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Can you do one of your describe a scene posts about the pickax scene? it's the scene that started my shipping.

Why sure I can, I said I would do any that came into my box and I’m good at my word (even while on break) so here goes love..

(I will need to reference gifs for this one cause it was so long ago, talk about way back machine lol)

So we have Daryl, just about to put an ax into the head of the now deceased asshole that passed for Carol’s husband. He’s about to swing it when she come and says “I’ll do it.. he was my husband.”

Her soft, meek, teary voice cuts through Daryl’s gruff and he looks at her, this tiny woman, and hands her an ax almost as big as she is..

He watches her as she takes it and barely having the strength to lift it, manages to and proceeds to swing it awkwardly, with tears in her eyes into her husbands head..

Multiple times I might add.

(gifs by @oohhshiny))

A painful level of overkill that would be echoed by him a few seasons later. The moment being what it was. A liberation in a way from years of abuse. And it always struck me how he almost seems to recognize it. It Knowing what we know now he probably did. 

the way he’s watching her, this small woman wielding an ax and freeing herself in a very real way from the man ruled her life for so long. Even as a man he can relate to the situation. He doesn’t know her that well but he’s gotta admire her strength to be able to do it. What it must’ve took.

Its an early moment, and it passes rather fast but you look at it now and realize that Daryl passed her the instrument she used to free herself from Ed’s reign completely and would become someone very important to her.

A man she loves who, unlike that pathetic excuse for a man she was married to, would fight to protect her rather that ever injure her himself. Someone who understood and could relate to what it was like to be held down and hurt by someone who was supposed to love you.

He might not have known her well in that moment but he helped in a small way that would echo even now, years later.

Damn I should go back and watch that. The beginning of the beautiful thing that is Caryl :)

(I love these things, you guys can keep sending them if you want :) )

Crossing Enemy Lines



Let me tell you something about Ethan Dolan. He’s an asshole. Let me tell you something else, love is a murderous thing. I can also tell you that high school sucks. I can tell you a lot of things, but what I can’t tell you, is how love works. I’m still figuring it out myself, but just to help whoever is reading this, I’ll let you in on one thing.. don’t ever have a friends with benefits relationship with someone you hate. Why? Because you don’t really hate that person. You may think you do, but what’s waiting beneath the layer of hate, is the layer of friendship, and then liking, and eventually love. Ugh, love

Love is a state of mind, it cannot be proven by science, which is my whole life. You can’t fully describe love with words, however the brain stimulates the pituitary gland through nerves, which ultimately leads to another basis that love is perceived as a scientifically explainable emotion but it isn’t. Sure, you get nervous, or maybe the person you’re in “love” with gives you butterflies, blah, blah, blah.. whatever you have to say about it, you still get that junk if you’re about to compete in a sport or take a test. It’s controlled by the same gland in your brain. 

Ethan Grant Dolan, is the blatant mass of fuckery that made me question science. 

Speaking from my own experience, I look at all the decisions I’ve made, and the emotions I’ve encountered, that has led to this point in my life. That has led to me, standing on this stage, and making a complete fool of myself, as I stare the complete graduating senior class of 2017 in the face, and tell them, “I fucking love Ethan Dolan.” I bet you’re dying to know. But for now, let’s start, just three months before graduation, before I’m standing here, because those times were much simpler. If I would have told myself, I would have fallen for my complete opposite, my sworn enemy, I wouldn’t even believe it. But it’s true, and it all started on April 1, 2017.

This is an imagine type fanfic I’m starting up for Ethan! Its pretty nsfw to say the least but I hope y’all like it anyways! Sorry I’ve been super inactive, life sucks sometimes so I’ve resulted to throwing myself into writing.

-Kai xx

“Tell her to get out, a voice inside him demanded. Beg her to stay.”

Dear miss Bardugo! Crooked Kingdom was all I wanted in the past year, I was literally obsessed with it! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this duology; both books are so fantastic, I simply have no words to describe. Thank you for all these amazing characters, and especially for Kaz and Inej. I don’t think that I will be over these books any time soon.

Polishing Up a Reading

This is how I personally do readings when I’m being fancy. I’m not saying your way is wrong.

INTRODUCE yourself. “Hi, nice to meet you! Thank you for letting me read for you today!”

DISCLAIM if you need to do this in order to feel comfortable. “Just as a reminder, this reading, as with all readings, should be taken in context of your personal experiences and with a grain of salt.”

RESTATE their question, especially if you had to slightly alter the wording to fit your method of divination. “I am reading for the question, ‘what will my love life be like next month?'”

INTRODUCE your reading. “Today I drew for you three cards…” “Today I cast these fives stones…” etc.

NARRATE your interpretations. “The Lovers card means you will have a healthy and fruitful romantic life in the upcoming month!”

DESCRIBE what about your tools helped draw you to this interpretation. This adds an extra layer of depth to any reading. “I was especially drawn to how the Lovers are holding hands, with a dove over them.” “I noted the close proximity of the Fehu rune to the Isa rune, which…”

SUPPORT your reading with the holy trinity: Intuition, Appearance, and Book Knowledge. Allow your intuition to flow forth and unite your spread in to a coherent narrative. Read the spread as it lies before you. Research extra textbook meanings to ensure nothing is missed.

SUMMARIZE your entire spread in to a paragraph. Hit your main points, reiterate the important messages, and give your querent a bite-sized takeaway of the entire reading. I believe summarizing is important even for one card, one rune, etc., spreads.

“We met online.”

How was the first date?

“We went to a movie. Typical. Then we went to a bar…”

“And now we’re here.”

Why choose city hall to get married?

“Because we want a million dollar wedding and we’re not millionaires yet. That’s in the future so we’re getting this out of the way.”

If you could have your first dance right now, what song would play in the background?

Lana Del Rey. Video Games

Describe each other in three words.

“Amazing. Passionate. Beautiful.”

“The love of my life, I mean that’s not one word but it sums it all up.”


have you heard the rumours about my rapping?
i have, actually!
come at me with a beat.
okay, yeah.


170218; Happy birthday to Jung Hoseok ♡

Jung Hoseok–my sunshine, my angel, my love. Thank you for sharing with us your smile, your bright personality. Your optimism, your endless hard work. Thank you for bringing happiness to my life, for never failing to make me smile. Words can’t describe how much I admire you for always keeping a smile on your face even when you’re tired, or in pain, or not having the best day. You’ve motivated me and inspired me for three years and counting; thank you for existing. I wish you a wonderful year, where you will be able to shine brighter than you already have. I love you ♡

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New trend: start sending Kayla anonymous love because we love her

Just got done reading hundreds of messages and now I can’t stop crying. 

Over the weekend I was terrified to even open my ask box for fear of what might be in it, but today I was reminded that I’m apart of one of the greatest communities on the Internet and that I have a ton of incredible, loyal people following me. Words can’t even describe how much I appreciate you guys. I really don’t deserve this much love, but I am so very grateful for it. Thank you.

So yeah, I’m back.


This blog has grown into something I never imagined. It seems like yesterday that I was posting the first chapters of The City and of Weights & Measures. Sometimes I get really overwhelmed when I think about everything that has happened, especially in the last few months.

There are no words to describe how much it all means to me. You all have helped me keep going, not just as a writer but as a person. So many of you were there for me during one of the hardest periods of my life. Sending me messages that made my cry because I could feel every ounce of your love in your words. Making me suffer through all the jidevil posts you continue to tag me in. 

I just hope that I can give back what you have given me. You all have helped me find my voice again. And I cannot thank you enough for that. 

From the bottom of my heart, regardless if you are mentioned here or not, thank you. Everyone i interact with is a beautiful human being and I want to thank BTS for bringing us all together. 

so here we go!

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  • Sapphire: Ruby, why did we just unfuse?
  • Ruby: Sapphire! I have a very important confession to make!
  • Sapphire: You like to steal my dresses and wear them while nobody is looking. You do not have to tell me, I already know.
  • Ruby: What? N-no! That's not it!
  • Sapphire: Then what could it be?
  • Ruby: Sapphire, you see, there are no proper words in the dictionary that can describe how much I love you, so I took the matter of finding a song that could help me find the words.
  • Sapphire: Oh, I believe I know where this is going...
  • (Ruby presses play button on boombox and holds it up in the air)
  • Sapphire: Oh my goodness. Never change, Ruby.
Bedroom Warfare - oneshot.
  • Sehun x Reader
  • Angst - AU - Smut
  • Word count: 3217
  • Warnings: Smut

Description: Sehun is the worst, everyone loves him, well except you. You won’t fall for his fake face that he feeds all your colleagues. Until you both come to an understanding.

A/N: Apparently I’ve had this sitting in my google drive completed already. I guess I’ll just upload it for luls. This was totally inspired by one ok rock’s song ‘bedroom warfare’. Sehun fit the profile pretty well tbh. You guys wanted smut, you have smut. Bad smut.

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We get under the blankets. “Should I turn off the lights?”. You nod “yes” to me and the darkness takes over us. “I could really write a poem right now”, you bring me closer. “Soft touches into a dark room bring us light. A blind love. The days pass so more and more will come.”, you’re picking each word carefully while I’m thinking that words are not enough to describe this moment. 
Because poetry is the way you’re holding me tighter in your arms as soon as you realize that I’m having a restless sleep. It’s your breath tickling my ear, the way I put the blanket over your arm because it gets cold while it’s around me. Poetry is the way you won’t let me go off your hug even though your arms have gone numb. It’s the warmth of our bodies that lights the biggest fire into the room. And you waking up in the middle of the night, going into the living room and listening to the wind hitting on the window because you don’t want to wake me up. And you coming inside the room as soon as I call your name so our bodies can get intertwined again. 
The sun is rising and you’re stroking my legs. Under the blankets we turn into one and our sleepy yet full of lust kisses create the most beautiful metaphor. You sleep peacefully this time only so I can wake you up again with my touch. Our bodies are writing poetry this time. 
“Good morning”, we are getting ready for the day and I know it’s going to beautiful already just because I spent the night with you, writing poetry.

I don’t even ship Sheith and I hate that I feel the need to defend a ship that I’m not? Even into?? But the Voltron fandom is already being so fucking stupid and kicking up the ship wars AGAIN, after its barely been a DAY since the new season came out, so lemme say this. Katara considered Aang to be like a little brother for quite a long while before they, you know, fell in love and got married and had three kids. Yuuri said he didn’t want Victor to be his boyfriend early on and now they’re literally engaged and flashing those rings all over the place. Korra thought Asami was her romantic rival at one point, and now they’re dating. Relationships can and do change. And many, MANY popular ships in fandom have been described as ‘brotherly’ at some point or other, which never stopped anyone (a recent LOTR rewatch reminded me of how much I ship Aragorn with Boromir. My brother, my captain, my king! Oh no, he said the ‘b’ word! Guess I can’t ship it anymore! Except nah.)

If that 'you’re like a brother to me’ line kills the ship for you? That’s fine! But latching onto that one line as some kind of solid proof that this ship is over and done for and nobody can ship it ever again, that’s just silly and a whole lot of reaching by desperate people who just want an excuse to start more shit.

Like, if you aren’t into Sheith for any reason, that is totally fine! Like I said, i don’t ship it either and prefer it as platonic friendship. But spamming up the Voltron tags with ship hate and smug bullshit about how the ship is dead just makes this fandom even more garbage than it already was. Now honestly, I’m probably gonna bow out of this fandom again because it’s been less than 24 hours and it’s already insufferable. Farewell!

Look at the surprise my friend @djfatchip​ did for me for my non-Shepard oc! Seriously, I’m still screaming about it! She commissioned the wonderful artist @choco-minto​ to do an art of my oc Gustav Bertrand in chibi version. He looks so cute! I just loved it

I really don’t have words to describe how much it means to me. I was screaming and I can’t stop looking at it. Seriously, you are a rare gem in this world and I’m honored that I met you and your wonderful ocs and that I can call you a best friend Those are gifts that life bring to me and I will always hold it close to my heart! You are amazing and you deserve all the happiness and best things in this world! I also thank the wonderful artist for accepting this commission and bring my beloved character into life in a wonderful, beautiful and adorable way! I love your art style and I can’t stop looking at it! So thank you both for this amazing surprise, I don’t have words enough to thank!

                          h e l l o  m y  l o v e l y  f o l l o w e r s ~ ♡

Hello guys! So, recently i hit 1k followers (!!!!!) and i have no words to describe how i’m feeling at this moment IM REALLY REALLY HAPPY. Thank you so much for always being with me, for sending beautiful messages and saying that my edits are good, it means a lot to me. I did not expect it, so I’m very surprised and grateful, once again, thank you!  I follow you for my main blog ( @yoonqjae ) , we may be mutual and you do not know haha <33


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Again, thank you! Your blogs are amazing and you guys are very talented people, thank you for blessing my dash!!


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Prompt: Bones doesn’t know reader is mute and is constantly confused why she never talks to anyone or answers questions. Jim has to save both of them from further embarrassment. -Anon


Word Count: 2,490

A/n: I love mute!reader’s, I think they make the cutest love stories. And I’m actually taking my second year of ASL (American sign Language) so I have some experience with signing but describing the signs is almost impossible so if you get confused, just look it up :P Enjoy!

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So awhile ago, I received a message from someone who I had seen often in my notes, asking if they could send me some stuff just as a thank you for everything I do for this blog.

I was…shocked, to say the least. It was so incredibly sweet!! I was honestly speechless, as I never EVER foresaw things like this happening to me when I made my first post here and started this thing. Well today I received a package and I have to admit it brought a tear to my eye. I wish I had the words to describe my feelings! Thank you @etherealbatwing for making my entire day, my entire month! I’m 1000000% in love with these prints, the key chain, and OF COURSE THE HBC~!

I love this fandom, and I’ve met and talked to so many delightful people thanks to Cheritz and MM. Etherealbatwing, you are obviously one of them. I’m so happy to have you as a friend now, you are so kind and funny and a great friend to fangirl with over these damn characters we love too much lolol! Although I in no way, shape or form expect this shit ever, damn do I appreciate the hell out of it. Anyway, back to staring at this stuff hahaha I have to pick up some more frames now! 😘😍