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I had an anon ask about organising your notes on a computer so I’ve decided to make a post about that for them (including my very first gifs!). These are just some sample files and documents that I’ve made really quickly; there’s nothing actually on them, they’re just to illustrate how to do it.

So this gif is just showing a really basic system for keeping your notes organised. For each major subject, have a kind of master file. Then within that file, have separate files for lecture notes, textbook notes, and extras. I find it useful to give the lecture notes a name, and a date to keep them in order.

I also usually have a school extras folder which typically includes things like important contact details, reading lists, term plans, and timetables. It just means that I have a copy of all the important documents saved in one place.

If you want to be really organised, you can add tags to your documents which you can then perform a search for. So you can see that I go to save the document as I normally would, but below that, there’s a small section labelled “tags” where I then enter some relevant tags (in this case just some random words).

Then when I want to find that document again, I can just search for keywords and documents that are tagged with that word will come up. This is why your tags should be a bit more specific than just “psychology” but you get the idea. So here’s the gif of me finding that document I just saved by searching for the tag.

And that’s it. Just some really quick basic tips on organising your notes on your computer.

run. I can’t stop. run again. I can’t help it. This is all I can do anyway.

All I know is how to love you.

Daryl Dixon Fanfiction Series 


Warning : Sexual Content may be alarming to some readers.

Pt. 6

He carried me up the stairs bridal style, I felt heavy which I apologized for. Daryl stopped in front of the door and let me down. The bedroom was beautiful with all the white accents on a purple pallet. The bedspread was purple with white lace as well as the throw pillows. I sighed in happiness feeling a little normal. Daryl took my hand in his reminding me he was there. I walked further in bringing him behind me.

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