i have obv too much time on my hands

So yeah today I’ve been working on my first smutty fic since the “your fanfic is horrible” anon threw me for a little bit of a loop.

Here’s an excerpt from what I’ve got so far. Kanan/Hera. OBVS.

She smiles again. This time it’s wicked. “You’re going to have to help me out of these hospital clothes sooner or later.”

He puts a hand on her cheek, moving his thumb very, very lightly across the bruises there. She doesn’t flinch. “We’ll stop if it’s too much.” It’s not a question.

But: “I’ll tell you,” she assures him.

“Ten credits says you’re going to fall asleep on me,” he teases.

“No promises,” she says. “Work fast, lover.”

He leans in, kissing the side of her mouth, her jaw, the soft skin of her neck. “No,” he says hoarsely, and sets about very slowly and very thoroughly reacquainting himself with every inch of her.

This is the kind of thing that you fine folks like to see, right?