3

Its Always Been You

Summary:  Connor struggles as Jude finds a boyfriend, still unable to confess his real feelings for Jude. Jude finds love, but as things turn out, it may not be as great as it seems. Will they realize they’ve always been meant for each other? Or is Connor still too scared to tell Jude?

A/N: So this fic was largely inspired by jacintabrown3‘s fic Dynamics, and it’s definitely a similar idea, but it starts from a very different place and has very different series of events.  It’s also the longest one-shot I’ve ever written, clocking in at 4,670 words.  I hope you enjoy it!  (Also I’ll have another long one-shot coming out later tonight also also props to blueforjudeandconnor for giving me the title <3)

Warning:  Mention of emotional abuse throughout the story as it relates to Jude and his other boyfriend (not Connor, obviously)

Funny how if you ignore your feelings for someone long enough, you pay the price of watching them be happy with someone else, Connor thought bitterly.  A price, Connor was finding, that was far too steep.  A price that included his stomach turning over every time he saw them together.  A price that included his heart sinking every time he laid his head on his boyfriend Jackson’s shoulder.  A price that included realizing he was in love with Jude.  A price that included Jude being in love with someone else.

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Rey - Star Wars: The Force Awakens
April 2016

A group of us got together today for a cosplay meetup at a local State Park! It was so fun getting to meet some other local cosplayers and hang out with some old friends, we even had a nice potluck lunch together :D We almost canceled because the weather didn’t look great, but it turned out to be a beautiful day.

Hudson Photography came to join us for the meetup after reading about it from my Facebook page, and I am so glad he could make it! We had a great time climbing rock faces and exploring with everyone and the shots he took are so fantastic! 

My staff needs a new paint job for sure after bumping around on rocks all day, but this costume was so fun and comfortable to wear. Not my usual shoes, since they have no tread and I knew we would be climbing so I needed something with more grip.

I worked with some other photographers also at the event, so I’m super excited to see all those pictures when they are shared!

Thanks @feytaline for organizing such a great event <3