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It’s time for another giveaway~

I have a LOT of dice hanging around this house doing nothing–doubles of sets I already have, doesn’t fit my aesthetic, whatever the reason, they’re perfectly good but didn’t make the collection cut. So, I want to share them with someone who’ll appreciate them! The winner of this giveaway will receive one full pound of random dice! (I’ll pay shipping.) The actual number will vary depending on the mix, but that’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 dice


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  • Winner will be chosen by RNG on October 1st, 2017.
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I already have some recs here and some smut recs here  , so definitely check those out buuut, some of you said you wanted more and I’ve read a good amount of new, good fics so I thought why not share them. I had to include some of the fics I already recd bc they’re just too good. this is my way of saying thank you for 800 followers I’M STILL SCREAMING. 

Shameless  by Diddyk 

Jungkook and Jimin have been friends for a while now, and it takes nothing but Jimin’s break up with his boyfriend for the two of them to grow closer.
He never actually thought of the fact that he could be gay, but it takes not much time for him to start thinking differently, particulary about one certain male with brown hair, who triggers his curiosity, who makes him question himself about his sexuality.

Pink Lemonades, Tattoos And I Love You’s by sunrr

Jimin had his summer all planned out, until he was forced to go to his grand mother’s house in Busan.
He thought his summer was going to be boring and long,

until he met Jeon Jungkook.

a touch of sin by pettey  ♥ ♥ ♥

After his transfer to a quiet seaside town, Jeongguk was prepared to face a year of uneventful CID work, but found himself dealing with a series of strange murders instead.

More Than Your Body by whenIseeUsmile

Jungkook got an assignment to create a documentary about something he can get involved in and in the beginning, he had no idea what to do. However, when he sees Jimin dance, he knows what he wants. 

Or in which Jungkook is a film student and may or may not be a little obsessed with the silver-haired man he keeps seeing on his way to university.

you’re ripped at every edge (but you’re a masterpiece) by kafeuka

Jimin swore there was nothing worst than having Jeon Jungkook as a sergeant.


In which Jimin was forced to enlist in military and he was under the sexgod Sergeant Jeon’s monitoring division and god, Sergeant Jeon really needs to stop being a douchebag).

Retrograde by Shealezz

Jimin wants a bad boy that will be good just for him. Jungkook wants a good boy that will be bad just for him. And Jimin absolutely, undeniably, doubtlessly hates Jungkook just as much as he loves him.

Him by PinkBTS

‘And like the dawn, you woke the world inside of me
You were the brightest shade of sun when I saw you’


“I mean a muse,” explained Yoongi, eyes traveling to Hoseok. “Someone that makes you feel the shots. Not only take them.”

Jeongguk snorted. “You’re just whipped.”

“Maybe,” agreed Yoongi, winking. “But it works.”

After Hours by pinkmonnie  ♥ ♥

Jimin has been working at the same place for three years, watching as the world around him moves along in a busy hype. Although he enjoys certain aspects of his job, particularly since Min Yoongi became his manager, over time he gradually felt the usual rhythm begin to weigh him down.

Taehyung, his closest friend, comes to Gwanghwamun Starbucks for two reasons - free drinks or food if he’s feeling peckish, and to stare at Yoongi with a lump in his throat.

One night, Taehyung brings along a new friend.

Four Words After Sex by jonghyunslisterine

“Hey, wanna get pancakes?”

Constraint by Harlot ♥ ♥ ♥

Jungkook is young and he is more acquainted with confusion and poor-decision-making than he’d like to admit. Despite being only 19 years old, he sometimes argues that he’s been through and seen some shit. He is never sure where he’s going to end up and he’s not entirely sure what kind of future is waiting for him. He is often not sure of a lot but he is certain—absolutely certain—that he’s not gay.

Alternatively, a story in which Jungkook meets Park Jimin and doesn’t like him whatsoever. There’s just something about him… there’s just so much about him. Jungkook really can’t stand him. In fact, he can’t stand him so much he can’t quite seem to get him off of his mind.

Riptide by peppermint_wind ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jeon Jungkook is still just a kid when he sets out for Seoul. He knows about the tall buildings, the maze-like roadways, and dorm life he’s signed up for. He expects the difficulties of being a trainee, finds it in the holes of his worn out dance shoes and countless sleepless nights. But what he doesn’t expect, could never expect, is meeting Park Jimin.

It’s then Jungkook realizes that there’s more to learn in Seoul than dance choreographies: about growing up, falling in love, and about himself.

A three year story [2013-2016] of coming together, breaking apart, and putting each other back together again. Jeon Jungkook learns about change, growing up, and the hardships of falling in love with a friend.

Track one: I love you by dalliancee  ♥ ♥ ♥

Just way too close, just by the fingertips — and only by the fingertips. That’s all they will ever be.

Like Fire, Like Stone by PinkBTS ♥ ♥

“It is both a blessing 
And a curse
To feel everything
So very deeply.”

-David Jones


Parabatai are meant to be everything for each other…everything but the one thing Jeongguk wants the most.

♥  - ultimate faves!!

happy reading. ;)

(oh and if you have something to rec me PLEASE DO I NEED MORE JIKOOK FICS!)

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Established relationship. Eddie wakes Richie up in the middle of the night from grinding on him. Eddie incredibly horny and wanting to fuck at fucking 2am

So here is the first of whatever this NSFW binge I’m going on. I got so many good prompts yesterday so I’m going to try to post something every day. 

Thanks to @richietoaster for helping my think of things for this, love you!!

also as always, this is aged up!!!!


Eddie and Richie sharing a bed was nothing new. Richie basically lived at Eddie and Stan’s place, and most of the time didn’t feel like driving home late at night. He could have taken the couch, but where was the fun in that. He and Eddie would stay up and talk about basically everything anyways.

That night Richie had watched a movie with Stan while Eddie did school work. Stan had left them in the living room at 9. They stayed in the living room for a little while longer before migrating to Eddie’s room.

Richie and Eddie’s cuddling was also not anything new. The two would usually fall asleep pressed against each other. This particular night Eddie had chosen to face away from Richie. As he turned he grabbed Richie’s arm and pulled it with him, pulling Richie up against his back.

That was how they fell asleep.

Richie didn’t stay asleep for long.

Richie groaned awake as he felt Eddie wiggling beside him. he slowly opened his eye’s, the room was too dark to see anything so he just lay there and stared into the darkness at where Eddie would be.

He still had his arm wrapped around Eddie’s waist and he was flush up against him back. Eddie was making soft noises and shifting his legs around. Richie still couldn’t see but he could feel. One of Eddie’s legs would brush against Richie’s and the noises he was making would get slightly louder.

Richie figured Eddie was just restless, so he flattened his hand against Eddie’s stomach and pulled him closer, trying to stop him from moving.

Richie couldn’t have been more wrong about Eddie’s cause for moving.

As soon as Eddie was pulled back against Richie his legs stopped moving, instead, he pushed his ass back to rub against Richie.

Richie let out a shaky breath

“Fuck… Eddie?” He quietly asked into the darkness. Eddie didn’t reply with words but by grinding his hips back into Richie.

Richie grabbed a handful of Eddie’s tee-shirt and held him in place. He didn’t have to move, Eddie eagerly moved against him. the soft sounds he was making earlier evolving into full-on moans as he rubbed his ass harder against Richie’s quickly growing cock.

Leaning his head forward to lean on the back of Eddie’s neck, Richie slowly rolled his hips forward to meet Eddies small thrusts backward. This pulled a high pitched whine from Eddie which encouraged Richie to grind into him harder.

They kept up this back and forth until Richie was fully hard and needing more than just the teasing feel of the fabric of his pajamas rubbing against him.

Richie propped himself slightly up on one arm and tried to look around at Eddie’s face. His eyes had adjusted to the dark and he could make out the features of Eddie’s face.

His eyes were closed and his brows were raised. His mouth hung open as moans and whimpers poured out. As into everything that was going on as he was Eddie appeared to still be sleeping.

Richie dropped his forehead to rest on the side of Eddie’s head, right beside his ear.

“Fuck, Eddie. Seriously.” He signed. As much as it pained him, he stopped the rhythm he had going with his hips and pulled himself away from Eddie. Eddie whined loudly and frantically thrust his ass back. Richie sighed as he released the hold he had on Eddie’s shirt and went to lift his arm off of him.

“Richie…” Richie heard Eddie moan out softly. Richie froze.  Eddie’s hips had stopped bucking back but his legs still shifted uncomfortable, trying to relieve the pressure between his legs.

Eddie reached a hand back to grasp at Richie side. He tugged on his shirt lightly, trying to pull him back. Richie hesitantly shifted forward, pressing up against Eddie again.

“Richie…” Eddie moaned again louder this time. He could feel Richie’s still hard dick pressed up against his ass. Eddie slowly moved so he was rubbing along the length of Richie.

Richie swallowed down the lump in his throat and began moving with Eddie again, using the hand on his stomach to hold Eddie as he rocked against him.

“Eddie?” Richie whispered into Eddie’s ear, his voice low. He felt Eddie shiver against him. Richie smiled and maneuvered his hand under Eddie’s shirt and gripping onto his hip bone.

“Richie please” Eddie placed his hand on top of Richie’s and slowly pushed it down along his body until his fingertips were on the hem of Eddie’s pajama shorts. Richie stopped his hand from moving any lower and pressed a light kiss on the back of Eddie’s neck.

“Are you sure you want this… Are you sure you want…me…” Richie cautiously asked pressing another kiss just under Eddie’s Ear.

Eddie’s breath caught in his throat and he dug his nails into Richie’s hand. He rotated his shoulders so he was semi facing Richie. He raised his hand from Richie’s up to the back of Richie’s head and pulled him forward to messily slam their lips together.

Richie didn’t waste any time and plunged his tongue into Eddie’s mouth. Eddie moaned against Richie’s lips, grinding his hip back again.

Richie ran his hand down under Eddie’s shorts and hooked the Waistband with his thumb, pulling at it lightly.

Eddie understood and shifted his hips up off of the bed to allow Richie to tug Eddie’s shorts down to rest low on his thighs.

Eddie had been relatively quiet since waking up, not wanting Stan who was a room over to hear them. He completely forgot about Stan when Richie wrapped his hand around his dick. He drew in a harsh breath and moaned as Richie started to stroke him, timing each pull of his hand with the movement of his hips.

Richie kissed along Eddie’s shoulders, biting softly every once in a while. Eddie reached his hand back between them and palmed at Richie through his pants. Richie gasped and bite harder into Eddie’s shoulder.

Richie pulled his hand away from Eddie, who let out a quiet whimper at the loss of contact. He moved his hand to grab Eddie’s and the two of them pushed Richie’s pants down his legs. both gasped when Richie’s cock rubbed against Eddie’s ass, the skin on skin contact sending a shiver down Richie’s spine.

Eddie turned his body slightly so he could get a better angle and tentatively took him in his hand. Richie sighed into Eddie’s shoulder as Eddie used his fingers to spread pre-cum all over the head of Richie dick.

Richie moaned Eddie’s name into his ear, he moved his hand to grip onto Eddie’s hip and turned him so he was on his side again. Eddie watched Richie over his shoulder with half-lidded eyes. Richie tilled his head up and pressed a kiss to Eddie’s lips.

“Do you have a condom in here?” He asked as he broke the kiss.

“Fuck, No… Stan might…” Eddie trailed off. the thought of going to Stan in the middle of the night asking for a condom sounded like a complete nightmare.

Richie laughed and kissed at Eddie’s neck.

“That’s okay babe. There’s other stuff we can do. We can do that another time. I’m hoping there will be another time?” Richie started off confident but ended somewhat doubtful. Eddie blushed at Richie’s pet name and slowly nodded his head.

He felt Richie smile against his neck and press his fingers deeper into Eddie’s hips.

Eddie raised his hand up to tangle into Richie’s hair as Richie raised his hand to his mouth and spit into it. He lowered his hand and coated his cock with spit. Eddie trembled when he felt the tip of Richie’s dick rub against the back of his thigh.

Richie slid his hand down from Eddie’s hip to grip at his Inner thigh. He used his hand to spread Eddie’s thighs apart and slowly pushing his dick between them. Richie let out a hitched breath

Eddie shuddered at the mixed feeling of Richie’s breath on his neck and cock between his legs. He reached his hand down to stroke himself as Richie thrust against him faster.

Richie moved his hand to wrap around Eddie’s making sure to match paces.

Eddie’s moans grow louder as he got closer to the edge. Richie kept quiet, wanting to hear every single noise that Eddie made.

Richie nipped at the bottom of Eddie’s ear.

“Are you going to cum for me?” He whispered, speeding up his hand movements.

Eddie cried out when he came. His breathing sporadic as he covered his and Richie’s hands. Richie was so close but he stopped moving and let Eddie calm down. he kissed down his neck, trying to help him relax.

Once Eddie felt like his body wasn’t made of liquid, he gently rolled his hips back, rubbing his inner thighs along Richie’s shaft.

Richie groaned and thrust his hips forward into Eddie’s tight thighs. He had been so close before that it only took a few thrusts to have him coming over Eddie’s legs.

They didn’t move for a while, it wasn’t until Eddie felt Richie’s cum start to drip down his thigh and onto his bed that he insisted that they go shower, now.

Eddie winced as he pulled his shorts back up, his thighs sticking together as he stood. Richie laughed at the way Eddie walked to the door, trying not to let his legs touch at all. Eddie flipped him off as he slowly opened his door.

He looked down the hallway, searching for any sign that Stan was awake. He jumped when Richie came up behind him and wrapped his arms around his waist.

“don’t worry Ed’s, Stanley probably went to bed at 10 o’clock like the good little boy scout he is.” Richie whispered into his ear. Eddie turned in Richie’s arms and wrapped his arms around Richie’s neck. Richie leaned down and kissed Eddie deeply. Eddie melted into the kiss and pulled Richie down closer.

“You better do this at Richie place next time.”

Eddie broke away from Richie and spun around. Stan had just passed by him holding a glass of water. Eddie blushed and stared at the back of Stan’s head as he walked down the hallway.

“What, are you thirsty from all that eavesdropping Stanley.” Richie called out as he threw his arm around Eddie’s shoulder and stuck his head out into the hallway.

Stan shook his head as he turned to enter his room. He rolled his eye’s to look back at them a slight smile on his lips.

“it’s about time.”

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a different perspective on OK-KO body shapes

while I think that accusations of sexism / accusations of the OK-KO artists having a “type” when they design female characters are 100% valid and understandable criticisms, I wanted to say my piece.

Growing up, I was one of those girls who “developed” kind of early but never had the height to pull it off- and for years (and even still today) I was surrounded by girls who were not only taller than me, but thinner than me, too. While most girls I knew were tall and slender, with long lean legs, I was short, stocky, and had wide hips and thick thighs and thick ankles. I was also pretty wide in the chest, and could never pull off the kinds of dainty spaghetti-strap tank tops that other girls my age could. Even today, I can’t.

I didn’t feel pretty. I didn’t see the body type that I had reflected in a lot of media. The only characters I can recall having a body shape similar to mine were maybe the shorter Crust Cousin from My Life as a Teenage Robot, Valerie Gray from Danny Phantom, and Dijonne from The Proud Family. 

When OK KO came out I was actually really happy to see women closer to my body type. Not only that, to see them presented as being PRETTY. I know that a lot of people have totally valid criticisms of the art style of this show, (and I think that accusations of sexism should be taken into account, even if I don’t totally agree with them,) but…. the show makes me feel better about my body, because I very rarely see stocky girls like Carol and Enid get as much praise and admiration. (and I like how Enid doesn’t have thin ankles, either.) 

Feel free to disagree and add your own opinions to the post; I just wanted to share my two cents about the situation. 

External image

Oh goodness not another “well it’s my body type so it’s fine” argument. The OK KO body type is nothing new, in fact it’s frequently used in a lot of children’s media, especially to portray someone who’s meant to be seen as attractive.

Hell there’s even a tvtropes page dedicated to how common this specific style is.

And while I don’t view the style as offensive on it’s own, it says a lot that a lot of female characters have the Exact. Same. Body Type. Many of them wearing tight, skimpy clothing (one of them literally has her whole ass out).

Your issues with self image and confidence doesn’t change the fact that this is repetitive character design is boring, tired and just downright sexist (and before y’all say it, yes i know the character designer is a women. Doesn’t change the fact that this show has issues with not diversifying the female body types more)

☆ Happy New Year !! ☆  

Hope 2017 will bring you lots of happiness & good memories & fun !! ◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜ 

It’d be hard to tell you how grateful I feel everytime someone likes my drawings or shares what they think about them. It really really helps me staying motivated ♡ So I just wanted to say… yeah… thank you, I love you so much (⺣◡⺣)♡

Surrender - SimplyKorra - RWBY [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Newly graduated and given their first assignment, team RWBY are sent to a beach resort near Menagerie to find and kill a Grimm that has been terrorizing the island. It’s an ideal first mission, except Yang is in love with Blake - who she last saw kissing Sun. Made worse since new couple Weiss and Ruby want to share a room, leaving Yang in a very difficult spot.

I caved and posted! So here’s the new fic. Few things to know going in. This is more of a Bumbleby fic than a White Rose fic, but there is going to be plenty of White Rose in it (they’re much happier here than in Foxtrot lol). The POVs will move around in this as well, so we’ll see everyone’s perspective. 

I’m planning to have a lot of fun with this one, though there will be some angst cause I can’t help myself - but nothing too soul crushing :)

I hope it’s good, I hope you enjoy this first chapter. More coming soon <3

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this might be kind of a weird thing to say but right now I'm super stressed (nothing major! i just have a lot of homework and I'm bad at time management lmao) but then i had the thought of like: This isn't permanent, i will be happy one day doing things i like with people i love and care about as my friends and new family and things will get better. And it just made me feel less bad about my situation and i just wanted to share that with you just in case you're not feeling 100% right now.

yay I’m so glad you can have that mindset!! I am feeling p good actually, I’m just stuck in one of those “I’m itching so much to do something but everything is boring” moods right now and I can’t shake it lol

anonymous asked:

hey honey!! i need help: when it comes to creating charas, what methods do you use to develop their backstory and personality? bc i always get intimidated w/ that part bc i want my chara to be realistic , y'know?

alright this is super super late but !!! here are some key factors:

1) avoid the cliches.

rich kid plots are ruining good characters. none of these rps offer much when it comes to groups because guess what .. everyone is literally the same. you can explain them however you want but it’s always these lukewarm characters with very little development opportunity. if you call your character something like “my little ball of sunshine” or “my angry son” or anything other typical intro post bullshit like … your character is boring. super boring. unless they’re unique enough, which .. they rarely are. the new mary sue is an angry asshole matthew daddario or literally any female fc with a sweetheart personality. everyone keeps limiting themselves because they want to play likable, easy characters, and that’s not what good writing is.  

2) find the polar opposite and run with it. far, far, away with it. 

my first thought when i pick the fc i want to play is to assess what they’ve already been associated with, and go in a totally different direction. with actors its easy because most people tend to (intentionally or not) stick with their fc’s most popular role, and model their character after it. i’ve never seen shadow hunters, but the common ground most matty d’s share are assholes/lotharios, so i can only assume that’s the type of character he plays. dylan obriens tend to be sarcastic funny guys. lindsey morgans are tough girls with no feelings, and josefine pettersens are generally soft and sweet. while these character ideas are good, the fc match is a bad choice because … everyone is expecting it. it’s nothing new. your character doesn’t have depth. i honestly can’t remember a single character’s name that had that type of personality/backstory matched with those fcs. your character is your work, and your work should be good enough to be remembered. 

with models, its a little harder, but think of your stereotypical gigi/kendall/bella: rich, stubborn, stuck up or sweethearts, bland and boring blah blah blah, but honestly how hard can it be to switch that up?

when it comes to underused fcs, i honestly just take them at literal face value. sure i research a little bit  (i’m careful not to make singers into singers, models into models, etc) and try to avoid mimicking any character i can find that they’ve played. a lot of my process is just thinking about everything these entertainers are NOT, and moving on from there.

3) write WHO you know, and WHAT you don’t. 

you know other humans, yes? you’ve seen tv, you’ve read books, you know stories …? even rumors about people i go to school with inspire me. no matter what you do, parts of your personality (your speech patterns, your thoughts, ideas, etc) will shine through your character. if those personal traits are the only realistic parts of your character, then you aren’t doing enough for them. think of your friends, of anyone you know. think about what makes them … them. their ticks, their interests, their history, their humor. for some reason, everyone in the rpc is afraid of writing REAL flaws. so many of these characters are so 2 dimensional because people are so hung up on getting their characters to be likable or sexy or perfect and its just like … you’re writing a human being, aren’t you? write manipulative characters that spread lies or rumors. write characters that fuck up and get defensive and are wrong in the argument. write characters that harbor actual *secret crushes* that aren’t just the first step to a ship plot. let them be embarrassing, and slam their hand in a door trying to be cool in front of someone. give them real insecurities, like where they fit in with society. characters who can’t control their emotions and cry at confrontation, even if they started it. give them opportunities to fuck up and grow without ridiculous ooc meddling in thier affairs. even stuff as small and useless as allergies help connect both you and other writers to your character. its little things that give your character flare and realism. 90% of my traits and ticks and flaws in characters come from people i know in real life, or my own experiences. don’t be afraid to tackle personal things like that.

as far as WHAT you don’t know: stop being afraid to step out of the box and write a real human being. write characters with disabilities, with hearing aids or wheel chairs or speech impediments. its been like four years and i STILL remember a blind colton haynes i met in an rp because he was so .. unique. 

4) for general inspiration, hit spotify and tumblrs.

the more obscure the song, the easier it is to base a character off of it because … no one’s heard it, have they? so i get lost in my indie spotify acc, or i find a random huge aesthetic tumblr blog and i dig from there. you can find those by typing in literally any random word for the url, but for some help to get started these are some of my faves: x x x  … you can also just go to @museinspo​ ‘s page and go to like … a random page in the 500s and build from there !! 

5) honestly ? write who you want to see.

at this point there’s only like … four different personalities and backgrounds that every rp character has atm, so i just make it a point to .. write the kind of character i’d be interested in writing against. granted, this doesn’t ensure a perfect character experience (sometimes i make a character too complex and i lose interest much faster bc .. bc its just not right for me, you know?), but it does create a bigger personal investment in what you’re writing. when it honestly comes down to it, you can build a character out of a shitpost if you take a couple seconds to just … think one out. when it comes to plotting i find it easier to just leave as much room as possible in your character’s backstory/current life to make stuff more flexible so it works, but honestly like … the less dramatic you go, the easier it is to make them realistic. that’s just something to keep in mind when you write up a new character.

this sort of got away from me and a lot of it was just getting stuff off my chest but heRE you are my friend i hope this sounds less bitchy than i think it does !! but if u got any specific questions i can probably chill and answer with a decent lengthed response jfdkaf

Fake Dating Series; S.Coups/Seungcheol

- “this can’t be real”
- you look down at the letter in your hands in complete and utter disbelief
- you immediately grab your cellphone and dial your best friend’s number
- the person on the other side says “oh hey (name)—” but you cut him off immediately and yell “SEUNGCHEOL IDC IF YOU’RE BUSY RIGHT NOW I’M COMING OVER” and you hang up and dash out the door
- you clutch the invitation in your hand so tightly while walking to seungcheol’s house it looks like a crumpled mess by the time you get there
- he opens the door and you stomp into his house while he just looks at you like okay what happened this time did the store run out of ice cream or what
- after taking your shoes off and everything, you march right up to him and hold out the crumpled piece of paper in your hand and he’s like “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO READ THIS NOW”
- he uncrumples the paper and flattens it out as much as he can before reading out loud “you are cordially invited to attend the wedding of (your ex’s name) and (your ex’s s/o’s name)…”
- you just get so angry hearing those words you plop onto his couch and bury your face into one of his pillows
- so basically what happened was that your ex dumped you after a THREE YEAR relationship and he did it just WEEKS before your planned wedding, who does that??
- you’ve been single since the breakup but him?? wow he moved on quick like he was over you within two weeks you discovered after stalking his social media accounts
- and now three years later he’s marrying someone else and he’s SERIOUS about it, you know he is because at least THEY got to send out their invitations……
- seungcheol sits down in the unoccupied space on the couch and pats your head
- “are you going to go?” he asks
- seungcheol just laughs “(name) you have to let go of your pride. at least congratulate them”
- you scream “DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?? HE’S OBVIOUSLY DOING THIS JUST TO SPITE ME” and he just gives you a look and says “you’re over-exaggerating”
- you bury your face into the pillow again and mumble “i can’t do it alone” but then your face lights up and you look up to smile widely at your best friend
- seungcheol’s face falls like omfg what are you thinking oh no
- and you just say “………be my boyfriend?”
- seungcheol just goes like “(name) why can’t you just go alone?? who cares if he sees you’re still single??”
- “I CARE JUST DO THIS FOR ME PLEASE??” you say while clasping your hands together
- you and seungcheol have been best friends forever this is nothing big since people have been assuming you two were together since like kindergarten
- seungcheol just sighs and says “okay fine. BUT YOU OWE ME FOR THIS” and you sit up and hug him tightly screaming “THANK YOU” over and over while he just laughs and hugs you back
- he then says “for the next few days i’m going to be asking myself why i’m doing this” and you say “psh you’re doing this because you love me”
- and he says “yeah… you’re right” but you don’t even notice the slight change in his tone because you’re just so glad your pride is saved good job
- so the next day you both decide to go shopping for clothes to wear at the wedding
- seungcheol says “what why can’t i wear any of my suits why do i need a new one”
- you reply “ok fine just help me look for something then” so you both go to a bunch of stores in the mall in hopes of finding something nice
- after the fourth store, seungcheol notices a group of people checking you out and his protectiveness (and jealousy) suddenly takes over
- while you’re looking through the clothes on the racks, he pulls you closer to him and you’re like “uhhh what are you doing??”
- “if i’m going to pretend being your bf i should at least act like it right??” wiggles eyebrows
- you’re like “get away from me WE’RE NOT EVEN AT THE WEDDING”
- seungcheol keeps flirting with you jokingly and grabbing your hand and everything and when he casts a glance over at the people who were checking you out, he realizes that they’re gone
- and he just grins because mission accomplished
- after a whole day of searching, you finally find the perfect outfit and you’re ready to show your ex that YOU’RE PERFECTLY FINE WITHOUT HIM
- it’s nighttime by the time you and seungcheol exit the mall after shopping and eating, and you both decide to go back to his place
- he lets you sleep there for the night and like usual you guys share a bed, it’s not weird at all like you guys have been sharing beds since you were kids it’s nothing new
- so that night you’re both lying in bed with your backs facing each other and before going to sleep you decide to talk a bit
- you say “seungcheol?” and he immediately answers “yes?”
- you continue “i just wanted to ask…. i mean you’re really kind and good-looking and all so—”
- and he says “ohhh so you’ve noticed” and you swear you could HEAR THE SMIRK IN HIS VOICE
- your face falls and you continue “don’t interrupt me with your greasy lines right now. anyways as I was saying…. i mean, i know you’ve dated other people in the past but…. why haven’t you ever decided to settle down with someone yet?? with your looks and personality, you can get anyone you want”
- he pauses and then continues “not really. there’s actually someone i’ve been waiting for but…”
- you yawn and say “oh yeah?? who is it??”
- after a moment of silence, he says “…you.”
- but you don’t hear because you fell asleep good job part 2
- seungcheol just sighs and tries to fall asleep but it’s hard for him because his heart won’t stop going BOOM BOOM
- so the next morning you’re the one to wake up first and you open your eyes to see seungcheol facing you and he’s still asleep and you take this opportunity to observe his features
- he really is handsome. droopy eyes, defined jawline, messy hair. and your heart is beating quickly all of a sudden??
- he starts stirring in his sleep so you pretend to be asleep and you slowly open your eyes to make it seem like you woke up at the same time as him
- you greet “good morning” and he does too and you guys do your morning business before heading to the kitchen to eat breakfast
- at the table you say “hey what were we talking about again last night? i fell asleep” and he just goes like “oh you were telling me about how handsome i am ;)” and you’re like “wow alright nevermind i’m not continuing that conversation you’re going to get too cocky”
- alright so fast forward, the day of the wedding is finally here
- you’re standing outside the venue next to seungcheol and you say “okay so you’re my bf for the day.”
- he nods “yup” and you say “ONLY in front of the bride and groom though ok so no couple stuff when they’re not there” and seungcheol jokingly pouts
- you both enter the building and you see your ex again in person for the very first time
- his fiancée is probably getting ready while he and his family are thanking the guests for coming
- your ex suddenly notices you and you and seungcheol walk up to him to congratulate him
- “(name)!! i’m so glad you can make it. i see you brought seungcheol with you” he says, giving your best friend a handshake
- seungcheol pulls you closer to him by the waist and says “congratulations, (your ex’s name). i hope you don’t mind me being here”
- he replies “no problem!! the more the merrier, right?”
- you don’t get to say anything because a flock of people are right behind you and you didn’t want to delay anything so you and seungcheol both walk inside
- seungcheol says “that wasn’t so bad”
- you say “that was too easy something must be up” you then notice that his hand’s still around your waist but for some reason….. you can’t get yourself to tell him to let go
- you enter the hall and the wedding’s just straight out of a fairytale it’s so beautiful and everything
- after a while, everyone settles down and the bride walks down the aisle and…. she’s so beautiful…. she’s even prettier in person….
- but for some reason you don’t feel sad or heartbroken at all. you feel happy for them, especially seeing the look on your ex’s face
- and right after they exchange their “i do’s”…. you can confidently say you’re over him. you didn’t think it could happen this fast but??
- the wedding reception starts and the bride decides to throw the bouquet before the speeches and toasts
- you watch as a bunch of unmarried people crowd behind the bride, ready to fight for the bouquet
- you turn to seungcheol and say “man people are serious about this tradition” when you see someone even CLIMB on their someone’s back
- the bride counts “THREE…. TWO…. ONE!!”
- you don’t notice her smirk and cast a quick glance over her shoulder in your direction before launching the bouquet in the air
- the bouquet gets thrown so far back and everyone watches it fly…
- …and land in your hands
- you’re in complete shock while everyone either frowns or screams excitedly
- the excitement for it slowly dies down and the speeches start while you’re still looking down at the bouquet in your hands
- seungcheol notices this and throws an arm over your shoulders and you turn to him
- he says with a grin “sooo have you decided on your future husband yet?? if not i’d be glad to take up the role”
- you roll your eyes like oookay seungcheol now get your hand off me
- after the bridesmaid and groomsmen speeches, everyone gets on the dancefloor including seungcheol
- he dances like such a dad you’re like omfg why are you like this
- he tries to get you on the dancefloor but you’re not really in the mood to dance so you shake your head and tell him you’ll just watch him dance
- but then this person suddenly appears out of nowhere and starts dancing with seungcheol and you’re like…. wtf
- you see them get closer to YOUR boyfriend—uh fake boyfriend—as the song goes on and you decide it’s the final straw when you see them grab his arm
- you make your way over to them and rip seungcheol out of their grasp and you say “uh sorry but my BOYFRIEND and i will be going now” and they’re just like “oh i’m sorry i didn’t… know…”
- you fail to see the grin on seungcheol’s face when you said that
- you and seungcheol decide to take a break by just standing by and talking
- he says “wow i thought i was only your bf in front of the bride and groom” and you reply “you’re my bf in front of anyone for the entirety of this wedding ok” and he teases “that’s not what you said earlier ;)”
- you don’t say anything after that and you both watch the guests dance together in a comfortable silence
- your eyes land on the bride and groom and you just watch them dance, asking yourself quietly “….when will i have that?”
- seungcheol overhears you and asks “have what?”
- you answer “you know. a husband? someone i could spend the rest of my life with? someone who loves me just as much as i love them?
- and seungcheol slowly says “….you know…. maybe you’ve already met him….. he could’ve been waiting for you to return his feelings….”
- before you could say anything you notice the bride and groom walking towards you two
- once they reach you both, they stop and your ex says “(name)!! seungcheol!! thanks again for coming to celebrate with us”
- you smile and nod your head “it’s no problem. congratulations to you both, really”
- your ex continues “i see you brought seungcheol. are you guys finally dating??” and you immediately notice he said “finally” but you don’t say anything about it
- you say “YEAH WE ARE ACTUALLY we’ve been together for a while now and it’s been GREAT”
- your ex’s wife says “oh that’s wonderful!! since you caught the bouquet, we’re both expecting wedding invitations in the future” and she winks
- you and seungcheol turn red and he says “ohhh ahahah we haven’t really thought about that yet”
- your ex’s wife laughs “of course of course, there’s no rush”
- you four talk about relatively normal things like “oh when were you two engaged?” “how long have you and seungcheol been dating?” before your ex’s wife gets pulled away by family members
- after one last quick “congratulations” and handshake, seungcheol leaves to go get more food and drinks, leaving you alone with your ex
- it’s silent while you both watch seungcheol go until your ex suddenly says “he really loves you, you know”
- you look up at him like huh?
- he just looks down at you and smiles “cheesy as it sounds….. i can tell by the way he looks at you”
- you turn away from him to look at seungcheol and you see him helping an old relative of your ex’s get some food on their plate and he’s smiling and you feel your heart skip a beat
- your ex then pats you on the back and says “i’m sorry for what i did years ago. i just wanted you to see who truly loved you”
- and he leaves you to join his wife while you’re just standing there in shock
- seungcheol comes back with food and drinks he got for both of you and he’s all excited like “(NAME) OKAY SO i was getting us some drinks AND I DID IT WITHOUT SPILLING A SINGLE DROP”
- you’re like really?? this 5-year-old??
- it’s nearing midnight and the wedding reception is still going strong but you and seungcheol decide to call it a day so you both say goodbye to your ex and his wife, and you and seungcheol exit the hall ready to walk back home
- your feet are killing you and you know what somehow seungcheol KNOWS and he offers to give you a piggyback
- “seungcheol i’m fine—”
- “no you’re not. just get on”
- so he’s walking down the empty streets at night with you on his back and it’s silent and you’re looking up at the stars in the sky
- while looking up at the sky, you suddenly say “seungcheol…. i’m sorry.”
- and he asks “what for?”
- you say “just… did i really force you to be my fake boyfriend?? and for what?? my ex didn’t even do it to spite me he honestly just wanted people to celebrate his wedding with him….”
- he says “it’s alright. at least we got to go out together tonight. i would’ve been so lonely if you went without me lol”
- then you say “hmmm well at least one good thing came out of going to the wedding. my ex made me realize something”
- he says “oh yeah? what’s that?”
- you tighten your hold around his neck and quietly say “i think…… you were the one i’ve always loved”
- at that, seungcheol stops walking
- he whispers “what…. did you say?”
- you repeat “you were the one i’ve always loved….”
- silence
- and then
- seungcheol says “…you don’t know how long i’ve been waiting to hear that”
- then he puts you down and kisses you right on the lips under the stars
- when he pulls away he looks into your eyes before immediately leaning in for another but you just laugh and push his face away
- and you and seungcheol become OFFICIAL
- of course seungcheol unleashes the grease he’s been keeping inside all these years
- “hey you owe me this I’VE BEEN WAITING”
- all your friends aka seungcheol’s children (jeonghan, jisoo, junhui, soonyoung, wonwoo, jihoon, seokmin, mingyu, minghao, seungkwan, hansol and chan) who have been shipping you guys from the start are like WOW IT’S ABOUT TIME
- he’s happy. you’re happy. everyone’s happy!!
- “okay so when’s the wedding i mean we’ve all waited this long you’ve postponed it long enough”

On the Popularity of Books with Fat Protagonists

So I love Taika and we mostly share similar taste in books, but there’s been several times recently where I’ve been OH MY GOD THIS BOOK IS SO GOOD I LOVE IT and she’s been eh, it’s okay, and I didn’t realize until recently why this was happening. All the books I’ve been so excited about (Eleanor and Park, Dumplin’, Six of Crows, The Upside of Unrequited)(also Mary Lambert’s new EP) have fat protagonists (and yet aren’t about being fat).

But while I loved them, especially the last one, Taika really found nothing special about them.

She’s typically a size 6. I’m a size 18.

These books mean so much to me, that people like me are allowed to exist and fall in love and they eat and PEOPLE FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM TOO. And they make me laugh and cry and I recognize myself in them, every time. When the kids on her bus mock Eleanor, that’s me. I’ve been there. When Molly can’t imagine herself ever having sex or a relationship because that’s not what happens to fat girls, that’s me. When Willowdean’s new boyfriend makes her question why anyone would want her, that’s me. And someday, when Nina Zenik delights in eating and her friends worry about her when she doesn’t eat, I hope that can be me.

And Taika will never understand that.

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High School Band AU: Ch. 10

“Hi there! I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“Me too.” You chuckle nervously.

“Ha! You haven’t changed at all, MC!” he laughs “And that’s good.”

Ugh… this chill going down your spine everytime V smiles. That’s exactly why you didn’t want to come to this get together at his place. Well, not because of him, specifically, it’s just… the last party you’ve been on didn’t end exactly great (it could have been so much worse, but still…), and it’s really weird showing up in a place you don’t know the owner that well. It’s V, he seems cools and all, but what is this feeling? Ah yes, the feeling you don’t belong here.

Because you don’t! Look around! These guys are Tumblr accounts coming to life, these girls must had been born with natural Instagram filters all over their faces. You? Wearing a sequin dress you found in your mom stuff and Zen’s jacket in an attempt of looking cool. Attempt.

If at least Zen was here, or maybe Jaehee and Yoosung, you would have someone to talk, but they didn’t come.

But how did you end here, anyway? Cue to flashback!

You know those horror movie scenes where someone is looking at a mirror and leans down, for some reason, then something appears behind them in the reflection?

There you are brushing your teeth after the break, you leaned down to wash your mouth and when you came back… Rika was smiling at you through the reflection. You obviously yelped.

“Jeez! Calm down, honey… it’s just me…” yeah, exactly.

“Sorry, I was just surprised.” So she scares the sit out of you and you apologize? Ugh… you’re so weak sometimes. Especially next to her.

“Did I make you nervous? I’m sorry.” She pouts, well, she’s apologizing too, even though it doesn’t sound too sincere… “Anyway, how have you been? With the band and all…”

“I’m good.” You nod, trying to find something else to say. “Goody good.” Ugh…

“Well, I’m glad, I thought something was going wrong because Yoosung suddenly stopped talking about you… I thought it was weird, because he couldn’t shut about you, your talent, your coolness, and you know…” you… don’t. But you know Yoosung has been a little aloof, indeed. “So I thought should come to the source directly.”

“Well, the source is dry, everything seems fine to me.”

“You’re getting along with everyone, then?” let’s see… Zen and Jaehee are acting a little weird, Yoosung gets even shyer around you than before, Saeran and Jumin are enigmas (not in the cool mysterious way, just the “stay away before they stab you” way) and there’s Saeyoung… which… made you feel pathetic for wanting to kiss him and them making a whole fuss when he refused.

“I am.”

“Great! I couldn’t go to the show at my friend’s party. I was in a studio session with a famous singer… can’t say his name.” she winks playfully.


“It’s Nick Jonas.”

“Okay.” You prefer Joe, anyway.

“Anyway, I heard the show was great! And it couldn’t be otherwise if you and the guys weren’t getting along, right?” Ugh… why does it feel she can see right through you? “And let me tell you, you must be someone who really makes everybody feel comfortable around you, it takes this ability to be a great vocalist. But I’m sure you know all that.” Shit…

Is there tooth paste in your chin? You forgot how ridiculous you must look right now, well, it’s probably not even close to how ridiculous you feel.

“Oh… I almost forgot why I was looking for you, in the first place…” wasn’t it to see the ‘source’? Source… you’re just a source of endless awkwardness, that’s what you are. “Oh yeah, Jihyn is throwing a little get together at his place on Saturday. You should totally come!”

“Me? Why?”

“Why?” she chuckles “Because you’re part of something he created, we both did, and you’re doing such a great job with that, so… you deserve it.”

“I don’t… I…”

“You don’t deserve it?” you stare at her thought the mirror, her olive eyes look on fire. Ah, this feeling… this anger you get when someone acts like they’re daring you knowing you’ll chicken out…

“See you on Saturday, Rika.” But you know what’s worse? The fact that you’re predictable enough to let yourself be dared.

So here you are, completely dislocated at a party you know no one. Well, not no one, you know V… sort of. And Jumin, yes, he’s here too looking like the bad kind of enigma… there’s Rika too, and you’re such good friends, right?

Oh, and you know the DJ. It’s Saeyoung. And you have been avoiding him ever since that day.


“MC! I’m glad you made it!” and it can get more perfect! Here’s Rika, oh, and Jumin! “You look… sparkly.” Hum…

“Don’t you mean ‘glowing’?” Jumin asks, ugh… he just doesn’t get it!

“Yes, that’s what I meant. Are you having fun, honey?”

“The time of my life.” You drink whatever it’s in your cup. This must be the taste of gasoline burning down your throat. You do your best not to make a disgusted frown.

“Good. I was so worried this wouldn’t be your scene with all these older people from college and all.”

“Yes.” Jumin nods. “The scene here can be quite boring for her.” Both you and her look surprised at him. Did he just… get your back? Ah, don’t forget this is the guy who wanted to punch Zen a few weeks ago, don’t… don’t smile. “For her and for Saeyoung. Did you talk to him, MC?”

“I didn’t. There was no chance.” Another sip into the gasoline. It’s a drinking game with yourself for every time you lie. “Why is he djing here, anyway?”

“Didn’t you know? He gets hired to play at some parties. V always calls for him when he needs. It’s more to help him, if you want to know.”

“Help him?”

“Yes, Saeyoung and Saeran work in several places to provide for their mother. She is sick.” Oh…

“Oh, that’s… that’s sad.”

“Yes. That’s why Saeran misses so many classes. If he doesn’t watch out, he’ll be expelled like Zen did.”

“Zen got expelled?” you raise your tone, attracting some curious eyes.

“From his previous school, yes. His grades were terrible and keeping him could be a problem, so they expelled him.”

“That’s… awful.”

“You didn’t know any of that?” Rika asks curiously.

“I didn’t. “ you’re not lying, yet you drink again. “Excuse me, I… gotta pee.” You could have said that you’re going to the restroom, but who cares? Jumin knows how you are by now. And fuck what Rika thinks. Intentionally or not, she already made you feel embarrassed enough.

And you’re not going to pee, anyway. You just need to walk away a little. It’s painfully uncomfortable here. Uncomfortable… you never let Zen comfortable enough to open up with you about stuff like that. What about Jaehee and Yoosung? Did you make them uncomfortable as well? Rika’s words drum your head, is it really true that a great vocalist should make everybody feel comfortable?

Then, aren’t you a great vocalist?

“V told me that this drink made him wake up behind the fridge once.” You look to the voice coming behind you in the balcony you went to get some air. Saeyoung is leaning against the wall with his hands in his hoodie pockets.

“Can you walk off your booth?”

“Well, there’s this new technology, I don’t know if you’re familiar with, it’s called ‘flash drive’ and…” you throw your cup on him, making him laugh. “Catching some air?”

“Yeah… I shouldn’t have come, so I’m gathering some guts to go away without V noticing me.”

“Why shouldn’t you have come?” he walks towards you and stands next to you in the balcony.

“Because this isn’t my scene.” Not because it’s boring, it’s because you’re lame. “And because of it, I just realized I’m not a good person.”

“Now why would that be?” you look at him, shocked.

“Did you know that Zen got expelled from his previous school?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Well, I didn’t! And I spent that night with him at that bar once!”

“You’re mad at him for not telling you?”

“I’m mad because I never made him feel comfortable to tell me. I… I just made him get up on that stage with me, because that’s what I do. I get dared, and I don’t see anything else around me, because I’m selfish and… childish, and…”

“Dramatic.” He smiles, and you glare at him. “MC, you know Zen for less than a month, you can expect him to open up like this. Zen is an open book and all, but even him must have things he doesn’t want to share for someone new.”

“Okay, I can be a little dramatic, but don’t tell me I’m not selfish and childish, you’re the one who saw for yourself that other day…” you blush, looking away from him.

“That… had nothing to do with you…”

“Then it has to do with who, Saeyoung?”

“Forget it, MC. It’s just… you wouldn’t understand. It’s just… do you know I play drums too, MC?” what tdoes this have to do with everything?

“No, I didn’t. But so what?”

“So what that I know how to play drums, I’m as good as Saeran, matter of fact. Actually, I auditioned for the drums when joining the band, and I made it.”

“So why don’t you play the drums?”

“Because my brother plays drums too, he is so good I just had to show a video I took of him playing and V asked him to join while I could be the roadie/dj. And… I really wanted to include my brother, you know?”


“I want him to be happy, I feel like I owe him, so… I’m always willing to let it go when we want the same… thing.”

“That sounds mature, but it’s pretty sad, Saeyoung.”

“It is.” Both of you nod. “And I hope you understand why I wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing about this, but… the problem is our mother.”

“I know a lot about problematic mothers, don’t worry. No questions asked.” He smiles. “Except for one, why did you change the subject and didn’t answer me with who it has to do?”

He widens his eyes and chuckles.

“Because you shouldn’t be asking me.”

“Who should I be asking, then?”

“You had just one question, remember?” he smiles at your confused face. “Better getting back to my booth. Take care, MC.”

“You too” you scoff when he passes beside you to go back inside.

This conversation wasn’t helpful at all. At least you’re on good terms with Saeyoung, apparently. And you’re pretty confused, but it’s better than the insecurity you were feeling before. And with who this has to do? Saeyoung.

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[fic] gray hairs and all [1/1]

(ao3 link)
rating: t

that feel when none of the ereriweek prompts strike ur fancy so u write a generic canonverse oneshot and post it like a week before  ┐(´д`)┌

i was talking w my waifu cissyswonderland on skype once and she was like yooo u should write a fic where levi’s going gray and now, three hundred years later, here it is. short as balls and also pointlessly fluffy im gomen

- - -  

As if to mock him, it appears exactly a week after Levi’s celebrated his 40th birthday. A single gray hair.

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@itswintersartblog I hope you don’t mind me practicing animation with your images. I thought it’d be fun to try and see if I could flip images and I saw your post about you trying to so I wanted to finally give it a go.

(I also know nothing of P5 so I hope it turned out close to the actual game)

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Whyyyy if it isn’t leader Burgh, sir…

Yah, so third badge in my mammal noir run (Pokemon black run but with the silly rules that I can only catch mammals and I have to name them after wines), nothing too much to report between this gym and the last except for:

-I remembered the joys of audino grinding
-I also remembered you can get sweet little moley drilburs in wellspring cave so I trotted back there and caught a new pal for the team - meet Sauvignon, a naughty boy (seriously, that’s his nature)
-I was plunged back into the reality that pre gen 6 exp shares only train one Poké (a good thing, yet still noticeable)
-Pokemon New York is one of the most iconic and greatest Pokemon cities/towns out of any region
-I snuck back to route 3 to catch a Lillipup that would have intimidate as a Herdier, The Madeira you see is a clone of Madeira mark one, who is spending eternity in box land, sorry babes
-Shiraz is finally growing into himself, I have a fire stone now so just waiting till he learns acrobatics before evolving

Anyway, onto the also iconic Route 4, which has one of my favourite route themes 🎶

anonymous asked:

Hi Leela! What do you think about this? "[...]Maybe I'm not just a ken doll for you to objectify and ship and wish I lived the life you wanted.[...]" I know he is talking about important topics here but the ship part caught my attention. I know that Dan and Phil deeply appreciate their fandom, and sometimes they push their own boundaries a little bit and laugh with us about the phan things we make: fanarts, fanfics, edits, etc. But after this little clip... I'm really getting concerned. [1/3]

What if this whole time I have been hurting them? I’m an artist and I have never tagged them in my phanarts, I just share my drawings with the people who like the idea of phan and that’s all. But even if my drawings are just innocent illustrations of them holding hands, they are phanarts, pieces of art about the idea of them being a couple. So, I have fueled the idea of phan, I have contributed to it. And I know D&P have embraced the phan thing too- as a funny part of their branding. But what if the shipping thing has reached a point where D&P no longer feel comfortable with it? Dan sounded so sincere… and I really don’t know how to feel right now tbh.

ahhhh let me start by just saying, it’s okay. i totally, completely understand why dan’s comment may have upset you or worried you but please don’t feel badly. i promise that all of the things you’re doing as a member of this fandom and just as a viewer of dnp generally are all okay. good and great, even, because they bring you happiness and that’s the point. 

dan’s ken doll comment was nothing close to an original or new thought, and it’s a frustration he’s shared a number of times throughout the years. in his roast yourself video he asserts that he only gets views bc he’s a white guy in a cute ship. in the description of the pinof 7 bloopers he talks about how he’s a piece of meat for us vultures to consume and pick apart. a few years ago in live shows he’d say things like, “for those of you who only watch me because you like to fantasize about me being in a sexual relationship with my friend, i’ll go get my friend,” as a way of introducing a phil cameo. let’s just be completely honest here: dan’s relationship to the concept of people actively talking about, writing about, thinking about, his relationship with phil is not a positive one, and even more broadly than that, dan’s relationship to the concept of people following him and consuming his content due to anything personal about him (whether it be his pretty face or anything else) is not a positive one (unless of course the personal things are ones he’s shared himself in a very controlled/comedic exaggerated manner. aka basically every dinof vid.)  

and his observations about this are valid because his career really is founded in part on his constant objectification and the flattening of his humanity by viewers, just as all persona-driven entertainment tends to be. in choosing to grow a following by making content about himself dan necessarily offers himself up for analysis and that is intrinsically dehumanizing. in choosing to remain ambiguous both in sexual orientation and in relationship status with phil, he unwittingly encourages speculation on both of those issues, a speculation which has stayed constant in its fervor over a remarkable number of years. his choices have led to intense scrutiny and a thirsty audience that uses him and his partner as vehicles for fantasy and speculation and that’s also dehumanizing. 

all of this sounds bleak but let me just do a quick attempt at telling u why it is also okay. it is okay because it is dan’s choice ultimately. dan could recede from the public eye completely and make content that has nothing to do with himself as a person. he could divorce his real self from his on-screen persona even more. he could continue and even strengthen the boundaries he has drawn up between himself and phil in the public eye. he could just do behind-the-scenes writing or producing or filmmaking instead of continuing to be a youtuber. he could never collab with phil again because the pressure of being scrutinized through a romantic/sexual lens is too great. but. in truth dan has only chosen to become more open about how much he loves phil, closer to him in the public eye than he has ever been. he’s chosen to share more and more of his inner thoughts and monologues about his insecurities and his mental health struggles and his fears and his triumphs than ever before. 

he’s chosen to continue inviting us into his life in various ways, on a number of levels because of at least two very important truths: first, that being reduced and objectified is not intrinsically harmful if the person still has control over their lives and everything in it and everything that’s important to them. second, that this same rabid audience is the one that makes dnp some of the most successful creators on youtube–their audience loyalty is completely unrivaled. and this is almost entirely, in my view, a result of how much they actually hold back in comparison to everyone else on the platform. bc of their restraint we go crazy over even like 3 seconds of footage of them in other people’s videos. we watch and re-watch their content and we analyze everything they do to the nth degree. this is their remarkable skill as public figures and entertainers. it’s GOOD for them, not bad, when we sit here at 11:30 pm writing essays about them and their behavior. it’s good for them that you make art celebrating them and their love. all of it is good. and they’re showing with each passing week that they care less and less that part of what we love about them is their connection and love for one another. because we’re not imagining it or creating it out of thin air or forcing two people who don’t love each other to act like they do in order to carry on being profitable. we celebrate it because it’s there and it exists in everything they do, and in return they’re realizing that it’s simply easier for everyone involved if they let themselves be more comfortable and open with it. 

so yes, we objectify dan. that’s true and it’s important to be aware of it. yes dan becomes irritated about it at times because he has deep-set insecurities about this life as an entertainer and the aspects of his content that keep people watching (he doesn’t want it to be things that are personal to him. he wants people to watch for the content itself). and despite all of this, the objectification/dehumanization do not harm dan in any substantial way because ultimately dan still has complete control over what parts of his private life he shares and what sort of content he makes. knowing this, i think now more than ever before, you most certainly do not need to feel bad about your art or anything else you do as a follower of dan and phil who also “ships” dan and phil. just rewatch the pastel edits vid and ask yourself if that seems like a couple of dudes who are in any sort of pain/hurt about the idea that people like watching them together. nah. 

Chapter 1: Under Public Scrutiny

A/N: Hello! I just wanted to say thank you for the support of this story and all the new readers that have joined me on this journey! I am quite nervous to post the first chapter so it would mean a lot to me if you could share your thoughts, good or bad! I would greatly appreciate it! Enjoy xo (sorry my tags haven’t been working but oh well! Here you go!)

Three minutes and six seconds.

That is all it takes to change the course of a life, my life.

No matter what people believe about fate I was never one to fall for it. I knew that I could change the course of my future that nothing was set in stone. I could etch and chisel away at the solid foundation and still change it into a beautiful life, one of my own making.

In the attempts of breaking through those confining walls my birth right surrounded me with, I came to the realization that my life would never be normal. That my life would be the center of attention for the whole world to see. To see every faltering step, every mistake, every time I had my heart broken.

This is my life.

Princess Emilia’s life.

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pairings: mitch rapp x reader.

warnings: only some cursing.

a/n: @dylan-trash-tbh said it was good, so I decided to share with you as well. 🙈

The sun peeked through the tall trees from the forest that surrounded you, causing a stinging sensation to spread across your cheeks and shoulders. Your bare skin complained for you had nothing but a tank top and some shorts on; naturally, considering you had gone there to train with your superior, Mitch Rapp, this was the what you should have on. 

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Winter break came and went, and I’m back to classes, and I didn’t draw a thing. I really tried, but I keep getting frustrated, I feel like no matter how much I try I don’t improve at all, and everything I do looks awful, and, how people became so great? I practice, try new things and everything looks wrong. And I feel like keep doing what I always do will just keep me  stuck! 

I have so many projects and my abilities are nowhere close to work on them, is so frustrating…

so yeah, I have nothing good to share with you, and I wanted to get this out of my chest.

If anyone has good advice I would greatly appreciate it.

I’m so thankful of everyone that has stuck around, I big hug for you all.

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Milo and Dakota comfort ficlet?

I had to look search through some hurt/comfort prompts first for this idea. Going with “You need to eat something.”

Title: Most Important Meal of the Day

Vinnie had volunteered to stay with Milo while Balthazar ran back to the apartment for a first-aid kit. The kid’s reaction time to that gas pipe being blown out of the ground hadn’t been nearly as fast as some of his dodging feats before. 

Luckily, Milo managed to get away with two minor burns on his left arm and a scrape to the knee. It could’ve been a lot worse.

“Maybe you should start reinforcing your pistachio carts. With concrete, or diamonds, or even silk,” Milo suggested, clutching his stomach as it growled loudly.

The pistachio cart had been destroyed during the explosion, but that was nothing new. However, Vinnie did regret not having Milo’s favorite food to share with him.

But almonds and cashews would serve as a good substitute.

“I can hear your stomach growling from a mile away,” Vinnie said, handing him a plastic bag filled with assorted nuts. “Did you eat this morning?”

Milo popped a handful of macadamias into his mouth. “I was going to, but when I sat down to eat breakfast, a lot of alley cats fell from the attic and I spilled my cereal on the ground while trying to shoo them out. It ate up a lot of my morning, so I kinda forgot to eat.”

“So you didn’t react in time because you were low on energy,” Vinnie said. “It happens. But please don’t forget to eat breakfast next time. Most important meal of the day, remember?”

 Milo nodded. “I won’t. Thanks for the food!”

“Don’t mention it kid. Or on second thought, maybe you can vouch for me in front of Balthazar when he gets back,” Vinnie winked. “And he says having a portable food stash to tap into when I’m hungry is ridiculous.”