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Warning: Swearing.

“You cannot just leave!” Loki yelled at you, his voice getting louder with every word. 

“Why can’t I go home? It’s not like I live far!” You tried to reason with him. All that happened today was Loki couldn’t find you for a few hours because you decided to leave the castle for a while to visit your parents and have lunch with them. You were innocent here and Loki was the bad guy. “I offered you to come with me like…A week ago.” 

“HOW DO I KNOW YOU WERE WITH THEM AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE?” Loki screamed with rage, kicking and pushing over everything in your shared bedroom. It was your turn to get angry.

“Are you fucking kidding me right now?” You hissed, too angry to yell. “I have been nothing but faithful and supportive of you and this is what I get in return?” Your voice was dangerously low and Loki swallowed, knowing your words were true, but it made him no less angry. “I have done everything for you. I’ve been your shoulder to cry on, the one to stand by your side. I care about you more than anyone but you’re clearly too much of a monster to see that.” As soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted it. Loki’s face fell at the word and you watched as he broke apart infront of your eyes. His eyes began to water and he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. *gif* “Loki..” You said sadly, walking towards him but stopped when he began to back away. 

“Get out.” He said, his voice barely audible. You stood there, saying and doing nothing. “GET OUT!” He kicked the bed, making you jump and scatter from the room. You left too early to see your husband collapse onto the bed, sobbing into his pillow as he realised his worse nightmare had become true: You saw him the same way he saw himself.

Trouble Connecting to DragonsKeep on DAI

I have played DAO and DA2 again after I have just installed DAI, just to get the feeling of it when I start playing DAI finally, but when I did, I cannot connect online, so I search and found out about Dragons keep and Origins. I have installed and have similar accounts for both, and I CAN connect to Origins, but I am unable to connect to DragonsKeep when I enter DAI; says I have to be online in Origins; BUT I am. I have re-installed origins, created another new account; just incase, edit my firewall AND run both DAI and Origins as admin…nothing..I really dont know what else to be done..it seems that many ppl have finished playing and Im missing out, so I was wondering if you guys have any solutions…I’ll try ANYTHING!!


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You walked into the special room made with Thor’s help to try and contain Loki. You had been sent in to interrogate him, since all the other attempts have led to the interrogator giving up in frustration.

“Now, aren’t you a sight for sore eyes?” Loki asked. “What can you offer in trying to question me that the others couldn’t?”

“Nothing else I have to do,” you replied, pulling out the chair and sitting down. “And an overall indifference on if or when I get results. So I won’t get angry and frustrated and quit.”

“Oh, this will be fun then,” Loki said. “I like a challenge.”

“You and I both,” you stated. “You know by now what we want to know. Your allies on Earth, and what they can do. It’s up to you when you want to give them to me.”

“I’m surprised you guys haven’t resorted to torture yet. Not that I’d even talk then,” Loki stated.

“We don’t do that,” you stated. “Well, most of us don’t. I don’t. We usually get more reliable information if the person isn’t just babbling to get us to stop.”

“How generous,” Loki commented, sarcasm evident in his voice.

“Normally we kill threats like you, so yes, we are,” you shot back. Keep him talking, he might slip up. That method has worked on him before.

Loki sat back in his seat. You were surprised how much freedom to move he was allowed. “I know what you’re doing. Getting me to talk in the hopes I’d say too much,” he said.

“Don’t look so smug. It doesn’t matter you know that’s what I’m doing. Because you won’t stop anyways. It’s all a game to you. How much you can say without really giving anything away.”

“You’re smart. I like that,” Loki said. You swore you saw him wink. You’ll have to check the video later.

“And I like games. So what will it be next? How much you hate Thor?”

Loki scowled a bit at the mention of his adopted brother. “How about how much SHIELD lies to its agents?” he countered. “If you’re as smart as you seem, surely you’ve noticed it.”

“Nice deflection. It’d probably mean more if it didn’t come from the god of tricks,” you retorted.

Loki smirked. “I think I’m going to like our game,” he said.

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Clexas think that ET is turning down movie roles just to keep playing a character she hates. Tons of lead actors leave their shows when they have a better offer. You guys talk about better roles but what better roles? in 3 years she only did one of those no one watch/cares movie. I doubt producers are fighting over a cw actress. She still playing Clarke is bc she doesnt have anything else. I understand why you want t100 cancelled but she is no better off, a shitty job its better than nothing.

That’s the issue, as long as she remains stuck in that network she won’t have a chance to grow. I do think she has talent for the indie movie market, and making guest appearances in other networks could also help. Problem is that she is very stuck atm, which also makes the process to make more auditions difficult but I have no doubt she can find another gig.