i have only seen like 4 eps of this show

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su crits are saying that stuck together was a good ep but they're doing so in a way that's like "i think zuke is a bad writer but this was SURPRISINGLY good" like...how is that surprising, zuke has always been a decent writer even if they may have a few weak spots. like I did some research and zuke has boarded 13 episodes of the show so far, most of which people enjoyed. there's 3-4 I've seen su crits not be that fond of, but you can't act like all their eps are bad when you only dislike a few

>implying the S/U c//ritic//al brigade are ever logical/sensible/fair about these things ;p

Seriously though, I stopped paying attention to them a loong time ago.  They’re obviously very against the show - and against Lauren because of something that they didn’t even do (”sneaking ships into the show” - lolwut) - so they’re always going to have a bias. 

I agree that this attitude is wrong, Anon; but it’s best to just let them get on with it.  If they want to be bitter about these things, then that’s their problem.  We still love the show and shouldn’t let anyone spoil it for us :)