i have one and its really very cool yes

I haven’t actually posted a picture of my face before, and I’ve got this really cool Riddler cosplay I put together from items I have in my closet. So, I decided to knock out two birds with one stone and post a photo of myself wearing said Riddler cosplay. It’s not a very good photo, but I tried.

It's kinda like an all terrain elephant
  • Meg: but yeah, I'm trying to think of a cold weather animal that's bald
  • Me: none of the Iskat species evolved, they were all genetically engineered
  • Meg: right, so basically whatever people thought was cool is viable
  • they would probably have to be very blubbery
  • Meg: YES
  • Me: walruses with legs
  • FUCK
  • Me: i've created a mental image which i will now never get out of my head no matter what priests i call in
  • Me: i wonder what they teach in primary school survival courses about giant leg-walruses
  • make your peace with god
  • Meg: Listen, I thought polar bears were scary
  • I was really wrong
  • Imagine one charging
  • Me: oh GOD imagine its FACE as it gets speedily closer to you
  • Meg: I DON'T WANT TO
  • Me: no wonder Iskat conquered an empire
  • they needed somewhere to run to

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okay so lately i have been looking up witchcraft and sigil/rune/symbol magic has become my favorite and a major way to charge this spells is to burn the first one you make . how would marco ,sabo, and ace would like having a witchy s/o or crush?

Yes darling! That’s awesome. I’ve been in a crystal coven for 5 years Now. (Psst: if you wanna find really cool witch tips and things go check out Dark Moon Coven on Amino.)

• Marco would think it’s really interesting.
•if you have a grimoire then he’d be very interested in reading it.
•if you draw your own sigil he’d be interested in its origin and/or what it means and what not.
•Marco loves crystals. He thinks they’re really cool. If our make him a necklace or even a bracelet he’d wear it proudly.
•if there are any rituals or a shrine making, Marco will be more than happy to help.
•Marco loves you for you, and he loves your interests. He definitely wants to learn and be apart of your really cool beliefs.

•he’s one of those jerks that hears magick, sigil, coven, and witchy terms and instantly thinks SATAN.
• it. Must. Be. SATAN.
•at first he’d be a little wary of the witchy business.
•however give him a little time and he’d get more and more curious about what exactly your doing.
•Sabo would be really into it. He would start smudging, and wearing necklaces you made him, and he’d even Start carrying certain stones in his pockets.
•Sabo would probably buy you a tarot deck or a really large crystal when he can.
•he loves you being witchy and even wants to join in.

•ace thinks it’s awesome. (What a dork)
•if you stop on an island and there’s like a witchy themed store there, then ace and you would go on a shopping spree.
•ace loves necklaces with crystals.
•his favorite crystal is rose quarts, he loves wearing Necklaces made out of it.
• sometimes he gets made fun of because his “pink rock necklace.” But hey ace thinks it’s cool.
• ace likes old books. If you find some old witch-related book ace would thinks it’s really cool, like, a mystery to be solved. The. Oil might lead them to buried treasure…. or dare I say…. the One Piece itself.
•Every year Around Halloween he sees little kids running around dressed as witches, and he just wonders what they would think… you know…. with a real one sitting next to him.

I hate the whole thing on tumblr right now where its a contest of who is the most mentally ill. People (generally teens) self diagnose themself with a long list of ilnesses they likely dont even have, just to seem special and to have their arguments taken seriously. And the worst part is its making people take mental illnesses less seriously and people who really have them have a harder time being taken seriously.

For example, OCD. I don’t know anyone who personally struggles from it, but i do know countless people who joke about their OCD when they want to fix something messy. The disorder became something you take a facebook quiz about rather than what it is, an actual disorder that people struggle from, thats not always having to do with neatness. Imagine struggling from this, and trying to explain it to people when the common response is people claiming to have it.

Also, it seems every other person on this website has self diagnosed themself with autism, and that one personally irks me the most. My neighbor, a boy my age who ive known most of my life, is autistic and theres not a moment of his life thats not effected by it. He’s a sweet kid struggling to express himself and it kills me every time I see a kid claiming to be autistic but only ever having it when its convinient to them. Yes autisms symptoms vary and i understand that not everyone would have the same ones as my friend but there are still people very clearly faking it.

And self diagnosing isnt always bad, to clarify. But when people know in their heart they dont really have something, yet stil claim they do, its more hurtful then helpful when they talk over people sharing real experiences. These problems people are claiming to have arent just cool costumes, theyre a real thing. Its painful watching the community begin to seem like a joke.

My Coming Out Story
  • Me: Can I buy a binder?
  • Mother: Yeah... I'm pretty sure there is one in the office supply cabinet
  • Me: ... I mean a chest binder
  • Mother: You're very flat chested do you really need one?
  • Me: Yes mother.
  • Mother: Ok use your own money
  • Me: I just came out?
  • Mother: Thats nice, have you seen my eyeliner?
  • Me: Yes here it is, I'm genderfluid.
  • Mother: Thats cool, honestly the only thing I wish I could change about you is that you have anxiety

got jcv blood drawn maybe they’ll even tell me the results this time lol! and my meeting with the comm prof was cool, he’s splitting the class between 4 ta’s to groups of ~15 and GEE its just, i really haven’t done anything but go to school (quietly with no extra activities) or stay home (quietly with no extra activities) in like.. 8 yrs lol. so yes its daunting just bc its very different, and like… i have actual responsibility to others in this situation, if its my own shit on the line thats one thing… ah.. i wish i could drop my other class too though and actually *only* do this that term but u need a certain credit load for FA. ah!

Hey guys, first of all, i thought it was time to make a follow  forever because I’ve been one year on tumblr, yes, its my anniversary and may is the month and thank you for 7.5k followers. Also this is a
special thanks to my mutuals (even though i’ve only been in a mutual with some of you for a short amount of time) for to make tumblr such an awesome experience for me, you literally always make my dash be a really cool and funny place!, i love you all.

And finally, thanks to the person who brought me to this place, because by that person, I have met very good people who perhaps would otherwise never could have known, thanks zayn for Being part of my life and our lives. i’m excited and waiting for solo zayn!


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Hiya! I noticed that in your tags you read a lot of Kagehina fanfics and I was wondering if you have any good recommendations for some fics? Thank you!

ah yes kagehina the reason for the teardrops on my guitar

some COOL fanfics!!:

well that’s it for now (i’ve read more but these are the ones that i remember)! if you need anymore feel free to drop by in my ask again!


I’ve got some time to kill, since I’m in the middle of a rest cure of sorts, so I’ve put together a bookshelf tour if anyone feels interested.

Note: this barely represents a half of my books, most of them are put away in boxes at my auntie’s place because I haven’t been able to bring them home, and some of them have been borrowed by very irresponsible people.

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ding ding ding thank you anon i didn’t have to wait very long but holy shit i really wanted to do a maknae line one 

hyung line

Jimin: Jimin is the type to do both long and short ones at random times. I can see him being the guy to always kiss you twice in a row, and sighing happily before pulling you into a hug. He would always jokingly kiss you hard–if you were ever being playful or teasing each other he would kiss you hard out of nowhere and say “That’s what you get” or something idk. He would always, ALWAYS be kissing your cheek, so much that you might even grow tired of it! He’d probably start with his hand on your cheek to pull you in and then slide down to grab your hand. 

Taehyung: Tae would always want to kiss you whether it be a peck on the cheek or a long kiss on the lips, he would always want to do it. Oh man he would be a mixture of everything. He would be so giggly after kissing you lightly. You would be walking, hand in hand, and he would kiss you on the cheek and smile at you. He would always do shit like this like kissing you on the forehead, raising your hand up while holding it to kiss it, etc. BUT…But……when the time is right he would be good at making out plz help me my heart just randomly stopped working. He would grab you by the neck and let his fingers tangle in your hair to pull you in and kiss you hard, biting your lip from time to time, back you against a wall, but he would also switch from being the dominant kisser to the submissive one, letting you do literally whatever you wanted with him. Whenever this happened he would never fail to smirk at you. Honestly I don’t think it would take long for this to lead to something *whispers* more. But I can also see him being the type to try and have a conversation while you guys were making out or something, silly Tae. 

Jungkook: Sorry I’m not gonna go as far as I did w Jungkook because he’s too young for me but I think he would be so happy every time he got to kiss you! He would probably smile to himself afterwards and put his arm around you instantly. They would almost always be the same, not super long but meaningful. They wouldn’t be very light but not very hard either. Just the perfect amount every single time if that makes any sense. He’d probably kiss you on the forehead a lot, that would probably be his favorite spot to do it! Honestly I think he’s the type of guy who’d want to be kissed first–he would still do it first, but he would love it if you did as well! 

-Admin A, aka i have actually become really dissatisfied w my life and i need to lie down