i have not posted this film in so long wow


a blessed fancam.



Hi everyone! I don’t know why I never posted it here, but last summer I encoded Nicanor Tiongson’s Four Values in Filipino Drama and Filman essay which challenges not only filmmakers and scriptwriters, but each and every Filipino to boot, to break stereotypes and revolutionize Filipino culture through arts.

This is highly recommended reading, please check it out!  ✨✨

okay so this is mostly just me needing to vent because i just realized that Might Just Die DOESN’T EVEN HAVE A MILLION VIEWS ON YOUTUBE YET (and this is going to be a long post so i’m sorry) like


the choreo is completely mind blowing

not to mention they all got injured and it actually kills me to even put this together because LOOK AT THEM

and that’s just the injuries they talked about… there were even more… [x]

the story of the mv is really cool, and of course the acting is flawless

they were really sweet about the actress who filmed with them [x]

and i know its easy to stare in awe at kyungil’s abs because like wow (i swear people reblogged this gif that dont even know kpop haha)

but he worked like REALLY REALLY hard for it

and Yijeong was hugely instrumental (haha sorry dumb pun) in the composition, production [x], and lyric writing (not just for this song, but also the others on the mini album)

and the other members helped [x]

and Sihyoung wrote the rap (and look how sassy he is about it)

and they did ELEVEN different versions of the music video


(i break it down in THIS gifset: story version , performance version , multiview version for each member , taekwondo version ft. K-tigers , dance practice in the dark , and dance practice BLINDFOLDED . )

BLINDFOLDED dance practice





and yet they’re all perfectly in synch oh my god

i swear they called it Might Just Die because they were going to either kill themselves (with their injuries (゚ノT-T)ノ ) or they were going to kill me fans with their perfection

and yet it doesn’t even have a million views… EXPLAIN TO ME WHY!?

or better yet, GO WATCH IT!!!

anonymous asked:

I️ just want to say I’m really proud of you. I️ just read your recent post about taking film & television as your major wow. Personally it’s really motivating!! And I️ just want to wish you the best of luck and I️ know you’ll do really well omg !!!

omg?? this is the sweetest thing ever??? i have the DUMBEST smile on my face rn. i really appreciate this, so so much. it took me so long to decide on film as my major because of the stigma regarding entertainment/arts majors, along with how fucked up the industry is.. but a gal can hope that she can be part of the change! thank you so so much for your support, i adore you my dear anon <3

The Obligatory X-Men: Days of Future Past Reaction Post OR This Is Not the Film I Was Promised & Here's Why

Or rather, it was the film I was promised for the first forty to fifty minutes and then completely went off the rails into insanity.

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