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Steve headcanon where you're moving into a house together and the boys / eleven and Max come and help? x

a/n: okay, so i was totally going to add this to the list and do it later since it’s thanksgiving, however (this is a bit personal so you can skip and go straight to the headcanon), one of my friends who is my age and getting married next week (which is a whole other story that’s just aldkjfalskdjfalksdjf asdkfjlsadkfjlaskdjf) decided to lay it on me that he’s planning on having kids in like a year or so and i’m weirded out and just llike nope so i figured i’d distract myself with this. 

tl;dr: fluffy steve headcanon with the party is distracting and nice.

  • it had been a long time coming
  • like, a loooooong time coming 
  • you and steve had been dating for years when he’d brought up getting a house 
  • you’d told him that you’d at least better be engaged before that happened
  • and he was just like, “no shit y/n. i thought that was a given.” 
  • so it takes awhile but the idiot proposes to you 
  • the whole party was involved in keeping you busy the day of so you’d have no idea what was going on 
  • (you said yes, of course)
  • and the day after the two of you got engaged, steve cornered you with the local newspaper and had circled seven different listings with a red marker 
  • this boy was ready 
  • you hadn’t thought that you’d be particular about getting a house, but you ended up being particular as hell, but when you found it? 
  • you found it 
  • (well, dustin had been the one to find it, but still)
  • everything had gone smoothly
  • one day you were freaking out because you were trying to buy a house and this was adulting and what were you doing this is insane 
  • and the next day the two of you were homeowners 
  • like, actual fucking homeowners
  • which of course brought along the next course of action 
  • moving 
  • you’d thought that it’d be hard to entice the party to help you move 
  • but it turns out steve had already enticed them into helping by saying that they could use your basement any time for DnD (which was still going on strong, even years later)
  • (steve still doesn’t know how to play, but he plays with enthusiasm)
  • so they were  r e a d y
  • mike had suggested that el just use her powers to get all the boxes into the moving van 
  • that was met with a resounding no 
  • “moving brings people together, mike. c’mon,” you’d said, grinning at him 
  • mike just gave you the finger 
  • it took all morning just to get everything into the van 
  • (you’d been smart and had loaded up the stuff from your parents’ house the night before)
  • (steve had said that he didn’t have that much stuff and they could do it the day of)
  • (he’d lied)
  • dustin and lucas would bicker about where the boxes needed to go 
  • max and will took to organizing all of the furniture in the van
  • (will kept saying that it was like tetris)
  • el was helping you finish up the last of the packing while mike was fluttering between the lot of you, helping wherever he could 
  • steve was trying to label every single box, but somewhere along the way, he got some boxes mixed up, so he just wrote fuck it on the rest of them 
  • it was well after noon by the time the van was loaded up
  • so steve, dustin, and will had piled into the moving van while the rest got into your car
  • when you got to the house, you decided that it’d be easier to just get the boxes inside and then the furniture later 
  • which worked well enough
  • until it turned out that the couch was just slightly bigger than the doorway
  • (it’s like that scene from friends, except steve was the one screaming “pivot” over and over again, until dustin screamed at him to “fuck off”)
  • you were just silently thanking god that the neighbors weren’t around 
  • it took literally all day, but by 7:42pm on saturday, september 17, 1988, it was done 
  • the moving van was empty 
  • the furniture was all in place
  • the boxes were starting to get unpacked, but everyone knew it’d take at least a year for everything to be officially put away 
  • dustin offered to take your car to go pick up some pizza
  • steve called him a shithead and said that he shouldn’t be driving because he doesn’t care what the law or his driver’s license is, there’s no way in hell he should be allowed to drive
  • that started off a whole other argument when the boys came to dustin’s defense and then steve called them all shitheads and said that they were all babies still 
  • you, max, and el left to go get the pizza 
  • by the time you got back, it had been decided that steve was the shittiest driver out of all of them, and that max was the best 
  • by the time that the pizza had been doled out, you were all littered around your brand new living room
  • the entire party was somehow shoved onto the couch together
  • shoulders smushed together as they all ate their pizza 
  • you and steve were sat on the floor, backs up against the couch as you just grinned at each other 
  • “y’know, mom and dad, this isn’t that bad. it’s kinda nice,” lucas said, laughing 
  • “yeah, you guys got room for one more?” 
  • “or like, six more?”
  • you looked at steve and grinned
  • he was grinning right back
  • “yeah, we got room.”

thank you

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for the fandom that brought me back from the darkest places in my life

for jensen for teaching me how to overcome personal challenges, be extremely modest, and grow into someone i would want to look up to

for jared for teaching me how to love myself and that it’s okay to doubt yourself sometimes but you’ll always have people believe in you even if you don’t

for misha for showing us that it’s okay to be a little weird and that no matter what you’ve been through there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel

i’m thankful for this supernatural family that has given me friendships, hope, and love

thank you all

Youngblood part 3: Welcome to Paradise

Pairing: Sweet Pea x OC 

Rating: NSFW, mature content in later parts

Word Count: 3022

Warnings: (for this part) language/cursing, fighting, gang activity; (for later parts) underage drinking, drug usage, smut, kink

Summary: Stella has known Toni Topaz almost her whole life, but was shipped off to boarding school before high school. When life throws Stella a curveball, she ends up back in the Southside with Toni. Immediately she is drawn to Toni’s tall, Serpent friend Sweet Pea. Becoming increasingly involved in his life, Sweet Pea can’t help but to take notice of the girl that fell into his life. If he’s not careful, he may be the one falling.

Part 1   Part 2

“Are you sure I look okay?” I asked Toni for the fifth time since we got out of my car. “Maybe I should’ve given myself more time off school. What if we have no classes together?”

           She rolled her eyes at me and responded, “Stella, you look amazing. You will fit in great and me or one of the guys will be by you all day. Everything is going to be fine. Now let’s introduce you to my boys.”

           Toni and I walked through the front door of Southside High and I was astounded. For the first time in my life, I was stepping foot into a public school. Looking around as I was ushered through a metal detector, there were students smoking in the hallway, right next to a group of teachers. On one side of the hall were students wearing lots of blue jean and leather. On the other side of the hall, there was still a lot of blue jean and leather, but it was more bedazzled and the students had clearly hopped aboard the holo trend. The school almost seemed divided down the middle.

Once through the metal detectors, we headed towards the office to pick up my schedule of classes. Toni was in three out of eight of my classes, which was less than I would have liked, but I knew I’d be okay without her. After we got my schedule, Toni started dragging me towards a group of three guys, two of which were wearing the emblem of the Serpents like Toni. I studied them as we made our way over. The first was a boy without a Serpents jacket. He had pitch-black hair sticking out from beneath a grey, crown shaped beanie. His face was covered in fresh bruises, with one eye swollen, and I could see the anger and hurt in his eyes. He looked very troubled and I had a strong inclination that this was Toni’s new friend Jughead. He was the first to notice us walking towards them and nodded to the two other guys to look in our direction.

The second boy had his back to me. He was very tan, and had his hair slicked back neatly. He wore a sleeveless, jean vest sporting the Serpent emblem on the back, showing off his prominent muscles to everyone in the vicinity. When he turned around, I could see his face. He had a strong jawline, dark eyes, and was the shortest of the trio. Although he was obviously very strong, he didn’t look dangerous to me. He reminded me of one of those guys who tries to look tough, but wouldn’t hurt a fly without being provoked. He reminded me of a puppy, an aggressive puppy, but a puppy nonetheless.

Finally, my eyes glanced at the last boy. He was the tallest, towering over the other two. I shamelessly looked him up and down, slower than I had with the others. He was wearing dark jeans with black combat boots. He had on a maroon plaid shirt, left unbuttoned to expose a ratty, old Green Day t-shirt beneath it, his black leather jacket completing the look. He had large hands with silver rings adorning them, a tattoo on his thumb. Hanging down his chest was a set of dog tags. I noticed the Serpent tattoo on the side of his neck. When I got to his face, I momentarily faltered and stumbled a bit. He was beautiful and he was staring right at me. I could only guess that while I was observing him, he had been doing the same. I briefly got lost in the dark chocolate color of his eyes that I felt were staring directly into my soul. I noticed his slightly fuller, almost pouty pink lips, pulled into a smirk at having caught my staring. I noticed the strong jaw with the slight roundness of his cheeks. I loved how the onyx hair fell in a gentle curl across his forehead. I noticed everything about this boy and felt my heart skip a beat. I continued walking toward the group with Toni, our eyes locked together until I pulled them away and glanced down.

Toni pulled me towards the guys and pushed me in front of her, like a proud mother presenting her daughter to society for the first time. I looked up at the three boys, all eyes on me, while they waited for Toni’s introduction expectantly. She looked around at them, then back at me and smiled.

“Guys,” she began, “This is Stella. She is not only my best friend and basically my sister.” Toni threw her arm around me. She pointed at each boy as she said his name. “Stella, this is Jughead Jones, Fangs and Sweet Pea.”

Sweet Pea. The tall drink of water that had caught me staring was Sweet Pea. While unusual, the name seemed oddly fitting for him. I wanted to test out his name, to feel the syllables on my tongue. However, he was not the only one there and I needed to control myself better. Jughead, as I suspected, was the boy in the beanie. The aggressive puppy was Fangs.

Jughead stepped up and offered his hand to me, which I took after pulling my eyes away from Sweet Pea. “Nice to meet you Stella,” he said. “Glad to not be the lone new kid anymore. You aren’t by any chance a writer, are you?”

I smiled and responded, “Pleasure to make your acquaintance Jughead. And to answer your question, no I’m not. I’m more of a math person.” He half smiled back and nodded.

Fangs stepped up next, eyeing me closely, with suspicion. After a short pause, a prominent smile graced his face and he put his hand up for a fist bump, “If you’re cool with Topaz, you’re cool with me.” I tapped my fist against his and he leaned back against the lockers.

“Stella is it?” I heard him say my name and quickly looked over to him. The way my name rolled off his tongue was easy, like he’d said it a thousand times before. I knew I wanted to hear him say my name a thousand times. His voice wasn’t as low as I expected, but I could already imagine it getting deeper and huskier under certain circumstances. His voice was sweet and smooth, like caramel. I nodded, nonverbally answering his question. He smirked and opened his arms, showing off the area around us. “Welcome to Paradise.”

Beside him, Fangs and Jughead both snorted at his obvious use of sarcasm. The smirk on his lips didn’t go away as we continued to stare at one another.

“Okay,” Toni interrupted, “introductions are out of the way. Boys, your mission for the day is to help me watch Stella. I don’t want some Ghoulie bothering her because she walked into school with me, all right?” I scowled at Toni for making it sound like I was a child that needed babysitting. “Stella, quit scowling. You’ll get wrinkles.” I quit scowling, but I crossed my arms instead. Sweet Pea and Fangs chuckled at our behavior. “Stella, we all have first period together, so we will go over your schedule there. Let’s go boys.”

Toni linked her arm with mine and pulled me towards our first class. Fangs sidled up next to me, linking his arm with my other one. I looked over at him and he smiled softly at me. I couldn’t see them, but I could feel the large presence of Sweet Pea, as well as Jughead, behind us. I thought walking three across in a crowded hallway would be difficult, but the students parted for us like Moses with the Red Sea. Even though I had just met them, I felt oddly comfortable with Toni’s friends. I could sense Fangs was a goofball. Jughead seemed very serious. Sweet Pea seemed like a giant that could kill you with a look, but was harmless to people he cared about. Looking around the halls, I saw the holosexuals that I believed were the Ghoulies, each one looking higher than the last. I saw what I’m pretty sure was a teacher hitting on a small group of girls. There was a large bucket on the floor collecting water dripping from the ceiling. This school was broken, in more ways than one, and while some people might’ve felt scared, I felt very alive.

We walked into our classroom at last, Toni still holding onto me and dragging me to sit by the window. She sat me next to the window, with her on my other side. Jughead sat in front of me, Fangs behind Toni. Sweet Pea slid into the seat behind me. Knowing he was right there, all I wanted to do was turn around. It wasn’t fair, him sitting in the one place I can’t look at him easily. A few other Serpents made their way in and sat around us. I noticed several students not affiliated with the gang glaring in my direction. I turned to face Toni, knowing there were several minutes before class started.  

“Uh, Toni?”

She turned to me, “Yeah Stella?”

“Why are those guys glaring at me?” I asked curiously. Toni looked over at them and as soon as she did, they all looked away from me. She turned back to me.

“Those are just some idiots who are mad that it’s your first day and you’re already under protection,” Toni explained.

“Under protection?” I asked, confused. “What is that supposed to mean?”

“She means that we sat you in between all of us to send a message,” I heard Sweet Pea say from behind me. I turned to face him and was greeted with his face only around a foot from mine. He was leaning forward on his desk, looking me directly in the eye. “Those guys over there would’ve been all up on you, whether you wanted it or not. The Ghoulies would’ve been shoving the JJ toward you at every opportunity. Those douches in the back probably would’ve shoved you against a locker to show you your place. But by walking in with Topaz, and sitting in the middle of the snake’s den, they all know not to mess with you.” He paused for a second to wet his lips with his tongue before smirking and continuing. “At least not if they want to keep their limbs in tact. You’re Toni’s sister and we will protect you like one of our own.”

Sweet Pea leaned back in his seat once he had finished talking. I could feel my face flushing red by the end of his speech. Now that I thought about it, I realized he was right. They had formed a protective circle around me to keep me away from anyone who would bother me. Toni had told me countless times that Serpents protect their own and there is strength in unity. Seeing how her gang operated up close, I was extremely impressed. I wasn’t one of them, but they still saw me as family because of Toni. I smiled kindly at Sweet Pea before I said my first words to him.

“Thank you Sweet Pea.” As simple a sentence as that, finally getting to say his name out loud sent a rush through me. I wanted to say his name again and again, preferably somewhere more private. Before I allowed myself to continue on that train of thought, I turned back towards Toni. She was comparing my schedule to Jughead and Fangs and talking to them as though she was setting up a guard detail. Once she had finished, she turned towards me.

“Stella, we have a plan,” she informed me confidently. Fangs and Jughead offering soft smiles at her excitement. “So Jughead has second period with you, Fangs and I both have third with you, and then you have Fangs and Sweet Pea for fourth. Then, we all have lunch together before you have fifth with Fangs, seventh with Jughead and I, and we all have eighth.” She grimaced. “The problem is none of us have sixth period with you. That’s your smarty pants math class.”

“Toni, I think I’ll be okay by myself for one class,” I offered at her concerned expression. “You know very well I can take care of myself.”

Toni sighed. “I know you can Stella, but you’re new. You’re fresh meat to most of these guys. And they travel in packs, so you need a pack too.”

“What’s her sixth period?” Sweet Pea interrupted.

“Advanced trigonometry with Shepard,” Toni responded looking back at my schedule.

“I have that too,” Sweet Pea stated.

Toni lit up like a Christmas tree. “Thank God! It’s perfect Stella, you’ll have at least one of us in every class!”

“Hold on,” Jughead said, “is no one going to explain how Sweet Pea is in advanced trig?”

Toni and Fangs chuckled, while Sweet Pea scowled at Jughead. I looked between the two guys, noticing for the first time that there was some underlying tension.

“So just because I’m in a gang on the Southside, I can’t be smart?” Sweet Pea snarled at him. Toni and Fangs quit laughing at the serious look on Sweet Peas face. Jughead shrunk back in his seat, looking away from Sweet Pea.

Just then, the teacher came in and started with the lesson. I tried to take notes, but found it rather difficult when Sweet Pea started playing with my hair. My long brown curls were hanging down my back and after a while, I felt him tugging on the curls. I could feel him pull on a curl, wait for it to spring back into place, before pulling on it again. Thankfully, first period ended quickly and it was time for second period with Jughead.

“Stella, Fangs and I will be waiting outside your next class to walk you to third with us.” She placed her hand on my arm and whispered, “Try not to get into any trouble.”

I walked down the hallway with Jughead in a comfortable silence. I got the feeling that he didn’t like people very much. We were about to enter the classroom when a tall blonde boy stopped us in front of the door.

“Oh look,” he sneered, “It’s the Serpent Prince and the new girl.” I stared at him blankly. “Snake got your tongue already?”

I could feel myself getting angrier. I may quiet a lot of the time, but I was not one to back down when I was being insulted. Jughead ignored him, put a hand on my arm, and tried to steer us around the blonde. As we walked past the blonde boy, he grabbed onto my arm and yanked me back to face him.

“I was talking to you, you little Serpent slut,” he growled out at me.

I was appalled. He had just put his hands on me. He called me a slut. That blonde asshole had the nerve to come up and think he could mess with me just because Toni and her crew weren’t around. I knew I could just walk away, but I didn’t want to. If I walked away, he’d just do it again next time I was alone. I needed to show them that I was not an easy target. I think Jughead sensed I was about to engage the blonde, and tried to pull me with him again, but I wouldn’t budge. No one talked to me that way.

I yanked my arm away from the blonde, put my shoulders back, and stood as tall as I could at 5’2”. “Who the fuck do you think you are talking to me like that?” As I spoke, I could see the initial surprise on his face, followed quickly by anger. He stood tall in front of me, towering over me.

“Listen here you little Serpent sl-“

“No you listen, you blonde piece of shit,” I interrupted and walked closer to him. “I will not be talked to that way. I am not some weak little girl that will lie down and listen to your insults. I am not a slut, not that slut is even an insult. Feminism did not come all this way for you to try and use that word to belittle my worth. God, your asshole must be so jealous of your mouth from all the shit it’s spewing. If you’re going to insult me, at least be creative. I’d insult you, but I don’t have the time or crayons to explain it to you properly. Now get out of my way so I can get into my classroom.” He was shocked. That was the best way to put it. He stood there through my speech, staring and growing visibly angrier. Jughead looked at me like I had grown a second head. The blonde idiot was practically fuming at this point and made no motion to move. I started tapping my foot while I waited for him to move. When he still stood there, in seething silence, I added, “I’m waiting.”

Apparently, that was his snapping point. He seemed to regain an ounce of his composure and looked at me in disgust. He started to raise his hand. “Why you littl–!”

He was cut off when I quite literally beat him to the punch. I’m not the strongest, but I’m not weak either. I did spend the last two years playing field hockey. Luckily, he wasn’t expecting it. As he stood there, head still turned to the side from my hit, I pushed my way around him, grabbing Jughead this time and pulling him into our classroom just in time for the bell to ring. I saw a couple Serpents from my first class and sat near them, next to Jughead. They all stared at me in silent appreciation, nodding at me, having witnessed my fight with the blonde cockroach.

I turned to Jughead and found him starring at me, looking at me incredulously.

“Who are you?” he asked.

I smirked back and responded, “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

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Toot toot everybody! All aboard the hype train for this AMAZING manhua from 半透明体 (Translucence) which I’ve been given permission to translate and typeset!! It’s ongoing but it’s kind of a crazy blend of wuxia and jidaigeki, and centres on Sakura (a human) and Team Taka (all non-humans). Sakura and Sasuke have some kind of mutual past and they are both looking for the Nine Tailed Fox (wonder who THAT could be), and Sakura is also a general heroine protecting people from monsters, where she meets up with others like Temari, Tenten, and Rock Lee.

Part one is about 60 pages and I’d like to try to get it all done before I post, we’ll see how it goes. :D

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Prompt number 50 for Shakarian

[OKAY FINALLY. Sorry my love, you know how I am…. so slow and…………………………… soooo slow. lol I hope you like it. <3 It’s pretty short kinda angsty but it’s got a cute happy ending, annnnd as you know first hand (because I’m constantly bitching about it to you lol) I’m having a hard time with my Mass Effect stuff ;.; IDK WHY BUT I JUST AMMMMM. So hopefully this is good and you enjoy it? Because I don’t even know anymore. *eye twitch*


“Please… I need you.”

When Shepard woke today things still felt off… They felt off because the night before Garrus had given her an ultimatum. Well, it was more of an observation followed by a question than an actual ultimatum, but it had the same effect.

It was something like ‘Hey, I know you’ve been flirting with the drell and since we’ve been hooking up, it’s me or him… who’s it gonna be?’ And even though she knew that Garrus had a right to know, she didn’t realize he wanted to. 

She’d always had a thing for him of course and since they started their late night ‘hangouts’ that crush had gotten pretty bad. Which was probably why she found herself flirting with Thane so much now that she thought about it… 

Not unlike you to push someone away when they got too close… As she lay staring at the exposed stars that pass by above her, she realized that most definitely was the case. She was doing it again… but maybe the damage hadn’t been done. Maybe she could fix this still…

Only, would Garrus still want her after last night? 

Most men didn’t do well with the ‘uh……….. I should go.’ especially when those men where Garrus, and knew exactly why she used that excuse. 

That answer was shit, she knew it– but feelings and emotions had always been hard for Shepard, even before the whole dying-and-being-brought-back-a-cybernetic-zombie thing. 

Plus with everything going on and the Suicide Mission coming up… There was a lot on her mind. Too much to really justify a relationship.

Jane drew in a deep breath, pulling her hands to her face and running them through her crimson hair in a stretch After an exasperated sigh she pulled herself from bed and threw on her N7 hoodie, and some Blast-O’s slippers ready to make her way downstairs. 

Her plan had been to get some breakfast and a nice big cup of coffee… to avoid the situation for as long as possible. But once she reached the kitchen and looked down that hall towards the Main Battery, she just knew what she had to do. 

She turned, and strode straight towards it with determination. When Shepard reached the door, she paused second guessing herself for a moment… The light was green which was a good sigh she supposed, but just because it wasn’t locked didn’t mean he wanted to see her. 

It was only about 0600 hours and aside from the quiet humming and the soft click of nails on keyboard from the other side of the door the air was still. She knew he’d be working on calibrating something… no doubt trying not to think about their previous conversation and its complete failure. 

She raised a fist, hovering just before the door… almost knocking more than once as she pulled a nervous lip into her mouth; biting it harder than she should trying to regain that strength once more. Upon her exhale she closed her eyes, and knocked three times.

The clicking stopped abruptly, but Garrus didn’t say anything. 

Jane lowered her brow, pulling her face into a small frown as she lean her forehead to the door; waiting. 

“Please, Garrus… I need you.” and when she said that the mechanical door buzzed open.

Garrus was standing there, closer than she expected he’d of been and when he looked at her she stood up straighter and cleared her throat uncomfortably. “Do you have a minute?”

His normally warm eyes were sad. He didn’t seem angry with her, just hurt and Shepard didn’t like it one bit. But she just didn’t know what to say last night… Or maybe she did and she was just too scared. One thing she did know was that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

“Garrus, I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t have a reason to be sorry, Shepard…” he said quietly with mandibles pressed tight to his face as he stepped aside allowing her further entry. After a moment he started again, leaning against the console as he crossed his arms. “Really. I sort of just sprung it on you. I-I should have know better…”

“No. It’s not that…” Jane was somehow perfectly calm as she stepped forward wearing a faint smile. 

“I understand why you’d want him.”

“Garrus,” she tried to stop him, but he continued looking to his feet as his tone raised slightly, not in anger but deep in thought– trying to understand.

“He’s mysterious, and… he’s good with a sniper– not like you didn’t already have a perfectly good turian already–

“Garrus! Will you shut the hell up?” when Shepard interrupted him this time, her eyes were light despite her volume. A soft chuckle later, and she slid a hand to the scarred side of his face; resting it there lightly. “I’m trying to tell you that I love you here, big guy.”

He pulled his crystal eyes forward almost as if he thought she was just playing a joke on him. As if her words couldn’t possibly be true. “You…”

Jane nodded fully closing the space between them, nearly touching his chest when she spoke; raising her other hand to rest around his carapace. “Yeah, I do.”

Garrus let out a sigh of relief that echoed through all layers of his voice. He nodded shallowly as he slid his hands to rest at her hips, lightly pulling her closer as he ease himself into the situation and his realization. 

“It’s always been you Garrus… you just caught me off guard is all. I might be the great Commander Shepard… but I still get scared sometimes.” she leaned her forehead to meet his, the cool sensation of his plating instantly grounding her. 

“You had me worried for awhile there,” Garrus cooed back, his comfort growing with each second that passed. “but you should know I’d never hurt you… you don’t have anything to be afraid of with me.”

“I know, Garrus. Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” she said with a smile pulling him closer, pressing her nose agains this softly.

“Good. Oh, and Shepard? I love you too.” he smiled then, mandibles flickering lightly as he kissed her. 

Jane wasn’t sure when he’d gotten so good at this, or if ‘this’ would even last. With the Reapers, and the mission, things didn’t look good. Love didn’t look good.

But it didn’t really matter. What mattered was that she had him, and that he had her and that together they could do anything.


Alrighty, after the success that my 12 days of glitchmas song got I’ve decided to host my first event!

Addressing that, this is my first event and I may not explain things in enough detail, but if you have questions feel free to message me!

The end product of this event is going to be a five minute long video compiled of different people singing different lines of the song I wrote, along with fan art appearing on screen for each line.

The amount of people I will accept will vary depending on how many people want to be a part of this.

There are two Parts:

Part 1-Audio (24-78 people)

1.) Create a video or audio recording of yourself singing the lyrics that I wrote for the 12 Days of Glitchmas (here). Audio must only contain your voice, no music out loud and little to no background noise would be appreciated. Sing along to this version so everyone sings the same sounding beat. Please sing the entire song

2.) Post what you recorded as an unlisted video on YouTube.

3.) Copy the link to the video, and message it to me on Tumblr, BEFORE DECEMBER 15TH, along with the name you would like to be called in the credits (will be using your Tumblr username as well)

4.) I will inform you what line I gave you and where in the video when it’s finished and uploaded.

Part 2-Visual (23-however many people) MUST BE ABLE TO DRAW DIGITALLY

1.) Message me that you are interested in participating

2.) I’ll say thank you and will shortly after inform you about which line I want you to draw

3.) Draw your interpretation of the line on a 1280x720 file (Average video size)

4.) Message it to me BEFORE DECEMBER 15TH! Anything not submitted before that will be considered a fill in and will be replaced with art that I draw

Important notes:

-I will be trying to get a friend of mine to play the song for me on piano, but if you are skilled in piano and would like to provide the actual music please let me know!

-I will and can not accept any submissions after December 15th.

-The video will be uploaded to my YouTube channel (ReidVoid) before or on Christmas day, and I will also make a tumblr post about it thanking and crediting everyone who takes part in it

-Please spread this around! I would love for this to become something we can all share together :D

-Please don’t be offended by the fact that I will be covering everything for the last line. I feel it is only appropriate that I finish it off considering I’m editing/compiling this alone.

-The number of people I will accept is completely dependant on the number of people that see this and how many would like to be a part of it, but if we get too many (which I doubt will happen) I can still credit you for wanting to be a part of it. And you may or may not be given more than one appearance in this video if there are not enough people willing to participate.

-Please have fun with this! Let your imaginations run wild!

I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!



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Heyyyo! A quick question. Buckleming episodes are always full of exposition and forshadowing. Lucifer losing part of his grace, could that be forshadowing of him losing all of his grace? Maybe even willingly giving it or something?

Yep. It’s a big possibility given it’s also a likelihood imo that he could end up mirroring Sam in Swan Song in a redemption arc way and closing off Sam’s own arc around him.

I mean… it’s not just foreshadowing though now he really doesn’t have much grace?! He’s at super low early Cas season 10 esque grade level of grace by the looks of it. Idk if he will be unwell like Cas as it’s still his own or not let’s see but it’s not just foreshadowing, he is permanently (or until something happens to reverse it) without his archangel juice which is a huge deal.

He’s essentially a baby in a non trench coat. And an actual big cry baby to boot.

Interesting times to come!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!

So, I know that there are a wide range of feelings regarding this holiday and the traditions that have been based on a group of people being greedy little shits who maimed, raped, murdered, infected and otherwise destroyed a group of indigenous people. 

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HOWEVER, in the spirit of it being THANKSgiving, I intend to continue to celebrate the things that I am thankful for this year. So, may I present to you…

PaperMoon’s List of Crap She’s Thankful For

So, that’s the list. There’s a whole lot more, but I really don’t want to bore anyone. And I dare y’all to do it too! 

Happy Thanksgiving my lovelies!

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Three gifts of Christmas

Scully is given the chance to choose which life she would have lived with Mulder. Set post revival era but ignoring My Struggle II because it looks like that never happened anyway!

Multi-chapter.  WIP.  Thanks to @baronessblixen for being my beta on this and giving me your valuable insight, skill and encouragement because it’s a long time since I’ve done a longish actual thing with plot and I’m a bit rusty!


My Father used to joke that if I could, I would keep the Christmas tree up all year and truthfully he was probably right because for years and years I revelled in that most special season of love and light and hope, placing each precious glass ornament just so, as I spent hours on my Christmas handiwork; stepping back often to ensure the general aesthetic was every bit as precise as the hold and certainty I had on my life.  Cocooned as I was in an arrogance that only youth can bring I felt in control, invincible, untouchable in my own world, where possibilities seemed endless and each day still promised fulfilment.

But slowly, so slowly I barely even noticed, that same Christmas magic became tarnished; dulled by events that insidiously crept up on me over time and chipped relentlessly away at me until Christmas became shrouded with painful memories that despite my best intentions, never really allowed me to enjoy the season as I once had in the past.   And even when I finally got to share Christmas with Mulder in our little house that finally represented a sense of belonging, of the end to a journey that had damaged us both in ways I am only now beginning to fully comprehend, the shadow of all we had sacrificed to get there had still hung heavily over us, a darkness that somehow always found a way through the light to overtake us once more.

My final Christmas with Mulder had passed me by in a blur of hurt and recrimination as we both succumbed to the preceding painful years and that which had drawn us both together in the beginning finally succeeded in tearing us apart.  The one constant in my life just gone in a blur of tears and accusations and bitterness and a finality that comes only when the questions of each other became more than the answers we had the desire or capability to give.

There was no tree that year, no warmth, no gifts to exchange, no tenderness in eyes that became hungry for each other or hands that gifted each other gently, reverently and with a familiarity borne of our shared history where no matter how tough things got, we had always found a way to hold onto each other in the wake of so much collective loss.

I had left him early in the New Year.  A broken shell of a man who clung onto me like a child as he literally dropped to his knees and begged me to stay, to try again, to give him just one more chance to be who I needed him to be.  The sound of his high keening cry as I had finally walked away, mustering every reserve I had left in order to turn away from him and to finally step back into the light will live with me for the rest of my life as I ignored the voice in my head that screamed at me to not let him go, to drop to my knees beside him and gather him against me and hold him there forever, to make promises I knew deep down I could no longer keep.  

And when I walked away for that final time it was with a certainty that I had just left a piece of my soul behind me, sacrificed the one thing in my life that had ever made any sense amongst all the confusion.  That in order for me to continue living I had to destroy that which had once been the very foundation of my existence before nothing of tangible value could be salvaged, knowing that the only one who could save Mulder was himself, that while ever he had me to give validation to what he had become there was no reason for him to even try to get well, to reclaim his life.  It was possibly the biggest gamble I have ever made because truthfully, for weeks and months afterwards I barely breathed for fear of what the consequences of leaving him might be, a deep paralysing dread of a phone call that might come in the middle of the night, a sterile voice that would ask me to confirm my status as his next-of-kin, the voice dropping an octave in quiet sympathy as it informed me that finally, it was over for him; over for us.

But the call never came.

He finally found a way to drag himself back out of the abyss, to seek help, to start living again and with each small step he took, the weight of responsibility that had overshadowed us both for so long began to lift.  Tiny increments of hope and triumph and recognition that maybe there was still something that could be salvaged from the ashes of his life.  We became a unit of sorts again, more so when we began working together once more; any misgivings I might have harboured about how taking up the work again might affect him had, for the most part amounted to nothing more than a handful of gentle reminders that he still needed to be mindful of the obsession that occasionally clamoured once more to be heard and which he still needed to rationalise lest it become the all-consuming force it once had been and which had almost destroyed him.

And we became friends again.

Re-winding our partnership a couple of decades as we struggled to find a comfortable place with each other once more.  For the most part I think we have succeeded, although I know that he wants more of me that I am prepared to give right now.  I see it in the way I catch him looking at me sometimes, the way he still places a hand to the small of my back, lingering just slightly longer than is absolutely necessary and more recently, I see the sadness that radiates from him that I will only allow him to be a part of my life on my terms.  The way he tried so hard to reach me after we lost Mom, never pushing me too hard he made it abundantly clear that he was there in whatever capacity I needed him to be; that I had no reason to be alone.

But as I once told someone long ago, loneliness is a choice.

Right now, it seems like the only choice I can take to keep me safe, to protect myself from more potential heartache that I simply don’t think I could even begin to recover from if history repeated itself and I find myself wishing sometimes that I had a chance to do my life over, to do things differently; decades of choices that led me to where I am now, curled miserably beneath a soft blanket in my featureless apartment, unable to feel warm because he isn’t here, afraid I will never feel warm again for fear of letting him back in.

There is no Christmas tree. No sparkling lights or bright be-ribboned packages waiting to be unwrapped with excited hands and joyful smiles. No family to cater for or to fill the air with the unique expectation that Christmas can bring and it’s my choice; the only choice I feel I can realistically make right now.

He had placed his palm against my cheek, his eyes soft and warm as he had implored me to come back to the house, to not spend  alone this first Christmas without the comforting presence of my Mom who somehow had always found a way to put me back together again if only for a couple of days.

But I had refused.  I had made my choice, ignoring the hurt that had flared briefly in that beloved face I know so well.

Just one more choice to add to the regrets that had heaped up over the years.

Choices I wish I could do over, but I know better than anyone that second chances rarely come and I feel the tears that begin to burn beneath my closed lids as I pull the woollen blanket tighter around me and wait for sleep to claim me.

To be continued.

WCRO 2017: Never Give Up

After getting a very short break from training, I’m back to my usual training routine and ready to look back on my Oireachtas experience. I’ve been trying to think about the best way to write this out… and I think it’ll be easier to cover it in sections.

Mental Prep

I’m going to be 100% honest with you all. I really struggled with the mental game of Irish dance after our nationals in NOLA. I found myself constantly doubting if I could WQ for the second year in a row and, as a result, was constantly trying to correct my doubt with positive thinking. I could feel myself falling back into old habits where I was over critical with myself rather than accepting that I was making progress.

I spent a LOT of time listening to motivational speeches on the definition of success (which is different for every person based on their goals - just wanted to clarify), training and committing to your goals. I spent a LOT of time visualizing what I wanted to achieve as a result. I spent a LOT of time verbally telling myself that I can do this.

There were nights where I was frustrated with myself. There were times where I believed I was regressing rather than progressing. But that’s part of the game when it comes to mental prep - recognizing that what you think isn’t necessarily what is the truth. When I doubted myself or thought my performance sucked, I would ask for my sister and mom’s honest opinion. Low and behold, I was just being extremely hard on myself most times and was actually doing quite well.

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t like my 2016 Oireachtas prep. It was chalk full of tough moments that required me to verbally tell myself I was doing exactly what my prep schedule needed from me. I had to tell myself that every little piece would count on the big time - because it’s the little pieces in a puzzle that make up the bigger picture. Without all those tiny pieces, it wouldn’t be complete.

Physical Prep

I’ll admit that I started my Oireachtas prep a bit later than I would have liked due to our studio floor being redone in August. 🤷🏼‍♀️ That being said, I knew what I needed to do in and out of the studio to prepare.

I committed to a training schedule and plan for my wind sprints to increase my lung capacity, further develop my fast- and slow-twitch muscles, and increase my overall stamina. The first week I started with a minimum of 10 half laps of hard sprints. As I have mentioned in previous posts asking about this training, I start with a number and increase it over the weeks. I never drop below the number of laps I did the previous session. By the time I flew out to Victoria, I was sprinting once a week at 16 laps and pushing for 17.

As for the studio, I was going in one the weekend for an extra practice every Saturday or Sunday. During the week, I would have practice on Monday and Thursday (which allowed me to sprint either Tuesday or Wednesday).

I pushed myself each class. When we’d started warm ups, I would focus on execution. When my teacher asked for only the first 2 steps of my HP during warmups, I did the entire thing for her. When I was exhausted after my second run-through of my reel or HP, I would ask to do it once more. 😱

When I was tired on the track, I’d chant “Scotland” to myself as a reminder of what I was aiming to do. When my legs wanted to seize up in the studio, I rolled them out and came back to do it again.

In my mind, Irish dance is as much as physical sport as it is a mental sport. Any time I wanted to fizzle out, I found something to keep my head in the game and my body listened to my head.

I set realistic goals. I focused on execution and cleaning up segments I, personally, felt were a bit sloppy in NOLA. I committed to a healthier diet full of lean proteins, minimal refined sugars and good carbs. I pushed myself even harder on the days where I just wanted to crash on the couch from exhaustion or wanting down time. 😩

Oireachtas Day

I went into the Oireachtas with a clear head. Oireachtas prep was the time to hone, finesse and push myself. Oireachtas Day was when that all came into play.

Like most, I was a bit nervous because the age split for the senior ladies meant there were some questions about the number of spots available to WQ. Rather than fester over that, I focused on warming up and drinking lots of water.

Last year, I came 8th. This year, I was hoping to crack into the top five. At the end of the day, I just really wanted to hear the announcer say that I was one of the ladies who had qualified for Glasgow 2018. But first, we had to wait for the recalls to be announced.

Before anyone says “well obviously you would have recalled,” I just want to say one thing. A person can win or lose on any given Sunday. You don’t know what those judges are looking for or what style of dancing they prefer. So I choose to go into every feis with an open mind. At the end of the day, it’s in their hands.🙏🏼

I was very nervous about recalls. Why? Because I was #18 and my number was the first listed in the competition. So I’d either be elated or heartbroken immediately. Thankfully, my number was called and I was one of 10 22&O Ladies who were called back to the stage

When the time came, I stood side stage and prepared to go up for my set. As many of my friends know, my Blackthorn Stick is my favourite set to date - primarily because I choreographed it myself. This is my baby and I was going to have the chance to show it off at it’s second major.

It went extremely well. I was loud. I was clear with every beat. I was on time the entire way through and the rhythm was on point. I was happy. I was happy to deliver a solid set in front of the judges, my TCRG in the front row and everyone in that room. I left that stage knowing it was in the judge’s hands.

Once awards began, I was anxious. I had said to my TCRG that I hoped to achieve a WQ spot and potentially be in the top five. I wanted it badly, but I was tempering that hope with the fact that there 9 other women who hoped for the same thing in my group.

I lined up with my fellow competitors (of which we all get along amazingly and genuinely support each other) and filed onto the stage. No matter what happened, I was HAPPY with how the day went. I was proud of every competitor who stood up there in our group. I was happy to be part of such a close-knit group of young women who continually support, cheer and genuinely care about one another. I was also able to stomach my nerves thanks to my friends from the Tumblr crew - @oatamie​ and @claddaghstrong​ - and my friends in that group that I stay in touch with via Facebook and Instagram.

That’s when the announcer quieted the room and announced that she’d be calling out the top five dancers to step forward. We’d heard that the top five were likely the only ones who would WQ and, like the recalls, my number was the first in the lineup. Inside, I was losing my sh*t for lack of a better term. 😂

That was when my number was called. As you can see in the video, I was overwhelmed to hear I had made it. I also may have spazzed slightly and startled @claddaghstrong​ and Caylene a bit, but it was also so heart warming to hear everyone cheer for me when they realized it was my number.

Last year, I fulfilled my dream of recalling and WQ in one night. This year, I had surpassed every goal I set for myself - a recaller, world qualifier and a podium finish. At 25, I could say I finally finished on the podium! 🏅

So here’s a breakdown of everything I can say to sum up my story:

  • Build yourself up. Don’t tear yourself down with self doubt.
  • Age is just a number. With the right training and mindset, you can do anything.
  • Set realistic goals and make a plan on how to achieve them in a realistic timeframe.
  • ENJOY YOURSELF. We all love this crazy rollercoaster of a sport we call Irish dance.
  • Be humble and always be a good sport.

To my Western Canadian 22&O Ladies, I am SO proud and humbled to be a part of this amazing group. You can see in the awards photos that we are all genuinely happy and support each other in every capacity. To my fellow Western Canadian dancers, give yourself a round of applause because we all did a fabulous job and each of you should be proud.

To @just-duff-it, @oatamie and @little-red-lily, thank you so much for the kind words on my earlier post. ❤️ They didn’t go unnoticed.

On to 2018! 💚 PS - I’ll do a separate post of my new dress in honour of my grandpa later.

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I just found out there was a discontinued kingdom hearts trading card game, do y'all have any information on that?

I didn’t know about it til you just told me but given that a lot of random crud has a card game I am not surprised. 

It was released in Japan before the English version was released in the United States in 2007. There are currently seven card sets in Japan and four in the United States.

Much to the chagrin of its fanbase, Fantasy Flight Games announced that they were discontinuing their published TCGs, meaning that any future English sets will have to be published by another company if it is ever picked up again.


Rule Book: http://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/kingdomhearts/media/BoD_KHRules_v1.pdf 

Starter Pack Cost:  $23.99, https://www.amazon.com/Kingdom-Hearts-Trading-Card-Game/dp/B000QYFCIU

Some Example Cards: 

Today I am thankful that even though I’m not as active as I once was, you guys still love and support me. You’ve never given up on me, and you will never know how much I love each of you for that.

Oh and for Mark because without Mark I wouldnt have known Chica existed and my life would be less full without that pupper snupper.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing 

a couple thoughts/headcanons/meta about dwarves

  • in The Peoples of Middle-Earth, Tolkien states: “But if a son is seen to be 110 or so years younger than his father, this usually indicates an elder daughter.“ I did the calculations for the line of Durin, found one dwarf to probably have an older sister: Farin, Balin and Dwalin’s grandfather.
  • I did the calculations, and the average age the dwarves of Durin’s Line have children is 102 years of age. 
  • for dwarves, the Khuzdul name of their creator, Mahal, is given extra respect and reverence. to swear on His name— unless in sincerity— is profane, as is to destroy or erase His name. 
  • the dwarves born in Erebor have Khuzdul accents, since they were not as exposed to men as the dwarves who grew up in the Blue Mountains.
  • there are places in Erebor where the runes are written in Khuzdul, instead of Westron: these places are considered more sacred, and private, and so not shown to outsiders.
  • in Dale’s tongue— Old Norse— the name for the Arkenstone is not the Arkenstone, but the jarknastein. Jarknastein is actually the Old Norse cognate for what the Old English word Arkenstone was derived from, eorcnanstan.
  • the Khuzdul word for star is related to the word for crown: since Durin first saw the stars reflected in the Mirrormere, and thought of them like a crown.
  • Thorin states that the dwarves “never bothered to grow or find [food] for ourselves.” This is why exile is especially hard on them, as they lacked the means to purchase food, and had little experience with growing it.
  • in The Hobbit, Gandalf states that if they don’t want Bilbo as their burglar, they can “go back to digging coal.” That’s what they mined in the Blue Mountains— a serious downgrade from Erebor, where the Arkenstone was discovered, as were countless other precious stones. 
  • dwarves come of age at around 75. Gimli, at 62, was considered too young to come on the Quest for Erebor, but Fili and Kili, at 82 and 77 were considered old enough.
  • dwarves do not call Erebor Erebor, since it is the Sindarin name: they call it the Lonely Mountain, or just the Mountain. Consider: Bilbo uses the word Erebor. The dwarves are miffed. Hilarity ensues.
  • using bows isn’t considered “shameful” or “elvish”. The dwarves use their bows to shoot the white hart in Mirkwood, and later Thorin shoots at one of the Lakemen when they attempt to bargain. They also refer to their use of bows in the song Under the Mountain dark and tall.
  • Dís fought in the Battle of Azanulbizar. She was in the first assault of the vanguard with Thráin, her father, and Thorin and Frerin, her brothers.  
  • Dís also has a wife, who did not die. She is one of the Firebeards, so she’s native to the Blue Mountains.
  • the dwarves have a lot of issues with permanent injuries or PTSD. Post-Azanulbizar, “barely half of their number… could still stand or had hope of healing.” Many of them faced dragons (in the Grey Mountains and Erebor), Durin’s Bane (in Moria), war (War of the Dwarves and Orcs), and poverty and xenophobia while in exile. The children of these survivors face transgenerational trauma.


Patton sets up the table as Logan makes the deviled eggs. Roman is putting on Charlie Brown, Virgil is tasting all the food for poison, and Thomas is talking with friends and family.

He smiles to himself as everyone is working together and putting their problems aside for one day.

He finishes setting up and is starting to put the food on the table. They have stuffing, mashed potatoes, eggs, casserole, yams and marshmallows, pie, and of course, Turkey. This is a perfect thanksgiving feast!

“Kiddos, everything’s set,” he calls. Soon, everyone takes a seat at the table. He looks over everyone as they continue to chat. He stands up and claps his hands.

“Alright now tradition says to say a prayer over the thanksgiving food. I’ll start,” he sits back down and everyone holds each others hands in a circle. He clears his throat and begins the prayer.

“Thank you Lord for all that has been given to me and my extended family. Thank you for the food on the table and a roof over our heads. Thank you for Thomas’s mom having a quick recovery and her being here today. Thank you for all the fanders who have supported us thoughout everything. Amen.” Everyone else repeates ‘Amen’ and they begin to eat.

Patton and Logan talk about the newest video. Roman, Delilah, Joan, and Virgil all have a slightly heated discussion about which Disney movie is best. Thomas, Brandon, Talyn, and everyone else are conversing about what they did and their feats.

Once the dinner has ended, everyone gathered in the living room to watch Charlie Brown until they pass out.

Patton smiles to himself as he’s surrounded by sleeping friends and family. This has got to be the best thanksgiving yet. He takes out his phone and quietly shoots a quick video.

“Hey kiddos! Your fan-flubbing-tastic dad here to just share with you my thanks. I’m so thankful to call each one of you my children. You’re so amazing to everyone here. Joan, Talyn, Thomas, Virgil, Roman, Logan, and me! I can’t believe we’ve gotten so far and we’re going to keep going forward. You’re all amazing for being here with us for this long. I love you all and I wish you a happy thanksgiving! Stay in there kiddos, it’ll get better. I promise.”

Hello my beautiful lovelies all around!! Even if you don’t celebrate it, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!🍁🦃 I’m so thankful to have such wonderful followers like you and I honestly don’t deserve you😓

You’ve been with me through my worst days (even if I haven’t shown it) and you still stuck around when I didn’t post for days. And for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

You’ve given me such inspiring advice and such sweet and encouraging words when i’m in a bad place skfnskkfks! Without you guys, I don’t think i’d be so happy tbh!!! Without you, I probably would’ve given up a while ago (but I didn’t! Because of you!!!)

Because of all of you, I (heheh quoting Walt Disney since I watched a movie last night) “Keep moving forward!”

I wish I could write so much more to express how much a love you all, BUT WORDS CANT EVEN DESCRIBE IT!!!

Happy Thanksgiving my wonderful lovelies!!👋🏼

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hey guys, i’ve hit 2,000 followers now

and since it’s thanksgiving i thought it would be appropriate to thank each and every one of you that’s stuck around for this long, you honestly didn’t have to and it truly means a lot to me, i hope the content i made this rest of this year and next will make up for all the kindness and support you guys have given me

happy holidays to everyone~