i have nothing nice in my drafts

Why is blood red?

There is a scientific answer, but it is a cold one.
Cold like ice. Hard like steel. Unfeeling.
It reflects nothing of the blood itself.

Blood, which is —
Warm, like fire. Fluid, like water.
Red, like anger. Passion. Fury. Love.


Yes, that is why.
It is the emotion of the body,
the language of the soul,
the tears of the flesh, of the heart.
For when you strike it cruelly enough,
it weeps, it cries, it burns.

A burn that screams:
and demands you stay that way.
—  in us, there is liquid fire | m.a.w

Don’t be fooled by what I reblog, my real aesthetics are mile-long Yume Nikki/fangame theories and ominous posts I wrote at 1 AM that have nothing on it but ‘orca’, both of which are tucked safely away at the bottom of my drafts for when ya’ll are ready to see them