i have nothing against channing

I have nothing against Ai-chan, and I’m not even that much of a Yurina wota but are people really praising Ai’s modeling stuff?? If so, I’ve gotta say: you wanna see classy & elegant? Go see Kumai’s modelling works.I also realy like her fashion sense when she’s not modelling.            

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Lol I'm sorry to bother u I'm the anon that bhion-chan answered with NishiTou ask. I didn't meant u nor catsoul I meant those haters that were hating on bhion-chan. I have nothing against NishiTou but the fact that there are people that actually belives that NishiTou will be canon just disappoints me. If people belive it then fine whatever but why are they sending hate to bhion-chan? I'm sorry if I offended you in didn't mean it like that! ❤ -ur anon

Well, thank you for clearing that up. I’m sorry bhion-chan got hate, that’s uncalled for and unnecessary. I even want to think they are trolls just rile people up with hate asks because trolls would do that. Ugh. If there’s Nishitou shippers who want to believe it’s going to be canon, I mean, fine, but yeah, don’t send hate. It’s disappointing when any shippers from whatever they ship, go those extremes and make everyone else look bad. :( And don’t worry about, sorry if I offended you or bhion. <3