i have nothing for you

  • Darcy:She probably thinks I hate her now. I’ve waited my entire adolescent life for a date with this girl. You know, Elizabeth Bennet. And I decide to close the evening with a wave.
  • Bingley:It was a nice wave.
  • Darcy:At the end of a date? C’mon. There’s no such thing. You only get one shot with a girl like Lizzie. I got mine and I blew it.
  • Bingley:Which means you have nothing to lose.
  • Darcy:Nothing except my last shred of dignity.
  • Bingley:Oh no. I think that’s gone.

Gather the Frasers of Lallybroch together and get them out of here. There’ll be pell-mell on the moor, wi’ troops and horses moving to and fro. Nobody will try and stop you wi’ the British in sight and the battle about to begin. Tell them the order comes from me, and they’ll follow without question. Lead them off the moor and away from the battle. Set them on the road to Lallybroch and home.

Are ye sure?

Aye. This battle is already lost. No matter how righteous, it was doomed from the start. We’ve done all we could, but now it’s over. I’ll not have my kin die for nothing.

And what are you to do?

I’ll take Claire to safety. Then I’ll turn back… back to Culloden, and fight till it’s done.

I’ll guide yer men to safety and set them on the path home. But ken this: when ye return, I’ll be waiting here to fight by yer side.

No. No, I said I’ll not have ye dying for nothing.

I won’t be. I’ll be dying with you.

Murtagh and Jamie, Episode 2x13: Dragonfly in Amber

i don’t understand why people think it’s boring to have steady, loving relationships. life is infinitely more exciting (not to mention sweeter) when you have a partner in crime. having someone else along for the ride always makes for more laughter, more stupid moments, more understanding, more loyalty and more support.

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Detective Danvers and each of the members finding out about them

J’onn is the first to know. Alex wishes it was Kara, she knows she has to tell Kara, but she can’t really help that J’onn can read minds.  And she can’t help that she spends most of her time now thinking about Maggie.  Kara will understand.

Alex is thinking about Maggie, and when she kissed her for the first time last night, and J’onn really has the worst poker face.  He goes pale and his eyes go wide and when Alex asks if he’s okay, he just coughs and mutters something about being tired.  After their debriefing, Alex pulls J’onn aside into her lab and closes the door.

“Is nothing sacred?” she asks.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” J’onn says, but it’s very obvious he knows exactly what she’s talking about.

“J’onn, if you ever read my mind again without my consent, I will kill you.  And I’ve spent over two years learning to kill aliens, so you know I’ll get the job done.”

J’onn frowns.  “I’m sorry, Alex.  You seemed off today, I was worried something was wrong,” he sighs.  “Although I suppose I was a little wrong.”

“Just a bit,” Alex snaps.  “I just–please don’t tell Kara.  I still have to tell her and I don’t want her finding out from anyone else.”

J’onn nods.  He’s nothing if not loyal.  “Your secret is safe with me.”  Alex smiles, relieved, and then J’onn adds, “I’m glad you’re happy.”

“Me too.”

James is the second person to find out, and it’s a complete accident.  Alex should’ve expected it to happen.  Kara did mention that he’s been trying to get out in the field with his camera more often.  Although, it’s mostly her fault.  She really should have better judgment than to pull Maggie into an alley across from the crime scene and kiss her.

It’s not her fault that Maggie looks that cute bossing people around.

And James, with his investigative nature, finds them with Maggie pressed against the brick wall of a building, and Alex holding her by the hips and kissing her deeply.  As soon as Alex notices him, she pulls herself off Maggie and jumps at least five feet away.

At least he was smart enough to not take a picture of it, otherwise Alex would’ve definitely smashed his camera to bits.

“Well,” Maggie says, breaking the awkward, tense silence between them.  “This is awkward.”

James nods in agreement.  “Sorry, ladies.”  He clears his throat and clutches his camera tightly.  “I’ll just leave you to, uh…yeah.  It.”

Alex runs her fingers through her hair and before James can leave, she says, “Wait, James.”  He has barely moved, but still turns to Alex.  She sighs nervously.  “Please don’t bring this up with Kara,” she pleads.  “I haven’t told her yet and, I just–she should hear it from me.”

James’ face softens in understanding, and he nods.  “Of course.”

Alex tries to tell Kara, she really does.  She meets Kara at Catco for lunch one day, but then gets a 911 call from J’onn.  She gets the perfect opportunity when they’re between movies during their movie nights, but chickens out when there’s a knock at the door when the pizza delivery girl arrives.

As much as Alex wants Kara to be the next person to know, she needs advice.

She meets Lucy for breakfast at Noonan’s, making sure to get there after Kara has finished her morning visit to the restaurant, and she finds a booth in the corner.  Alex has gotten a lot closer to Lucy, ever since she saved her and J’onn from being sent to Cadmus, and she’s come to really appreciate having a girl who’s a friend to talk to that’s not her sister.

Alex orders a plateful of sticky buns and some coffee, black, and smiles at Lucy as she slides into the booth across from her.

“Hey, thanks for inviting me today,” she says as she sets her purse down next to her.  “I’ve missed you.”

Alex smiles, but her heart is thumping heavily, because this is the first time she’s actually come out to someone.  J’onn and James found out completely by accident.

“You too,” Alex says.  “Help yourself,” she adds, gesturing to the sticky buns on the table.

“Thanks,” Lucy replies, and bites into a bun.  “So what’s up?”

Alex wears down on her bottom lip as she bites down on it nervously.  “I actually wanted to talk to you about something,” she confesses.  “I…I guess I need your advice.”

Lucy nods, her face understanding and sympathetic.  “What do you need?”

Alex isn’t really sure how or where to start, and the more she thinks about it the more complicated it gets in her brain, so she ends up just blurting it out.


Lucy raises an eyebrow.  “What was that?”

Alex clears her throat and chuckles nervously.  “I, um… I’m dating Maggie.  Maggie Sawyer.”

Lucy blinks and her lips twitch up into a small grin, but she’s mostly unfazed.  “Maggie Sawyer the cop?” she asks.  Alex nods with a shy smile.  “Good for you!  She’s hot!”

Alex’s smile turns more genuine, and she laughs again, no longer nervous, but happy that her friend is excited for her.  “Yeah?”

“Yeah!  You deserve to be happy, Alex.  I’m glad you found someone.”  Lucy takes her hand from across the table and squeezes.  “What did you need, though?”

Alex frowns again.  “Well, I haven’t told Kara yet, and I just… I don’t know how.”

This time, Lucy laughs.  “You’re worried about telling Kara?”  Alex nods, but Lucy just shakes her head in amusement.  “Kara’s your sister, she loves you!  I know it’s hard to believe, but as long as you’re happy, so is she.”  Alex doesn’t say anything, so Lucy rolls her eyes and continues.  “You want my advice?  Just tell her!  She’ll be more upset about the fact that you didn’t tell her than the fact that you’re dating Maggie.”

“You think so?”

“I know so.”

Alex is still nervous, but Lucy’s words and her acceptance make Alex realize this might be easier than she thought.

That afternoon, instead of going home or staying late at work, she heads straight to Kara’s loft and lets herself in.

Kara is on the couch, watching Stranger Things, but pauses the show when she sees her sister.  “Alex?  Are we doing movie night tonight?”

Alex shakes her head.  “No, sorry.  I probably should’ve called before I dropped by.”

“Pfft, it’s fine,” Kara dismisses.  “You know you can come anytime.  What’s up?”

“I just…I have something I need to tell you.”  Kara nods encouragingly, so Alex just spits it out.  “I’m gay.  And Maggie is, uhh, my girlfriend.”  It’s the first time she’s said that word out loud, and it’s weird, but exciting.

Kara is completely unaffected by the news.  “I know.”

“W-what?” Alex asks, baffled.

“Alex, we grew up together.  I’d like to think I know you pretty well,” Kara smirks, but Alex doesn’t believe her.  She glares at Kara, who falters and adds, “Okay, fine, I tried to find you with my super hearing one night, but you were with Maggie, and, well, let’s just say I heard some things I probably could’ve gone the rest of my life without ever hearing.”  She shudders and makes a face.

Alex gasps.  “Why didn’t you tell me?!”

Kara shrugs.  “Because, it’s your life, and I figured you’d tell me when you’re ready.  Besides, it doesn’t change anything.  You’re my sister and I love you.”

Alex feels the tears coming, so she just pulls Kara into a tight hug, rivaling her sister’s strength.  She squeezes Kara tightly, and lets the tears fall silently as relief washes over her.  Kara hugs her back, careful not to break any bones, happy that her sister is happy.

Next week, Alex brings Maggie to game night.  The teams are Alex & Maggie, James & Winn, and Kara & Lucy.  It’s unfair, really.  Not only are Alex and Maggie the only couple, but they’re also individually the most competitive and easily kick everyone’s asses.  Alex gives her girlfriend a celebratory kiss.

Winn stares at them, wide-eyed and confused.  “Wh–you’re–what?”

Kara laughs.  “Use your words, Winn.”

He points at Alex and Maggie.  “Why is no one else freaking out about this?!”

Alex and Kara exchange glances.  “I guess we just, uhh, forgot to tell you?” Alex says.

“Maggie and Alex are dating!  Sorry Winn!” Kara says quickly.  “Now, who wants to play Settlers of Catan next?”

Winn doesn’t even get the chance to pout, as everyone starts arguing over which color they get.  Alex takes Maggie’s hand in her own and pulls it into her lap as the game board gets set up.


My heart stopped when you pulled away from kissing me. A million thoughts rushed through my head. What have I done wrong? Are you just leading me on and feel guilty? Does my breath smell bad? I prepared myself for the worst.

Nothing would have prepared me to hear “I fucking love you L.”

As you kissed up and down my neck you kept saying it. I’m still failing to believe the feelings of the past 5 years has led to now, and they are more than reciprocated. 

Until now I didn’t think people had soulmates of any kind, but I’m nearly certain I’ve found mine in you, L. 


And now then: are you gonna take off your fur, or do I have to?  :|

And by that I mean: if you fucking reset yourself I’m coming after you and I’m gonna do very not nice things to you that have nothing to do with apples.  :|

Where would we be without this.  WHERE.


… well that was relatively painless.  Like father, like son.

No that’s fine to eat.

I mean yes it’s glowing pink and has kind of an unsavory tinge to it, but… it’s fine.

And obviously you can trust that man.

He looks wholesome.

His son looks wholesome.

This is a family of good eggs who have totally never slipped bombs into the covers of woohooing sims, conjured meteors, growled at or bitten other sims, or ANYTHING like that EVER.

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I am always ready for more Woody/Mikey! Because I'm dying for more, would it be possible to ask for Woody/Mikey in your selkie au? If you feel like it, please and thank you (sorry, I have nothing more specific)

( @wardenofthenorth i wrote more of our au)

The bell above the door jingled merrily. Woody glanced up from his half-hearted reading and grinned.

“Hey, you two,” he said cheerfully, tossing the magazine aside. “What brings you in today?”

“Hi, Woody!” Mike chirped back, round eyes shining. He was a year younger than Woody and larger than life. His dark curls looked particularly unruly, as though he got caught in a windstorm on his way inside, while Don’s long hair fell in a neat curtain over his shoulders. “We’re going fishing today! Dad rented a boat, so we just need fishing stuff.”

“Fishing stuff it is,” Woody replied sagely, and hopped off the stool to make his way around the counter. His uncle ran the only grocery store on the island, and Woody helped out as much as he could; it was the least he could do after Uncle Rupert took him in.

And as he dug through Styrofoam containers of nightcrawlers in the bait fridge, looking for the very best for his best buddy, Woody thought, I’d rather be here than anywhere else, and he meant it.

“Okay, one order of juicy worms, coming right up,” he announced, handing the winning container over. Mike wrinkled his nose as he took it, and Woody had to fight to keep a straight face. “You’ll eat raw fish, but worms are gross?”

Thumping footsteps on the stairs curbed whatever retort the kid might have come up with. He settled for sticking out his tongue, and Woody returned the gesture playfully. The door behind the counter swung open, Uncle Rupert coming down from the apartment above the store.

Rupert was a big man, tall and broad-shouldered and solid from head to toe. He was dressed in the usual faded denim and tired flannel, the knit cap on his head spilling blond curls identical to Woody’s.

“The Hamatos are going fishing,” Woody explained as his uncle lumbered over. “The twins here are on a supply run.”

“Hi, Mr. Dirkins,” Don said politely, and Mike waved with the hand that wasn’t carefully clutching the container of worms. “There are poles in the boat we rented, but we still need a tackle box.”

“And all the stuff that goes in a tackle box,” Mike added helpfully. Rupert snorted, adopting a sideways smile.

“I’ll get you boys sorted. Woody, ring ‘em up with the family discount.”

“Aye aye, sir. C'mon, amigos,” he said, nudging Don’s shoulder. It was the work of a few minutes to cash them out, and then Woody ducked out back to root through the cardboard for a sturdy box.

By the time he came back inside, Rupert was patiently teaching Don how to tie a fishing knot, and Mike was leaning over the counter, grinning ear to ear.

“Hey, Woody! Mr. Dirkins says you can go fishing with us! Which means you get to hook the gross worms.”

Woody passed over the box, and glanced sidelong at his uncle. “But I thought we had to do inventory tonight.”

“You let me worry about that,” Rupert said gruffly, packing up the tackle box and shutting it with a decisive snap. “Take a ten out of the register for dinner, and be back tomorrow afternoon to help with the delivery truck.”

Mike’s enthusiasm was catching, and Woody found himself rushing eagerly to do as he was told. He stuffed the wrinkled bill in his pocket, and grabbed his jacket off the hook by the stairway door, and lingered just long enough to throw an arm around his uncle’s shoulders.

“Thanks,” he said, and laughed out loud when Rupert ruffled his hair and gave him a shove toward the door.

“Don’t drown,” the man replied fondly, by way of goodbye.

Three years ago, Woody’s absentee parents sent him to Turtle Cove to live with a relative he had never met. It was meant to be a punishment, but it hadn’t turned out that way.

Mike wrapped a brown hand around Woody’s tanned one, and Woody folded his fingers around Mike’s right back. Don was griping about being stuck carrying the supplies, but he was happy when Mike was happy – And so am I, Woody thought, and he meant it.

He would miss this town, if he ever had to leave it. He would miss his uncle, and their comfortable apartment, and the way dawn looked spread out across the water when it was time to open the store in the morning.

And he would miss Mike, and Mike’s infectious laughter, and the ocean magic that made his eyes shine blue when he was so happy he couldn’t help it.

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You even ship Juref and Ichilal. Also ships have nothing to do with this. I am better at you when it comes to shit posting just face the truth

I didn’t even tend to shit post?! Also juref is sexy. Like a bad ass Mel evilish Zeref dominating Jura!

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i know a large part of the gendrya fandom fangirls over "you'd be m'lady" but while that was a lovely scene and very emotional, i always saw it as "you're highborn, i'm not, i'd have to call you my lady" - not romantic, really. (although you could argue about foreshadowing, i guess ;) ) for me - it's acorn hall-the song, "a nice oak tree"; and angry-gendry-once-arya-leaves that make it to my favourites.

I have nothing to add here because I 10000% agree with everything you say here, so just yes yes yes to all of this (and I have hope Acorn Hall will happen in the show now they’re both older and it will be the reunion HMMMM YES PLEASE)

“The Dead Season“: Chapter 22 & 23 up at AO3

Chapter 22: Man of Faith, Pt. 1

Chapter 23: Man of Faith, Pt. 2


Sene, Solas, and the Inquisition entourage arrive at the Berrande estate outside Val Royeaux. The evening soldiers on, then comes to a most unexpected close.

The word count for this monster got insanely out of hand, and I could spare nothing. So, there you have it. Two chapters.

This is not short. Bring popcorn.

Here we have Solas alive and awake in every single possible element. Also, butterflies. And booze. And armchairs. And…

My soul. It’s a bit sore after this one. <3

Start from the Beginning

In this story, Solas is young, reckless and totally fucked up in love. Sene Lavellan is his fiery anchor to all that is real. This is their quotidian and their drama. A lot of sweet and a lot of intense atmosphere. Plus, a lot of just…hope? I think. I love these two elves.

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I'm might be late, but happy birthday (sorry I have nothing to give you because class and homework stress and I'm going to school now hnnng xc)

Hehehe dont worry ♥
you should not do if you don’t have time, its okay so ♥ Thank you ♥

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Looking back on it, how would you feel about Sam doing the trials if you were together at the time Gabe?

I would have stopped him before he even started doing them. I knew where it was going because, i was with dad when he created it. 

Look. I’m sorry, okay? I just thought it would have been worth it. 

Nothing is worth losing you, Sammy-boy. Nothing.

Same goes for you too, Gabe.