i have only one sweater

My Star Trek Christmas fan art. I was always wondering if they celebrate holidays at Enterprise?
And I must say, I really love Jaylah character, thanks to creators of Star Trek Beyond, Jaylah is not another “lifeless fighting sexy alien babe”, but really emotional, a little bit naive,sincere, kind character with attitude.
P.S. I want to dedicate this artwork to wonderful Anton Yelchin.
You were a sunshine, Anton.RIP

And here is a story behind this artwork ))

Uhura: Hey Jaylah ! Happy Christmas Eve! C'mon let’s make some photos together, here is your ugly sweater. Sorry, I only have green one.
Jaylah: What is Christmas?
Uhura: Well, Christmas is a pretty long story that began on Earth more than 2200 years ago. But, shortly, It’s all about family, friends, love, Santa, presents..
Jaylah: ….
Carol: And for me, it’s also about snow, pine tree, good stories in front of fire place, hot chocolate, ugly sweater party..
Uhura: yeah.. and reindeers, jingle bells and kissing under the mistletoe..
Jaylah: !!!!
Carol : Kissing under the mistletoe it’s definitely what Captan Kirk would love. After a bottle of mulled wine. Or two.
Uhura: And mulled wine was probably invented in Russia, according to Chekov.
Carol: According to Chekov everything was invented in Russia.
Uhura: And for Dr. McCoy Christmas is a lot of work after food and alcohol poisoning and fireworks injuries.
Carol: Well, yeah, Christmas is a lot of fun. Here is your candy cane, Jaylah!


*slowly slides more fawn photos towards you*

*frolics away*

I know blackout day is over and I posted a bunch of pictures yesterday but look! Had a fun afternoon doing this with my best friend hakuna-tomato….but she wiped off her makeup before we could get any other pictures together so boo. 

I also put blue hydrangeas in my hair for any discerning performance in a leading role fans out there 


hey! taylorswift, I’ve seen some people writing out letters to you on tumblr, and I thought that I could do the same. and hey, maybe you’ll read this? anyway, my name is Abby. I’m 16, love cats and books, and I have a thing for sweaters (only hella soft ones). but I really just need to say thank you. thank you for being one of the most important people in my life. for being there for me with your music. for your active role in helping my recovery this past year. living with mental illness isn’t easy, but I’m managing pretty well. I’m actually the happiest I’ve ever been. like, in my whole life. I feel like I’ve overcome so much, and I know I couldn’t have done it without you and your music. you give me an immense amount of hope. I was at your Columbus show Thursday, and I have to say that I had the best time of my whole life. it was easily the highlight of my life. I’ve never danced and sang and just let go like I did that night. when you sang clean, the tears streamed down my face as I realized that I, actually me, was finally clean. and that is something I never would have imagined feeling. Taylor, I just love you so much, and everything you do makes me smile. thanks for being there for me. I’ll stand by you forever, and I know you’ll do the same for me.