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Oh my gosh I hope I made it in time. Can I have Tamaki being confessed to by his crush? I really love lipstick kisses so please include lots of smooches. Just lots of fluff and Tamaki covered in kiss marks. Please and thank you!

Type: oneshot
Word count: 1,045

This request is so cute!! I don’t like wearing lipstick but I’ll gladly put some on just to smooch elf boy. (ノ´>ω<`)ノ

I was actually already working on a personal fic for Tamaki with a similar idea (Tamaki confesses instead of the reader), so I combined it with your request. I hope that’s alright!!

- Mod Katsuki

Originally posted by tetsuro


A coy smile quickly adorned your lips upon hearing your favorite voice. You nimbly spun on your heel and looked up at the trembling elvish boy, curiosity peaking upon noticing his prominent flush.

“Tama! What’s up, darling?”

His blush only grew upon hearing those pet names. You think he’d be used to it by now since you’ve been friends for over a year, not that you particularly mind his slow comfort levels – seeing Tamaki continually flustered only added to his already insurmountable cuteness.

With a hesitant gulp and increasingly rattling heart, he suddenly placed a small folded paper in your hands. You eyed the parchment curiously before glancing up at him. You wanted to ask what the paper was for, but Tamaki was already busy analyzing the grooves in the linoleum floor. With a curious hum and curt nod, you eagerly unfolded the paper – well, until Tamaki had a change of heart and tried to snatch it back.

“W-Wait! Please don’t look it…”

Emphasis on tried. You effortlessly twirled out of his grasp, causing him to fall flat on his face. As much as it hurt seeing him injure himself, you were incredibly curious - Tamaki has never been so straight-forward as to hand you a handwritten note; usually he awkwardly stands next to you as you discussed anime together (albeit sometimes one-sidedly) and told him silly jokes.

Tamaki mentally collected himself and groaned from his newfound position on the floor. His attempt to get up was stopped short when you decidedly plopped down on his back. You quickly chastised and shushed the boy upon hearing his surprised scream. 

“Shh, Tama! My best friend just gave me a handwritten note - it’s only polite to read it.”

You grinned down at the boy, who had now taken to burying his considerably warm face in his hands. The tips of his pointy ears were flushed, perhaps from the position you’d forced him into. At least he’d get a better view of the floor he was so desperately interested in. With a mischievous chuckle, you unfolded the note to find six words printed in beautiful, practiced calligraphy.

You are my sun and stars.

A surprised trill left your lips and fell on Tamaki’s worried ears, making the already-nervous boy to freak out some more. Were you upset? Did you hate it? And most importantly, why did Mirio and Nejire force him to confess in such an embarrassing way? When he took up calligraphy as a means to help with his anxiety, he didn’t mean for this to happen.

“Tama…did you write this?”

Your shocked voice pulled him from his quickly devolving thoughts. Tamaki instinctively twiddled his thumbs, heart furiously racing to muster up any sort of courage. This was such a bad idea. He really wished he had Mirio’s quirk because all he wanted to do right now was disappear into the floor and cease to exist.


A few silent moments passed before a weight was lifted off his back. Before he could process what was happening, you’d already hoisted him from the ground and squeezed him into a tight embrace.


Tamaki’s mind was reeling to make sense of the last few moment’s events, but to no avail. You hugged him all the time - without his permission, but he always enjoyed it nonetheless - so why was this any different?

“Tamaki, you’re so adorable!!”

Before he could begin to formulate a sentence, a pair of ruby red lips smothered his face in a flurry of quick kisses. Pecks upon pecks littered his face, leaping from both cheeks to his nose, forehead, temples, and finally landing on his lips. His obsidian eyes widened as yours fluttered closed, your yearning hands entangling themselves in his soft hair. You pushed his head closer to yours, allowing your tongue free reign of his open mouth. By the time he came to his senses enough to reciprocate and timidly poke his tongue past his lips, your were already pulling away for air, leaving him looking like a dead fish - eyes wide, mouth open, and tongue still peeking out.

You were planning to stop your onslaught of kisses, but his adorable state only made you shove your body against his trembling frame once again and envelop the sweet boy in equally sweet kisses. You stepped closer to him and wrapped your arms around his slightly clammy neck. Surprisingly, Tamaki was a bit less shy and a bit more prepared this time because he nervously clamped his hands around your waist and gently pulled your body closer.

You sighed contentedly into the kiss before detaching your lips from his and breathlessly attaching them to every soft surface on his warm face, crafting a trail of butterfly kisses and lipstick marks. Each smooch coaxed increasingly louder whimpers from Tamaki before he finally let out a shaky breath he didn’t know he was holding. Trembling hands fell on your shoulders and lightly pushed you away, too frazzled and far too embarrassed to continue handling your advances.

Pink lipstick danced around the boy’s face, blending in with his already red countenance. He shrunk into himself, clutching his hands tightly and quickly looking back and forth between the floor and your smiling face. You giggled and patted his head. Planting a final red kiss on his lips before capturing his hands in your own, you finally mused a response to his adorable declaration of love.

“If it wasn’t obvious by now, I like you too, my moon and clouds.”


“But Tama… could you remind me of your hero name?”

Tamaki tore his eyes away from your hands intertwined with his and tilted his head, brows furrowed and mouth assuming its signature wobble. “…Suneater?”

You nodded curtly towards the poem between your fingers, an impish smile playing upon your lips. “Since I’m your sun, does this mean you want to eat me?”

Nervous hands shot up to shield Tamaki’s red face as incoherent bumbling escaped his mouth. You giggled jovially as he cursed Mirio and Nejire under his breath. Capturing his hot face between your palms, you planted another saccharine kiss on his cheeks and winked.

“If you wanted to eat me that badly, all you had to do was ask, love~”

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Hello. Could you write something about CEO!Jungkook looking for a babysitter for his (twin)nieces/nephews and he ends up having a crush on the new m!reader babysitter? Thank you and wish you a great day ❤️

this is 26 pages long in google doc form and editing was a pain in the bitch ass but i love jungkook so it was nothing thank you so much for sending this in i loved writing it even if i complained all throughout editing edit: oh shit this is my 420th post lit 🔥

title: google: how long does it take to fall in love
pairing: jungkook x male reader
word count: 7,599

jungkook feels incredibly stupid, clicking open a new browser tab just to ask a question that doesn’t have a definite answer, but he’s been feeling and acting incredibly stupid for the past week so it’s nothing new. he sips on his evening mug of coffee, eyes the twins who’re drawing and coloring on the living room rug, and turns back to his laptop with a frown.

how long does it take to fall in love?

he’s so fucked.

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F/O: Hey I know times may be rough right now, but I want you to know that I’m right here with you and am not going anywhere. I know I may not say it enough but I really do love you and I think you’re far stronger than you believe. Even if you have a hard time believing me, my words are sincere. Should you forget that, then I’ll just repeat them as many times as I need to so I can see that wonderful smile of yours.

This is literally my favourite quote/poetry that has ever existed. If you do not already know, I am a very big feminist and advocate for women’s rights/gender equality. If anyone is interested in feminism and joining the movement then please message me!! Even if you have questions you’d like to ask then I’d love to answer them! And if the word “feminism” scares you then please just think of the movement behind it xoxo love you all!!! 

prompts welcome!

Hi y'all! Just wanted to make it known that I am always happy to take prompts for drabbles/ficlets/fics! A couple of you have sent me prompts recently which are in the works 😊

So, if you have any ideas…prompt away! Messages & asks both welcome.

Tagging a few folks off the top of my head. Feel free to spread the word! @baronessblixen @i-gaze-at-scully @frangipanidownunder @scully-eats-sushi @softnow @because-they-dont-exist @scully-loves-ruthie

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1/2 Sorry if I ask this question, I don’t want any spoiler, just a little bit of “reassurance”? It’s completely okay if you can’t or don’t want to answer, but will we be able to archive a somewhat fullfilling or satisfying ending with Mal or/and Freddie? Something like a best ending (you know, not happy but okay..? Not completely heartbreaking?) I don’t have any word to describe how much I love your game and your characters (especially them darn it!! I know It’s my fault!)

2/2 “But yeah, I just wanted to know if I’m going to cry all my life over them or like just one week but then saying to mysef “okay but this happened in the end of the game, so not everything is completely tragic? “😂 sorry for the long post and sorry if this has somewhat been answered or you can’t say a thing, but I don’t have Discord(I’m a bit shy eheh) and I don’t know how to use Tumblr, so ily ❤️ (and ah sorry for my english,)” 

i hope that it ends up being a satisfying ending.
It absolutely will not be a case of, “Oh, this happened. That’s the way it goes sometimes. Deal with it.” The way their stories go (and the way it pulls some of the other characters with it) can’t be left hanging without closure - Not only would that be cruel to everyone reading and me as i try to write it, but the character’s themselves need the ability to work through what’s going on.

Let’s say the story’s plot actually allowed for it: there’s no real way for Freddie to come back to the world MC inhabits; there’s no way to give Mal a normal life. Even if both were able to stay with the MC, they’d be forced to watch them grow old and grey without them. Mal would still be unable to die and Freddie would not handle it well even though they would be able to eventually join them in the afterlife. So it’s a bit of a no-win-take-a-compromise situation.

The story is going to encompass more than a year of the MC’s life. While i’m not certain the exact amount of time, i do know they’ll have more than just a few weeks/months with both Mal and Freddie. Of course, that both makes it better and worse, i do realize that. However, i’m trying to look at it as more time for the MC to build memories. Since the story will also present the MC with a choice of how the final event occurs, there’s potential for variation. 

All i can really say for certain is that, while it may not be the happiest of endings, i won’t leave it all without adding epilogue for the MC to be reunited with them one way or another. 
i hope this helps somewhat. ❤️

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hello Noony! I just wanted to ask you something. I've been buying a lot of rose quartz crystals since the beginning of my practice, but I just realized it yesterday (I have 6+ pieces). I don't do any kind of love and beauty magic, but I've always felt drawn to rose quartz somehow. Could this mean that this kind of crystal chose me? idk how to put this in words, sorry

hey there ^-^ ♡

aahh, hehe!! i’ve had the same thing with amethyst ♡ for some reason i’ve only realized it like a few weeks ago, but i did the same thing XD

being super drawn to rose quartz can have a few meanings!

the stone of love: rose quartz can be used in any situation that revolves around love. be it self-love issues, platonic, romantic or unconditional love - rose quartz heals and opens the heart chakra.

the stone of emotional health: rose quartz has a really strong energy - use rose quartz for calming yourself, for healing your emotions, depression, insomnia or coping with trauma.

the stone of the heart: rose quartz can be helpful with several heart conditions, the blood circulation and for strengthening the heart muscle, preventing from heart attacks and thrombosis.

the stone of beauty: rose quartz can help with skin problems, scars and wrinkles and is said to make a beautiful glowing complexion!

i hope this helps you, dear :3

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Veve is super cute! Super creative relationship between the Spider and the Butterfly, I only thought they were going to be good friends then that would be the end of it, but an actual relationship is just amazing. I love what you did with everything about the three characters, even though your animations have no words it tells such a great story! I give you all my congrats. You are so good at what you’re doing, keep it up!


Big Hug

Hi there.

I haven’t been on tumblr in a while, sorry about that. My family and I are finally doing better. Guess what guys, many great things have happened! I’ll even be able to return to college and start working REALLY soon! 

Thank you all for your support and love for my family. Words truly cannot describe just how thankful we are. 

My blog will be on hiatus, but I’ll still occasionally log on and keep up with you guys. 

I love you all, my dearest lovelies, and I hope you are all doing fine. I’m sending lots of love your way. 

Happy writing. <3

I’m taking a quick poll here.

Okay. So I just discovered a thing exists for self-ship blogs known as an F/O takeover. In other words, Mr. Kazoo over here would get to be the blogging persona for some period of time instead of me.

You guys have to put up with this blog, so I’m putting it to the vote.

Do we want my blog to be “run” by Papa III for a few days or so?

That means any posts that are made, asks that are answered, or other mayhem that occur on here are going to be me writing as him, with all that that implies for those of you that know how I write the guy.

Sound off in the comments if you like! Thanks!

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Your Carry On fanart is GORGEOUS!!! You’re so talented!!!! I really can’t explain how much I adore your art! Thank you so much for posting it, it really makes my day just seeing those beautiful pieces of art on my timeline. 💕

Thank you so much for your lovely words about my art! Comments like this have been a large part of why I can’t seem to stop myself from drawing additional scenes. It makes my day to know I’ve made your day. :)

It’s been a while since I have written about him. I believe that it has to do with how happy I’ve been. I’ve been occupied with living in the moment, with him, that the thought of writing has pushed itself into the back of my mind. I don’t need words to describe how much he means to me. Just the way I love him is enough. Every kiss, hug and even touch that hold all of my love.

I can sit here and write about things already written. The same lines, same feelings, because to be honest, nothing has changed since the day I met him. The feelings from 4 years ago still stand as strong as ever. It always leaves me speechless to know that this has become my reality. That he has become my reality.

I promise to always love him. I promise to always be there, support him, being by his side, laughing with him, crying with him, or simply a comforting silence. I most importantly promise to never give up if things ever get hard. I will hold his hand through every obstacle that we face. He is the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I will keep my promises for as long as I can.

—  Excerpt from a book about us I’ll never write // 21.10.2018

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Hi! Just wanted to say that I love your blog, it makes me so happy pretty much everyday. Do you know any fics where Sherlock gets sick/hurt and John takes care of him? Have a good day ❤❤

Hi Lovely!

Thank you for your kind words!! <3

I certainly do! I’ve a fic list I’ve done recently here:

Doctor / Caretaker John

Hope that helps you find what you’re looking for! 

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Do you like Sandman? I own them but haven't finished reading. 🔥

Yeah I do! There’s some parts a bit early on where I want to like ask him Hey When You Wrote This Had You Ever Said More Than 5 Words To A Trans Woman In Your Life just, to get that warning out of the way, in case you haven’t gotten there yet. But yeah, it’s a fun series imo, I tend to love the art, & a lot of the characters, & I have grand fun cosplaying Death. I haven’t actually finished the series either though lol. I’ve read….. I think 1-4? but back in like, 2013 or something so I only half remember it. I read Death: The High Cost of Living a bit later & remember it a tiny bit better, that one was a lot of fun! & I just a couple nights ago read The Sandman: Overture, which was cute. I made some untagged posts about it that you probably wouldn’t have to go to far back to see (like I said, only a couple days) but they’re spoilery if you care about that. I also borrowed Endless Nights from the library, haven’t read it yet but will soon probably. & I own The Dream Hunters but haven’t read it yet for no particular reason.

sorry, I don’t really know what to say about it other than that I like it & the art is fun & I haven’t finished it. I need to start from the beginning again I think.

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this might be a stupid question and if it is i'm sorry tay! but i've never seen a voltron and don't have much interest really in getting involved (maybe i'll binge when it's all over but i really can't get my toes in at this time) but i love love love your writing, and i wonder if you think reading your klance fic would make any sense to me without the context of the show? like, could i enjoy it as its own thing and just revel is your wonderful words and Feelings?💞💞 thanks!

OH!!!! you’re so sweet ;A; to be honest, it’s probably okay to read without watching the series? the only thing you need to know is that Keith left the team long before the events of my story, but if you wanna read it, you can always ask me about questions if some of it doesn’t make sense?? what the heck u are so sweet….? i love u

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I'm not close to my family at all and I'm so scared that I'll be hella judged for it. Especially from tom or harrison

Oh, no, I don’t think so.

Tom may have a little trouble fathoming it at first - being as his family is super tight-knit - but he would eventually come to understand that you have your reasons for it. And, hell, you need a family? He’s got one. You’re in, just say the word. He wants you to experience the love of a close family, and his family is more than willing to take on that role.

Harrison gets it. He really does. There are parts of his family he hasn’t spoken to in years. So no judgments out of him either. Just unwavering love, support, and a listening ear if you should feel the need to talk about it.

I think I just fell even more in love

Exerpt from https://inthesafetyofhugollorisgloves.wordpress.com/2012/12/26/hugo-lloris-im-just-a-geek/

“I followed the rhythm of a normal child. I was hard working and rigorous at school. I did science A-Level and loved everything to do with science. Had my football career not taken off I would most certainly have continued my studies.

“That would have come naturally to me. Maybe I would have stayed in maths.”

  • This actually explains why his goal kicks are actually so damn accurate too tho.
  • Not my photos/words
  • I love science - biology, so damn much too. To know you loved it too makes my heart swell.

guys. i know we have like… appreciate taylor day every single day of our lives. but can we just designate a day when every single thing we post is like “WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR” or something so she can open tumblr and see SO MUCH LOVE! i officially declare today this day if anyone wants to participate