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Cosplay progress update: I’ve been making some revisions to Yavin IV Leia this week. Namely, making the wig a lot more film-accurate, and redoing the belt so it fits better, and so the plates are made of something more sturdy than foam. I am still waiting on the buttons for the belt plates to finish drying, but revisions are done other than that, and I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out. I think this costume has a good chance of being approved by the RL this time around!

I tell you what, I get so frustrated by Hollywood’s fucked up idea that having LGBT people or POC in a movie will make it bomb. You know what I’m gonna see this month? Fucking Power Rangers. I have never in my life given a shit about Power Rangers. Never seen a show, a movie, never even cared enough to add it to a watch list. But I saw ONE post sounding the horn that it’s got decent LGBT, POC and even autistic representation and I’m fucking there. I am going to toss this movie my hard-earned cash. I see maybe one movie every two months, and this one is gonna be it. I’m fucking excited to watch it, too. All of that shit Hollywood is so scared of damn near guarantees I’ll see a movie I don’t even fucking care about. And I’ll probably enjoy it.

Also, this might be a bit different from others’ stances, but I love seeing slightly different interpretations to my character designs when I get fanart.

Like, any gift art to me is great, regardless of accuracy (aside from like… themes I’m just not okay with, like subtly (obviously) trying to inject certain out-of-character fetishes).

How I draw em will still be what’s canon, but for Pivot for instance, I’ve seen interpretations that have given her a more cyber outfit, given her different segments to her body, different arm and leg designs, etc., and yet it’s still recognizable as her. I love that stuff. It’s creative and different and is just as awesome as seeing interpretations that stay more on-model.

Iunno. I’ve seen and heard stories of some people critiquing gift art they’ve received and criticizing the artist for ‘screwing up’ even minor design elements. Just today a friend was telling me someone actually took some gift art she made for them and had another artist ‘fix’ it.

Why the hell would someone do that?

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23 and 24 for taekook?

how do they hug? kiss? tease? flirt? comfort?

hug: jungkook likes to bury his head in the crook of tae’s neck and just breathe him in; hugs are usually initiated by tae who can just open his arms at any given time when he wants a hug, sometimes jungkook picks him up at random times just to hug him hard and let him go straight after.

kiss: a lot of the time, deep. slow. jungkook likes to fist one hand in tae’s hair and place the other on his waist and tae’s hands are everywhere; he likes to hold onto jungkook’s belt loops or put his hands in the back pocket of his jeans, sometimes he even plays with kook’s ears. they get lost in each other pretty easily and hate letting each other go; even when one of them asks for something like a goodbye kiss it starts off with one or two chaste pecks until one of them suddenly yanks the other back and decides they need a little more. they’re always being yelled at for being all over each other, too.

tease: taehyung likes to ~annoy~ jungkook when he’s busy just because jungkook pretends to get mad at him and literally throws him out of the room (after peppering kisses all over his face and whining at him, ‘hyung, please c’mon). jungkook teases tae about how endearingly bad he is at certain things just to wind him up and then laugh about how cute it is.


comfort: jungkook comfortingly rubs tae’s shoulder and wipes his cheeks and talks to him about things that he likes, to help take his mind off of whatever until tae himself wants to share what’s bothering him. taehyung brings jungkook one of his favourite snacks or drinks and just silently cuddles him until jungkook decides that he’s ok/ready to talk about it. in less serious cases the only comfort they need is being able to hold the other’s hand.

any doubts about the relationship?

it’s not at all major but sometimes tae worries that jungkook’s going to get bored of him or decide that he doesn’t want him anymore since they’ve been together for so long that he sometimes thinks that jungkook might find somebody/something better. 

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I could have whispered it to you.
You might have whispered back to me.
See how far that goes,
The locked and raging ambiguity.

This is the part
Where you pretend to know the world
Because you watch too much FOX news.

Mellifluous, the wind,
Oh living distraction!
Sweet pear blossom to beguile,
–Cause me to stand forgetful in flux,
Owning my truth
Even in this thankless atmosphere.

I was reminded of a gentler version of you.
One that didn’t feel the pull
To justify cryptic things.

What had I given up
In the name of ruling planets?
Even the cosmos agreed
Your halo gleaned mending.

It is always the retrospective glance
That offers most reprieve.
Forgiving the self,
Choosing the fragrant, amenable road
Can be harder than it seems.

A waste of proper knowledge,
My dubious understanding,
Wealth of introspective tones
Radiant, self-involved philosophies.

Stumbling verity
I was scarcely familiar with,
Until you casually
Recklessly informed me.

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I'm sorry to bother but I really need this right now. How would UT Sans, UF Sans, US Sans, and SF Sans react to their S/O who isn't "fat" but they have a little pudge, causing them to feel insecure about their weight and the skeles find out it's because their family has been fat shaming them all their lives?

You’re not bothering me at all. And…..look, if you need to talk, I can’t promise that I’ll be the best person to talk to, but….I’m open to hear you, at least.

First, some general stuff: skeletons REALLY do not get fat-shaming. Given their complete lack of flesh it is literally incomprehensible to them that things with flesh seem to have some sort of value system set up based around how much or how little you have. Totally foreign to them

This is doubly true for the Fell verses. In the Underground, food, like every other resource, was clawed and snatched for. Having a bit of pudge on you was generally a testament that you had enough strength to fight for as much food as you needed. You weren’t living scrap to scrap, but on top of the heap.

UT!Sans: He knows he can’t undo every shitty comment your family has ever made. Nor is he the kind of guy who exactly knows how to make you feel pretty. Its not that he doesn’t think you are, he’s just bad at expressing it. But to him, what you’re comfortable with is what’s good for you. You happy with pudge? He’s very happy, both with your and with his own. Makes you a good pillow, in the first place. When you two cuddle he has a tendency to rub your belly, thighs, anywhere you’ve got a little extra squish. He wishes he could tell you that it doesn’t matter to him, that he could say the right thing to make you stop worrying about it, to stop wondering frantically if you’re ever going to be the right weight. But he’s gonna try his best. He also tends to be sweeter on the bad days, cuddlier, a little more expressive

UF!Sans: For as emotionally constipated as he is, he’s remarkably good at spotting the low days. The days when no matter what angle you turn in the mirror you can’t find a good one, where your clothes don’t seem to fit right, where every comment your family has ever made is ringing in your ears. He’s not gonna knock it out of the park every time he spots it, but he tends to up the flirting on those days, the little touches and winks and attempts to get you flushed. Its the only way he knows how to remind you that you’re still the best-looking thing on legs to him. Your family pisses him off to no end, but he figures you’re worth more of his time and energy than they are, so his focus is primarily on you. Why the hell would you think he’d care about pudge, have you seen him? Not exactly Aaron, if you feel me.

US!Sans: The best at verbal affirmation. He doesn’t understand why you’re family is the way they are, but to him, you’re gorgeous, and he wants to make sure you know it. Kisses on pudge (and basically everywhere else he can reach), constant compliments, hundreds of pictures of you stored on his phone to be shown at the drop of a hat……Sometimes, its not going to be enough to combat that voice in the back of your head, but….hang on to this sweetheart. He’s over the moon about you.

SF!Sans: He’s very sensitive (see: aggressive) about slanders on any part of his s/o, no matter who its coming from. In his mind, by becoming his s/o you’ve proven yourself as up to par with the highest of expectations, and anyone from that point on who suggests you aren’t good enough in any regard needs their eyes checked and their brains forcefully lobotomized. Any time he overhears your family saying anything to the effect of fat-shaming is a moment you are going to be tackled by sudden PDA of the more handsy variety. When he sees you beating yourself up….he’s more gentle about it, but he’s still frustrated. He doesn’t understand why its so hard for you to accept yourself, when you’ve just gotten the approval of the best judge in the Underground. Still, he’s not letting you walk around not knowing how attractive you are. That would be inexcusable on his part. 

OOC: The Current State Of Affairs, and the future of TOTA

Okay, so. If you’re reading this, then you have the option of catching up with what Opal said last night - but the tl;dr version is as follows.

Opal is no longer running @askdunkledadster. However, she has given me permission to use her characters - including her interpretations of Dr. Gaster and the various AUs - on this blog.

This wasn’t an easy decision, nor was it a fast or at all impulsive decision - the possibility of ending the blog has been on the table for a few weeks. But it’s because of our discussions in private - which shall remain private - that I have little doubt that this decision is for the best. Opal and I have become very close friends over the past year. And while I am sad to see the blog end, and I understand that many others will mourn its passing too, I’m happy that someone I care about very much is taking steps to bolster their mental health.

Even though this is difficult for everyone who was a fan of Ask Dunkle Dadster, I hope you’ll join me in supporting Opal’s decision. If anybody needs to talk, I will be around, or at least mostly - I am still sick, hence the lack of updates.

But with the end of one blog, a new chapter of another begins. I’ll be consulting and working with Opal as long as she’s comfortable doing so, to make sure I do justice to everyone and carry the torch of AskDD. I’ll be continuing my weekly streams, as soon as I’m over this cold and I have my voice back. And just to make this clear; That One Tea Anon will not be ending any time soon. The story will continue.

As long as I have the time and energy to keep drawing for you guys, then I will keep on drawing. Caddy and G will still be together, and G will be appearing on the blog from time to time, with Opal’s blessing. But if you no longer wish to follow this blog for any reason, then that’s okay.

Take care of yourselves. <3

- Tea!Mun

TalesFromTheFrontDesk: Had to bite my tongue on this one.

Guest: “Hi, I’d like to make a reservation for tonight. I’m with [company] and I am a [rewards program] member of the highest level.”
Me: “Okay……Oh, I’m sorry sir, you must have given me the wrong number. The account that came up was for a [second lowest tier] member. My mistake! Is [address] the correct address for you?”
Guest: “Yes.”
Me: “Hm, that’s strange. I guess you’ll have to call corporate to see what happened to your [highest tier] status. Did you want their phone number, sir?”
Guest: “…..No….Thank you.”
You do know we FDA’s know everything about your life, right? We own you.

By: badmothar

How I handle the fear that everyone will give up on me




mod note: It’s normal to have ups and downs in recovery. It’s normal to want to reassure your loved ones that “everything’s fine”. It may not seem like it, but “I’m struggling, and I am scared you’ll give up on me” is one of the best signs that your recovery is strong. It means you’re asking for help, that you haven’t given up, that you’re in touch with your feelings again, that you’re actively working on handling a solution, that you’re putting recovery over stubbornness, that you trust your loved one enough to go to them for support. And all of those are building blocks of stronger relationships.

I agree with much of the criticism of Amelia last night. She should be more aware of how her behavior is affecting Owen, she should be talking to him so that he can better understand what she’s going through, and she never should have brought up Cristina, or at least not used the word suffocating.

Maybe it comes from how protective I’ve always felt for Amelia, but I’m shocked at Owen’s behavior in the stairwell conversation. Yes, that’s the first time he’s realized that Amelia’s prior pregnancy is the reason for her “change of heart” and maybe he was so caught off guard that he couldn’t think, but he couldn’t say “If that’s what we were given of course I’d be there for that.”? And letting her leave that night, knowing the memories she has to be flooded with, and not saying something like “I’m sorry I didn’t think how your previous experience would affect you now. Although it wasn’t my intention, I’m sorry you feel pressured by me, and I’ll try to give you space for a while if that’s what you feel you need.”? I know he’s hurt and processing things too, but he couldn’t say anything?

I also think that Amelia asking Owen why he’s so desperate to be a father is going to come up. I can’t help but feel that there is more or that story. Was his father a horrible father and Owen wants to be better? I also can’t help but think that Nathan is going to be a part of how Owen realizes how he fells the way he does.

If Amelia is in fact pregnant right now I hate that she thinks that if the baby isn’t healthy, Owen won’t stick around. If she found out she was pregnant would she even tell him before being certain the baby was healthy? I know that that isn’t the man that Owen Hunt is, but until he makes that clear, is that really the type of man Amelia would ever consider having a child with or even want to be married to? I can’t help but think that if this was JApril and April told Owen that Jackson made her feel that way, Owen would go straight to Jackson and tell him that he was being a selfish ass and should support his wife better.

I’m hopeful that the next few episodes show a bit of self reflection on Owen’s part, as well as Amelia trying to come to terms with her demons, and all of that happens before Amelia reveals to Owen that she’s pregnant (which I don’t believe she yet knows) I need for Owen to believe, and convince Amelia that she’s enough for him, but if they did decide to try to have a child, and it didn’t go according to plan, he’d still be there for her the whole way, and I need for Amelia to understand that being married means communicating and not leaving your significant other out of things.

I know that some think that Amelia should go home to show Owen that she still wants to be married, but I understand why she wouldn’t. How could she sleep in the same bed with him while the two are currently on different sides on what now appears to be a make or break issue for Owen? To me, although Amelia should still tell him more about her son, the ball is in Owen’s court. He can say that they can work it out, but it seemed clear that, right now, the only way Owen will consider it “worked out” is if he can convince Amelia to have a baby. Until they can come to an understanding that doesn’t include one giving up what they feel they need, I don’t want them back together. If Amelia is ever going to consider coming around, she’s going to need to be convinced that she won’t have to go through it alone again no matter what happens.

BTW … I don’t have time to confirm what I think I remember, but when Cristina was pregnant, didn’t Owen try to convince her that she’d be a good mom just so she’d keep it? I thought I remembered him saying something like that on the bench outside the ER or perhaps in the AU episode, but maybe I’m wrong.

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Is there any way you can do a Clarke POV for "No One Can Lift the Damn Thing" please? (I was going through your fics and was listing all the ones I would want an Alt-POV for, and they all involved Bellamy as James Potter, wow I have A Type.)

I feel kinda bad calling this a Clarke POV but whatev I had fun I like social media AUs

Original fic and alt POV on AO3!!

Raven: Just got my invite to Finn and Ontari’s wedding

Me: Nope
Do you think they flipped a coin?
Or she just gave him an ultimatum?
You can invite one of your awkward exes
But only one
Choose wisely

Raven: Honestly, I’m guessing he never actually told his mom why we broke up
And given the choice between telling her he cheated on me and I dumped his ass
And just inviting me to his wedding
He invited me to his wedding

Me: Yeah, that’s definitely what happened
Are you going to go?

Raven: Yup
Got a hot girlfriend
I like his parents
And I want him to feel awkward about shit
Too bad he didn’t invite you

Me: I really don’t mind
I feel like I dodged a bullet

Raven: You could have brought Bellamy
Finn was jealous of him BEFORE he was famous for being hot
Imagine how much he’d hate seeing you guys together now

Me: You know, I was going to say Bellamy has better things to do than go to a wedding just to piss off Finn
But then I remembered this is Bellamy we’re talking about
So he’d probably do it

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Admin Skully here, to share some cool vibes with everyone!

So, earlier this week, my mom (who’s a preschool teacher) asked me to come in to work with her to help her clean up a bunch of toys n shit that the kids just randomly dumped behind a shelf for some reason (which I, loving kids as I do, happily agreed).
I’m out as trans to my mom and have given her explicit permission to tell the other teachers she works with that I’m her son now, etc, (which she had) so I got more than a little upset when one of the teachers misgendered me

Anywho, apparently another teacher (sort of friend? Of hers) noticed I was upset and asked her if I was upset that the kids “thought I was a boy!” 😂
Apparently after we left the scene, a bunch of kids (to the teacher who introduced me as her daughter) were like “no that’s a boy!” And asking why Miss {My mom’s name} brought a boy with her, etc

Little kids are just the best sometimes 💞

- Skully 💀

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How did you come up with all of this? All the jokes, satire, and story is not only amazing, but gripping. I haven't wanted to find out what happens next in a story since... well... I can't remember! Kudos for the story thus far that you have given us!

(but most of it came out of the art book and deleted scenes) and thank you!!

Facts that I have made up (one of them is true):
  1. The usb will never go in right on the first try because it’s conspiring with my computer.
  2. You only ever toss anything into the bin first try when no one is looking because they’d accuse you of witchcraft if they saw and you’d be burned at the stake.
  3. The cat is going to bite you no matter how soft their belly looks. They are secretly testing your stupidity.
  4. Never arm a Chihuahua. They are 99% pure whoopass and they will kill expertly you if given ammunition.
  5. Parrots can’t actually speak, they have tiny people that live in their beaks who speak for them.
  6. You don’t hear trees falling in the woods when people aren’t around to hear it because bears and beavers are better lumberjacks than humans.
  7. Coconuts hold the secrets to Eternal Coconuts.
  8. If you stare at a wall long enough you’ll become one with it and you don’t want that kind of responsibility.
  9. Clearing your history will never truly erase all that sin you’ve been doing. Only fire and crabcakes can do that.
  10. If I had a dollar for ever person in my whole life so far who mispronounced my name I would have exactly six dollars.
  11. Toucans have long beaks because it fools bananas into thinking they are their own kind, leaving them open for attack.
  12. “Popsicle” is the scientific term for frozen fruit stick.
  13. The human body is 70% water. We drown because the ocean is jealous we stole from it.
  14. If you spin a pizza fast enough it turns into lasagna.
  15. Chickens wear cupcake papers as hats to formal events.
  16. Black holes are space bellybuttons. Inside it smells weird.
  17. Fire alarms don’t scream to warn you, they scream out of excitement for their sprinkler friwnds.
  18. It rains when the sky is feeling lonely. Go outside and sing to it to make it feel better.
  19. There is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and a witch inside every tornado. Inside every blizzard is a tiny frog in a hat. Be nice to it.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i’m still not over how in the 100 season 4 episode 6 clarke told bellamy that he was special and he almost told her that he loves her like you could see it in his eyes how much he wanted to say it and you could tell she knew and didn’t want him to say it because it would mean he’d given up hope about surviving the end of the world version 4.0 but how she might have let him say it anyway because she needs so much love and support rn and how she was trying to say the same thing only she used different words (see above: how special you are) and how they were THIS CLOSE to having that moment but then fucking king roan the cockblocker of azgeda had to go and fucking interrupt them over one fucking barrel of rocket fuel and now who knows when they’ll be reunited next and i’m not over it will never be over it until i die and even then i’ll come back as a ghost and haunt the internet and change every single fucking supernatural gif in existence into a bellarke gif just you wait 

Hey! Time for more FMA:B… But before I start episode 15, it’s time for something a little special.

Because a new opening will be starting with episode 15 (which I will of course avoid watching), I think it’s time I finally watched the first opening! I’ve been told to close my eyes for the first ten seconds to avoid seeing a certain character who doesn’t show up for a long time. So yeah, this image above is a little ways into the video. I can’t cover anything before this. Otherwise, I’ve been given the all-clear that this is okay to watch.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions thrown my way as to why I’m avoiding watching FMA:B’s openings. I’ve heard they’re all rather spoilery, so by dissecting this first one I hope to make it clear why seeing this in episode 01 would have impacted how I viewed the first fourteen episodes.

Let’s begin!

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So the US military has a thing about how when in doubt strategically places explosives are your friends. I can kinda see the Uchiha clan having something along similar lines.

Given their tendency to Kill It With Fire at any available opportunity, I think this is completely believable, yes. Give an Uchiha a handful of exploding tags and they are happy campers prepared for anything, up to and including the zombie apocalypse. 

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SBs continue to prove that they're garbage by attacking the producers on Twitter for showing Iris helping Julian save her Katrina's elitist ass. They say "Iris is not a doctor". Well, given that Katrina told a concussed Cisco to lie down (When he should be sitting up) and not knowing what a singularity is, she isn't either.

That fandom is so ugly!! Like shouldn’t they be happy and grateful that Iris is doing something to help their fave, because God knows if it was the other way around the team would have to beg Caitlin to help. And wasn’t it them that kept complaining that Iris never does anything, so shouldn’t this make them happy?? This is why I don’t pay attention when they come in with their fake concerns. Fake ass feminists is what they are smh. 

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