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Little Finger lyrics and uke tabs (chords don't line up exactly on mobile)

For the anon that requested this :) Check the tag ‘Little Finger song’ for the full version later

Intro: F Am Dm F Am Dm

(Verse 1)

F                          Am                    Dm

Am I supposed to look at her like that

F                              Am                       C7

Is she supposed to make me feel this way

F                           Am                 Dm

Am I supposed to love a girl like that

F                    Am                C7

Is it wrong that I want her to stay


F                              Am

I’m growing old but doing fine

Dm                               Am

There’s curly cues on all my lines

C7                                            F

But I have always been an over thinker


Maybe she’s not perfect


But she’s sure as hell getting there

      Bbm                      F

And I fell in love with a girl

(Verse 2)

I ask myself about the way I feel for her

I wonder if she thinks about me too

I dream about the times I’ve said I love her

But I don’t think she really has a clue



F                               C

She can find me all alone

Dm                                 C7

Picking flowers throwing stones

F                            C                          Dm C7

And I am wrapped around her little finger

F                                 C

She can find me in the dark

Dm                                 C7

The finish line is just the start

F                               C                         Dm  C7

Cause I am wrapped around her little finger