i have officially used a 'ship' name

iKON the type of group that

• take showers together
• respect other religions
• make dick jokes on broadcast
• tell each other ‘I love you’ on a daily basis
• promote self love
• respect and cherish women
• pray together and thank god before performing
• wrote 4 songs explicitly for their fans
• tell each other to visit their families & go to church
• love animals & kids
• are always all over each other
• never forget to greet, thank, support & mention their sunbaes
• are genuinely humble & never take enough credit for their work
• love skinship & fanservice
• ship each other & use official shipper names
• think that love doesnt have a number (and prefer an older partner)
• have the most sassy, evil & shady maknae line and most childish hyung line
• always bow 90 degrees
• see criticism as a chance to improve themselves

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Could you make a montage of all the official KuroShiro art because I can't tell if certain pictures are fan art or official

Okay but, before that, you need to know that “TOO GAY” doesn’t exist for K. 

K’s official art is gay

Hella gay

And there is no limit for the gay

(No one is straight in K)

(Woah okay)

(That blush. Guess who Shiro’s going to choose as queen.)

(Yes, Kuro is blushing here)

(Kuro’s hand though)

(Please look at where both of Shiro’s arms are)

(Yes, Kuro is blushing here too)

(Yes this is official too)

(No, you’re not crazy, they are holding hands.)

If you think “this is too gay to be official” then think again

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Hi, I saw your post about ships in KNK and was wondering if you can do a short intro to the different ships? Nothing major, just perhaps some moment they shared or a headcannon you have?

hello anon! omg I’m really not very good with all the ships I have a terrible memory so I’ll pribably miss the best moments but I’ll try!

* ship names are not official but this is I suppose what most people use? idk correct me if I got something wrong! *

the major ships (I think?). they’re the most known and popular and tbh too real

(seungjun/jihun): seungji/junhun. this is I feel like the most popular ship and the first one people notice probably. and these boyfriends are really kinda shameless. jihun sneaking out to seungjun’s room to have his back scratched and seungjun always sticking his entire huge body to jihun. he also wants to marry jihun, confirmed fact. you can find most of this great stuff on youtube and going by ship tag, recommend 100%! they’re also obsessed with each other’s butts okay.

(seungjun/inseong): seungseong. well, while jihun is away (probably having a great battle over youjin’s heart with heejun) seungjun gets bored, so he manages to sneak into inseong’s room and have his little portion of hugs and kisses, he needs some comforting okay. great stuff, highly recommend!

(inseong/heejun): heeseong. if the recent heejun’s april’s fool didn’t convince someone that inseong is the only true love of heejun’s entire life I don’t wanna know this person. true boyfriends, hugs and kisses (especially on inseong’s part) all the time, spreading love and happiness. great stuff, and this little thing they do every time they’re on the same team? my fave ship of all times.

(I would personally add this to the main ships ‘cause maknae line’s crush on youjin is real as ever)

(youjin/jihun): jinhun and (youjin/heejun): heejin. this is so sweet and funny but jihun and heejun have some hard ass crushes on youjin (poor man), so they’re being super clingy to him sometimes, trying not to miss any opportunity to hug him and bring some of his attention to them. getting jealous of each other all the time, of course, cheating on their actual boyfriends but man I feel them.

plus my personal little weaknesses

(youjin/inseong): jinseong. inseong is the only man in the group that youjin actually shows some affection towards sometimes. like and youjin even said that if he had to choose whom to date in knk it would’ve been inseong and he excluded him from ‘they’re not gonna eat if I win this game’ squad (seungjun, jihun and heejun lmao). inseong being a little flirty precious angel of course and things like this are super cute.

(jihun/heejun): hunhee. the siblings couple. despite of war going on between them they’re like the greatest brothers out there. they’re very close and cute and often role-play (and ‘cause youjin trouble honestly what a poor thing) and hug and what a pure love it is I just love them.

and these ships mostly go unnoticed but sometimes they pop out and you’re just like WOW this is a thing

(youjin/seungjun): seungjin. seungjun just being his clingy self and youjin probably thinks of seungjun as his most problematic kid (no chances of growing up this kid will never mature), takes care of him, simple and sweet dad/son relationship.

(seungjun/heejun): 2jun. the literally raised during their 12h vlive and, well, seungjun’s probably heejun’s younger cousin they’re just quite siblings that sometimes give us some stuff to cry about.

(inseong/jihun): jiseong. being part of the crazy trio (inseong, jihun and heejun) naturally made them close like look at this and this shit, what a fantastic potential this ship has.

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Okay okay. So are blonde and silver brothers in okja or are they a couple? Because when I first watched the movie I was screaming "MY TWO FAVORITE ACTORS ARE TOGETHER IN A GR8 MOVIE" And then the nagging thought that they might be brothers started stabbing at the back of my head at 3am in the morning

Hi :) I’d like to tell you that Silver and Blond as a couple is 100% canon. But I gonna tell you they’re 90% canon. Because while some tumblr affirm they were confirmed gay by the director, I wasn’t able to find any source as evidence. So if one of you guys have some proof, please let us know (@treelifter maybe?)

However, both Devon and Daniel made it clear that they totally see Silver and Blond as lovers. Both liked and retweeted many tweets about them being a couple. Devon made the fanon ship name “Platinum”, created by @happylawnmowerprince the official one: http://thecrystal-cave.tumblr.com/post/162518543850/guys-devon-officially-approves-the-ship-name. While Daniel expressed at a press conference “ There’s definitely more than a bromance. I think the character of Blond and Silver are lovers, so well picked up on that; yes, it goes beyond friendship, I think.” Src: http://www.rappler.com/entertainment/news/174067-okja-movie-fun-facts-bong-joon-ho

There’s also this article that states them as gays and in love: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/07/04/netflix-blockbuster-okja-features-a-gay-couple-but-you-might-not-have-noticed/

Now I know that the lack of kisses on the mouth (but Blond did kisses Silver on the cheek) “I love you” or “here’s Silver, is my boyfriend” for instance, may lead some people to deny them as good representation. I don’t think any of these are absolutely necessary for a ship to be canon. 

It’s kinda hard to express, but for me Silver and Blond are just too intimate together to be brothers. It’s not always easy to see it because a lot of their moments together are in the background. 

This hug for instance, is clearly a lover hug imo, I don’t force anyone to see it that way if they don’t, but…come on. Look at them. So cute, so gays, so in love. 

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Can you please explain who is gunhee actually? Its been a while since ive been in the kpop fandom and i see this guy everywhere with heechul??? Is he heechul's bf?

hi anon! i think i might have seen this late oops sorry, didn’t get the little notification for some reason

so basically what we know about gunhee is that he and heechul went to middle school together at a vocational school in wonju. gunhee studied construction and heechul studied to be an electrician. they said they didn’t really know each other well and i don’t think they even have any photos together, but when they say they’re “best friends of 18/20/whatever number years” that’s what they’re referring to.

fast forward to summer 2011, right before heechul enlisted in the military he was on a show called secret. hyuna was on the show too and she was one of gunhee’s clients at the time so he was there styling her. gunhee and heechul recognized each other instantly and started hanging out afterward. this is also when gunhee started styling heechul’s hair. heechul’s twitter post from then is here, the rest of the above info comes from when they were on sstp

while heechul was in the military they seem to have spent a fair amount of time together, you can look through gunhee’s old tweets and heechul’s old weibo posts, they would go to movies and manga cafes and in the summer of 2012 they went to busan together which was when people started to notice their closeness (especially bc gunhee posted a photo of them with couple bracelets). and then when heechul got out of the military he made an instagram and started posting tons of pictures of them together, tagging them #gunheechul (which he made up, as far as i know fans had originally been using 2hee as their ship name), including the very suggestive one of them in bed together. and things have gone on from there. also of note is them kissing on we got married, and the somewhat infamous california trip after the supreme court legalized marriage equality where a bunch of people thought they were getting married (they weren’t, but they did post a photo of them in bed making little hearts with their toes, so)

officially gunhee is heechul’s hairstylist. unofficially…there are enough receipts out there to very much justify thinking that they’re dating (on which, see my gunheechul tag) and that’s my personal opinion, but they haven’t made any clear public statements about that. you might see people talking about them “breaking up” after gunhee responded to a comment badgering him about their relationship with “i have a girlfriend” about a year ago, but as his translator i stalk him pay attention to his sns pretty closely and haven’t seen any further evidence of this. hell i’m pretty sure that in the last year he hasn’t posted a photo of himself with any woman who isn’t his coworker, his client, his family, or married to someone else…though my memory could be faulty on that. in any case gunhee lives in singapore currently so he’s not spending as much time with heechul as he used to but their overall dynamic hasn’t changed.

whatever their relationship, gunhee is clearly a very important person in heechul’s life. heechul himself has said that gunhee is the reason he’s been doing so much better emotionally these days and i think we’ve all noticed the change pre vs post-military. so whether they’re dating in real life or just in my gay ass brain, gunhee is a person we should love and appreciate ^^

PSA for popularity discourse.

OK since I keep seeing a lot of ereri fans upset about supposed lack of popularity lately and I’m heavily invested in differences between The True Fandom™ and the hellhole we call western fandom, so……

Here, meet your lord and saviour PIXIV:

Yes, those are combined results for RivaEre/Ereri (Japanese fandom doesn’t set official names, they use it for top/bottom order, in case you don’t know that but please let’s not carry that trend here lol when we can just take example from how chill they are about ships instead)

The one above was from April 19 and today (May 4) I checked again for your convenience:

Fifteen days, more than 300 new additions. (Also, you know, those aren’t single fanarts. Most are logs/doujins etc. So yeah. Imagine that.)

To compare with other fandoms, so you can see the batshit crazy level of popularity they have (tbh Levi is even more obnoxiously popular, it’s just .. beautiful) I’m gonna use the one I’m heavily involved in currently, as it is highly known to most as well:

If you combine the two most popular ships in haikyuu fandom (kagehina + iwaoi, naturally both name orders for them too, i make it my job to be thorough lol), then double the results, they would still have less results than levi/eren

Let that sink in.

so yeah. The only reason tumblr is shit about ereri.. is bc tumblr is shit in general, lol. Popularization of sjw rhetoric naturally didn’t help that, so yeah, you all can chill my friends.


Hey guys! Commissions are now open with a wider selection then I used to offer! Reblogs are greatly appreciated! ovo/


[If you’re interested in WRITING commissions, I have them in a separate post HERE!!]

[I also have a Ko-fi page, should you wish to donate me a coffee instead!]


- Prices are in AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS (AUD). Payment through Paypal only, where I will send you an invoice for the commission.

- I will draw any kind of character; official/canon characters, any kind of oc, ships of any kind, furries, anthros, dragons, u name it!

- I will draw NSFW and nude characters, but nothing involving a fetish. If you’re unsure, just message me with your request and we can talk details! 

- I reserve the right to refuse any commission request, and also to give a refund if for some reason I am unable to complete your commission. 

- [On coloured pieces] If you would like to see the sketch before colour, please let me know at the payment stage!


Please e-mail me at ashethehedgehog@gmail.com or message me privately here on Tumblr for inquires! Thank you! 

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is it byeler or byler? i see people here on tumblr using mostly "byeler" but on twitter i only see the latter, im confused

hey anon!!! i can say with official authority (lmfao!!!) that it is in fact “byeler”!!! this was established way back in the day (like, last august if i’m not mistaken) on my old, old blog. i think i can scrounge up a screenshot real quick hold on……

i’m not sure why the first “e” was dropped when people migrated the ship name over to twitter and insta but imo the ~official ship name~ is byeler and it’s the one i’ll always use!

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You're amazing, how about some Actor AU for the VLD cast (like they're just actors acting the show Voltron) how do you think they'd normally act behind the scenes (bonus points for sheith, allurance and matt/lotor but can be written as gen/no ships)

For the sake of no confusion, I’m going to use the same names as the characters - like still Shiro, still Keith, etc.

Part 2 of actor au headcanons


- They are a lot like their characters, which is why everything feels so natural on the set. It feels like they are really immersing themselves into the show.

- Plus, once you have been playing a character for so long, you start to take on some of their traits.

- Everyone was really excited for Matt to officially join the cast after the long wait because of how much energy he brings to the set.

- Matt had still been hanging around the set even before, both as a consultant and the guy who made the best coffee during breaks.

- Allura has to spend a lot of time in hair & make-up for her character. Lance sits in there with her to keep her company. Brings her snacks and drinks, makes her laugh, helps wake her up.

- It’s well known how close Shiro and Keith are. When the first season was being filmed, the two of them were roommates and did a lot of live videos for the fans to watch.

- The pair still live together, attend a lot of events side-by-side. It’s rumored that they are dating but nothing is confirmed.

- Fans were pleasantly surprised to see how close Matt and Lotor were off set. Since their characters are so different, it’s cute to see them so close.

- There is lots of selfies all over their social media of the pair, and the two have been seen together a lot at events or just in the public. 

- Lance and Hunk break character the most.

- Even during serious scenes, all they have to do is make eye-contact, for the pair to dissolve into giggles. Nobody really minds because it makes for a great blooper reel.

I’m officially copyrighting the word Rillie, anyone using it as an alternative to Riley and using it for ocs u have permission to use it for free, everyone whose gross and using it bc it’s a ship name for IRL CHILDREN owes me money.


So, I figured I would make a long list of people who have helped get me hear or have just kept me company! This is in no specific order:
@shitpost-no-kyojin - So, when I first made this tumblr not too long ago, I asked Ivana (that’s her name I’m only saying it because she has said it on her blog) for advice! Which helped tremendously! (Funfact she was my first follower) And she’s also quite a nice person and we’ve become great friends!
@definitely-not-normal / @hanjizoe-official - A great artist and my smbtf! Haha, many of you guys know her as we talk a lot over our blog, and some people (shipping anon-kun) even ship us XD Anyways, we talk a lot and she’s one of the nicest people you will ever meet (also the majority of my trolls are on her) so Thankyou!
@how-to-lifu - (it’s 4pm here, ha!) Me and Blub (that’s her nickname I think I’m allowed to use that) talk a lot, and she’s both very friendly, and very evil >:D (I mean that in the best way possible). I’ve had much fun being evil with you!
@a-youngblood-killjoy heyo! So killjoy (I’ll just use that to shorten the name) is one of the first people I met on tumblr (along with the people listed above) and was such a friendly person! I’ve really enjoyed our (90% of the time very weird) talks! Even though we can’t talk too much because of a big gap in time zones, when we can it’s always really fun, so Thankyou!
@shingeki-no-dead-otp / @reblog-your-erwin / @my-cat-trastu - another person who I’ve been talking to since day one, I also asked them for any advice when I first got a tumblr! This helped very much and along with Ivana I credit them as part of the reason I got here! I’ve really enjoyed when we talk, so Thankyou!
@likeahbraus / @rolfthesonofashepard - my DADMOM! another one of the people who I started talking to very early on when I made this! She is an amazing person and has a great interpretation of Sasha from AoT and Rolf form Ed Edd and Eddy! She’s such a nice person and very funny, so thankyou!
@ackerme - my mom (but not literally)! - I started talking to her a little later than most of the people on this list, but I sure am happy I did start talking to her! BUT MESS UP AND SHE WILL SCOLD YOUR ASS BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID! XD All jokes aside, she has a heart of gold and is one of the best people you will ever meet, so thanks mom!
@mommakirschtein / @mikasita-ackerman / @fokal - My Momkasa! She is a super lovely person and the first RP blog I talked to (lol I remember I threw cookies at her with @definitely-not-normal)! She is such a sweet person and all her RPs are great, so I advise checking them out! Thank you Momkasa!
@teatimewithamz - although they are the most recently met person on this list, already a great (and terrible too but in the best way possible) friendship has blossomed between us! They are a very funny person and very fun and easy to talk to! Thankyou!
@daydream24-7 - A very friendly and considerate person (and a fellow member of the Mikasa support squad!). Although we haven’t had the chance to talk too much, when we have she has always been very friendly and supportive! So, thankyou!
@redcoaster - a fellow artist (and an amazing one at that)! We haven’t been able to talk too much, but when we have the conversations have always been very fun and interesting! She is a very friendly person and very nice to talk to! If you haven’t already I advise looking at her art, it is amazing! (My personally favorite is the female Titan)! Thankyou!
@hanji-freaking-zoe-official - such a nice and easy to talk to person! Thinking about it now, I don’t quite remember how we met, but I’m sure happy we did! When we have conversations (by conversations I really mean goofing off together) they never fail to keep me entertained! So, thankyou!
@h-a-n-j-i–z-o-e - I met them pretty recently, but they are such a nice person and a great RP blog! I’ve had fun goofing off with them RPing as Levi or Ymir, and they are so easy to have fun with! Thankyou!
@annie-leonhardts-ass - A fellow member of the butt brotherhood! They are such a sweet person and I’ve always enjoyed our chats very much! (We may or may not be a cult where we make sacrifices [only occasionally human] to attack on Titan characters butts). They play a great Annie and write very well! Also their responses will never make you fail to laugh (like seriously XD)! Thankyou!
@casually-not-fitting-in - one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! We haven’t talked in a while because I’ve had finals, but I can’t wait to chat with them again! I’ve always loved our conversations and look forward to the ones ahead! Thankyou!
@bxtrxyed - another great RP blog! He is a very friendly person and we always have very enjoyable conversations! AND GUESS WHAT I WAS THAT ANON WHO SAID YOU WOULD BE SALT!!! SO, HA!! XD But all jokes aside, Thankyou!
@necrochet - Not an AoT blog, but still a hilarious person and such a fun person to talk to! WHATEVER YOU DO DONT ASK HIM TO SEND YOU PICTURES OF MUSCULAR TOAD!!!! Our conversations never fail to make me laugh! Thankyou!
@timid-warrior - another person who I met VERY recently, but nonetheless ( or should I say nichtsdestotrotz ;) ) I have very much enjoyed our conversations! They RP a fantastic Bertholdt, and they are such a nice person! AND THEY STILL WONT FREAKING TELL ME WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT MY ICON!! I have enjoyed our conversation so much! Thankyou!
So, now that the list is over I just want to give one more big thankyou to all these people! Whether they directly helped me with my blog or are the reason I enjoy doing this and stay on tumblr, they all have positively contributed to me in some way, and I have no doubt things wouldn’t be as enjoyable without each and everyone of them! Also… I’m probably forgetting someone, and as soon as I post this I’m gonna be all like,“What I talk to them literally daily how did I forget them!?”… if you’re one of those people I’m sorry! Please message me telling me, I promise you I won’t mind! Haha, I was kinda debating being a dick and leaving out people who I always talk to to deliberately annoy them, but I decided not to! Well, anyways, this is already long enough and I doubt anyone’s gonna read the whole thing, but I also want to say Thankyou to each and everyone of you who were weird enough to somehow like my trash content! So, thankyou to all of you guys!

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I feel like ‘two halves of the same soul’ should DEFINITELY be another ‘official’ ship name for Jean/Armin now. We have the name smush in English and Japanese, now we need the fancy one.

YEAH! I was actually just thinking of using it as my Jearmin tag. ^^ It suits them! I’ve always thought of them as complimentary (as you’ve pointed out in your excellent posts!), and this tidbit about them having originally been one character seems to explain so much about why they feel so connected. So I’m totally down for “two halves of the same soul” as the official fancy tag of Jearmin! :D


                                   Have we decided GUARDIANCORP as the official ship name?

With James and Lena having more scenes and their working relationship potentially blossoming. What should their ship name Guardiancorp or Luthorsen? Both have a nice ring to it. 

Guardiancorp represents their personas, their strength and alter egos.

Luthorsen is like kinda sexy because it’s their last names it’s the Luthor and Olsen coming together. 

Comment on this post or inbox me. 

Going forward I hope we can all be unified those of us who support James and Lena in what to call them. Who knows what will happen between these two. Working buddies, friends or possibly more? We do need a name though. So our little community can have fun and enjoy each other’s posts. 

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Grand Admiral Thrawn for the character meme, please? <3

Sexuality Headcanon: Bi
Gender Headcanon: Male
A ship I have with said character: Eli Vanto x Thrawn/Thranto  
A friendship I have with said character: Eli and Thrawn (he canonically is the only one Thrawn considers a friend)  
A NOTP I have with said character: Pryce x Thrwan, only because I feel like she uses him.  
A random headcanon: Thrawn isn’t very close to his family on Csilla, but he really likes the Vantos and considers himself apart of his family.  Thrawn also takes Eli’s last name when their relationship becomes official.
General Opinion over said character: I love him! He’s lowkey sorta innocent and adorable, and is in general a really kind person. He’s written with a bit of humanity and childlike curiosity in him that I enjoyed listening to. Rebels Thrawn is different, only because the creators don’t know how to write a fucking complex character.

Send me a character.

“all of you are already giving us a ship name! wouldn’t it be nice to make it official? what do you say? let’s have jungkook pick his favorite and that will be it!”

“so many names! let’s see…”

“hyung, look at what this person suggested…”

 “oh! this one is good… jikook. jikook!”

“that’s so cute!”

jungkook: “express how you feel with your body!”

jungkook: “you’re so cute, hyung.”

jungkook: “okay, that’s enough.”

gif credit: jungxkook yoongiwara yooingi minpuffs

more of this youtuber au

I’ve seen so many posts in different fandoms saying don’t tag the background / very minor ships with the main pairing tag on ao3 which very true but I’ve only seen fic readers expressing their frustrations which is understandable

and not tagging it at all is not an option either bc everyone likes to see if their notps are in there or not, right?

so gather around fic writers I have a solution for you: tag search!

I’m abt 95% sure this is the search most people never use / use the least

I’m going with asanoya as an example

fandom, character and relationship are obvious, but what are freeform tags? that’s the official ao3 name for anything you type in the “additional tags” part 

let’s see what happens if you type asanoya and leave every other options

a lot, right? “but I can’t use this!” this is why ao3 has volunteers so the Archive can be searchable. they are called tag wranglers and they are the true heroes of ao3. what do they do? transform that ^^^ into this ˇˇˇ

if you you click on “Minor Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu ” you get to this page

if you click on works you’ll see all the fics the authors tagged properly so the tag wranglers could do their job

now how does this work when you post a fic? copypaste “Minor Azumane Asahi/Nishinoya Yuu” and you need to do it properly because caps matter

trying it in the relationships doesn’t work

but if you do it in the additional tags

ta-da! now let’s see how it looks

neat, right? you can help your readers with using this, lessen the workload of the volunteers and it looks so neat in the tags. win-win!