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On specific labels and the color blue

There is a trend of sorts I’m seeing, that of people arguing about the existance of certain gender labels because these labels would be “too specific”. That this creating more and more specific labels would be making things too confused or complicated or what have you.

Now, I’d like you to think of the color blue. But not just any blue, but azure in particular. Would someone say azure is too specific a word, because I could have simply said blue instead? Of course I might have just said blue, but that may have made you think of any kind of blue. Another person maybe would have just asked you to think of blue, but I wanted specifically azure now. Just like I could have asked for turquoise, or teal, or cerulean. Of course these in the end are all blue, but since there are many types of blue we felt the need to make words that refer to specific shades so that others may know exactly what we are talking about without getting into long descriptions.

Suppose now, for example, someone says they are genderfluid. You’ll understand that their gender is fluid, but not what genders they go between. They might go between male and female, or between agender, nonbinary and demigirl, or between nonbinary and female, you don’t know. And maybe they’ll be alright with you just knowing they are genderfluid and leave it at that. But someone else’s gender might never encompass masculine genders, and it may be important to them, and so they might use genderfae instead of genderfluid, so that there will be no doubt on the fact that they never feel male or masculine.

And, furthermore, these specific labels aren’t just used for tthe sake of using less words to communicate a concept, they are useful to the people who use them. If you want to paint your house’s fence azure, you’ll look for azure paint, but if the label only says blue instead of what shade of blue it is you’ll have a much harder time finding the paint you want. If that genderfae person wants to meet other people who share the same gender, or is looking for resources specifically for someone who doesn’t experience masculinity, they’ll do this much faster by looking up genderfae instead of the more vague genderfluid.

This isn’t to say broad labels aren’t useful, of course. Certain people won’t feel the need to specify their gender past genderfluid, or any other umbrella term for that matter. Others people do find comfort in more specific labels. 

“But,” you say, “how am I supposed to know all these labels? There’s so many of them!” Well then, did you know the word glaucous? It is apparently a type of pale grey-blue. I had no idea this word existed until about ten minutes ago. If someone had told me about something glaucous yesterday I would have had to ask what it meant, and they would have explained it to me so that in the future I could have understood it. And in the same way, no one forces you to learn every single gender label in existance, and if you ever meet someone using a label you don’t know, all you have to do is ask, and I’m sure they will be happy to explain it to you, so that in the future you will know what their gender is.

And frankly, after having looked up all possible names for blue, I assure you gender labels aren’t overly specific at all.

It’s scary isn’t it?
When you realize that you’ve created a home in someone who can so quickly kick you out and then you’ll be left homeless.
Home makes you feel safe, and comfortable. You’ve already opened up,
and shared all the hidden,
raw parts of you,
and they’ve chosen to love you no matter what.
The love is unconditional,
and there is a level of acceptance.
You are certain that there is nothing either one of you could do to change one another’s mind about the other.
I’ve created a home in someone whose arms have never turned me down,
and whose words have never hurt me.
It’s scary to know I’ve moved in,
I think I’ll stay as long as you’ll have me
—  Thanks for having me

For all the people saying, “just get over it! your candidate lost. it’s over,” this isn’t a sports game where one team lost and now we can all just go back to living like usual with only damage to our pride. This has serious, long-term effects on our lives, our country, and our future… for everyone.

Here’s why I’m scared:

His professionalism:

  • Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti-LGBTQ, misogynistic, and racist rhetoric normalizes hate speech and emboldens his followers. There have already been reports from people being harassed.
  • You might say that these are only words or the media portrays him unfairly, and he doesn’t have control over what his followers do. As a leader, whether it’s of your church, company, or the United States, you have a moral responsibility to lead by example and create a culture that helps shape how people act.
  • I’m scared for every person of color, every member of the LGBTQ community, every woman, and every minority in this country. I’m saddened that they have to live in fear and worry about their families.
  • It’s also an embarrassment to all of the people he represents.
  • He will probably never release his tax statements. He is unqualified to lead a country. He had extreme advantages (like an existing company and money from his parents and the ability to attend an Ivy League school) to be successful in business; therefore, it’s hard to say if he’s actually successful.
  • “The media only focused on this stuff.” Okay, but what about the things that Donald Trump has said directly? The primary sources he’s released about his policy plans.


  • I would not be surprised if Donald Trump defunds or cuts funding for educational and community services like Headstart, NPR, libraries, PBS, after-school programs, academic research, etc.
  • Trump has planned to stop federal loans for higher education, forcing families to rely on often aggressive lenders and volatile interest rates. He also proposed to abolish the Public Loan Forgiveness Program (which I currently use, but I believe/hope will be protected since I’m already signed up). This program ensures that we have a workforce that is giving back to local, state, and national communities through working in nonprofits.
  • Trump will most likely overturn the regulations on the for-profit higher education system which has been defrauding students for years.
  • Trump has proposed basing loans on student loans on income-earning potential which would mean that only the wealthy would be able to afford liberal arts and sciences degrees. This could mean that millions of potential changemakers would not have access to education. Trump also will undoubtedly cut funding for Pell grants that help low-income students go to school.
  • Trump plans to “repeal Common Core,” despite it not being a federal law but a set of standards adopted by over 40 states. Forcing the states to reject it would mean that he’s going against his “power to the states” philosophy.
  • He’s threatened to dismantle the Education Department, limit federal support for schools, and rely on a “market-driven approach” for schools. Pushing charter schools and school choice would weaken our public education system. We have no idea where the money for his “vouchers” will come from.
  • Cutting or not using the Office of Civil rights which protects students through investigations of sexual assault at colleges, examining schools that have high expulsion rates for students of color, and protecting trans and LGBTQ students.
  • Many children of color fear Donald Trump’s presidency, forcing teachers to have tough conversations with their students and distracting from academics.
  • His Supreme Court nomination could help strip back affirmative action policies which help protect minorities from racial discrimination and societal disadvantages.
  • Trump’s ban on Muslims would mean that many Muslim students would not be able to attend college in America, meaning that we’d lose their talents.
  • Trump has advocated for more job-focused education, meaning humanities departments, women/gender studies departments, and other critical academic areas could be cut or defunded.
  • We don’t know. Trump really hasn’t outlined his plan on education, so we have no idea. Personally, I was planning to go back to grad school eventually, but under Trump, I doubt this will be a wise or possible decision.


  • We import $21b of food from Mexico. While I hate seeing tomatoes in January and agree we should localize our food, we don’t have the agricultural workforce meaning food prices could skyrocket (whether because of supply/demand or because of new tariffs). To meet demand and with Trump’s lessened environmental regulations, American agribusiness will continue to grow.
  • The agricultural and restaurant sectors, for better or worse, rely on migrant labor. The “wall” of increased immigration restrictions coupled with deportation means that a labor force will be deplenished (and crops left unharvested). Companies will have to pay for American labor, increasing costs passed invariably passed onto consumers. Another possibility, under Trump’s removal of a federal minimum wage and decreased regulations, is that this job would be left for the poorest, most desperate Americans under harsh conditions.
  • For small scale farmers, who aren’t able to recover from increased costs, this could be devastating. More and more small scale farmers would go under, increasing large agribusiness.
  • Not believing in climate change, an issue that affects farmers, Trump’s regime could leave farmers behind in the cases of increased severe and abnormal weather.
  • I kind of like my food to have strict quality and health regulations. Trump proposed to limit the role of the FDA, and his plan to “renegotiate” trade deals might further limit the restrictions and regulations other countries must pass to import healthy food into the United States.
  • I also like regulations that protect the surrounding environment (including communities) from agricultural pollutions such as waste and chemicals (including antibiotics used in animal production).
  • Decreased regulation could mean even worse conditions for farm animals. Not only impacting animals, this impacts our moral conscience, our communities, and public health.
  • Removing SNAP (“food stamps”) from the Farm Bill means that it’s more vulnerable to cuts, leaving people hungry.
  • Trump is a huge supporter of fast food. Standardizing food means lower quality, reliance on monocultures, and heavily processed food.

Economic plan:

  • A hiring freeze on federal jobs means that millions will go unemployed.
  • Potentially pulling out of NAFTA. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of NAFTA because of its effects on Mexican food, environmental devastation, health of Mexicans (we export and flooded their markets with HFCS and refined, processed foods), and labor abuses, and I also agree that it should be renegotiated because 15 years ago things were different. However, tariffs would mean that companies would ultimately pass those costs onto consumers, increasing the costs of goods for Americans.
  • It is highly unlikely that American jobs will return for several reasons.
    1. Most companies have a race to the bottom mentality and will find another cheap job market. 
    2. Automation has decreased the number of jobs, not just outsourcing.
    3. Lack of an American work force with the skills needed. 
    4. Lack of an American work force willing to do the jobs.


  • Appealing ACA (“Obamacare”) would mean that millions would lose health insurance. Personally, this could mean me, as I have a pre-existing condition, and without the ACA, I could face higher premiums or outright loss of coverage. 
  • Women’s reproductive health needs may not be met or covered.
  • Again, we have no idea because he hasn’t laid out a plan after appealing ACA.

Foreign relations:

  • Trump plans to “label China a currency manipulator.” America already did this in the early 90’s and it did nothing to slow down our trade deficit with China. Besides potentially violating our commitments with the WTO, this would have serious political and economic effects on our relationship with China and their allies. China could retaliate by increasing tariffs on our imports or sell its holdings of our bonds.
  • Trump’s demagogic speeches and erratic behavior could affect our relationships and diplomacy with so many countries. The damages could be economic or more serious, leading to increases in war or terrorism.


  • Opening up energy reserves and approving the Keystone Pipeline may mean (often short-term and dangerous) jobs, but it will wreak havoc on the environment and speed up climate change. 
  • Even if you don’t believe the countless scientists that say climate change is real, spills and disasters will poison communities of people right now. 
  • Okay, let’s pretend you’re some being that doesn’t need to eat, drink water, or breathe, spills mean lost profits which would be passed onto the consumers.

“Law and Order”:

  • No one really knows what this means. The amount of force and power that it would take to remove the number of people from our country and ban the number of people from entering is unprecedented and troubling.
  • Increased militarization and power to police would increase tension between the police and communities, putting all people at risk.
  • Privatization of the prison system has led to serious allegations of human rights abuses as these prisons focus on profit not people. Cutting costs and corners is dangerous for prisoners but also workers. Understaffing means workers work longer hours to manage these often overcrowded facilities. They are also prone to corruption (“kids for cash”) and increased incarceration rates (primarily people of color). As a society, private prisons do not align with our values of justice and rehabilitation. 
  • Many offenders have trouble re-entering the workforce which increases dependency on social programs. Without the social safety net, people could turn back to crime.

Human rights:

  • All of these policies will have dangerous implications for the most vulnerable in society. Horrible effects on the lives of people of color, women, immigrants, Muslims, people who identify as LGBTQ, people who are in the lower socio-economic brackets, prisoners, the elderly, children, people with disabilities, people who are ill - chronically or short term, and other minorities.
  • Donald Trump has opposed marriage equality.
  • His policies allow for human rights abuses here and abroad. Increased funding for military and damaged relationships could lead to more war.
  • Climate change will affect the world’s most vulnerable populations.
  • Donald Trump has supported waterboarding and other mistreatment/abuse of prisoners. Increased surveillance of citizens, use of drones, and militarization could continue or increase under Trump’s “law and order.”
  • Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, has a horrible track record for LGBTQA support.


  • They say the biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. We have very little idea how he will lead the country since he has no political experience, poorly laid plans, and erratic behavior and stances on issues. How can we prepare if we don’t know what’s coming?

So, no. I’m not afraid because he used the word “p*ssy” and isn’t politically correct. I’m afraid because this could be the end of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as we know it. I’m afraid because he doesn’t give a shit about us, acts in his own financial self-interests, and will hand power to large transnational companies that value profit over people and the environment. I’m afraid because this ushers in a terrifying reign of power and a culture of oppression.

Pro-A.I. Propaganda Poster

This is for one of my classes’ final projects, in which we have to give our opinion on what will happen if/when Technological Singularity (aka bona fide Artificial Intelligence) occurs in our lifetimes. I am of the opinion that, should we create something that has its own intelligence/consciousness but is not human, we still have the responsibility of taking care of them — our proverbial children, if you please.

In other words: There’s too many movies were computer intelligence are evil, and I like to think that an actual AI can be a good person. So there :P

This poster also features/utilizes the idea that if an A.I. has a synthetic, physical body, it will start out as children and “grow” into adulthood. Or something. idk.

So my parents are Trump supporters...

I’ve already come out to my mom and my three sisters. I’m light of yesterday’s events, I decided it was time to cross the final hurdle and tell my dad. This was the general flow;

“I don’t love you any less but”

- I’m disappointed
- I don’t condone that lifestyle
- We weren’t created to be gay
- Who knew my children would give me so much grief as adults
- I’m not happy about this conversation

“I don’t believe that it’s ok, and that is what you are. So we are at an impasse.”

Words that hurt, delivered with a gentle tone.

I know there are queer people that have had experiences that make this look enjoyable. I just hate that this is conservatism. This. This is the reality that we are now dealing with.

“You have rights but”

Be there for one another.


So a lot of people have been contacting me about my ARMY Survey that I created, and since I just hit 300 responses, I’m going to share what I have collected so far below! These are only the GRAPH questions, basically the questions where you could choose one answer or multiple. The single words, favorite songs, likes/dislikes about the ARMY, words to BTS, and languages of the ARMY will all be separate posts! Be warned that this is going to be a HUGE post, so I’ll put most of it under the cut! I’ll leave this question on top however: 

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I hope I’m happy in the end.

I hope I will have seen all the places I wanted to see, and thought them every bit as beautiful as I thought they would be. I hope I’ll know what it feels like to be in love, and to wake up in the morning feeling every sun ray soak into every inch of my skin. I hope I’ll know what it is to fight for something, and I hope I’ll have taken every opportunity I was given to create a little light.

And if I must endure a thousand pains and heartaches to see these things through—well then, that’s all right. Because at the end of it all, when my bones grow tired and I lay down to rest, I’ll still have

a little love,
and a little light,
and the sun rays on my skin.

—  d.e.m. // “Every Inch”
Coffee? (Soulmate!AU)

Requested: yes | “Soulmate!Jimin imagine where the first words you hear your soulmate say are located on your wrist?”

Type: AU

Pairing(s): Soulmate!Jimin x Reader

Summary: You just wanted to tell your friend a bad joke and have some coffee

A/N: i had a lot of fun writing this; this one’s gender neutral

Word count: 741

You had always wanted to know what it meant. It had been on your wrist since you could remember, and no one knew why the words “That wasn’t even funny” were written on your skin. When you were asked about it, you’d reply with “something I wrote for fun”, not really having an explanation to give.

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I have come across many people who made me question what music was really about. And these people have helped me realize what music is not. Music isn’t about being better than anyone. It isn’t about playing harder literature than someone else. It isn’t about beating people. And it isn’t about watching people fail. I hate what people turned music into. Music is about learning confidence. It’s about forming bonds where words fail and creating music with others. It’s about growing as an individual and letting yourself vulnerable. It’s about ripping your heart open and letting people listen to what you have to say. It’s about you. And no one else matters in your journey with music. You are not the words they whisper about you. You are not their snickers and you are not their judging gazes. Continue working hard and loving music for the right reasons.
—  Silent saxophone player

Dear FNAF Voice Actors,

I sincerely thank you for your lovely presence in this fandom. Thanks to you, we can constantly be entertained by your lovely voice and imagination, as you bring the imagery in our head, imagining some of our favorite mascots saying some of the stupidest, or even the most serious words! What you add onto the table is something unique, something that can make us have a sense of fear, like we are actually there. It creates a very intense effect that not many people can achieve, and I am proud of what you have done! This applies to canon voice actors in Sister Location, and fan voice actors! You can do things outstanding, and I applaud you for taking time out of your day to do it.

We love you, FNAF Voice Actors!


I can’t honestly believe that I have 200 supporters (202 at the writing of this post) and I…I almost have no words to say!! I can still distinctly remember starting this blog back in July, literally posting Zootopia trash that I could reflect on. Never in my wildest dreams that I would hit ten followers…then fifty…then one hundred…and now two hundred?! My chemistry lecture has 200 people in it! Thinking that many people love what I post is quite a special feeling…I couldn’t have done it without you guys. This fandom is so special because we are a family! We look out for one another, care for each other, and even create awesome events (*Secret Santa* cough cough  @steven-paul). Just like I did with my last milestone post, I’m going to give a shout out to the fantastic people that I have encountered since then. This won’t include the amazing people I featured in my first post, but they all still mean so much to me. Later tonight, I’ll post another short fanfic to celebrate. I hope you all will like it! 

*By the way, the image above is not mine. I just want to garnish this text post :P)


Across the pond lies a very enthusiatic and friendly comrade, a friend who I will never forget. His charm, charisma, and bright smile will always turn a bad day around. I love his optimism and the way Jeremy has a view on life. May this gift carry on for years to come :)


Also hiding over there in Europe is a cat staring at a chair. Jk. In all honesty, pyrophoricitee always makes me smile every time he posts something delightful, funny, or pleasing to look at. Also being one of the most contacted users in my chat, I have enjoyed so much time with this goofball. :)


Every time I think about ryutolbx, I can’t stop thing about photoshop battles with pyro and, like everyone else on here, being as sweet as sugar. A great way to describe him is a bundle of joy. Always smiling behind that computer screen and making bad days better. :D


I see such a strong writing potential in this fellow. Like how I continue to praise @lepouletfou and her ability to write, leakyowl knows how to put words onto text, and reading what he has to offer is quite a fulfilled privilege. I foresee quite a future for this talented author; what a great friend he is!




420 BUDDIES! It’s quite awesome to know that some of this awesome community live so close to me…Which is a special feeling! Both of these fellows reside in Denver, Colorado, just like me! Getting to know these guys and having such close relations is super awesome.

Stay tuned for a short fanfic that I’m writing tonight, all inspired by a dream I had last night…I promise that it will do the exact opposite of what Pale Green Eyes did. I promise. And once again, thank you all for the support! :)

Thoughts (Clark Kent)

word count: 793

request: Could you possibly do some with Sups? Maybe him having a crush on someone (reader) and being kinda shy? He then asks her what she thinks about Superman? Idk, just something with Clark, there isn’t enough.

requested by: anon

a/n: THERE ISN’T ENOUGH CLARK KENT! I’m a huge marvel nerd but cannot deny the amazing and iconic characters created by DC comics. Also, I might have a small crush of Clark Kent. Not as big as my crush on Robbie(nothing will be as big as my crush on him). Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Also, first time writing for Clark!

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Speak To Me

@sunshinexlollipopsHappy Sterekmas! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to create this fic for you! ENJOY!!

by @hufflepuff-at-ilvermorny

Confusion. “Why is he so ugly?”

Resentment. “Is he going to cry like that all the time?”

Disgust. “Why does he have snot coming out of his nose?”

Annoyance. “Yes, Laura, I know he’s a baby but I don’t understand why I need to come see him.”

Exasperation. “What do you mean I’m going to marry him?”

Irritation. “Who made that stupid rule?”

“Derek Hale! What have I said about using those words?” Derek immediately froze and turned around, his shoulders hunched up around his ears.

“I’m sorry, Mama,” Derek said softly.

Laura giggled from next to the crib and pushed her finger against the baby’s smushed cheek. She started cooing to it and telling it how sorry she was that he had to be married to her ugly, rude baby brother.

“Laura Hale, this is not helping,” their mother scolded her. “This marriage contract between Derek and Prince Mateusz is very important to the safety of our countries.”

Derek looked confused again. “Prince what? I can’t say that name.”

“Queen Claudia says they’re going to call him Stiles as a nickname, but Mateusz was his grandfather’s name,” Talia explained to them. She pulled Derek away from the squalling baby and knelt down until she was face to face with him.

“You’ll have a long time to get to know him, Derek. Your father and I will not force you into this marriage if you do not want it when the time comes. But please try, for the sake of our country.”

Derek sighed, a big gush of wind leaving his lungs as he looked over at the baby prince once more.

“I’ll try. I just wish he would stop crying.”

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Hey guys, I know a lot of you might have noticed this or talked about this already, but ever since the Baby episode I looked back at the poster and it got me thinking, why would Star ever wear her hair like that and why does Star look so down? Her hair style is similar to the one her mother has, which I believe, Star wouldn’t wear voluntarily unless she was forced to. Then Moon’s words started playing in my head, “We may need to consider…bringing her back to Mewni”. Moon is probably going to make Star come back home, especially after finding out her powers are just as advanced as Eclipsa’s, who the Mewmans have perceived as bad because she loved a monster. Now, this is just a theory, so don’t take this toooo seriously. I have an idea of what episode this might occur in as well, “Starcrushed”, the final episode in order to create more impact. Because of “ her troubled relationship with Marco”, she might feel like she doesn’t have a reason to stay on Earth (Maybe she thinks Marco doesn’t wanna be best friends anymore or see her again and he’d be better off without her). So she leaves to Mewni, is taught by her mother how to be a proper queen (which is why she has the hair), and is miserable without her friends.

We had our chance (Part 2)

Yay, finally! I have been really busy these last few days, and now I finally got to sit down and actually finish this thing! It called to me <3
As always, THANK YOU for your kind word, likes and reblogs. You are the best, and I love you. <3

Part 1, Part 3

Pairing: Lin x Reader

Summary: Love is like a puzzle, you have to find the right pieces to create the whole picture. But what happens when the pieces are incredibly small and easy to loose?

Warnings: This will contain angst. Not only angst, a little fluff as well, but the ride won’t really be an easy one.

Wordcount: 1,687

-Present day-

The tea was completely forgotten, standing abandoned on the coffee table. You had tried to distract yourself by watching short YouTube videos, but as soon as the video ended you found yourself thinking about him again. You didn’t really know why, since you hadn’t thought about him in months let alone talked to him. The extent of your communication had been a few likes here and there on Facebook and Twitter, but not much more than that.

After a long time of hesitating, you did what you told yourself not do to for a long time. You clicked on his profile, letting you see his timeline. As you scrolled through it you couldn’t find any indication of him dating anyone up until now when their engagement was announced, something you found very odd. Your feed was normally crammed with people constantly documenting their relationship via pictures and lovey-dovey status updates so you were quite used to that. And to think that he was now engaged, they had had to dated for a long while, right? There should at least be SOME indication somewhere?

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Revision Tips

1. If you study English/English Lit then make an overview of the novel/play you’re studying with key quotes and just what happens throughout each act/chapter. Then print it out and highlight important quotes and events. (I have made one for Hamlet if that’s use to anyone and am in the process of creating one for The Great Gatsby).

2. Highlighters are your best friend. But you have to know how to highlight properly. I used to be the one that would highlight entire paragraphs at a time but that’s not going to help!! Highlight single words and phrases or key sentences. (I recommend mildliners - they’re my new favourite thing and they’re double-ended which is always handy).

3. Flashcards. These can be used in a lot of different ways. I use them for key words - so one one side put the key word and on the other, the definition. I also use them for history - so a key event on one side and what happened on the other. They can also be used to condense information down from your notes/textbook.

4. Timelines. These are great for history, politics, English - anything really! For history, obviously you use these the old fashioned way - beginning date at one end and end date at the other. Only write down KEY events and then elaborate on these in your notes/flashcards. For politics, basically do the same. For English, it’s slightly different - you can write down what happens throughout your play/novel but you can do it act-by-act or chapter-by-chapter or just beginning of the book to the end. Whatever floats your boat.

5. Mindmaps. Ah, the good ol’ mindmap/spider diagram whatever you call it. These are just great for note making, an alternative to your average, boring notes, going from left to right across the page. (Make these look pretty with colours- I recommend sharpies, mildliners and staedtler fineliners)

6. Post-it notes. These are great for putting all over your textbooks. Condense a page worth of notes down to a post it note to save you from reading an entire page. These would be great to go over last minute before an exam. 

That’s all I can think of right now, if I can think of anymore tips, I’ll be sure to make a part two to this post! I hope this helps!