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don’t let ‘em see you

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When the antis hate you so much they wont even fathom you getting a redemption arc to further your growth as an interesting complex villain character

I went to the doctor to get a new referral for my psych because i havent seen her in years and he was jus. So rude to me. He told me that he couldn’t do it without a proper appointment and refused 2 acknowledge that i needed it urgently, wouldnt even look at all my hospital forms that explained what happened n that its recommended i see a psych asap….like it was jus so awful and now its gonna be at least another week before i get to see someone

Six Sentence Sunday- The Queen’s Man ch 7 preview

Sherlock stepped into the Queen’s private library, his steps hesitant and his heart heavy. He was not normally a religious man, but he prayed that today he was doing the right thing. And he prayed even harder for the strength to do it.

She stood facing the large window, the sunlight illuminating her outline with head bent slightly toward the pages of a book.

Sherlock cleared his throat. “Forgive the disturbance, your Majesty.”

Story time!

So originally I was not going to get CBS all access myself, so I have been watching it with my dad and some of his friends who have it. However they were watching a week behind and I could not handle that so I caved and got it for myself. Every Sunday, after watching Star Trek I would rush home to watch the episode that had actually aired that night. Then next week I would just pretend to be surprised like I hadn’t already watched the episode. Today I will be watching “Into the forest I go” with them and I’m not sure I will be able to keep the secret. I’m really gonna try, but….. it’s gonna be really hard to act surprised and not start freaking out when Hugh and Stamets are on screen.

On the other hand I should try and make a bet with my dad about whether they will kiss or not! Maybe I can bet him a tub of ice cream or something and then I will get free ice cream!