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I don’t even know where Broomfield is.
—  white woman, in Boulder
Not a Wolf

She is fierce. She roars at danger. The world is hers to roam and she owns all that is in it.

Given the wings to fly, she would soar across the skies and add the clouds to her dominion.

She is loyal. She defends what belongs to her and her family.

She mocks fear and challenges the earth.

She is no wolf. No wolf would dare demand a lion give up his throne. No wolf would defy Nature’s balance with such boldness.

Within her soul beats the heart of a dragon. Ancient masters of the earth and sky. The world is hers to reclaim.

And I’m just along for the ride.

When will ugly vegans from other countries stop celebrating vegetarianism in India? It is not something good, holy shit, you have no idea how much poor people suffer from bans on animal slaughter and cow slaughter. I could write an entire thesis on the bullshit that minorities have to face, being called dirty, filthy, unclean, etc, for association with meat-eating, and especially beef-eating. Muslims, Sikhs, Dalits and Christians face arson and murder and pogroms when “caught slaughtering cows” (also, many of these “caught taking part in cow slaughter” stories are made up to justify marginalising these groups and murdering them). Also, price of all vegetables are already really high, but have absolutely sky-rocketed since the beef ban in MH (amongst other factors). Even basic things like onions and tomatoes cost an arm and a leg. Holy shit, stop celebrating more and more bans on animal slaughter. 

If you are vegan or vegetarian, feel free, I have absolutely nothing against you, and fully support animal welfare. But keep India out of your mouth if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

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BORED PRINCESS (Luke Hemmings)

Requested: No (request here!)

Rating: No Smut

Word Count: 1 561

Storyline: You’ve neglected Luke all day and go to his house for some snuggles.

“See you later babe, I’ll text you when I get home!”

You walked towards your front door, waving to your best friend who had just dropped you off after your very long day of shopping. Dropping the bags on the floor next to the now-closed door, you reached into your hand bag to bring out your phone, wanting to see what your boyfriend was up to since you hadn’t talked to him all day. Lighting up the screen, you noticed the whole screen was full of message from him, stopping about an hour before the time now.

“Baaaaabe, hurry up and shop, I have nothing to do”

“Are you done? Seriously, how much stuff can you girls buy”

“Its been like 3 hours omg y/n”

“Im horny and sleepy and hungry and boredddddd and everyones busy but me :-(“

“i hate my life”

You laughed at the last one. Luke was always dramatic at times like this and you felt bad that you hadn’t looked at your phone once during the whole day to keep him updated or a little bit of company. You decided you pay him a visit and texted him saying you’d come now. You grabbed your keys and ran out the door, exhausted from earlier in the day but knowing you needed to see your man. 

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Just think in the near future we are going to get an insta or snap that shows the flag casually hanging in the background

I’m loving all you nice anons, even though I don’t expect that to happen, lol :) They don’t owe me or any of us anything. <3 But thank you and if it does happen I HOPE IT’S NOT WHEN I’M  STUCK AT CLINICAL ON WEDNESDAY or balls deep in bacteria in lab on Tuesday afternoon lmao <333 love you sweet anon

EXO reactions to watching the Harry Potter movies


i have nothing to say other than if you have not watched any of the Harry Potter movies or read the books (you should) or are planning on doing so soon…there are spoilers ahead. also…if you don’t understand what i’m talking about, sorry again. i’m a potterhead okay. shiz happens. including this.


“I told you that Snape was the Half Blood Prince. And you didn’t listen to me. I told you, I told you!”

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“I can’t believe Professor Quirrell had Voldemort on the back of his head! How did he sleep at night??”

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“Wait, what?! Is Draco evil?? WHY IS HE LETTING THEM IN? HE IS SO STUPID.”

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“No. I’m not watching anymore. I can’t believe they just killed Dumbledore like that. Why? Why would they do that?”

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“I don’t know what’s going on…Remus is a werewolf? Like, an actual wolf?”

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*is unimpressed because someone just spoiled the movie for him* ft Kyungsoo who cannot get over Dumbledore’s death

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“Yes! I knew Cedric was gonna die! I knew it!”

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“Voldemort looks so funny without a nose. Why doesn’t he have a nose?”

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*is already sleeping 15 minutes into the movie*

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*very sarcastically* “Oh no…Voldemort is here again…what a surprise. I never thought I’d see him again. I am so shocked right now…!”

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I’m receiving a ton of apologies in my inbox from various members of the community concerning the last few months. I want you all to know that all is forgiven. I do not hold a grudge and am completely happy with where I am at in my life. I love you all and respect and appreciate the messages I am getting. I hope that from here forward, we can move on, respect one another and do our thing in this community. I also want you all to understand that my inbox is open for any concerns, questions or clarifications to any of my posts that you may have. I wish everyone nothing but the best.

Love, Light and Progress.

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So back when I was doing my undergrad (which I swear, wasn’t actually that long ago, how old do you think I am???) I was taking a ton of really fun, morbid 19th century British history all about crime and torture and gore and I was pretty much having the nerdiest time of my life… One day, I was sitting in the middle of a drafty lecture hall, taking notes on highwaymen and I just kept thinking to myself, “I could write a novel about this. I wanna write a novel about this. I need to go home and write a novel about this IMMEDIATELY, why is this class 3 hours long???” Keep in mind, this was when I still had a time travel trilogy to rewrite from scratch (I think I either hadn’t started yet or was halfway through at that point), so I was both in a situation where I was still elbows deep in a project already, and kinda on the precipice of needing a new project. So that is how I pulled these critters out of the hat:

Octavian Cutlass  

  • dastardly kingpin extraordinaire to an underground thieving ring.
  • owns a brothel in the back of a creepy run down wax museum.
  • fancy pants dandy by night, drag queen by day. (surprise! I got into grad school with this revelation. I’ll keep that brag tag to my grave!)
  • lures unsuspecting victims off the highway to steal their goods by dressing as a helpless, but beautiful woman. It’s super effective.
  • once straight up stole the Venus de Milo like yo??? It’s still chilling in his underground lair.
  • his henchmen are useless, useless I tell you, and he’s tired of it!
  • the answer to his problems is obviously to kill them and start from scratch. they’s gots to go!
  • I may have accidentally rendered his likeness after an effeminate, but still incredibly sharp and intimidating Draco Malfoy when I wrote up the first chapter. This was unintentional and will probably change in later drafts. Or not.
  • Basically if Frank N Furter and Walter White had a glittery Victorian love child.

Basil and Hamish

  • I’ve packed up my notebooks, so I couldn’t tell you their last names and I frequently forget their names because this project is still in the planning stages.
  • inspired by Burk and Hare, who were notorious gravediggers and body snatchers who would deliver fresh corpses to surgeons desperate for cadavers they could let their students operate on. (this is literally my favourite corner of history. please by all means talk to me about Victorian gravediggers they were the bomb.com. I don’t know why, but this hardcore thrills me!)
  • comic relief, what is this thing? 
  • roped into Cutlass’ schemes after he catches them stealing bodies from the cemetery.
  • blackmailed into covering up all the murders Cutlass done did to all his thieves.
  • ironically squeamish sensibilities.
  • watch out for rotting burial grounds which will definitely not collapse and crush one of them one day…
  • one of them is in love with this lady over here:

Andrina Caulder

  • gypsy pirate extraordinaire.
  • John Ralphio voice: “biiiisexuaaaaaaaal as fuuuuuuuuuck!!!”
  • dresses as a man to get herself a boat and crew.
  • swindles travellers out of their money through fortune telling (which was a straight up offense punishable by law in the history books, look it up!!)
  • devious as hell and totally screws Cutlass over many a time.
  • this both pleases and displeases him.
  • met Cutlass while they were attempting to swindle each other, she, dressed as a man, he dressed as a woman. (This genderbender makes me cry. I’m gonna write a legitimate novel and publish it and wow… my crack dreams are coming true.)
  • they have some sort of marriage of convenience which definitely did not involve a wedding in which she was the groom and he was the bride just to fuck with everyone. (this is a Very Serious Novel guys.)
  • do not trust her. she will get under your skin, make you fall in love with her, then steal your shit, never to be seen again.

Vermillion Carnadine

  • holy shit how did he get such a metal name? What are you, a Shakespeare quote? (probably, lbr here…) 
  • no-nonsense surgeon who hired Basil and Hamish for them bodies.
  • Very Displeased that this dandy snuck his resurrection men out from under his nose until this happens:
  • strikes a deal with Cutlass to take the bodies of those thieves he straight up murdered in the face, so long as he helps him with all the sciency aspects of putting together a Frankenstein’s monster type deal who can replace Cutlass’ henchmen.

Ugh. I have not met a single person who has not been like “holy shit, I’d read the fuck out of that.” I can see my whole literary career flashing before my eyes every time I think about this…

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Can you reblog the "no flex vs flex" photos again without the negative comment? Honestly, you look hot as fuck (especially when you're flexing 😏). I don't really care for the douchebag misgendering you. I'm a girl with A cup sized boobs & you & I are nothing similar. You have a guy's chest, clearly. You look amazing & anyone looking at you shirtless and calling you a girl is either completely ignorant or completely unhappy with their own look (i.e. a hater). You're hot, post even more. 😍

Well thank you very much I’ll find that photoset and reblog it. I appreciate your kind words. I have been working really hard to make progress!

nicki: and now back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press, miley, what’s good??


miley: i have done nothing but love and support you

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I love scrolling through your blog when I have nothing to do it keeps me occupied for hours, you're probably one the blogs that helped me find my love of reading again 😊

*hugs you forever if you don’t mind*