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☆ Happy New Year !! ☆  

Hope 2017 will bring you lots of happiness & good memories & fun !! ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ 

It’d be hard to tell you how grateful I feel everytime someone likes my drawings or shares what they think about them. It really really helps me staying motivated ♡ So I just wanted to say… yeah… thank you, I love you so much (⺣◡⺣)♡

happy belated holidays to you @flawedreverie! i’m sorry i was late!!! ;-; i’ve unfortunately finished it late, but here it is!

you mentioned that you liked mariali, so i drew marisa and alice sharing a scarf together! nothing keeps you warm than sharing a scarf with your girlfriend :> 

i hope you had a good holiday and hope you have a great new years as well!

Tips for being sick and owning dogs/ a dog

I’ve been chronically ill for the past five years now as most of my followers probably know by now  I have been on drug trials to try and fix my health nothing has been too successful yet so I have just been trying to find new ways to manage a normal life while being sick.

so I thought I would share some tips I have picked up because anyone can get sick at anytime its always good to be prepared. 

1) If you don’t already have a dog but are desperate to get one and you are sick do so much research! for example puppies are really hard work have you considered an older dog. Get a dog that you can care for on your worst day so maybe a Malinois might not be the breed for you. Look for low energy and don’t be fooled into thinking small = low energy it really does not! For example When I was looking for a dog I wanted low energy, somewhat aloof and not a puppy which sums up Murphy the greyhound pretty well (keep in mind they can have behavioral issues too and are very big) just do your research and know your limits as far as working them out

2) Teach them fetch, having a really solid fetch can be a life saver, imagine you are so sick it hurts to move or walking makes you feel like your going to vomit, that is me most weeks. Just because I don’t want to move doesn’t mean the dogs will laze around all day, chances are if you do leave them full of  beans with nothing to do they will make their own fun / be super destructive so being able to give them exercise while sitting down or standing in one spot is awesome, if your dog doesn’t know fetch and you get caught short you can always have two toys and throw one call them back and throw the other most of the time they will drop the first toy so you can just do a rotation. This video and Zac’ other videos have heaps of good info for teaching fetch. 


3) Toys and Games have allllll of them, make sure there are enough things for your dog to do while you aren’t well treat toys like Kongs and dog IQ tests are great and keep them occupied for ages, have things for them to chew as well things with different textures keep it interesting on hot days freeze stock with toys in it or bones, change it up so their alone time is fun time 

4) when you are well prepare things in advance like food or toys or frozen treats, If I have a good day I like to prepare their food for the week as it takes a bit of effort being raw fed. Its also a great time to get toys and frozen treats ready for them so you have them ready to give out when your sick again, I like to have a few kongs type toys and things like that so I can stock up. you can get knock off kongs fairly cheap from kmart (aus) just make sure it has a hole in both sides for safety

5)when you are well spend time playing with them and when your sick cuddle them as much as you can, make sure even when your down you still cuddle and spend time with them, this isn’t as easy if they are outside dogs but maybe get a sun lounge so you can have cuddles plus being in the sun always makes me feel better. 

6) Flirt poles are awesome ways to work out your dogs now not all dogs will want to play with them but its worth a shot you can get a lunge whip and make a diy flirt pole if you want to. This means you have to do minimal work to wear them out so you wont come out of it feeling drained and dead but they will get some exercise and fun! 

7) I personally feed the boys pretty far away from the kitchen so I have two food bowls for both dogs so I can make up their food take it out and bring the old bowl back in saves one trip out which some days can be exhausting 

8) If you have family members or friends or a partner who offers to help take it don’t feel bad you aren’t a bad person and you can’t help being sick make sure to say thank you though! :) 

9) Sandpit = fantastic fun! If you have little diggers or dogs who can be bored easily you can try getting them a sand pit I usually say the shell pits are good because it comes in a set so you can have a pool for hot days and a sandpit for digging fun. I like to put toys and treats in the pit and the dogs love it mine stopped digging else where straight away, with some clients who have tried this they also put dog poop or vinegar in the old holes which helped too.

10) Do as much training as you can, this can wear your dogs out just as well as a walk sometimes and it is really good quality time to be spending with them It can be hard some days but try and give it a little go every day it doesn’t have to be for long don’t push it always make training a positive experience for both of you.

Hope this helps! feel free to add any because I am always keen to learn new ways to keep the boys happy and occupied :)


I know, I know… it’s not really dead… it’s merely evolved into something new.

This is merely a eulogy of sorts for the TWC I once knew (2013-2014ish).

For those that don’t remember, TWC stood for the Tumblr Writing Clique. It was mostly composed of hipster douchebags that had nothing else better to do than spend their time on tumblr sharing their poetry, being nice to each other, and also being not so nice to each other; but overall having a good time doing it.

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Bad news and good news

I always start with bad first so that I can finish with a positive.

I still have not heard from Kaitlyn, but I’m still hopeful that this was a mistake and nothing more (technology bites us all sometimes, ammirite?)


I think I recovered most (if not all) of what we lost.  I’m working on getting it into a new folder and will post a NEW LINK soon.  This one will have editing rights restricted (I’ll set it to view), so if you want to add to the folder, just share the resource with me (mdmshakespeare at gmail) and I’ll add it.  You can add a note to the notification that tells me where to put it.

We’ll only do this for a short time while I figure out how to run an automatic backup (thanks, @windycityteacher) to protect us from this happening again.

You’ll still be able to make copies from the restricted folder (just click on the file or folder and choose “Add to my Drive” – I’m happy to do a tutorial if needed.