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A lot of people who say “you girls can get married AND still get a degree whilst married!” need to realise that this isn’t going to always be the case for everyone. Not every girl who gets married suddenly gains freedom to do whatever she wants. I’m not saying every marriage is some sort of trap, but I definitely see that often those who say that women need to marry young also hold the belief that women somehow should have less priority to complete an education. Perhaps a reason they think this is because they think that when a woman becomes older, more successful, more independent, she becomes more “undesirable”. Having that mentality makes you a disgusting person.
Yes, there are people who get married young and have a great life, but the same does not apply to everyone. Just because one woman could complete her degree whilst pregnant does not mean every woman is capable of or even wishes the same.

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I'm six feet tall. Try topping that.

I know I’m basically done growing. I’m 18. If anything I’d reach 5'9, but nothing further. You will forever have beaten me. (But I’m cool with that, I love people who are taller than me. My best angels are viewed from above)

Maybe if I stood on a chair-

The Messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said, “Verily, Satan places his throne over the water and he sends out his troops. The closest to him in rank are the greatest at causing tribulations. One of them says: I have done this and this. Satan says: You have done nothing. Another one says: I did not leave this man alone until I separated him from his wife. Satan embraces him and he says: You have done well.”
—  Muslim 2813

“You did this wrong LOL.” Well, that’s so rich. You sat back TWO WEEKS ago when this group project was assigned, you don’t come to class half the time, and you literally wrote 0% of the dialogue and the scenario for this oral exam that’s worth half the final grade. You have the GALL to come in two days on the Google doc before it’s due and start ripping it apart? Get off your lazy ass and actually start helping.

(Wrote back a passive-aggressive response to her comment of “LOL We need to fix this” with “Yes, sounds like a good idea. It would be nice to have all the group members participate in the doc!”)

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Talking a lot and/or all the time and having great communication with each other doesn't have anything to do with astrology. It's pretty standard for all relationships of only a few months. If you're running an astrology blog, it would be smart not to mix up your own "honeymoon phase" feelings with sun-sign compatibility. You get along great because you're young and in love and have been together for a short amount of time. It's not because it's a Cancer-Gemini thing.

I can post whatever I want on this blog. you know nothing about my relationship except what I’ve posted here, yet you have the audacity to assume I know nothing about it either.
shut the hell up. you sound idiotic and bitter.

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momo looks he tian in the eye and he tian looks at his lips i'm honestly deceased

[I am deceased too, may our souls rest in pieces & amen]

Yes! yes, it’s really nice to see Guan Shan so bold, looking straight into He Tian’s eyes (probably ready to catch his lips). He rarely does this right now; and when their eyes meet, it’s usually when they are arguing. But here, there’s a mix of desire and.. fondness, maybe? Well, clearly a lot of sexual tension [wipes sweat], but it’s definitely more than lust. The way they look at each other is honestly magnetic. The small frown on Guan Shan’s face (of which I’m not surprised tbh, since it fits him so well) shows that he’s entirely focused on He Tian. They are naked (more or less) in front of each other, they have nothing to hide.

Umh, I’m sorry to disagree with you, but I’m not sure if He Tian is actually looking at his lips. For me, it looks more like.. he’s observing his features. He’s holding his gaze. He Tian’s pupils are pointed a bit lower, because their eyes are not really on the same level. There’s just a small difference, of course. But even if he’s not looking at Guan Shan’s lips, He Tian still looks so inviting. He’s sitting in the bathtub and Guan Shan turns around, leans closer and reaches after him; and He Tian doesn’t move, not even an inch. He watches. He’s completely captivated. Maybe for a moment they both forget how to breathe. 

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I have nothing but the utmost respect for you, and I hope the new episode of yoi is beautiful and wonderful so you can enjoy it and forget about all those shit suckers who think pedophila is the equivalent of racism. Seriously though??? I spit my drink reading that. Thank you for everything you do and I hope you have a great day/night. Whichever. And please continue ripping those dick bags some new ones because that is A+

thank you!!!!!! Today the preview pics for the next ep come out so I’m very excited and I hope everyone else is too!!!

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(1) I remember there was a prompt about Kaz altering his cane into a blade for Inej a while back? I always thought it would be great if Kaz's cane had a hidden blade. If it did, it would almost represents both parts of him.

(2) Kaz, the finesse, the precise and sharp movements of a fine blade. Dirtyhands, the brute strength and ruthlessness of the bone-breaking cane

aahhh this. yes. everything about this is perfect and for once i have nothing to add. you are brilliant ❤

Holy F.A.Q.!

I’m not very fond of making a FAQ section, it seems kinda pretentious (even for a narcissist like me!), but I find myself spending time typing these same replies over and over and I’m bored enough to gather them in one neat post.

1. Do you take requests and/or do art trades?

2. Still, can I make suggestions for future drawings?
You can, if you have nothing else to do, but chances are I will do what I want. I’m an asshole, I know.

3. Do you take commissions?
I do, but very sporadically. Fear not, I always make a post when I open a few slots.

4. What software and tablet do you use?
Adobe Photoshop CS3 bootleg edition and a Genius Pen Sketch. 

5. Can you teach me how to draw?
No. I can, however, offer you the sites and books I check when I’m in distress.

6. How do you do lineart?

I work on a massive canvas, as big as my hardware allows it without lagging. I usually resize the image to make 8500 px the biggest measure (the other one autoadjusts). I use a 5 px hard round brush to do the lines and I add the base colors before I make the image smaller again.

I also use Lazy Nezumi Pro to enhance the linework because my pulse is garbage.  

7. How do you color?
I have a couple tutorials about this. They’re very old and very outdated, but the core of the process and layer modes remain

8. Your titles are weird, where do you find all these words?
Some are words I already know, others are a journey down the thesaurus and sites collecting archaic words even my grandma would call antiquated. 

9. What’s your Roaring Falls AU about?
I don’t know anymore, dude. Here’s an old as fuck word salad trying to summarize it.

10. Can I write/draw something based on your AU?
Why is this even a question? Of course you can!! Don’t forget to tag me, I’d love to see what you come up with :D

11. Are you a boy or a girl?
I’m whatever floats your boat. It amuses me to keep you guessing.

12. Are you interested in animation?
As a skill, yes. As a career, no.

You know I jokingly cry about my follower count

but man quality over quantity. i have some amazing people that i love and respect that actually fellow me.

people i actually know that supported me doing this even wen so many tried to put a gag on me 

people like 

@selfishduality @rattusbailys

and people that i have found from being here 

it is crazy that some of the blogs i like the most actually care what i think 

like @dangerbooze @miniephie @dalaisa-thirhi 

oh ya and a few random porn bots (why are you here i have nothing for you) 

Feeling way too many emotions rn and I have so much to say to you while simultaneously having nothing to say to you. But it doesn’t matter because I’ve decided to give up on lost causes and from day one that’s what you’ve been. I just hope you find what you could never find in me, in someone else. And I hope you’re happy.

Hands, by Fereydoon Moshiri / فریدون مشیری

Can there be anything,

More precious than eyes and hearts?


Indeed, more precious than eyes and hearts, are hands!

Of all the seen and unseen gems,

Incarnate in body and soul,

The most preciou, no doubt,

Are the hands.

All the gains of life are seized by hand!

Everything in this world,

Everything on this Earth,

Is ruled under someone’s hand!

Have you heard of such a reign?!

Hand are ruling the world!

Noble are the hands!

If only for what they’re tasked to do

My most beloved deed in life;


In the deepest of plights,

In the gravest of grieves,

Many a time have I called out to myself:

“Take heart!”

“You have nothing, but you still have your hands!”

Remember Bisotun?

Put your hands to work,

To move a mountain like a blade of hay.

And, what an amazing force,

Is in hands that are connected to one another!

If ever one is defeated,

Surely, his hands must’ve been tied!

To be hand in hand with someone;

Union of two souls!

To be hand in hand with someone;

Pledge of two lovers!

If you’re hand in hand with another,

You sense the exchange of words

From one friend’s hand to the other.

The fleeting touch of a physician’s hand,

Laid with care on a patient’s forehead,

Heals better than any prescribed remedy!

As you rise up dancing,

Waiving your hands in the air,

It’s the flag of joy you’re raising,

With the flag that is your han,

Sorrow’s army you’re defeating!

Hands are the treasure-chest of love and art:

Be it on the frets of an instrument,

Be it on the shoulder of a friend,

Be it on the portrait on a canvas,

Be it on the gear of a wheel,

Be it on the handle of a sickle,

Be it extended to help the blind,

Be it in building a better tomorrow!

What keeps tormenting my heart?

Compounding my other bitter gloom,

Is humanity’s fate and doom!

Regret and pain weigh heavily upon our hearts,

For our hands have yet to reach out to one another,

But, our bullets have reached their targets.