i have nothing to shake!

I like to think that every story is reality somewhere, and fiction is just a window to alternate realities.

I feel like Sasuke and Naruto are real people with real souls.

Every story about them -the one Kishimoto wrote, and the derivative works written by countless fans throughout the years- is, in some way rooted in distant, parallel, real alternate universes.

When one of them dies, the other waits for him in a place outside of time. When they meet in this place between lifetimes, they talk.

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People in Love - Jason Lee Scott

(ah ok this is my first ever thing I’m posting that’s mine. I hope you guys like it! If you want more, please request! Shoutout to @jxsonscott who is an amazing writer!!)

Originally posted by bertihelena

They say that people in love will do crazy and dumb stuff, but this was just insane. Jason had called you at one in the morning, on a Saturday thank Heavens, and asked if you could come over. He sounded upset over the phone so you grabbed shoes, a jacket, your phone and keys, and sucked up whatever remaining energy you had left in you. It’s a good thing you were just about to get ready for bed and hadn’t changed into pajamas yet.

Now you found yourself outside the Scott residence, anxiously waiting for your dumbass boyfriend to open his window because it was a lot colder than you expected and you were pretty sure your hands were going numb.

As if he could read your mind, his window slid open and he grimaced at the bitter cold that brushed along his skin.

“Y/N, it’s freezing,” he chastised when he saw your thin jacket.

“Oh no way. I couldn’t tell,” you gasped in mock surprise as you climbed up the trellis next to his window. Once you got close to him, you stuck out your hand and he easily caught you, swinging you into him room.

You sat on his bed and crossed your arms, a serious look on your face as you examined him. His chest was heaving and his hair was wild, as if he had pulled at it. His blue eyes were wild and scared and his hands were shaking slightly. You frowned as you noticed him clenching and unclenching his fists.

“Hey,” you said softly to grab his attention, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing,” he muttered while shaking his head, “I shouldn’t have called you.”

“Jason Lee Scott. A relationship only works if we tell each other things. You’re obviously upset about something and you’re going to tell me about it now.”

“It’s stupid, ok?”

“Nothing that scares you this much is stupid.” Your voice grew softer and you reached out to grasp his hands, “What can scare the Red Ranger this much?”

He sighed, taking a seat on his bed next to you.

“I had a nightmare that you died. I had to make sure you were safe,” he murmured, brushing some of your hair out of your eyes.

You squeezed his hands gently. The two of you had been dating for almost a year when the first ranger battle happened. You had gotten pinned under some metal and when the rangers helped with the clean up, they had found you barely awake and slowly bleeding out.

He had panicked and let his face mask fall away when he got to you. You may have been barely conscious, but you did remember seeing him. When you woke up in the hospital with his hand clutching yours, you immediately called him out on being a “bitch ass liar, study group my ass.” Since then, he was the “Team Dad” and you were “Team Mom”.

Jason was always protective of you but now it was more than ever. He told you once that he could never picture a world without you.

“You were under attack by putties and I tried to get to you but when I grabbed you, when I finally held you, you had no pulse.” His voice broke at the end of his sentence, right alongside your heart when you saw the desperation in his eyes.

“I’m here,” you hummed, “I’m here and I’m safe and I’m fine. I’m here in your room.”

You took his hand and raised it so you could press a kiss to his palm. Then, you lowered his hand to the side of your abdomen so it could brush along the scars the battle left you with.

“I’m here. I’m real,” you murmured, “I’m alive.”

He reached up and placed his hand over your heart. You wrapped your fingers around his own and the two of you sat there, feeling the steady beat of your heart.

He slowly moved closer, his lips brushing against your own. Like a magnet pulling you in, the two of you drew together. Normally, your kisses were chaste when at school or the occasional make out session during study breaks or the drawn out goodbye kisses, but none had ever been like this.

This kiss was sweet yet had a hint of longing and sadness underneath. It was a reassurement to him and a promise to you.

“I love you,” he said once you pulled apart, a hint of a smile playing at the edges of his lips.

“I love you too but I may kill you if I don’t get enough sleep,” you teased.

Finally, a smile broke across that beautiful face of his. You pulled him in for another kiss and then stood, going over towards his dresser. The second drawer down was just things that you had left at his house or purposely brought over. You looked back at him and motioned for him to turn around, which earned a smirk from him.

“Jase, I can protect myself. You know that, right?” you called as you slipped on some pajama pants and one of his shirts, “I’m decent.”

“I know and when I’m out of the suit I will let you deal with things until you tell me to step in. But when I’m in the suit, it’s serious. I’m not going to let you be in danger,” he protested.

You rolled your eyes but understood where he was coming from. With a nod, you moved over to scoot up onto the bed. You rested on the pillows and watched as he got up to turn the lights off.

“Your room is a mess,” you commented and he replied with an indignant snort of, “When have I had the time to clean?”

“I bet Captain America keeps his room clean.”

“Well, I’m not Captain America. Speaking of superheroes, are you wearing Red Ranger pajama bottoms?”


The room descended into darkness and you felt the bed shift under his weight as he crawled in beside you. You tugged on the blankets and he chuckled, pulling them up around the two of you. He wrapped an arm around your waist and brought you closer to him, a content hum slipping past your lips.

“My parents don’t even care when they find you in here anymore,” he said offhandedly.

“Yeah, well, that’s cause I do the dishes while you and Pearl watch TV,” you teased.

He pressed his lips to your forehead before yawning a “good night”.

“I love you, my knight in red armor,” you responded, nestling further into his arms. Maybe they were right, people in love do crazy and dumb stuff.

And you were one of those idiots.

The Touch of Your Hand

SPN FanFic

Jared x Reader

2,049 Words

Warnings: Panic Attack.

A/N: This is what I think about when I’m about to snap.

Feedback is GOLD ~ My Masterlist

Jared fit his key into the front door and gave a little push. The portal resisted him, pushing back as the door got stuck on something left in the arc of its swing. He exhaled in annoyance and gave another shove, managing to open the door enough to slip through. When he emerged from the gap, he looked down to find the toe of your snow boot jammed under the door.

With a laugh, he kicked the shoe over towards the closet, shaking his head at your typical forgetfulness. When he looked back up, however, the scene around him was far from typical.

The small living room was cluttered with stuffed animals and baby toys. The long couch held piles of laundry in various states, only half sorted and folded. On the usually pristine hardwood floor, lay a trail of Cheerios from the entertainment center straight back towards the kitchen.

Jared sighed and pressed his thumb and index finger against the bridge of his nose. However hard his day had been, it appeared that yours had been worse.

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Surprise, Surprise (G.D)

Request: “Hi! Can I request an imagine where Gray and Ethan are on tour and reader comes to visit them (Gray and her have been secretly dating for quite awhile) and when it gets to the questions, somebody asks the twins if they have girlfriends and Gray’s like ‘just a sec’ and goes backstage and carries reader on stage like 'here she is meet my gf’ (because that sounds cute af)”

A/N: I changed up the request a lil, so I hope you don’t mind :)

Word Count: 3,600 +

Warnings: Cursing, and fluff :)

“It’s the best idea I’ve had in a while, I’m sure it’ll work, E.” You spoke to your best friend over the phone as you took a bite out of your granola bar. Your legs were crossed and your sunglasses were perched on the bridge of your nose as you waited for your flight number to be called. You were currently on your way to New York to give your boyfriend a surprise visit, you’ve been missing him like crazy. All around the walls of your apartment were pictures of you and Grayson, of you and Ethan and all three of you. You stared down at your phone wallpaper, there stood Grayson, grinning like an idiot. You closed your eyes, letting your mind fill with his voice. You could hear him teasing you like he’s just feet away, your mind fills with the witty retorts he always comes up with and his heart-warming laugh. You wanted to call out for him softly, as if he could crawl out of your phone screen but this wasn’t Hogwarts and you were no Hermione Granger.

But there was a bright side to all of this, Gray and Ethan were in New York for a very big reason. The two seventeen year olds took the world by storm, they were hosting a television show in New York City and you couldn’t be more proud. They’ve been going back and forth between Jersey and New York, but you knew for a fact they’d be in NY today. It would be the first episode of their show, Grayson begged you to come before, he even offered to pay for your flight but at the time you were too caught up with work.

After begging your boss for a week off, you made a deal for your next vacation you’d have half of it off so you could take this week off. You were okay with it, you didn’t really care, you just wanted to support your boyfriend on his first day of being on TV. You knew the nerves would get to him, especially at night. He was a worrier, he tended to over think things at night and that was why he barely got any sleep. You knew he probably had trouble sleeping last night as well, that was part of why you wanted to visit. Not to just see him, but to calm him. Even Ethan had his occasional doubts but you were always there to show them the bright side of things.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love Dan and Phil, individually and together, but I think they're not trying to hide a romantic relationship. Don't you think that after ten years, they'd finally come out if they were? I mean there are a lot of gay couples on youtube and it would not be that big of a deal today than it was in 2007. Just wanted to hear your opinion on that. Have a nice day!

before i answer, disclaimer: i have ADD and this post might get messy since i find it difficult to concentrate and phrase myself properly (and english isn’t even my main language!)

well, i’m not gonna try and force my own views down your throat or anything but let me ramble a bit about why i wholeheartedly believe dan and phil are in a relationship;

i think i’ll start with the very fact that they recently moved to their third shared home together. say whatever you want to say but if they were indeed just friends, considering they’re in their mid 20s and 30 dont you think they’d want to move out separately and get going with their lives? and dont you think they wouldn’t be so keen on making comments about keeping living together in the long run (or forever….  a forever home say whaaaat). 

now, you might argue with the good ol’ “but they benefit from living together regardless of relationship status”. fair enough. however, let me point out that it has became as clear as day especially in 2017 that they share a bedroom. i don’t know about you but i don’t think two strictly platonic friends who just moved into a duplex would want/ need to share a bedroom unless they’re uhhh mayhaps in a relationship and love to cuddle? i know a wild concept…….

and i’m sorry but if you want to argue against the shared bedroom fact with the shoebox phil claims is “his room” i have nothing to say but shake my head. no way phil actually lives in that room that has no windows and no space to move around and why is the entire room crammed in this one corner… where is the rest of the room……. and why is that room has no personal touch to it…. it’s literally just AmazingPhil props and things……… feels much more like a set to me than an actual bedroom. (also we saw phil’s mirror and hair straighter in the moon room aka “”dan’s bedroom”” which i think we can all collectively agree is simply “the bedroom”)

another thing that strikes me is how dan joins phil’s family vacations (especially in 2017) and how he seems to become part of the family much more than anyone who’s classified as “platonic” to phil would have. dan is just as much of a lester as cornelia is? dan joins the lesters just as much and as frequent as a spouse would. in fact, dan joins the lesters so much on their adventures that if im not wrong, the longest dan and phil spent apart in 2017 was not more than a weekend? that’s whack!

now these were just three things that were very prominent in 2017 regarding the belief whether dan and phil are in a relationship or not that were “behind the scenes”as in going on in their personal lives, kind of? i mean sure we see the  shoebox on AmazingPhil and the moon room in some liveshows and we get pictures from their shared vacations but now i will move on to what we see on screen across their channels

i’ll start this with a throwback to the boncas bc i think that damn speech is enough to debunk any “uwu platonic” argument, ever. i don’t think phil would have done THAT if dan didn’t mean a whole lot to him and i think saying the universe would rip in half in they go apart is a concrete proof that they themselves can;t and don’t want to imagine a life in which they are not joint at the hip. 

moving on to gamingmas, which i will forever find so significant?? they broke a lot of boundaries during that month regarding of invading personal space, a bit of a more mature humor (esp on phil’s account), casual touching and a whole lot of flirting and a lot less (almost none at all) looks straight into the camera to show they are aware this is filmed or to do a “wtf is this lol” kinda thing. gamingmas was a turning point. i will forever firmly believe they did all of that in an attempt to normalize this kind of behavior on screen (and it definitely worked!)

dan and phil continued the vibes of gamingmas well into 2017 and the casual touches, lingering gazes and flirting (as well as expressing affection towards males in specific) is now the normal running theme over at dapg to a degree where we don;t even lose our shit anymore. we joke and meme but nothing strikes us as overwhelming bc we are “used” to it, which i think dan and phil aimed for i genuinely think they wanted to get to this stage of showing more comfort and more intimacy on screen without everyone and their mothers going whack over “pHaN iS rEaL!!!!!1″ and for it all to come across as oh so casual and chill! 

so now you ask, “they go through all that why not just come out lol”

WELL, in my honest opinion, dan and phil will never officially come out as a couple. and you know what, maybe things would have been different if The Video didn’t leak and get spread around (twice, mind you.) but things happen and one thing lead to another and after all they have been through and how they were shaped as people and their experiences with guarding and protecting themselves and their privacy any sort of statement about whether or not they are a couple or just friends or even paid actors  (let alone labeling themselves and their sexuality bluntly) is highly unrealistic. so if you are waiting for a coming out video or whatever to convince you that won’t ever happen i’m afraid. 

dan and phil value their privacy and they have every right to do so.

so yes, maybe in the early days of 2009/10 they were very flirty all across social media and on camera and maybe just maybe you need to consider the few following things regarding why they stopped with that:

  • The Video leak. like honestly? can’t and won’t find any more justified reason to feel the need for privacy and shielding yourself and making comments on how ‘het’ you are  for instance just to brush off the most intimate thing imaginable that since has been glorified and memorized by millions(?) of people who were never meant to even know this video and that declaration of affection even exists. is it scary. and i fully understand the “no homo howell” phase and how awkward they appeared together on camera for awhile, very very proud of how far they;ve came esp in 2017 though. 
  • the radio show! is it a little tied to The Video leak since the second leak happened when the radio show was still fairly new but before they moved to london (into their second shared home coughs) they weren’t all that big, you know? but with the popularity of the radio show came the increasing popularity of their youtube channels and their followers/ subscribers count went up and up and their content became exposed to a much larger range of audience and these new audience/ fans were not familiar with the past (at least not at first glance) and dan and phil needed to leave “good” impression (not that being flirty and dumb wasn’t good impression but it wasn’t all that professional and now they’ve grown big enough to be in need of professionalism.)

these two things were a turning point to how dan and phil view themselves on camera and their content itself (phil sticking to the AmazingPhil PG persona) (dan with his struggles with creativity and integrity zzzz) and really, considering their story  (and how well known the early days are, and how dan and phil are aware to that…) it suddenly makes perfect sense why dan and phil aren’t in any sort of rush or need to ever come out.

however though, i think that the “post baking universe” as in the halloween 2016 baking video, the boncas speech, the european leg of tatinof, pinof 8, and gamingmas were a prep to this switch in dynamics we have seen in 2017 and that keeps very steady so far. feels as if late 2016 was so “wild” bc they were testing the waters and our reactions to see if they wanna pull through with this change. 

so, even if they will never officially come out, their dynamic both on and  off screen screams that they are literal boyfriends and they don’t need to spell it out for us to know and see. anyone who cares enough about their relationship status and look at their content with it in mind can very obviously and easily see how in love these two dorks are. same love from the early days of 2009/10 only now it has shifted into a steady, secure, safe, most wonderful thing and you can see that their love towards each other in filling their hearts with pure joy.

so yeah, dan and phil are definitely in a relationship and that doesn’t seem to change anytime soon, if ever at all.


anonymous asked:

The normies are getting offended. We need to go danker.

I agree but currently have nothing dank af.. BUT I WILL AND IT WILL SHAKE FUCKING MOUNTAINS WITH IT’S DANKNESS

anonymous asked:

Maybe Alex getting a pep talk from Cat? Love those two characters so much and hardly interact! And it would make my life if you incorporate Cat knowing and giving approval of the wonder that is Sanvers.

She remembers the girl from random visits to CatCo, and she remembers her from that awful night with Myriad.

She remembers the way Supergirl had looked at her, had trusted her. Had loved her.

The same way Keira had looked at her. Trusted her. Loved her.

Alex Danvers was the last piece Cat needed to confirm to herself that her protege was, in fact, a superhero.

Because Supergirl was Alex’s sister. And Alex’s sister was Kara.

And anyway, those eyes.

Those eyes.

She remembers Alex Danvers, and something’s different about her now. It’s not just her hair and it’s not just her – oh. Oh. That’s it. That’s the different thing.

Because Alex is kissing a war-worn woman in the corner of the bar, desperate and needy and full, god, so full of love.

The woman heads back out into the war, and Alex can do nothing but watch her go, but wish her safe, but want her alive.

She keeps her back to the rest of the bar for a few moments too long, and Cat thinks she sees Alex’s shoulders start to tremble.

“It’s Alex, isn’t it?” she strides up to her, and Alex immediately straightens and turns on her heel.


“Such a soldier,” Cat observes, intrigued, because even when Supergirl tries, she can never pull of soldier.

But her sister apparently can. And quite well, at that.

Even though the woman who just ran off to go save the world – to go resist – seems to quite melt this soldier.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Alex snaps, and Cat doesn’t flinch, because Cat understands.

“Simply that you seem awfully close to running after your girlfriend – and you have quite excellent taste, by the way, she seems lovely, and she’s certainly brave – and I know that Supergirl needs you here. That we all need you here.”

Alex stares down at her for a long, fierce moment, like she’s trying to decide to light into her for all the late nights she’s ever put her sister through or to break down and sob into her arms.

She shoots for somewhere in the middle.

“Maggie would be better at this than me. The leadership stuff. I’m just good for shooting people.”

“That’s not what your commanding officer thinks of you, is it? And really, Alex, from the way your sister talks, it seems like you were both raised to have more confidence in yourselves than that.”

Something flashes behind Alex’s eyes, and she swallows before she speaks.

“Kara and I were raised with somewhat… different standards.”

“Yes, yes, I know, Krypton and all that.”

Alex almost lays hands on her, but Kara trusts her, Kara trusts her, Kara trusts her.

“What are you – “

“Oh please, dear, for someone smart enough to get to where you are in life so young, surely you have to realize that glasses are the most ridiculous disguise someone could come up with.”

Alex laughs wetly. “That’s what Maggie says.”

Cat smiles and nods slowly, approvingly. “As I said. Good taste. Now, you can fight the fight with your own resources in here, or you can sulk in the corner of a very well stocked bar and let us do the resisting for you. But I don’t think that’s who you are, Alex Danvers. I don’t think that’s who you ever want to be.”

“It’s not,” Alex tells her, and she starts nodding softly to herself. 

“So come on then, chop chop. To planning.”

Alex fights down a grin. “Cat,” she says, and Cat raises an eyebrow. Alex shrugs unapologetically. “I’m not going to call you Ms. Grant.”

“Very well then, what is it?”

“Thank you.”

“Well yes of course, dear, when the world is exploding around me, I have nothing if not an arsenal of speeches lying in wait.”

Alex shakes her head and squares her shoulders, readying herself for the fight Cat’s been pepping her for.

“No. I mean, for protecting Kara. For loving her. Thank you.”

Cat studies Alex’s face for a long moment before nodding slowly.

“And thank you for exactly the same.”

Chris Evans Fic: Anticipation (NSFW)

So I’ve written this, in a struggle, during a horrid bout of writers’ block. Given the request, this should not have been so difficult to write and definitely shouldn’t have taken so long. It’s done now though so sorry for the delay and hopefully I’ve seen the back of pesky writers’ block!

Can you do a cute Chris Evans one of him inviting you over to his house for the first time and youre nervous because yall haven’t taken the relationship sexually yet? Thanks!


‘Gracie, help! This is a code red. I repeat: code red,’ you left the voicemail on your best friend’s number as you hurried through the city streets to your apartment, the heels you wore to work clacking against the pavement.

You finally, finally reached your building and fumbled with the three locks on the front door. You took the stairs two at a time - nothing short of a miracle in your office-appropriate pencil skirt - and had your key ready for the next three locks on your apartment door. You kicked your heels off as you rushed through to your bedroom, flinging your handbag down on your bed, tugging your blouse out of your skirt’s waistband and over your head, not even bothering to undo the buttons. You unzipped your skirt and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of it as you walked through to the master bath, switching the shower on just as you heard your phone ring.

You ran to answer it, responding without even so much as a hello.

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Pregnant || Jack Maynard Imagine

“I’m sorry,” is all Jack says.

“Oh my god, what happened to you?” I half-shout, glancing over my husband.

“Nothing?” He tries shrugging, I shake my head.

“You have blood all over you?” I take a step towards Jack, tracing my finger along the cut on his forehead.

“Oh, this? Still nothing,” he says wincing slightly.

“What did you do with Oli today?” I ask kissing him softly.

“We went out and I got hurt by a fan,” He sighs, I take is hand in mine and take him into our kitchen and begin working on cleaning up his face.

“She was a little over excited and scratched me,” he whispers.

I shake my head slowly and finish cleaning him up chuckling softly when Jack hisses.   Once I’m finished I kiss his forehead softly. I take him into my arms, having his arms surround my body, gives me butterflies every single time.

“I love you,” He whispers, “Thank you gorgeous.”

“I love you too,” I say back to him leaning back to see his face.

He pulls me down to his level, kissing me slowly, I wrap my fingers into his hair grinning into the kiss. He pulls away from me placing his forehead against mine trading his hand down onto my stomach, “I can’t believe were having a baby,”  he grins up at me.

“I don’t think that anyone else can either,” I laugh.

“Do you want to make an announcement video?” he asks looking up at me through his eyelashes, I smile nodding my head.

“Of course, Our fans are our family as well,” I smile, watching my gorgeous husband.  I watch as his eyes light up and He gets up to set up his equipment. I laugh at his enthusiasm.


“Hey love, come look at this,” Jack calls out from in his office, I make my way over and smile at him, “The fans are losing their mind at our announcement.”

I run my hands through his hair and laugh, “Of course they would, they lost it when we told them we were dating, then again when you proposed and again when we got married,” I grin down at him kissing his forehead softly.


Originally posted by yccnseok

Pairing: shifter!Suga x witch!reader

sumery: she witnessed that no matter what came at him, he always pulled through. he was impossable to shake. 

warnings: domestic little drabble

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Sidhe (IV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jimin / Namjoon

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Fantasy, Fey!AU / Royalty!AU

Word Count: 4.366

Description: In the land of Humankind and the Otherworld, the Fey and Humans live side by side. Cursed are the Fey though, unable to use their own magic without a human wishing it so. You were born and raised to end this curse, to take down the system - so what happens when the Human you’re bound to, ends up becoming so much more?

Originally posted by gotmeolk

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Return - Part 15 - Jim Kirk

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12 / Part 13 / Part 14

Summary: series following the events of loot– takes place during events of star trek beyond. in this chapter, you tell Jim where you are.

Warnings: language

A/N: thank you to any and every person that read this story :)) 

Light and heat pouring in from the wide, uninhibited windows stirred Jim from his sleep the following morning. He opened his eyes slowly— a crack at first, then halfway as his heavy eyelids didn’t allow for more. He stretched his arm out, hoping to catch your waist or hip, but instead felt cold cotton sheets, free of creases, free of any sign that you’d been there just the night before.

He reached for your pillow, bringing it toward him and inhaling deeply. The scent of tea tree shampoo deeply imbued in the cotton fabric filled his lungs and told him the night was real. You were there, so beautifully tangled in him, so intoxicatingly warm around him, he needed the smell of you to remind him it wasn’t a dream, to assure him this wasn’t a nightmare when he saw the dress he’d removed from your body missing as well.

He sat up, letting the sheet below his chest pool around his hips. Bedroom door still wide open, he leaned to his left to peek down the connecting hall. He thought if he strained his hearing, he might hear you shuffling around, maybe the sound of water running in the shower or at the sink. He thought if he narrowed his eyes and focused enough, he might see you tiptoeing down the hall so as to not wake him. He thought if he called your name gently enough, you might find yourself back in his bed again.

Each avenue proved futile. There was no sound of water, no sight of your gentle footsteps, no feeling of the warmth of your skin. You were gone.

He climbed out of bed and pulled a clean pair of boxers on, slipping his arms through one of his dozen white t-shirts. He combed his fingers through his hair and pulled on the ends as he padded across the hardwood floors of the bedroom to the ensuite bathroom.

He stood at the counter, placing his hands on the edge several feet from one another. He stared at the basin, following it to the stainless steel of the faucet. He traced the shapes for a few moments with his gaze and sighed, lifting his head to meet the eyes of his reflection.

He thought his eyes must have been brighter a few hours back, only beginning the process of dimming the moment he felt the cold sheets— he didn’t think the blue could be this dull when he was looking at you, he didn’t want the blue to be this dull when he looked at you.

His eyes glazed over and the sight before him was a secondary, an unimportant stimulus as he thought about the night prior.

You seemed happy, you seemed to be on the same page he was. You were smiling in that small way that still managed to light up your eyes and wrinkle your nose, you laughed in that unmelodic, totally unflattering way that you only let yourself do when you were alone with him.

Maybe the unhappiness, the terror lied in the hitching of your breath, the flustering of your words, the shutting of your eyes each time he told you how much he loved you. Maybe you’d only asked to hear it once to determine if you actually felt the same, without the risk of him hurtling into open space and without the fear of disappointing him.

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Home - A Sirius Black Imagine

Here it is, sorry it took me so long! <3

Disclaimer : okay, YES, it’s written at the first person. I understand it’s not for everybody and it’s different from what I usually do. But I felt like writing it this way!;

Warnings : Some cursing, but mostly some angst and some fluff. 


I’m not in the mood for anything today. I look at the time and minutes seems like hours. You could tell I’m bored but I think I’m just worried. About everything and anything.
There are rumours. The tension at the Ministry of Magic it’s at its worst. Everybody is divided. The Dark Lord have returned?
Nobody believe it.
Or nobody doesn’t want to believe.
I don’t know what is the difference anymore. I used to believe some things that weren’t true. And I used to discard some truths.
So, I feel like I don’t want to get involved. Not yet.
But there’s something wrong, I know it. I’m giving up. I just need to get some fresh air. I can’t focus on anything.
When I get home, there’s a few pile of mail next to my door. I roll my eyes.
My parents are probably worried about me. But I don’t feel like writing to them right now. I just want to be left alone.
I remember the last time I saw them. It was two years ago, I think.
‘You sure you are okay honey?’
‘Yes, mum. I’m fine.’
'But he’s out and I know he broke your heart!’

My mum never had it when it came to reassuring me. Nor my dad.
'I wonder how that deranged man escaped. I always told you he was trouble, that Sirius Black!’
I sigh. Not writing back today.
I feel like there’s this heavy weight on my shoulders. I’m useless.
There’s a knock on the door.
Who the hell could it be? 

I open it. My boss, Alastor Moody, is standing right in front of me. I’d be afraid if I didn’t know him. He’s pretty scary looking. But he’s a fine man.
'Y/L/N, care to explain to me why you left early? I wanted to talk to you.’
I roll my eyes and open the door for him to enter the house. He steps in it but doesn’t go far.
'Well, I’m here now. What did you want to tell me?’
'We should sit’ he says, pointing to the living room.
I’m so not in the mood. If he tells me I need to track down some bloody alleged Death Eaters, I think I’m going to boil with rage.
'You’ve been hearing about what’s been going on lately, you know that the Dark Lord is back.’
'Oh, cut the crap, Moody. I told you I didn’t want to do anything about it until proven!’
'You'are an Auror, Y/L/N, god damn it!’ he shouts at me. 'You should be concerned. What’s going on with you?’
I sigh. I don’t know what to say.
'Maybe I shouldn’t have became an Auror.’
His face twists with anger. I know he tries very hard to not scream at me.
'You are a brilliant woman, Y/N, you’re quick, you’re smart and you’re great at what you do. Your powers are thrilling. But you need to set your game straight again.’
'I’m just tired, okay?’
He shrugs.
'I didn’t only came to see how you felt. There’s something you need to know and… you can’t refuse. We need you with us.’
I frown my eyebrows.
'We’ve been gathering some people lately-’
'Let me finish. I’ve been putting a sort of team together, to be prepared if the time comes when we need to fight the evil-’
'What are you talking about Moody?’
He looks at me seriously.
'I wish you to come with me tonight, there’s a reunion at our quarters.’
'Your quarters? Does the Ministry knows you’ve been doing that?’ I ask, shocked.
He shakes his head. 

'They wouldn’t approve, you know it. But come with me tonight, you’ll know what’s going on better if you see everybody.’
'Merlin, Moody, do you know in which position you’re putting me? What if we get caught?’
'We won’t. Just follow me.’
'Right now?’
I’m so mad. I don’t want to follow him. But he’s my boss. But I don’t want to go against the ministry, even if I know there’s something going on that is beyond what they expect. We disapparate in front of my door to reapparate to a place I’m not sure I ever saw before.
'Where are we?’ I ask.
He doesn’t answer. He just freaking knock on the ground and the whole street starts shaking.
Okay they’re really organized. That’s some deep magic. Hiding a place that way means they used a secret keeper. They really don’t want to be discovered by the wrong people…
A house appears between two others, it’s gloomier than the other ones. It’s not inviting at all.
We step on the porch. Moody glances at me, looking embarrassed.
'I need to tell you one more thing’ he says, almost whispering. 'You know I don’t care about any of your little love stories, but there’s somebody inside that house, well, the house belongs to him, that might make you feel like running your way back outside. But be smart, don’t run. Just hear him out.’
Before I can even realize what he just said, he opens the door and pushes me inside. I hear him shutting the door behind us as I try to adjust my eyes to the darkness of the hall.
If outside I thought it was dreary, nothing compares to the way it’s cold inside. The place is in poor condition. I can hear voices at the end of the hall. I turned away to look at Moody. He shakes his arms, telling me to start walking.
'Moody, before I go in there, just tell me where the hell I am-’
'Shh’ he whispers. 'Don’t talk until we’re past the curtains.’
He points to me the wall where velvet curtains seems to be hiding something.
Odd. I’m too irritated to wait for an answer.
'Merlin’s Moody, I swear if you don’t tell me-’
'STAINS OF DISHONOUR, BLOOD TRAITORS!’ screams a voice in front of me.
I look at the portrait, spitting at me with pure disdain. The woman in the painting looks enraged.
I hear movement in front of me and my heart jumps in my chest. I feel like running to the door but somebody prevents me to do so. I try to escape Moody’s arms as I reach for my wand. The cacophony of all the people moving around me and the screams from the painting is unbearable.
'Let me go!’ I shout to Moody but he’s stronger than I am. I finally grab my wand and point it at him. He steps few feet away. 

'What is this?’ I say, pointing my wand at everybody. 'Where the hell am I? Why am I here in the first place?’
I point my wand at faces I haven’t seen in a long time. Nymphadora Tonks, one of my colleagues, tries to calm me down.
'Y/N it’s okay, you’re not in danger.’
But I can’t look at her. I’m only staring at him. He haven’t really changed. He has still the same silver eyes. He looks older, but aren’t we all? My gaze moves to the man standing behind him. I never thought I would see him again as well. Not standing beside Sirius. Remus Lupin is trying to reassure me with his peaceful expression.
'Y/N’ he says, but I point my wand at him. 'I know that’s a lot to take on but we thought you wouldn’t come if you knew he was going to be here. We need to talk to you.’
'I have nothing to say to you’ I shout, shaking with rage.
'Y/N, it wasn’t me’ whispers Sirius with a cracked voice.
The sound of it makes me feel weak. How much time has it been since I heard it?
I can’t tell anymore. I thought I didn’t forget the sound of it. But I was wrong, wasn’t I?
'Just… come and sit with us?’ asks Remus, pointing at the room behind them. 'We made some tea and there’s butterbeer if you want some…’
'I just want to leave.’
Moody pats my shoulder. 

'Come on Y/N, let’s talk, just you and I. Sirius, mind if I use the drawing room?’ says Remus.
Sirius nods and point the room to his left. I try to not look at him while I go inside. Still shaking, I sit on the tiny couch next to me. Remus sits in front of me.
'I know you’re mad-’
'You don’t say.’
He sighs.
'He’s innocent, Y/N. He didn’t do it. It was Peter.’
My face is blank.
'Do you honestly think I am mad because I thought he did it, Remus?’ I say, feeling tears coming to my eyes. 'I am freaking angry at him because he got himself in all that mess, because he didn’t think for a second about anyone than himself! Because he just ran to his own loss! He spoiled everything.’
I’m crying right now and I hate myself for it. I swore I would never cry because of Sirius ever again.
Remus hesitates, then touch my knee.
'Let him talk to you maybe?’
I shake my head.
'I can’t.’
But Sirius is already in the room. I close my eyes. I want to punch him in the face. I want to scream at him, how much he made me miserable. How much he fucked everything up. 

I hear Remus getting up and leaving the room, while Sirius sits in front of me.
'Y/N look at me’ he says.
But I can’t. I just can’t.
'I know this is a lot, believe me, when I heard Moody wanted to bring you here I thought… I was so nervous.’
I can’t face him. I can’t do that.
'But I’m so relieved to see you… You look good.’
I finally turn and face him.
You look good? Really Sirius? We don’t see each other for over than a decade and you tell me you look good?’
He scoffs.
'Damn it, Black. You haven’t changed at all.’
He wipes my tears away and smile. My heart melts.
I never forgot him, did I? After all this time and here I am, feeling like a teenager again, like the first time we ever kissed.
'Some things never change’ he replies, taking my chin between his fingers.
I look down.
'You can’t do that’ I tell him.
'Do what?’
'You just can’t erase all those years by sweet talking to me. Do you know how it felt? Did you ever thought about me? How I had to cope without you? How I had to forget everything we had planned for our future because of your recklessness?’
He frowns his eyebrows.
'You, you, you! What about me? Do you think I was happy there? I was miserable Y/N! Knowing I was thrown away for something I didn’t do! I had just lost my best friend and his wife, but I knew that their son, the one I swore I would protect with my life, was now on his own? Did you think about that? About the dementors surrounding Azkaban day and night, making me relive over and over again that horrible night when James and Lily were killed? Making me think about the fact I would never get to talk to you again? Underfed and poorly dressed, knowing that everybody I cared for thought I was a murderer? What did you have to do? Go back and live with your parents? To your poor spoiled little life?’
My jaw falls. 

'Excuse me? You did this to yourself! YOU ran after Peter, YOU decided to fight him before the Aurors came there! YOU left me!’
He shakes his head.
'You can’t blame me for living my life while you were away! I thought I had lost you forever! Then I hear that you escaped. You didn’t even tried to write to me!’
'I wanted you to be happy! I didn’t want to show up into your life again and wreck your existence!’
'You wrecked it the minute you left that flat of yours to chase Peter, Sirius!’
I was in full tears now. I knew everybody was probably hearing us quarrelling.
'And I am sorry, you know I am, are you?’ he said, stepping in front of me.
I threw myself in his arms and pressed my body on his.
'I missed you so much’ I said, crying in his arms.
'I missed you too, love. How did I miss you’ he replied, sliding his long fingers in my hair.
He put my face up in his hands and stared longly into my eyes. I pressed my lips on his.
It felt like home.


So… I guess now it’s as Good a time as ever.

If you don’t know a 7.1 Richter earthquake hit Mexico City yesterday afternoon. These are not my pics, but these were all taken between one and 3 block around my house.

I was working at home because I had been sick. Suddenly everything started to shake. Like… Like nothing I have felt before, and I’ve lived through a few other earthquakes in this city. I put on my shoes, I grabbed my dogs and ran off as best as I could. I heard things falling down, I heard people screaming, I heard glass breaking. I couldn’t open my fucking door. I stoped my phone as I finally opened it and managed to get out so the hall. I live in the 4rth floor. So I did my best to run down stairs. But it was so hard.

I hit my head and bumped into the walls of the stairs cause the movement was so strong. We got out finally. And I just sit there. For a while.

My building got damaged. Or so they said, they didn’t know, they need to check even today, but there is no water, gas, energy. I couldn’t stay there, they told me not to. So I got up there grabbed documents, clothes and medicines in a back pack and once again my dog an I went away. We had nothing more, and still don’t, than what we could carry.

But what happened to us… God. No it was nothing. I saw the building, the brick building. I saw it fall. I ate the smoke, I heard the crack I saw it fall and heard them. I heard them screaming in there… I saw bloody children and ambulance after ambulance. And those screams… I will never be able to forget those… Ever…

I had to keep going. No lights on the streets, traffic was a mess. The other pictures are from my gym, like.. I go there everyday, the malls I go to every week. Just around the corner. All the destruction on things I see and walk by every fucking day.

People keep dying. 230 people have died so far. I managed to find my family. I found my boyfriend. We have water and food. Occasional internet. The school next to the store I buy my art supplies since high school feel down. 21 children death. 2 still in there… The buildings I saw… I don’t want to now. 38 buildings fell down. We are doing what we can to help.

I had never been afraid of an earthquake before. I am fucking terrified even today. I know most of hour electronics and kitchen wear is useless now. I wish I could go home… I can’t sleep.

Sorry it took me that long to report here it… I couldn’t. Help us however you can. Send money to my country. Send humanitarian help.i may be homeless for now. But I am alive. And fuck if that means a lot now…

((Morning fluff is best fluff. <3))

You smiled as your eyes fluttered open, you took in the soft morning light and the calm atmosphere around you, it was such a beautiful morning. You look over at the big lump that had his arm tightly wrapped around your waist, you laughed lightly knowing today was going to be a lazy day just by the way Gabriel was holding you. Gabriel Reyes was the definition of “Not a morning person”; in fact you were the only one who could wake him up without a death threat or getting a pillow to the face. Of course Gabriel needed his quiet time, strong coffee, breakfast with you, and plenty of kisses. It didn’t look like any of those things were going to occur today, expect for the kisses.

“Gabriel…~ “You sang playfully, trying to wiggle out of the Latino’s strong grip.  You pouted when there was no response, you quietly ‘hmph’ed and decided on a different method. You peppered his whole face with kisses, and gently shook his body. Nothing.

“Gabe? Wake up! I really I have to pee.” You whimpered, shaking his body harder.

“Pee yourself. “  He grumbled as he attempted to go back to sleep.

“C’mon, Gabe… These sheets are brand new and I just washed them.” He loosened his grip just enough for you to squirm out of ungracefully, managing to fall off the bed and on your ass. “Ow.” You rubbed your sore bum as you went to the bathroom, returning a few minutes later.

“Much better~ thank you.” You grinned deviously as you jumped onto Gabriel who gently pushed you off, but then snatched you under the blanket with him.

“Shut up, and let me hold you. I sleep better when I hold you. “

“But it’s morning. It’s time to rise and shine, Gabe.” You frowned, poking at his face.

“We’re staying in. Give me my kiss. “The dark haired man yawned lazily. You caved instantly; perhaps a relaxing day wouldn’t be terrible. You sighed blissfully as you kissed your beloved over and over again; you close your eyes as you cuddled closer to him.

“What are we having for lunch today?” You tried to stay awake, fighting against your body’s natural urge.
“You, if you don’t go back to sleep. “

“I am awake now.”

Take a Chance (Part 8)

Originally posted by oursisthefvry

pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
characters: Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sharon Carter
word count: 2,000+
warnings: angsty? cussing, some new information about Sam and Amora, and Steve and Sharon
a/n: guys, night shift has been kicking my ass and i hate it. this was supposed to be out two weeks ago but it has been rewritten so many times because i was tired when writing and it was all coming out to be angst and too much and im just rambling and making no sense still omg i need sleep.
summary: AU! After a one night stand at a friend’s wedding, you gain something that could change your life for the better or worse.

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Math has never been your forte in school. Your creativity, however, has taken you lengths that you never thought were possible. But you’re not stupid, you know the simplists of maths to the hardest of equations, it just took you longer than normal (and a lot of breaks) for you to solve them.

This time, however, it didn’t take long to figure out why you couldn’t solve the formula that was slowly becoming a mess.

From the very moment you met Steve, there had always been a missing factor in his equation. And that missing factor is Sharon. She is the woman that turned Steve into a lovesick, heartbroken puppy. She is the woman that his father constantly mentioned as if to spite you and remind his son there was someone else. 

Most importantly, she is the woman that holds the key to solving Steve’s equation; the factor, that when plugged into your formula, makes it difficult to solve.

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{fic} What We Wanted

Word Count: 5.3k
Characters: Elain/Lucien
Summary: Lucien’s first Fire Night as High Lord of the Spring Court puts he and Elain’s fledgling relationship in an awkward position.

I think I’m technically a day late? but done for Elucien week! Based loosely on prompt 4, Betrayal/ Loyalty. Just some angsty Calanmai-based smut, unrelated to my other fics. here on Ao3

Elain doesn’t realize until the day before. She wonders if he was keeping it from her deliberately, so she wouldn’t worry, or if he just doesn’t know how to bring it up, but when she asks Alis what the frankly excessive amount of firewood being stockpiled is for, it’s a rude awakening.

Feyre had told her all about Calanmai, of course, long before Lucien ever became High Lord of the Spring Court, and before Elain had, with obvious ulterior motives, volunteered to move from the Night Court to help him with his new postwar duties. She’d been at the spring court for almost two months now. Admittedly, if anything, she made Lucien’s job harder by constantly stealing him away for picnics and rides through the forest, but he never seemed to mind—quite the opposite, if his enthusiasm kissing her is any indication. She hasn’t offered him food yet, although she has long since decided she someday will, so it feels certain, and comfortable, to learn how to fit with him. They’re enormously good at affection—she’s sure an hour doesn’t go by without him kissing her hand or her cheek or her temple, or without her curling up at his side or resting her head against his shoulder. Things like that are like breathing now, but Elain is not sure whether she’s frustrated or grateful that he consistently draws back from anything more sexual than tame fully-clothed groping. Certainly, Elain feels a little silly in the face of his three hundred odd years of experience, but she and Grayson hadn’t exactly been angels when she’d been human—she knows what she wants from Lucien. From her mate.

And she doesn’t mind waiting, until the realization of Fire Night sends the whole concept of sex with Lucien into a panicked tailspin.

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