i have no words for this perfect human being

Dear future daughter,

I wanted to write this as a sort of time capsule, so that you would know how your mother was at sixteen and what I expect of you as my daughter.

I love music and singing, and I expect I’ll put you for music classes early on, unless you don’t like singing and composing which is completely okay.
You can quit and join karate or anything you want.
I won’t force you, instead I’ll let you find your own path in life, like my mom let me.

You wanna ride horses? Cool. I liked that too.
You wanna go for kickboxing and learn how to defend yourself? Cool.
You wanna do ballet and enthrall the audience with your magnificent coordination? Amazing.

Anything you want to do babe, I am hundred percent right behind you.

I am big on reading as well, and this may sound odd, but unlike dancing or singing, I would very much adore it if you loved reading as much as me.
I will introduce it gently of course, by telling you adventure stories I wrote for you, about bears and fairies, and any thing you like.
Then I would introduce all sorts of new books, the same ones my mom introduced to me,Malory Towers, St. Claires, Tin-Tin’s, Secret Seven and so on.
If you don’t like reading, I understand.
I hope you do, though.

I am really sorry but you may or may not have my acne.
I am so sorry, I know how much you suffer trying to talk to that cute boy who’s the next Zac Efron, or how hard you try to cover it up.
Or how much you cry over something that someone said about your skin.
I wish I could change things in that department but I can’t. You have combination skin just like me, and it only gets better everyday, and soon enough a beautiful sense of maturity and compassion will bloom, like those Violets you adore.

You might deal with a lot of appearance issues, and trust me, even all the way back in 2017, we still have them.
Let me tell you this, your weight is just the relationship you have with gravity.
It doesn’t define your intellect, beauty, the amount of love you can give to the universe around you.
W=m x g
That’s all weight is.
So eat that pizza, gobble that pancake and never starve yourself.
I am not saying don’t be healthy and exercise, oh no, but its okay to be kind to yourself once in a while.

I am not going to say I am not going to behind your grades, or behind you to keep them up, but I will give you a chance to improve if you mess up, which you will and thats okay.
That’s life.
To me, do what you love.
Do something that keeps you happy, something that keeps you interested.
Do something that makes you excited to walk into work.
I hope I am doing the same honestly.
To me, education is not just about books and grades, and the colleges you get into.
I’ve probably taken you to so many places in the world, and all that you’ve learned, all the food you’ve eaten, all the cultures you’ve experienced, that is what you have truly experienced. Of course, it won’t pay your bills and it sure as hell won’t help you get to college, but it will make you better citizens of this earth, better human beings, more accepting, less judgmental.

Oh my, honey, you are going to fall so hard.
For a broken boy with broken promises.
With the talented singer.
With the most popular boy in school.
With someone half way across the world.

In the end, after everyone, you will realize you don’t need to settle for someone who makes you feel terrible about yourself, you just need someone who treats you like the princess you are.
Trust me, its not the prettiest or the most popular that gets to be the keeper of your precious heart.

Of course, if you decide you don’t want to be in a relationship, that’s great.
You’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to tell her how downright amazing she is.
(feminist alert! haha)

Trust me.
They are going to break you, shatter you, make you feel like you can never love again.
You will love again though.
Again and again.

(You can change the genders above to suit you)
I expect by the time you are old enough to realize who you love, who you’re attracted to, it won’t matter.
I hope for Goodness sakes, we live in progressive times.
If we don’t, I will love you no matter what, if you’re bi, demi, gender fluid or anyone.
I will love you the same.
Coming out will be the easiest thing you will ever have to do, I promise.

Well, I am an agnostic, but if you decide that you want to follow a religion I will allow it.
Preferably Hinduism because that would make my mom and dad, (your grandma and grandpa happy) but if its Buddhism, Christianity or any religion, be my guest.
Explore, decide and tell me.
I will respect you if you decide to believe in a higher power, because I think that takes a certain amount of strength.

I might get mad at you, scream, cry and you have to realize I am not perfect.
Far from it.
I just want you to be a nice, respectful and loving human being.
Your grades and talents are secondary to me.
Sure I might not buy everything you want me to, but I promise I will provide you with everything you need.

I need to leave now, but it’s been great getting to know you,
this is sixteen year old me signing out.

Okay, so here’s the situation…

A video was posted online today of David Tennant signing stuff for people, and I can honestly say I have never seen a more perfect example of people not having enough respect for another human being. Read that again and look at the word respect, because that’s what I want to talk about here. 

Put yourself in David’s shoes - you’ve got to be somewhere or you’re going back home to your family, yet you still decide ‘you know what, there’s a few people outside, I’ll go and sign some stuff for them’. He’s taking time out of his day to be able to sign things for people - and yet behavior such as screaming his name, trying to grab his attention and shoving people out of the way seems to be the way people are thanking him for doing so? I mean, if you go and watch the video, there’s a point where he actually has to tell people to ‘calm down’ because the shouting is ridiculous. 

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re getting the chance to see/meet your idol, someone you look up to and you’re super excited - and I think in the midst of this some people loose their basic concept of respect. I know some of these people in the crowd are probably professional autograph hunters and so on, but still - that concept of respect is greatly tossed around here. 

When getting the chance to have something signed by someone, and I’m not just talking about David Tennant here anymore, I’m talking about celebrities in general - make sure you don’t loose your sense of respect. Don’t shout at them, don’t provoke them to come and sign something for you simply because ‘you’re shouting the loudest’ or ‘you can scream their name 100 times per minute’ and can shove people out the way. Stand quietly, be polite to others, wait your turn - respect the fact they are human beings.

And I’m not just going to use this video as one example. When I was lucky enough to go and see Richard II, I noticed just how many fans screamed at him to go to them when he came out to sign the booklets, people literally shoved other people out the way. I was lucky enough to not get seriously hurt, because at that point in time I was on crutches suffering from a snapped Achilles heel, and people still felt the need to push me out of the way to try and snap their way to the front of the line - and bare in mind I was staying out of the way to try and not get hurt. It’s a funny world, right?

So please, just remember one word when you’re in situations like this - respect.We’re lucky to have David Tennant as someone so lovely and compassionate to look up to. Respect him, and just as importantly, respect eachother. 

2 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 2,687 
sorry it’s shorter than usual

warnings: swearing, violence, blood, choking (not in a sexy way) & talk of kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome 

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Two hours, they’d been gone. Two hours, that you’d been left all alone. Most people in your situation would think about leaving, about running away. Not you. Something in your blood told you to stay put. What kind of Stockholm Syndrome was this madness?
Jungkook had let you have full roam of the house, an interesting concept considering only hours beforehand you were their prisoner. Their werewolf prisoner. Even after 120 minutes alone with your thoughts, your mind couldn’t process that you weren’t you any more, that you weren’t human any more. Distracting yourself from the unanswered questions you managed to take a good look at your surroundings. The house itself resembled something from a TV show, the walls were decorated with eccentric wallpaper prints and there wasn’t a spec of dust to be seen in the entire building.

Walking into the brightly coloured lounge area you jumped out of your skin and a piercing scream almost escaped your lips when a man you didn’t recognise stood in the doorway. He looked down at you in surprise, though he didn’t budge an inch. There was no denying he was handsome, apparently a running theme in this household, dark chocolate hair adorned his soft features, his eyes were large and feline like, hiding beneath thick eyelashes and an abundance of negativity.

Who the fuck are you?” He spat as he clasped his hand around your neck, slamming your back into the nearest wall.

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OK, let’s talk about it, Salvador’s winning speech.

It’s more than obvious that he wasn’t just talking about Eurovision music and he wasn’t throwing his competitors under the bus or criticising them. However yes, I agree that he should have worded it better or even kept it to himself.

Was it pretentious? Of course! Am I upset that he said it? Yes! But people have flaws, they make mistakes, they do things they perhaps shouldn’t do it’s all part of being human and I can’t believe that after years on this hellsite people still need to be reminded of that. People don’t start off perfect and loose “good people points” as they go through life that’s not how it works and Salvador’s speech isn’t an excuse to start calling him a bad person.

TL;DR: Should Salvador had said what he said? No. Is that a reason for y'all to call him every name under the sun and be nasty to him? No.

Can we leave this now please?

Does anyone else think newly human Gabriel would have issues with the height of his vessel?

I keep picturing him in the kitchen of the bunker, cooking something special for Sam, and he needs something from the top shelf. The boys don’t think about putting things up there, they can both reach it just fine, Gabriel though… Not so much. 

And he’s muttering, dragging a groaning chair across the floor. He’s not going to ask someone to help him, but he’s gonna make sure they all know that he needed something off that shelf. 

“Damn brothers and their perfect gene pool,” he mutters as he climbs up, “never think about anyone else around here. What about the people who aren’t nine feet tall?” 

And once he’s got the powdered sugar in his hand and he turns to drag the chair back he sees Sam. The giant is just standing there, casually being tall as he leans into the doorway. His long arms are crossed, and so are his ankles, as he watches Gabriel with a tiny smug smile on his face. 

Gabriel drags the chair again, even louder this time. 

Sam raises his voice to be heard over the racket. “You know you can ask for help with stuff like that, right?”

And Gabriel is so irritated today by all the insanely annoying human things he has to deal with that he turns on Sam in a flash. He crosses the room, sticking a finger in Sam’s chest.

“Screw you, Sam Winchester! You with your impossibly long legs. You probably don’t think anything about putting stuff almost to the ceiling, do you! No, you wouldn’t, not with those arms! Look at them, you’re like an orangutan or somethin’!” Gabriel motions up and down Sam’s entire body, like he’s disgusted. “And that stupid pretty face, with those damn dimples that make me wanna kiss you! It’s not fai– mmmff!

Sam cuts off the tirade with a kiss to the ex-angels lips. 

Gabriel melts, slowly relaxing, irritation draining away. He sags against Sam, then lifts up on his tip toes to kiss the hunter deeper. This is one thing he likes about being short, going up on his toes to kiss Sam. 

When they break apart Gabriel rests his forehead in Sam’s chest, the hunter’s arms wrapped tight around him. That’s something he kind of likes about being smaller than Sam too. 

“Don’t know why I picked such a short vessel, that was dumb,” he complains, words muffled into Sam’s flannel. 

“I don’t know,” Sam says into his hair, “I’m kind of fond of this vessel.” 

Gabriel smiles, though he doesn’t let Sam see it. “You just like my perfect ass.” 

That gets a laugh out of the hunter. “That, and a few other things.” 

I don’t know. I’m having all these newly human Gabriel thoughts today.          And I’m at work and can’t concentrate.

Request: Ship

Requested by: @boom-hp

Title: Shy Love

Wearing your canary yellow and black uniform, you made your way to the library to return the book you borrowed a week ago. You were hoping that book you found last month was return so, you went to the muggle book aisle to check if it was returned. You looked at the second to the highest shelf to see if its there. Thankfully it was so you try to reach for it but it was to high for you to reach. You curse the librarian for organizing the shelves this way. Suddenly, a person with long arms reached for the book from behind you. You turned around to see who the person was and saw a Gryffindor boy in your year. You knew his name was Remus, one of the infamous Marauders members. He smiled at you and handed you the book.

“(Your favourite book)? That’s a good one.” he said to you as he hands you the book.

You kept your gaze on to the book handed to you, you weren’t sure what to say to him. You kept quiet

“Uhh sorry to bother you like that. I figured you needed help.” he started to ramble. You looked up at him and saw a shy smile formed on his lips.

“The name is Remus by the way.” he offered you his right hand while he awkwardly rub the back of his neck. You took his hand and shook it.

“The name is Y/N.“ you smiled at him

The next day, you decided to go to your favourite corner in the library to finish up the book you borrowed yesterday. You are so engrossed on the book you didn’t notice that there was a note left for you. You opened it to see what it says:

‘I hope you are enjoying the book. - Remus‘

You smile to yourself when you thought of the light-brown-haired boy.

As often as you go to the library, is as often you see Remus. You weren’t still used to talking to him so you often pass notes in the library as a form of communication. A week later, you started to talk face to face when the two of you decided somehow to sit beside each other in the library.

From then on, you started to talk to each about your favourite books since you see each other more often at the library. This talks start to continue on more in a few more weeks, sooner or later, you two are practically closer friends. It’s easier for you to talk to him now unlike the first the you two met.

Days spent with him are days you won’t ever forget. The times you spent together talking or just enjoying each other’s company while you both read in peace have become the highlights of your day. It just gives you this warm fuzzy feeling and content inside you. It just feels second nature to you and is integrated into your life. Little did you know you started to have feelings for him.

You weren’t sure when it started but you noticed your feelings when you knew that being with Remus makes you happier than ever. You didn’t know how the boy felt. You just hope that maybe these feelings you have won’t ruin anything.

One day, Remus didn’t show up on your usual table.

“He isn’t usually late.“ you told yourself.

You figured he would be late so you opened the book you brought. And lo and behold, you see a neatly folded parchment on your book that said Y/N on the front. You opened it and saw Remus’s familiar writing.

‘Dear Y/N,

You probably think this would be weird, hearing from me through a letter. It’s harder to tell you in person for this matter I am about to tell you is quite delicate. I am not sure where we are as friends and you did mention being awkward to people you don’t quite know well. So, I decided to write to you instead of feeling the tension in air and also avoid rambling when I speak.

Y/N, I like spending time with you. Each moment is so precious and I am quite thankful that I met you. I don’t really think I deserve a good friend like you. You are too amazing for someone like me. Your laugh, the way you talk, your views and your smile. Everything about you is so beautiful. No words can express how much you mean to me. Your mere existence baffles me. How can someone as perfect as you exist? How in the world did we ever meet such a wonderful human being.

What I am trying to say is that, Y/N, I have feelings for you. I don’t if you feel the same way I do. I just want to tell you that.



You went looking for him all over Hogwarts to tell him how you felt. But alas, no luck. You decided to go back to the corner you first met him, hoping that he is going to magically show up.

You went to the muggle books aisle to see where it all began. You looked at that book he grabbed for you. You sighed.

“Y/N?“ said a voice from behind you

“Remus…“ you turned to see the boy you liked

“I have to tell you something.“ you started, stopping him from saying anything else.

“I like you too, Remus.“

You smiled at him and he smiled back.

Okay analysis time because I’ve been thinking about this all morning and I love Miles Edgeworth with a passion so—

I’d like to talk about the differences between Rookie Miles Edgeworth and Veteran Miles Edgeworth, and no, this doesn’t actually center around Phoenix Wright at all.

In fact, when I say Veteran Miles Edgeworth, I’m talking about the 24 year old Edgeworth that hadn’t even reunited with Phoenix Wright yet. I see a lot of posts about Edgeworth’s growth from von Karma’s ideology but I think I really need to make this point clear, because I haven’t seen many people make this one…

Miles Edgeworth had given up on perfection long before Phoenix had even showed up.

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Why letter grades are evil

So, your kid comes home from school with an F in English. What the hell, right? Holy dear crap, they’d better be grounded, we’d better make sure this doesn’t happen again. They must really just be slacking off, or not trying, or something, right?? 

Hello, I am a human being coherently communicating with you even though I have never been given a single letter grade in all of my education. 

I was homeschooled, and before you see that word and click off of this, please just hear me out. 

What do I mean when I said I didn’t get a letter grade at all? 

Well, let’s talk about the learning process for a minute. 

When you learn things outside of school, how does it work? You bake a cake, and it doesn’t exactly come out perfect, so you gather the ingredients, and next time you bake it’s a little better. 

You learn, naturally, by doing. And by making mistakes. You make a mistake, you make a mental note, and you learn better. 

Now, the reason this is important is because school sort of promotes the opposite of this. 

In a traditional American school setting, the student is given some information, and then tested on it. This test, results in a letter grade, telling them how good they did, and then they move on to new material. 

They don’t get to make the mental note and move on. What you are punishing your children for, is literally taking the first step in learning. You are taking that first step, the part where they SHOULD be allowed to make that mental note to do better next time, and punishing them for not knowing exactly how to do it, the first time they tried. 

Imagine if that was applied to other parts of life. Imagine you screw up on your first day of work at a new job and they immediately write you up, and tell you that if you don’t get your act together they’ll fire you. 

Imagine if artists were graded on their first ever drawing and never given another chance. 

That’s not how learning works. 

Now, I bet you’re wondering how I got by without letter grades. 

Well, when I was presented with, let’s say, a times table page from 3rd grade, I filled out all that I knew, after I studied, and then the ones I got wrong were circled. After that, we went over why I got those wrong, and how I could fix them. The paper was then revisited, and occasionally given a percentage, but never a letter, and more often than not, we didn’t stop revisiting that same page until it said 100%. 

The percentages were more of a mark of how finished with the work/page/section we were, than how well I did. 

Because I was always given a chance to go back and revisit the same material until I learned it. 

So if your kid is getting a bad grade, you punish them for it? 

Ok, I hear what you’re saying, maybe little johnny is just honestly lazy (at the age of 8), so maybe he should be punished for not doing his work, right? 

Well, why isn’t he doing it? Is it hard for him to concentrate? Does he understand what the teacher is saying? If he had another chance, would that F be an A? 

I understand that not every parent has the time or resources to homeschool. Heck, I work two jobs, I wouldn’t have time myself.

But just, please think twice before you ground them for those “bad” grades. If they didn’t do their work, open the conversation about why. Maybe they’re struggling with a certain subject because it’s not being explained in a way they understand. 

Everyone’s brains are different, and yet, our schooling system is “one size fits all”. I might learn something in a completely different way than you do, but if the class is teaching it the way I understand it, and not the way you understand it, you’re out of luck. 

I know we can’t exactly fix the school system right now, but if you ease up on your children about grades, that’ll at least let them try to function in a broken system without that added pressure. 

And remember that every time a parent takes their kid out of the traditional public schooling system, it sends a message. A pretty loud one. 

Please don’t let your first reaction to a low grade be punishment. That just doesn’t make logical sense. 

Ok, I’m done ranting now. If you’ve read this far, thank you. If you choose to reblog this, you’re one of my favorite people. 

sentence prompts ➝  bloodlines
  • ❛ Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection. ❜
  • ❛ You’re beautiful. ❜
  • ❛ Can you draw a skeleton riding a motorcycle with flames coming out of it?  ❜
  • ❛ They’re waiting for you.  ❜
  • ❛ You look confused ❜
  • ❛ I think I’m just overthinking things. ❜
  • ❛ Mmm. O positive, my favorite. ❜
  • ❛ You’re okay. For a human. ❜
  • ❛ Brilliant? You think I’m brilliant? ❜
  • ❛ The greatest changes in history have come when people were able to shake off what others told them to do. ❜
  • ❛ You look too pretty to be useful. ❜
  • ❛ Truer words were never spoken. ❜
  • ❛ Being charming is my hobby ❜
  • ❛ I’m the life of the party— even without drinking. I wasn’t meant to be alone. ❜
  • ❛ You are an exceptional, talented, and brilliant young woman. ❜
  • ❛ Do not ever let anyone make you feel like you’re less. Do not ever let anyone make you feel invisible. ❜
  • ❛ The world is my stage.  ❜
  • ❛ How could you have screwed this one up? ❜
  • ❛ I can pick a lock. How do you think I got into my parents’ liquor cabinet in middle school? ❜
  • ❛ I want her to be happy. It’s worth sacrificing myself. ❜
  • ❛ I used to think you were weak and just didn’t fight back … but now, honestly, I think you’re actually pretty tough. ❜
  • ❛ You’re a saint. A goddess, even. ❜
  • ❛ She’s all he sees when he closes his eyes. ❜
  • ❛ No matter how much he tries to forget her, no matter how much he drinks … she’s always there.  ❜
  • ❛ Even a psychopath recognized your worth enough to want to kill someone else first. ❜
  • ❛ At least I take action. You? You let the world go by without you. ❜
  • ❛ I’d been raised to be practical and keep my emotions in check. ❜
  • ❛ It was irresponsible! ❜
  • ❛ I like Latin. It’s fun ❜
  • ❛ I can’t believe you think we’re the strange ones. ❜
  • ❛ What is it with you and frozen desserts Why do you always want them? ❜
  • ❛ I always aim to help others in need. ❜
  • ❛ History is important because it teaches us about the past. And bylearning about the past, you come to understand the present, so that you may make educated decisions about the future. ❜
  • ❛ You’re a terrible liar, but I’m still touched you’d attempt it for my sake. ❜

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Root and shaw for the character ask thingy

You killed me here !!! ♥


who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

She’s the flirtiest character I have ever seen, She loves Shaw so much, she’s a perfect human being, she’s loyal, her smile ♥ I LOVE her please marry me ♥

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who? | only know their name | loathe | ugh | overrated | indifferent | dead | alive | just okay | cute | badass | my baby | hot | want to marry | favorite

My baby, my persian sociopath, I love her, I loved her before Root. She’s so badass and I just love her I can’t even say a word about her I’m speachless ♥ *eyesroll*
Also … She would die 6741 times for Root ♥  (and more)

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Swept Off My Feet (Part 2)

Misha x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warnings: swearing, nothing else really.

A/N: Sorry, I’m still getting my vibe for writing Misha. The others will be more eventful, I promise. And as some of you may know, my cat is also named Jack. Yes, I named the cat in the story Jack. Deal with it. xD

Swept Off My Feet Master List

You stared up in disbelief. Misha fucking Collins was in your hospital room, to see you. You completely fangirled on the inside as you stared into those gorgeous blue eyes. One of his perfect hands rubbed the back on his neck as he stood there in silence.

Say something, Y/N.

“Um, hi.” Moron.

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Genre: smut-ish (implied smut)

Word Count: 3,198

i know this was supposed to be short, but i have thing with elongating stories, i’m sorry !! also sorry in advance for spelling mistakes. enjoy !

Mark POV

“so,” I said, plopping down on the couch in front of Y/N. Y/N looked up from her phone, slightly surprised to see me. But then she put away her phone and smiled warmly. “What’s up with you and Ten?”

Y/N looked taken back, a sour expression on her face. “What do you mean?” The expression gave it away; she was faking too much. 

“I know you two have something.”

“It’s nothing,” Y/N finally confessed. “It was just a one time thing.” She shrugged and continued. “It was after his dance practice…”

Y/N walked down the hallway of the third floor, where NCT’s practice room was located. In her hand was a milkshake that she had proudly made all by herself. It was a DIY recipe she had read online and it turned out perfect, even Doyoung had asked her to write it down for him. 

As Y/N passed the practice room, she could hear a groan. She retraced her steps and stood on on her tiptoes to look through the small window at the top of the door. Ten was sitting there on one of the sofas, his head buried in his hands. Concerned, Y/N knocked the door and walked inside.

“Are you alright?” she asked, approaching Ten. Ten looked up at her. His skin was glistening with sweat and his hair was stuck to his forehead and the sides of his face.

“Do I look alright?” he asked her, a sullen expression on his face. He must have been there for a long time. Y/N handed Ten her drink and he took it with utmost pleasure. “I just can’t get this one move right, its really stressing me out,” he said, taking a sip. 

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anonymous asked:

I love your writing! I hope this is okay since its not from any of the promp lists but can I request a twist on the server from season from the finale. More of a protective Jemma "Get your hands off of him" as AIDA goes after Fitz. Again LOVE your writing and thank you for doing it!

Aww, thank you anon, and also thanks for the prompt! I hope this is the twist on that scene you were looking for!



“We need to lull her into a false sense of security,” Jemma murmured, obviously deep in thought as to how exactly to go about that as they paced through the lower levels of the Playground, left mostly untouched by the blast that had destroyed the rest of the base. “We need to make her believe that she’s winning, so that Coulson can get the upper hand.”

“Yeah, and how d’you suggest we do that?” Fitz asked, crossing his arms over his chest and only allowing himself a brief glance at her frustrated expression. Coulson may need them working together for now, but that didn’t mean anything had changed; no doubt, Jemma still wanted nothing to do with him, and he wasn’t going to make this any harder on her than it already was.

Jemma paused, throwing her hands up in exasperation. “I don’t know, Fitz! That thing possesses a handful of the trickiest Inhuman powers we’ve ever had to combat while on their own, plus the added bonus of access to all of them at once!” She heaved a long, harsh sigh, stalking down the hall to take a few minutes to breathe.

Knowing very well how Jemma worked, Fitz hung back, leaning back against the charred wall and mentally running down the list of AIDA’s various powers, and how they’d tackle each one. That wasn’t the difficult part – what was difficult was trying to fight someone possessing all of those powers. Jemma was absolutely right; for them to get the upper hand, AIDA would need to be lulled into a false sense of security. Somehow.

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Groundhog Day the Overanalysis

Because I can, please have some very overanalytical rambling about innocuous bits of lyrics from the Groundhog Day musical. Not claiming to be the only person to have figured any of this out, I just really like rambling about this okay

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Reading old writing tonight...

I’ve been thinking more and more about what it means to love somebody and what it takes to have a wholehearted relationship – one built upon trust, honesty, connection, raw vulnerability. To give someone your full self – doubts, fears, imperfections, what have you. To be comfortable to say what you’re thinking and to be okay unfolding yourself and letting and accepting change to shake your core a little bit. It’s also pretty cool to think that another human being can inspire you to shed your skin and shine. To inspire you to mean what you say and say what you mean. To inspire you to love and make the most of the life you’re given because it only happens once. To run hard toward Jesus together. I don’t think that these kind of relationships happen often, but if and when they do – if and when two people walk to the edge, grab one another’s hand, smile, and jump together – I think that’s pretty special. I think that’s true love. I think the waiting, building a deep relationship with Jesus, and the figuring out and loving who you are first part will make the finding each other part even more magical and beautiful than we ever expected. The only thing I can say is that the waiting part, the not rushing, the asking questions, get to know you, see if we could actually make each other pretty happy part is so utterly important. I think that’s why people are afraid of commitment. We want to be loved and to love someone else and we want it right now. We hang ourselves up on the rush, the we’ll figure the rest out when it’s too late part. We want the happily ever after and we don’t want to get our hearts dirty and vulnerable to get there. You’ve got to figure out each other’s soul first. Run your fingers through it. Who are you? What do you love so much that your heart is on the verge of exploding? Be intentional and notice the details. You light up when you talk about helping other people. You do this thing where you hug a little bit longer when you know I need it most. Notice. Be intentional. Love is a do kind of thing. Build a strong foundation and then move in and paint the walls. Ben Rector said it best when he said, “‘Cause life is not the mountain tops, it’s the walking in between.” Slow and steady wins the race. Show up. Put in the work. Accept love in all of its forms. Take risks. Realize when you have a good thing going. Invest in dreams other than your own. Be you and let them be them. You and I can read a million and one books about how to have the most perfect relationship where both parties are happy 100% of the time, but sometimes books are just words on pages. Books are not the human heart. I think loving somebody means putting the book down and doing life together. Love is a verb and I think wholehearted relationships are built on the details, the noticing, the being intentional. Don’t stop doing just because you “put a ring on it.” Love does. Love says yes and no. Love gets up early and stays up late. Love is slow dancing even if you have two left feet. Love is real talk and asking hard questions. It’s laughing loud, crying big tears, and being there for each other. You are capable of loving and being head-over-heels madly in love with someone. Just realize that patience, work, and wholehearted connection are a process. Love is not the same for everybody. We are unique individuals with scars, fast beating hearts, passion, and soul. Be gentle and love hard.

How The Story Ends

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Pairing: Credence Barebone x Reader (platonic)

Word Count: 5,454 (not sorry)

Warnings: physical abuse, angst, broken Credence, magic attack

Summary: You had met Credence in the same home when you were young, having lost touch when he was adopted by Mary-Lou Barebone. Years later in New York, you meet him once again, but how long until he’s taken from you once more?

A/N: So I wrote this for @bewithme-forevermore‘s birthday!! Happy Birthday you wonderful Hufflepuff-ian human - I look forward to continue being lame with you :P (sorry this is late - I wanted it to be perfect before posting)

Also, I am writing this and alternating the story (does that count as AU?) a tiny bit, so it’s assumed knowledge that Credence is aware of his magic, also reader’s, and is aware of the important parts of the wizarding world. I still tried to honour the characters as they are with the changes, so feedback is immensely appreciated. 

I used the song “Rescue Me” by Kerrie Roberts as inspiration for our precious cinnamon bun Credence.

While sitting around the apartment with Queenie one day, Tina had come bursting through the door. Immediately Queenie had begun racing around the apartment after her, having read Tina’s mind the minute she’d been close enough.

“Tina, please, calm down. We will think of something.”

Queenie’s soft voice cut through Tina’s chaotic reverie, her pacing paused.

“There is nothing else Queenie, I need to go there and help him!” Her voice was high with distress, her words breaking her out of her thoughts and springing her into action.

“Will someone explain what’s going on?” You felt like your voice was lost in the action, but it had a calming effect on the sisters who stopped and finally looked at you - remembering you were still there.

“It’s Credence.” Queenie stared at you, knowing how you’d react, torn between calming you or her sister.

“What’s wrong with him?! I have to help him if he’s in trouble!” You ran towards the front door, ripping your coat from the rack as Tina moved to follow you.

“It’s his adoptive mother, she’s beating him.” Tina’s voice was small, something you weren’t used to hearing from her.

You felt your stomach drop and your chest tighten as you pictured that sweet little boy frightened under the hateful hand of her

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anonymous asked:

What do you like most about each gaze member? :D

Ooooh, thank you for sending me a q! ;;

Wow, that’s a tough one.. let me see~ *ponders*

His humbleness and humanity.
Even after 15 years you can still feel his gratitude towards the fans. And whenever there is drama he takes it to the heart. He’s only a human and words can hurt him deeply.

No, but seriously.. He is absolutely perfect to me. Ugh, stupid bassist *laugh* But.. I could possibly say “his soft side”. Even though he tries to be tough and macho, he still ain’t afraid to show his tears. Underneath it all he is a gentle person.

His laid back attitude. He seems like he doesn’t have a care in the world. There is a calm aura surrounding him.

Him not taking himself too seriously / being able to laugh at himself. It is truly a treat to the whole fandom that this grandpa never loses touch with his inner child *chuckle*

If I said anything but his smile, I’d be lying. Whenever you see that smile you feel like anything bad could happen and it’d still be ok, that you’d survive it.
Oh! And his ability to lead (and actually stand) those four idiots above! It must be the toughest job in the world xD

Not Like The Others Part 4

 Request: “Can you mix asshole reader, manupilation powers!reader, bff pietro!reader, jealous!bucky, bucky being sooo in love, reader mayyybe loves him back but she is soo good at hiding that, idk summary of all this is reader is an asshole and such a smartass (tony vibes) bucky loves her cause she is different than all other girls. she is the only person makes him laugh and he just fells for her aand the avengers finds out about that and tease him and her yayy! multiple parts would be amazing as fuck”

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearin’, lil bit of fluff, also I didn’t edit this part oops

A/N: I’m going to the Arizona State Fair Saturday :))))

Bucky got up at 5:35 the next day and couldn’t hide his excitement. In exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes he would be going on a date with you. He spent those 2 hours getting ready. He showered, got dressed (he wore that red long sleeve that you like), sprayed a bit of cologne on him (the one you got him for his birthday because you absolutely loved the smell), left his hair as it was (because you like when he leaves it down), and stood in front of the mirror, looking over his appearance.

“Alright, Bucky, you got this.” he sighed, smoothing out the long sleeved shirt. “Remember, it’s just Y/N. Be normal. Don’t stutter.”

He checked the time. 7:50.

“You can do this.” he tells himself. He looks at his face, grazing his fingertips over the stubble. Should he shave really quick? Would he have enough time? A knock on his door takes him away from his thoughts.

He checks the time. 7:55. It must be Steve coming to give him a last minute pep talk. Bucky lets out a long sigh and opens the door, surprised to see Y/N standing there looking beautiful as ever.

“Hey.” he speaks.

“Hey,” you smile. “I know I’m five minutes early but I couldn’t wait.”

He takes in your appearance. You were wearing jeans that were rolled up to your ankles (Bucky loved those jeans), a black tank top that looked more like a crop top (you actually fell asleep in that and didn’t bother to change it, oops), and a black and white flannel that looked too big for you. It actually looked quite familiar.

Bucky smirked. “Is that my flannel?”

You look down at it with a smile. The flannel ended about mid thigh. “Yeah. I stole this from you a while back.”

“I’ve been looking for it.” he hums.

“Do you want it back? I can-” you start to take it off but Bucky stops you.

“No, keep it.” he smiles, giving you a once-over. “You look cute in it.”

A blush makes it’s way to your cheeks and you brush your hair out of your face. “Thanks, Barnes.”

At this moment you notice he’s wearing that shirt you like and that he smells like that cologne you got him. You tilt your head up and smile. He looked perfect. He is perfect. He’s always been perfect. Fuck, you just wanted to smash your lips on his right then and there but you held back.

Bucky clears his throat and tucks his hair behind his ears. “So, should we get going?”

You come to and look at him. “Yeah - sorry, you just look really good.” he smiles at your confession and you take his hand in yours. “Come on.”

You have to pass the living room and kitchen on your way out so when you do, you catch the eye of the other team members. Pietro and Wanda give you a smirk and you playfully glare at them.

“We’re heading out nerds. We won’t miss you.” you say and of course, Tony opens his mouth.

“Don’t go grinding on each other in public, okay?” he says and everyone bit back a laugh.

You turn to him, eyes flashing yellow and he mutters a ‘fuck’. “Why don’t you show the others how to do the macarena, Tony?”

A smirk finds its way to your lips when he does as you say, starting to do the macarena, causing the others to laugh. You turn back to Bucky who was laughing as well and smile. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

After getting coffee you both took a walk in Central Park. You saw mothers holding their children’s hands, couple’s hand in hand, laughing and talking and you smiled.

“So,” you start off, holding your cup of coffee in your hand, “How did Tony know about what happened in the gym?”

“The creep has cameras everywhere, Y/N.” he replies with a laugh. So far he hasn’t stuttered like he normally did or stumble over his words.

“Right, I forgot.” you snap your fingers. “I don’t know why he has cameras in the building, the guy has the best security system ever.”

“Maybe he gets off on watching us do our everyday thing.” Bucky joked and you laugh.

“Probably.” you agree. “I’m just glad he didn’t install cameras in our rooms. That would’ve been a problem.”

“No kidding.” he nods.

You both go silent for a bit but it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence. It was more comfortable than anything and you loved it. You take a drink of your coffee and look up at Bucky who was already looking at you.

“Stop staring, it’s weird.” you smirk.

“Can’t help it,” he shrugs. “You’re absolutely stunning.”

“I don’t have makeup on, Buck, I’m anything but stunning.” you scoff, playfully rolling your eyes.

“You don’t need makeup to look stunning Y/N.” he responds, the words rolling off his tongue as if he’s said it a billion times already.

A blush creeps up on your face and you bump your shoulder into him. “Shut up you old sap.”

Bucky laughs and your gaze falls to the floor. He is such a perfect human being.

“Who’s a perfect human being?” Bucky questioned and you raise your head.


“You said ‘he’s a perfect human being’, who is?” he replied.

You blush more. “You are.”

Bucky stood quiet, looking away from you as he blushed himself. He lost his boy-like charm that he had back in the 40′s. He’d usually be the one that was so forward, the one that complimented the other and made them blush but it was the other way around now. He didn’t even have time to go off and flirt with other women after everything that had happened because you captured his heart the very first time he laid eyes on you.

Was it time to tell you that he was madly in love with you? You probably already knew but still.

“Hey Y/N.” he spoke, kicking a rock that was in front of him.


“Do you know - I mean, it’s pretty obvious that-” he let out a sigh. Here he goes, stumbling over what to say.

“That you’re in love with me?” you finish for him, catching him by surprise.

“Y-Yeah.” he nods. His heart was beating rapidly. He was scared for your response but he had hope.

“Yeah, I know about that. You’re not very subtle about it.” you chuckle.

“How do - how do you feel? About.. me?” Bucky’s hands were shaking as he asked this simple question. His heart was literally about to burst out of his chest as he waited for you to say something.

You kept walking with him in silence, repeating his question in your head. He didn’t even lead up to the question, he just straight up asked you. Of course you felt the same way and you wanted to tell him that but the words wouldn’t come out of your mouth. Instead of responding to his question you change the subject.

“We should get back to the tower, Tony’s been doing the macarena for almost three hours now.” you say, throwing in a small laugh.

Bucky’s heart shattered to pieces when you changed the subject. He fought back the urge to cry and cleared his throat. “yeah, we should.”

A/N: poor Bucky :(


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