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Is it quite possible that the sleep dimensional hopping could have been caused by the stress Star was putting on with her efforts in trying to be a better princess?

Since the first dreams we saw her having were about flying around freely and doing fun stuff, I think that’s a very safe assumption to make. An unconscious search for freedom opposed to the bundle of responsibilities Star’s life suddenly became. What we still don’t know if that’s all what it amounted to, Star “wanting to be called” to a paradise where she could have forgotten about anything, living in complete relax and harmony (but at what cost!), or if there was more to it, something bigger and more closely related to magic.

I have almost FORGOTTEN about you, as days
gone by—-it was getting easier. A smile, a laughter
—-my heart aches LESS than ever. The welcoming
warmth of the sun kisses my skin delightfully. 

As I laid in bed the following day—-I took ten steps
back. A frown, the tears—-my heart hurts MORE than
ever. The unwelcoming coldness cuts my skin in a
painful reminder that I am NOT over you. 

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@evergrove & @witchpieceoftoast: a heck of a lot of buildup for (hopefully a worthwhile) payoff….

People were talking. 

“Only to be expected,” Zelena muttered, when the first of the comments started to surface on the public crystals. “Too many people have forgotten just how bad a decision it is to cross me.”

“It’s not you they’re gossiping about,” Regina pointed out, using her long-suffering ‘time to calm Zelena down before she hexes someone’ voice.

“You’re my sister!” Zelena countered hotly. “Any low blow against you is a low blow against me!”

“That…that’s very sweet actually, Zelena. But really. It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind.”

“You may not mind, but what about Maleficent?”

That made Regina pause. Maleficent was a dragon; a creature of air and fire, capable of raining death and destruction down on entire cities. She wasn’t going to care if a handful of gossips passed snide comments on the public crystals about her suitability as a companion for Storybrooke’s Mayor. Was she?

Despite telling herself to ignore the comments, Regina thumbed her private crystal over to the public feed. Under an image of her and Mal wandering through the market were comments like, Mayor Mills refined as ever. Shame about Madam LeFey’s jacket. She looks like she just wrapped her blankets around her. And, Guess you can’t take the borderlands out of the dragon. There were more complimentary comments too, but the handful that called out Maleficent’s apparent inelegance, and contrasted it unfavourably to Regina’s refinement, seemed to glare off the screen, impossible to ignore.

Regina sighed. “I’m sure she’s fine.”

It so happened that Maleficent was not fine. 

Behind closed doors, not even Cora Mills could find fault in her clothing or manner. But outdoors, where they were most likely to be in the public eye, well, that was a different story. 

It was cold in Storybrooke, and Maleficent’s job kept her out on the fields or up in the air for such large portions of the day, that she was generally heavily bundled in padded jackets, with her hair windswept and wild, and her skin reddened and dried out by the wind.

Not that Regina cared. Regina loved Maleficent’s disheveled look as much as she appreciated it when her mate got all dressed up in velvets and silks. She certainly enjoyed warming Maleficent up on days she had back-to-back flying lessons right before it was time to come home.  

But these mean-spirited comments on the public crystals got under Maleficent’s skin and left her on edge. It was like being poked with a pointy stick, but not being able to turn and burn her tormentor to a crisp. She growled, told herself she was being ridiculous, and thumbed away from the image of her and Regina in the marketplace.

The next image she saw brightened her mood considerably. She had a plan!

“We’re going where?” Regina asked when she got home and was presented with a long kiss and two tickets.

“The opera.”

“But you don’t even like-“

“We’re going.”

It wasn’t just any opera. It was a command performance. A traveling company of great renown, special request from Queen Snow herself, a lead singer who was famous for leaving audiences weeping at the beauty of her voice. The entirety of the kingdom’s noble class and every powerhouse would be represented in some way at this event.

And Maleficent had managed to get her hands on two tickets at incredibly short notice.

That alone should have silenced anyone who thought she was an unfit companion for their Mayor. But when they swept into the grand opera house, Regina in her customary black and Maleficent in a gown of deep purple and silver, they made such an arresting couple, heads swiveled to watch them wherever they went.

Maleficent was a charming companion; knowledgeable and attentive, she sparkled in conversation. She guided Regina across the room with her hand in the small of the back; she whispered risqué jokes into her ear, making Regina laugh and her eyes gleam with mischief; when they took their seats, she listened attentively and murmured appreciatively as the music swelled around them; when Regina was so caught up in the performance her eyes filled with tears, Maleficent had a handkerchief and a comforting touch ready; when she helped Regina wrap into her cloak at the end of the evening, she tilted her chin up with gentle fingers and kissed her softly. Regina was practically glowing as Maleficent helped her into the car.

On the drive back to Storybrooke, Maleficent thumbed her crystal idly while they discussed the evening. She found an image on the public feed, captured as the two of them were climbing the stairs to their box seats, in a moment where she had extended her hand to offer Regina support. She looked regal and strong, and Regina was smiling up at her with love shining in her eyes. Maleficent sighed. It didn’t matter what other people said about this moment. The only thing that mattered was what Regina thought.

Regina caught the movement of Maleficent’s hands, as she played with her crystal. She noticed the image of the two of them at the opera.

“You know, Zelena threatened to challenge every one of those commenters to a duel,” Regina said. “I told her it wasn’t necessary. But now I’m not so sure they don’t deserve it. You don’t even like opera.”

Maleficent grinned. “I may be persuaded otherwise. This has been a most enjoyable evening.”

“Did it work? Are people blown away by your elegance?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Maleficent said with a wry smile, and put her crystal back in her bag. “What matters is, did you have fun tonight?”

“I did,” Regina said, then added thoughtfully, “Do you really think you could be persuaded to enjoy opera? I have some recordings at home…”

Maleficent laughed and leaned back in her seat. “As long as I can eat brownies while we listen.”

The final notes died away, the singer’s voice fading into nothing. The room grew heavy with the emptiness of silence.

“Does everyone always die at the end?” Maleficent asked.

She was sitting on the floor, propped up against a pile of cushions. Regina lay on the carpet, her head in Maleficent’s lap. Maleficent had been playing with Regina’s hair, and it fanned out against the pale blue silk of her pyjamas.

Regina sighed as she sat up. She hadn’t really been listening to the opera, she’d been so lost in the feeling of Maleficent’s hands caressing her scalp and neck. She leaned in and kissed Maleficent, gripping the lapels of her silk shirt to pull her closer. It was a good kiss; Maleficent’s mouth was warm and inviting, and Regina took full advantage of that, licking along her lower lip, tasting chocolate and cardamom. She decided she’d had enough of cuddling and gentle caresses. She deepened their kiss.

Needing to breathe, Maleficent pulled back from the kiss; she could feel her heart racing. Regina’s eyes were dark, her mouth soft and her body warm. But they were supposed to be listening to opera. Maleficent was determined to learn more about this thing that Regina enjoyed so much. She cleared her throat. “What do you want to listen to now?”

Regina’s eyes widened for a moment, then narrowed speculatively. “My favourite thing,” she said, her voice a growl as she pushed Maleficent back into the cushions and began to unbutton her pyjamas. “That sound you make when I go down on you.”

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I KNOW! sometimes i side eye the writers. first the i lay with him after nonsense and now this? what the fuck. and you KNOW hardwicks dumb ass is gonna eat this up and try to insinuate that Michonne has competition (never!). honestly its things like these that just give haters a stronger foothold to keep discrediting richonne. i was excited for the ep bc Mich was coming back but after hearing this, the only thing that'll make me happy is Michonne taking that sword and feeding it to mushroom head

Lmao right, exactly. None of the other female characters have to put up with shit like this, but it’s fine if Michonne’s man is put in awkward, sexually charged situations. 🙄 Like, it’s bad enough we had to deal with the fuckery of 5B and 6A, but I’d forgiven (not forgotten) their transgressions because Richonne has been so good. But this is whole and entire bullshit. 

And if the spoilers are true about another character’s death this season, it’s even more ridiculous that they’re pulling these shenanigans (to what end?) when that person should be the one getting quality screen time. 

Oh my Chuck

Okay. Okay. First of all, I loves how much Dean loves cowboys. Just one more thing we have in common. Besides guns, music, Cas, protecting your baby sibling, pie, alcohol, the Impala, and loving John. I had forgotten about his love for cowboys until I saw the promo. Gah it was so cute.

But okay. Destiel though. Jensen had answered a fan about what Dean was going to do when Cas came back by hugging him from behind. And the first thing Dean did was hug Cas. Gave me so many feels. And Dean’s on board with Jack now. And we know why. Jack brought Cas back. We all know Dean can’t live without Cas. He literally said he didn’t believe in anything anymore, and it was because of Cas and Mary being gone. Although I don’t care what happens to Mary.

Just, ugh, the feels. After this Mark of Cain Destiel fic I may have to do a reaction oneshot for this episode. Just, oh my Chuck. And Dean rubbed off on his husband, Cas annoyed his other self so much he sent him back. Isn’t that such a Dean thing to do?! Just, OH MY CHUCK.

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That's so sweet that you have so many good influences on your life, Caddy! And don't think we've forgotten that Eli even called you 'son' during the party! He really is like a father to you, isn't he?

Caddy: “Yeah, pretty much! And I’ve got a big brother in Meaux, and dad’s family always said that Tessall was like my twin, since we were born within a month of each other. Did they say they’d come over for Harvestime, actually?”

Jennifer: “They said they’d have to see, since the, uh, company we can’t talk about on Undernet is launching a new product for the holidays. But even if they can’t make that, I know they’ll come up here for your birthday - they wouldn’t miss that for the world!”

Floyden:  So what you say? This will be a super job for all of us! The company is expanding… not here, of course… Forgotten Hollow is too small but…

Angelo:  Working for you? I know nothing about you sir…

 Leora:  And why should you want to employ teens?  …

Master:  You don`t have to work every day… and only after school… now and then!  Better take your time to think about it!  

Angelo:  No! Nope! Never! Working for you, Flo, is not an option!

Tony:  All right then!  I still don’t understand why Angelo would give you another chance but then…  I`ll try again, too!

Floyden:  You may call me boss, now!

Angelo:   In your dreams!

Floyden   Look! You were the one who told me to not make any mistake again because I’m a grown up!  Now I won’t have to… and leaving I am, too!  

Mal:  I don’t know!  I don’t feel well about this!  Like I’m in the wrong film… or… are we under drugs? Because I think I’m hallucinating! Someone is speaking in my head!


Thor: You have a very sensitive friend… Ms. Jones… He’s he smoking anything?…

Dee:  Certainly not!  He only looks like that… but well… you also look particulary funny and… Halloween was yesterday!


 Thor: The same goes for your, Ms. Jones… how come you still look like a would like vampy? The next Halloween has a year to go!

Dee:  You don’t like?  I can change it for you? How would you like to see me? I love to change!

 Thor:  I’m sorry Ms. Jones… that was not polite, I apologise!

Dee:  Oh please don’t!  Why so shy?  I find you really cute!  I’m also sorry that I lied to you!  I don’t play the violin… but I’m  a very good painter… and would like to paint you!  Please say you’ll be my model!

Thor:  Never!

Dee:  We’ll see! Wanna bet?

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natasha and steve for that character ask meme?


favorite thing about them
she is a fucking badass

least favorite thing about them
she is kinda forgotten about :(

favorite line
“I’m sorry, did I step on your moment?”



uhhhhh idrk ??? i dont have a lot of notps

random headcanon

unpopular opinion
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shes gr9

song i associate with them
satisfied from hamilton

favorite picture of them


favorite thing about them
disneyland cap said hi to me

least favorite thing about them
it pisses me off that he just never told tony he knew bucky killed tonys parents

favorite line
“you get hurt, hurt them back. You die, walk it off.”

sam and steve

im not a huge shipper but i die for stucky art

again i dont have…one

random headcanon
he gets really excited for the holidays like he is like a little child

unpopular opinion
he needs to get his head out of his ass sometimes

song i associate with them
classic by mkto

favorite picture of them 


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♠: One character adjusting the other's jewelry/neck tie/ etc.

Sorry this one took a little longer - BUT, I think I found a nice little Hawke x Merrill moment for you :) And thank you as always for the ask!


“That cloak won’t be warm enough you know,” Merrill insisted, fussing at the clasp of said cloak. “Honestly. Have you forgotten entirely what Ferelden is like this time of year?”

“Merrill, I promise that I packed the heavier cloaks. I don’t want to roast myself alive on the journey there.”

“And your best staff? And your good armor, right? The fancy I’m-the-Champion-of-Kirkwall set? You need to make a good impression on this Inquisition. Make that damned Seeker think twice about touching a hair on your head.”

Merrill continued to fuss, finding tiny tears in the cloak, and then rummaging through the carefully packed bags, calling for Orana to come and take the cloak and fix it, then looking out the window to check the position of the sun (she’d never quite adjusted to clocks), and returning defeated when she realized there probably wasn’t time to fix it before Marian had to leave for the docks. Marian, for her part, watched her: quick, fluttery, eager, anxious Merrill. Her wife.

“It’s fine, Merrill,” she said at last, taking her hand. Merrill’s own clothing was askew now from all her running about. Marian adjusted the blouse so it sat right on her narrow shoulders and tucked the loose strands of dark hair behind her ears. It had grown so much in their months on the run. She liked it long. She liked to wind it between her fingers when they kissed. Merrill only sighed and adjusted the cloak one last time.

“I’ll miss you, vhenan,” she admitted at last, settling into the embrace Marian offered. It was awkward in her bulkier traveling clothes, but Marian still tried to memorize every instant. “I wish I was coming with you.”

“You have nothing to worry about, love. I’ll have Varric with me. Since when have Varric and I ever gotten into any trouble?”

Merrill’s derisive snort was buried into her neck.

“We should go,” her wife said finally, stepping back.

“Any last minute adjustments?” Marian said, spreading her arms, affecting her best heroic pose, even though in the back of her mind she kept picturing Corypheus’s face in that prison in the Vinmarks. She’d memorized Varric’s letter about the fall of Haven. She knew what she was walking into. She knew what she was keeping Merrill away from.

Merrill smiled. “You’re perfect.”

“Excellent. Remind Carver of that next time you drop by the Gallows and see him. In the meantime - there’s a ship waiting.”

They held hands all the way until it was time to board the ship, and even then Merrill lingered at the docks, and Marian watched for her until she was no more than a small white shape on the shore.

Boi, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since Horikoshi saved my life

A Yuuri Katsuki #Relatable Anxiety Feel:

Viktor, as they’re loading the groceries into the trunk, says, “Oh, we forgot sour cream.”

“Oh well,” says Yuuri, who is already planning how to work around the absence of sour cream in their fridge for the next week.

“Let’s go back in and get it,” says Viktor, closing the trunk with a decisive bang. 

“Um…no, that’s okay,” Yuuri says. “We don’t–do we need sour cream? I don’t think we need sour cream.” Half of Viktor’s recipes require sour cream. It’s a Russian thing. Yuuri has a What I don’t know can’t hurt me policy with regards to how much sour cream the typical Russian consumes in a week.

“Yuuri,” Viktor laughs, taking Yuuri’s hand, “Come on. The store is right there–it’ll take two minutes. It’s not like we’re in a hurry.”

“We’ve left the store,” Yuuri says. “We have to live with the purchase we’ve made. At least until another shift. We can come back in a few hours?”

“But we’re here now,” Viktor says, utterly perplexed.

“But the same person who just checked us out will probably check us out again,” says Yuuri, “and the only thing we’ll have to buy is two family-sized cartons of sour cream. They’ll know that we were just in there. And that we forgot something. And that our family eats a ridiculous amount of sour cream. Viktor, they’ll want to ask us about it.”

“Okay,” Viktor says. “Would it be better if…I went in and got it myself?”

“No. We go to this store every week. They know we’re married. The next time I’m here they’ll ask me Why did your husband buy all that sour cream.”

Viktor, gently, laughs and says, “Darling, I really don’t think cashiers pay that much attention to what people buy.”

“I know,” Yuuri groans. “But what if they do?”

“It’ll be fine,” Viktor says, and starts towards the store. “I’ll buy something other than the sour cream. I’ll be back in two minutes.”

When Viktor settles into the car, passing the single shopping bag with two huge containers of sour cream and one singular pack of gum in it, Yuuri releases a mournful bleat and says with the gravity normally reserved for funerals, “We can never come back to this store”


We’re not just royalty. We are more than an alliance. We love each other.
                                                                                                And we always will.