i have not drawn them in far too long

Character designs!

Since lots of people have been asking, I’ll start uploading here some character designs! And I’ll add a cute little description of them too! So go look for your fave character, it might just be here!

I’ll make character sheets for main characters that have already appeared, the ones that haven’t will have a random image if I have one!

This is a long post but will include every character design that I’ve drawn so far! Check it outie!

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radiodread  asked:

SouMako + reincarnation AU? :)

It’s in the space between that Sousuke can confirm what he feels during his lives: he and Makoto have been drawn to one another over centuries. Sometimes they’re born too far apart, sometimes time works against them or circumstance; they don’t spend all their lives together. But the ones they do, Sousuke knows, those are the best lives he’s ever had.


All right, here’s how colouring is going.

I’ve played with flat colour and full colour a bit to find out what happens. This is what I’ve discovered.

Flat colour isn’t great. It makes things look off and deteriorates the characters a little.

Full colour is lovely, I might have to shrink or play with the pupils I currently have drawn, but it’s the much better option. It also doesn’t take as much time as I believed it would and I think you can see it’s worth the effort.    

As far as Backgrounds go, fulling colouring them take way too long. The current solution is to give them a selection of flat colours, which is something I’ll experiment with a bit more. The colouring of backgrounds might be something I need to outsource to some other SU fans who wouldn’t mind helping out. Maybe I’ll put out an open call for colourists assistance when the line art is done.


Still in the Philippines, and feeling a little home sick, and I really wanna hold my tablet and draw stuff T.T But the trip has been super awesome thus far though!

I was surprised to find how popular the Chris Pratting Sans picture became and all the new followers I now have. *giddy giggling. It’s also awesome.

Here’s some older art that I’ve posted on my DeviantArt long ago. I thought I’d post them here too. The gems were drawn last year, but Gumball and Marshall were drawn in 2011.

The art style is from Super Mario Strikers Charged, I believe.


          three tastes on my tongue, three words my father taught me to savor, three pressure points on my body pulsating with memories and lifelines.

   forehead: and my mouth opens wide to a river
of brine. i try to talk to the fish as they swim
   underneath my feet but my voice only comes
out a gurgle. somehow this is fine as my
   attention is drawn to the sun dancing on my
toes and on the sand. summerhood has only
   just started but i already am steadily growing tall
enough to be able to reach the sun.

   spine: and my arms are pulling at the soft earth,
digging holes to bury the secrets i have kept
    too long on my shoulders. flowers now start to
grow and they are far more beautiful than my
   mother taught me how to love. this is fine, i will
just take pictures and tape them to my wall for
   when winter comes and makes me forget that
change is not always decay.

   knees: and my toes are holding stars between
them. they are warm but not too hot, just
   enough to warm them as the snow is falling and
the moon is pulling the warmth away. i
    count how many times wished they were home
and realized they aren’t wishing that at all;
    rather they are planting a new home in me
and waiting to see if i will join them.

–triumvirate of heavenly spheres (prompt) | jocelyn 

Today was the day of my best friends wedding and seeing all these happy couples is killing me and all I can think about is you and how we could have never had this. And then my (Insert relations here) asked about you and I had to lock myself in the bathroom and sit in the tub for half an hour and look through a folder on my phone of pictures I took of you to feel okay again. And I kind of still have your phone number memorized even though I haven’t called you since we split and somehow I remembered it even though I’ve been drowning in champagne and hey, I know you’re probably pissed and I’ll delete your number right after this but please will you just let me pretend I didn’t fuck up everything for just a little bit?

AU made by me via grabbing like, three different ones and smooshing them together. I have since lost the list that I got them from. 

Adoribull Modern AU. 
Warnings: Angst, Dorian refers to himself as an alcoholic and spends much of the fic drinking to excessive and possibly dangerous levels. 

Weddings in Tevinter are a long, drawn out affair that are far too expensive for their own good and involve more relatives than anyone wants to deal with for more than an hour, let alone several. Dorian is surrounded by people he hasn’t talked to in years. Great aunts and uncles, and third cousins twice removed. The entire family tree, stuffed into a room that has a chandelier that seems to be made out of diamonds hanging from the ceiling.

The only blessing that Dorian has for the entire thing is that it is, at least, not his wedding. It’s Felix’s, which of course means that Dorian is the best man and thus unable to just slip out at the earliest opportunity.

He’s dealing with this fact by drowning himself in alcohol. The best champagne Alexius could buy. Dorian can barely taste the flavour as he downs glasses with a rather reckless abandon.

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Can I have a review on the art for this guy? I’m very young and a beginner so i have a long way to go but I feel this is decent??? Idk lol. Excuse the colouring, it’s always been one of my weak points lmao. Anyway, thanks for the time :3

I think he is really cute! :D

1. The shoulders are too wide… I tried to show proper proportions, but the image is taken at an odd angle so it may be a little inaccurate.. But what I try and do to keep shoulders roughly the right width, I draw the shoulder muscles in. Even if it’s just a quick little thing, it helps a bunch!

2. His ear is drawn too far from his head. Ears are generally flat alongside the head, so it would be much smaller. But, depending on stylistic choices, it could be fine with practice. :D His ear, since it’s a long pointed ear, could still curve out a little.

3. His coat. So, I did this one a bit quick, so it’s not entirely accurate! BUT I hope it makes sense. With these coats, you should try layering the collars… And, since you had buttons on them, I tried to make sense of it. The upper collar wouldn’t have buttons unless it became a turtleneck and the lower fold/collar would overlap on one side. So buttons at the corners wouldn’t work out.

4. As just a coloring tip: always color in the same direction! I used to use primarily crayola.. Hell, I still use crayola a LOT. And the only real way to make crayola look GOOD is to make sure you are keeping your strokes the same direction. It doesn’t have to follow the curves of the hair (it could though). It could just all be straight lines downwards. It’s only a small doodle, but I hope this is a good visual for this one:

I tried to use a pencil-like brush for it.

I bet he’s gonna evolve a bunch as time goes by and just get better and better! :D

-Mod Egg

Cats and Dogs

Title: Cats and Dogs

Characters: Blake Belladonna, Zwei the dog

Words: 1,795

“Ruby, please don’t do this to me.”

“Blake, come on, you’ll be fine, and I know you’ll take care of him. Besides, he won’t let Zwei come with us anymore, and you have to let your leg heal. It’s really our only option.”

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anonymous asked:

ive been trying to grab your attention in class for over half an hour by poking you and throwing things onto your desk and you’re refusing to acknowledge me and gdi all i wanted to do was tell you that you look cute and now it’s gone too far and it can’t go back

Iris can’t tell if the kid in front of her is ignoring her on purpose or if he’s really that daft. More than half the pages of her notebook have been sacrificed in favor of rolling them into thick balls and throwing it at his head.

She seems to have drawn every eye in the room except for Barry’s. And maybe her attempts to get his attention would be cuter if they were in grade school, absently distracted in lessons of long division. Instead, this is probably the most ridiculous thing a college student can do in an upper division data analytic course. 

It’s when Iris begins to stack the caps of all of her pens onto the end of one that Linda Park, two seats to her right, quirks a brow at her. A bit embarrassed and a whole lot determined, Iris extends her newly made utensil to the row in front of her, until the tip scratches over the back of Barry’s neck. 

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That’s right, a new commission post!!

My old one was outdated and I figured I should start fresh!!! I am desperately in need of income, as I’ve just moved and have been trying to get a job. My mom and I are on our last bit of savings, and she’s requested that I start paying for my own gas, necessities, and whatever food I want as soon as I can. Job hunting is taking a lot longer than I thought it would, so I need your guys’ help!!

I will draw:

  • Any character, as long as I’m given a name and the show/comic/movie/etc they come from! (No real actors though, but if there is a drawn reference of them I will; i.e Captain America has an actor as well as a drawn comic character)
  • Mild body horror
  • Mild nsfw (I will decide upon request whether it is too much)
  • Animals/Pokemon
  • Short comics (Script must already be written. Price negotiable)
  • OCs, as long as I’m given a reference.

I will NOT draw:

  • Extreme nsfw
  • Furries (Unless you have a detailed reference)
  • Mechas
  • Real people (With the exception of chibi Markipliers, I’ve figured him out at least that far.)
  • You. (kinda a pet peeve and goes along with the ‘real people’ thing, but if you have a sona that is within guidelines it’ll be fine.)

Thanks so much for so many followers, and I hope you guys can help me out! You can email me at galaxyycake@gmail.com with your commissions, or send me a fanmail, and I’ll do them as soon as I can and send you the Paypal information. I only accept payment through Paypal. All prices and rules are mildly negotiable, and I’ll only begin your commission once the payment has been made and shows up on my Paypal feed.

For each extra character, the price will be doubled.

Thanks again!! <3