i have one and its really very cool yes

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Will we ever get more Gladstone comics? I love how you are portraying him and really want to see more! But I'm also satisfied with this one-shot :)

maybe! I have a lot on my plate rn though and yes I am VERY AWARE I NEED TO UPDATE TAPTJ but I fell out with it when photoshop ate the last five pages I slaved over :C so… yeah, maybe? maybe.

I have a lot of ideas for them I’m just sayin that

My Coming Out Story
  • Me: Can I buy a binder?
  • Mother: Yeah... I'm pretty sure there is one in the office supply cabinet
  • Me: ... I mean a chest binder
  • Mother: You're very flat chested do you really need one?
  • Me: Yes mother.
  • Mother: Ok use your own money
  • Me: I just came out?
  • Mother: Thats nice, have you seen my eyeliner?
  • Me: Yes here it is, I'm genderfluid.
  • Mother: Thats cool, honestly the only thing I wish I could change about you is that you have anxiety