i have not the balls

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I don't know anyone else who had any direct contact with Hallow, but I wanted to apologize. I regret joining in and getting them to quit. I never wanted them to, and I know others regret it too. I'm really sorry, to everyone.

Well , i have to say , even in anon , it takes some balls and courage to apologize and confess that.You took the responsibility to own up to your mistake and realise you were wrong.What’s done is done , the important part is you admit and  acknowledge it.

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Is it bad or will it effect me loosing weight or toning if i eat a box of medjool dates as a meal

Let me ask my crystal ball the answer…

I have no idea whether it will effect you or not so these questions are really not easy for me to answer. Just eat it, they’re healthy!

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How heavy are your balls?

Like 2 bowling balls. Wait. Bowling balls. I wonder if that’s why all sports have items called balls. Cause that’s the weight of the sports inventors balls? Unless it was someone without balls who invented the sports.

That’s probably it.

((stupid midterms made me miss almost the whole flora ball and i’m really bummed because not just has revision been sapping away at my time but also at my motivation to do this and @daily-fletchinder. I’ve been drawin some eeveelutions in palettes to get back into the spirit so although I may have pretty much absent from the flora ball entirely, i’m not dead really! yep i’m gonna leap out of that grave any minute now. Just gimme a little while and you’ll see the plot advancing! ))

((question: would  you like to see the palette eeveelutions? bc i’m super proud of them and there’s a full set sitting around in my folder))


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Do u think Liz and tom stay together even though he is not on blacklist anymore

That’s the million dollar question, right anon?  If only I had a crystal ball into the writers’ heads.  They have said he will be back on the Blacklist so in the short term, yes, I think Liz and Tom stay together this season.  After that? Who knows.  The odds of them splitting might go up if Redemption got a full S2 but there’s a lot of what-ifs in there.


How did I manage to get this done in like…less than a day o-o

So I mashed Genoary days 8 and 15 together, sorta, more or less, kinda?
Anyway hope you all have a good day~

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my semi realistic art style came back into my life in the form of three members of a very attractive and very angsty family.