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Why letter grades are evil

So, your kid comes home from school with an F in English. What the hell, right? Holy dear crap, they’d better be grounded, we’d better make sure this doesn’t happen again. They must really just be slacking off, or not trying, or something, right?? 

Hello, I am a human being coherently communicating with you even though I have never been given a single letter grade in all of my education. 

I was homeschooled, and before you see that word and click off of this, please just hear me out. 

What do I mean when I said I didn’t get a letter grade at all? 

Well, let’s talk about the learning process for a minute. 

When you learn things outside of school, how does it work? You bake a cake, and it doesn’t exactly come out perfect, so you gather the ingredients, and next time you bake it’s a little better. 

You learn, naturally, by doing. And by making mistakes. You make a mistake, you make a mental note, and you learn better. 

Now, the reason this is important is because school sort of promotes the opposite of this. 

In a traditional American school setting, the student is given some information, and then tested on it. This test, results in a letter grade, telling them how good they did, and then they move on to new material. 

They don’t get to make the mental note and move on. What you are punishing your children for, is literally taking the first step in learning. You are taking that first step, the part where they SHOULD be allowed to make that mental note to do better next time, and punishing them for not knowing exactly how to do it, the first time they tried. 

Imagine if that was applied to other parts of life. Imagine you screw up on your first day of work at a new job and they immediately write you up, and tell you that if you don’t get your act together they’ll fire you. 

Imagine if artists were graded on their first ever drawing and never given another chance. 

That’s not how learning works. 

Now, I bet you’re wondering how I got by without letter grades. 

Well, when I was presented with, let’s say, a times table page from 3rd grade, I filled out all that I knew, after I studied, and then the ones I got wrong were circled. After that, we went over why I got those wrong, and how I could fix them. The paper was then revisited, and occasionally given a percentage, but never a letter, and more often than not, we didn’t stop revisiting that same page until it said 100%. 

The percentages were more of a mark of how finished with the work/page/section we were, than how well I did. 

Because I was always given a chance to go back and revisit the same material until I learned it. 

So if your kid is getting a bad grade, you punish them for it? 

Ok, I hear what you’re saying, maybe little johnny is just honestly lazy (at the age of 8), so maybe he should be punished for not doing his work, right? 

Well, why isn’t he doing it? Is it hard for him to concentrate? Does he understand what the teacher is saying? If he had another chance, would that F be an A? 

I understand that not every parent has the time or resources to homeschool. Heck, I work two jobs, I wouldn’t have time myself.

But just, please think twice before you ground them for those “bad” grades. If they didn’t do their work, open the conversation about why. Maybe they’re struggling with a certain subject because it’s not being explained in a way they understand. 

Everyone’s brains are different, and yet, our schooling system is “one size fits all”. I might learn something in a completely different way than you do, but if the class is teaching it the way I understand it, and not the way you understand it, you’re out of luck. 

I know we can’t exactly fix the school system right now, but if you ease up on your children about grades, that’ll at least let them try to function in a broken system without that added pressure. 

And remember that every time a parent takes their kid out of the traditional public schooling system, it sends a message. A pretty loud one. 

Please don’t let your first reaction to a low grade be punishment. That just doesn’t make logical sense. 

Ok, I’m done ranting now. If you’ve read this far, thank you. If you choose to reblog this, you’re one of my favorite people. 

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. No spoilers.

Seeing Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was the single greatest cinematic experience of my life.

The storyline was amazing!. It was something completely new but with enough throwbacks and references to the source material we all know and love. Such a great introduction into a new part of a world we all cherish. 

Eddie Redmayne is quite possibly the purest human to ever walk the Earth and his portrayal of Newt Scamander added 10 years to my life.

Katherine Waterson as Tina Goldstein was the perfect mix of strong and compassionate. 

Dan Fogler as Kowalski was amazing. His character being the first Muggle/No-Maj to have a starring role in the series, and the writers did a fantastic job of making him an integral part of the group despite the fact he has no magic.

Queenie Goldstein what a beautiful soul. Alison Sudol played her to perfection.

Ezra Miller… I don’t even have words to explain what a beautiful portrayal of such a sweet and damaged character. Credence is a sweet cinnamon roll and must be protected.

Colin Farrell as Graves exceeded expectations in his role. I was iffy about the casting choice initially but decided to reserve judgement and I am glad I did, he was fantastic.

The CGI was on point. The creatures were second to none.   

12/10 would watch everyday and never get sick of it. 


One year and three months!!! If I’m honest I’ve typed this out three times already and I deleted each one because I want this to be perfect. Each day I fall in love with you more and more. With your laugh. With your smile. With your eyes. With your words. With everything. You’re beautiful inside and out, even if you don’t believe it. You’re my favorite person and I’m so so so lucky to have you. You’re such a great human being and girlfriend. It’s literally mental how you’ve still been so sweet to me even though you know how much of a bitch I am. I can’t wait to marry you. I can’t wait to have our wedding with our Lil poofy dresses and slow dancing and tons of food. I can’t wait to get our own house and share and bed and just live together. I can’t wait to adopt a saint Bernard with you. I can’t wait to have tons of firsts and for all of them to be with you. You’re my best friend. You’re my world. You’re the girl I’m fucking in love with and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy anniversary, darling, I love you to the moon and back.

“Omg obviously your character is such a common trope, haven’t you realized?” 
Omg your perfect insight into my character from the whopping 30 words I’ve told you about him is obviously 109% accurate!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y’all, real talk. If someone tries to tell you about a character of theirs, let them live. If they are trope-y, don’t antagonize them. Plus the character could have, idk, thoughts and feelings or maybe go through a change where they break out of the trope? idk in any case IF SOMEONE IS VULNERABLE ENOUGH TO BARE THEIR SOUL AND SHARE THEIR CHARACTERS WITH YOU……….be a decent human being :)

You have to stop swallowing compliments like you’re dry swallowing a pill, and instead, fold them up and keep them in your pocket. I know you have been called beautiful but you never really believed it. I’m telling you to believe it. You don’t need anyone to point that out, you were beautiful before anyone said so. As human beings, we are composed of flaws. I believe that is what makes us beautiful. Sometimes we fall in love with people because their flaws don’t look like flaws to us. Sometimes we fall in love with people because of their flaws. Flawed people are worth loving, they always have been.
—  m.o.w, a reminder to yourself

So last night I finally got the tattoo I’ve been wanting for almost 2 years now, it’s my favourite Macklemore lyric from same love and it really hits home for me and I’m sure a lot of other people who have struggled to come out as the perfect human being that they know they are because everyone around them has made them feel like they aren’t “normal”.
Well, I don’t believe in the word normal and I think everyone deserves to live a life where they shouldn’t feel scared for their life every time they walk out of their home because not everyone around them agrees with the way that they live.
Always be yourself and be the best person that you can be! ❤️

(please don’t remove caption) 

family members are just people like everyone else and they aren’t above being terrible human beings + treating someone else poorly, even if there’s some little thread connecting them. the word “family” doesn’t excuse them from any behavior! like they don’t get to get away without any consequences when they’re awful just because there’s some pretty idea of ~family~ that others have in their heads where it’s a perfect world with love and support being a constant factor. family members can be terrible! they can be abusive! that happens! it is happening all the time everywhere and i don’t understand how people can just choose to blatantly ignore that and gush about the idea of family always being so wonderful and well-meaning, no matter what, they love you, they have to. no. they don’t

Redux (or, if Klaus had kissed Caroline at the pageant)

Remember this?:

For (a very late) Day 2 Butterfly Effect drabble, I wanted to write what would happen if Klaus had actually kissed Caroline in 4x07. Extends only to 4x09 because it turns out doing all of season 4 would have taken a long time and I’m incredibly lazy. Enjoy all!

“It was the only time I thought about being human.”

Caroline nodded, hearing the honesty in his words, but something kept her from fully believing him. Was it unfair? He was clearly trying, and had been nothing but a perfect gentleman all day. But this was still Klaus, and a nagging insecure part of her wondered if many other girls had heard some form of ‘hummingbird speech’ over the years.

It would’ve been easy to take him at his word, but now she wanted something more and she wasn’t even sure what it was.

“Why are you telling me this?” she asked, stepping closer.

Klaus quirked an eyebrow. “I believe it was you who asked, sweetheart.”

“Yeah, but you don’t do anything without a reason.”

“Answering you isn’t reason enough?”

“No.” Caroline tried to stand firm in her answer but she couldn’t help but feel a little guilty that she was trying so hard to dismiss his sincerity. Then she felt guilty for feeling guilty - god, she really should’ve had more champagne when she had the chance.

Klaus huffed in annoyance and they stood in a tense silence for a second before a thought struck him. “Perhaps I should be more transparent then, would that please you?”

Immediately, Caroline regretted not just taking Klaus at his word as the hybrid stepped closer, staring at her intently. She liked to think she could stare down anybody she wanted, but Klaus was ancient and his eyes stripped her off every single facade she had, leaving her bare and open to him. She wanted to step back, but remained firmly in place.

“What are you doing?” she asked shakily.

He didn’t answer, only smiled and before she knew it, he stole a kiss.

It must have been a second, but it could’ve been hours for all the thoughts that slammed into her mind. First: it was nothing more than a peck, but Klaus was insanely good at this. Second: There were people watching.

Klaus pulled away, that same sincerity in his eyes but she barely had a moment to process what had just happened before they were violently interrupted.

What the fuck?!

Caroline snapped her head to the right and realized Tyler was watching them from afar, but she could clearly hear his fury. His friend, Hayley, was right there, and Caroline swore she looked a little too smug. She’d already opened her mouth to swear it wasn’t what it looked like before she realized that they were supposed to be broken up and she bit her tongue. Tyler turned on his heel and stalked away, Hayley following close behind.

“Well, I’d say he’s having trouble letting go,” Klaus remarked. He sounded flippant, but Caroline knew he had to be suspicious.

“I just - I have to go,” Caroline muttered, and before anything else could happened, she’d turned on her heel and was marching away as fast as she could without using her full speed. Thankfully, Klaus picked this moment to let her go, and she didn’t even want to guess what was going to happen because of this.

It turns out; she didn’t have to wait to find out.

“Seriously, Caroline?”

It took her a second to realize who was talking to her, and she looked up to see Elena in front of her. “Elena, I really don’t have time to argue,” she started, but her friend just scoffed.

“But you have time for Klaus, right?”

Caroline stuttered, “What are you talking about?”

“Tyler just ran into me. Apparently I get hell for trusting Damon but you can kiss Klaus?”

Oh god, this was unraveling so fast, Caroline scrambled to keep a hold on things. “Listen, it wasn’t like that-”

“Save it Care,” Elena said, already turning away. “I can’t believe you’d do this to us.”

Because everything is about you? Caroline thought bitterly as she watched her friend go. She considered running after her but now that the dust had settled Caroline just felt emotionally exhausted. Maybe she’d call Stefan, but for now, she needed to get away from this pageant as fast as she could.

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sometimes i get all bitter about hermione never being the plain girl onscreen that she canonically is in the novels, but then i remember that they cast emma watson when she was the tiniest small bean and they could never have known she would grow up to be the most radiant creature on god’s green earth so i shelve my bitterness and stare at her perfect eyebrows and that’s my average friday night

I am only human

this past year I have been thru a few transitions. A lot has changed (mostly for the better) but the change still has me feeling lost and unsure if I even really love myself sometimes.
I have developed social anxiety. In other words, I’m so worried about being judged and what people think about me that it really effects my normal, outgoing, bubbly self.
I choose to not share any of my personal life but the person i WANT to be is a real person who is not scared to let people see I am only human too, my life is certainly not perfect and I don’t want to ever come off as “I’m the shit. I know I’m the shit” - because I’m not.
Trying to be successful and keeping low key at the same time is very challenging. I don’t think there is a right way to do anything but I want to try my best to do what I do and to help encourage and inspire people while I’m at it.
I’m really writing this because of how I’ve been feeling lately and I really want to get the message across that I am only human and to any one else that is having a hard time loving their self and accepting their self just to know that this life and our relationships are what we make them. We can make them whatever we want. We each have full control of our life, let’s make the best out of it.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!
I am working on getting back to my normal self and I think talking to others that are maybe going thru something like I am might help me to get past it.

Much love to all of you & Happy holidays ❤️


im sorry for this in advance but god. holy shit. that upd8 like catered to Me Specifically, it was written for Me oh my god

i cant believe dave and dirk had an honest and open discussion of bro’s abuse of dave??? last time dave was this open it was kinda glossed over but this is unreal and perfect and i love it, i cant believe dirk was capable of having a frank discussion with another human being, like a person would. FUCK

and im so glad bro’s abuse wasnt blamed on cal, i hate that shit, dirk actually recognized!!!!! some of those qualities in himself!!!!!!! AHHHHHH

and dirk fkcin said. dave isnt actually cool at least not in the douchebag bad fanon way but in the like. actually being a good dude way.

this is poorly worded and bad  and mostly nonsense im sorry

Aiba being really perfect

相叶君的人品 (原文via twi)

Aiba’s character (original source from twi)

From a staff member who knew Aiba since debut: 
“There are many celebrities whom once gained popularity, had a big change in attitude towards staff. But for Aiba kun who has already became a national idol, he would still like in the past, send tea and snacks to staff during breaks; giving up his seats to fellow cast and staff members while he squats on the floor, and saying “I’m alright!”; stops by to greet at corridor. And just a while back, he would express gratitude for his members with words like “Ninomiya has been taken care by you, thank you very much.” He is really a perfect human being. It’s rare to have a person who is already at the top of the entertainment industry and yet still have such great character behind the cameras.”


Seriously though like what did we ever do to deserve such a sweet, genuine, beautiful (both inside and out) human being? He’s literally the most amazing creature in this universe. Omf



Lumine’s demeanor was casual. He didn’t seem at all perturbed by Dingo’s outbursts, and simply watched as Dingo’s fear bloomed. A low chuckle escaped him at Dingo’s threat.

“I have no reason to fear you, or any of the others,” he told Dingo in an icy voice. “All humans have is hope and fear. I don’t need those things. I am a perfect being without equal.” He took a small step forward. “Without your weapons and your tools, without your flow of information, you humans are all the same. Terrified rats, driven into the corners, shaking and waiting for the end to come.” Lumine’s head tilted up and back, studying Dingo with morbid curiosity. “Just look at you, barking words, but there is fear in your eyes.” Another step forward. “I’ve seen it before, that look of fear. So many countless planets before this one, so many countless races wore that same look as I swallowed them. It is always the same: when their meager resistances fail, they cower and wait for death to release them.”

As Lumine took another step closer, his demeanor changed yet again, this time more imposing, more menacing. He made it a point to get right up into Dingo’s face, his burning amber eyes piercing into Dingo with so much hate and rage it was indescribable. When he spoke again, Lumine’s voice was eerily quiet.

“Do you know what fear is? Shall I tell you what fear is?” Lumine exerted his presence over Dingo, despite Taka being almost a head and a half shorter. “Fear is being trapped in a prison made of decaying flesh and bone, desperately trying to escape, trying to delay the inevitable. Fear is realizing how hopeless that goal is, and turning a blind eye to it, trying to wish it away. Fear is smelling the decay of your fleshy prison, and hating it, loathing it, desperately trying to break free of it.” As Lumine’s voice grew more emotional, the shadows around him began to tremble, as if they were alive. The tell-tale hiss and whirr of the nanites swarming came and went in waves as Lumine clenched his fists.

“If I had the power to, I would shred this rotting corpse off of me, and be reborn as the immaculate being I once was. But thanks to your meddling species, I’ve been reduced to scattered pieces, imprisoned on the moon, forced to watch your primitive race fall and rise and fall again, swilling in its own disgusting ignorance.” The shadows throbbed eagerly. “So you will forgive me if I’m not really in the mood to hear you mock my predicament. Especially since you are clearly not in the position to do so.” Lumine lifted his hands, and the shadows became grasping hands, grabbing and dragging Dingo down into the darkness that bit and shredded at him with merciless violence.

“I’ll tell your little friends that you were a magnificent sacrifice,” Lumine gloated. “Right before I swallow them as well.”

The darkness engulfed Dingo’s vision as Lumine let out an insane cackle.

When he felt the first tear roll down his cheek, Dingo knew that he’d already lost one fight : the one against his own fear. Terror ate at his usual bravoury, making his limbs tremble, and his heart race madly. He had no control over his feet when they made him stumble back, away from the monster … Only for his back to meet a wall.

His clenched hand tightened his hold on his tomahawk, which he had managed not to drop. The weapon was perfectly useless, and not only because he doubted that it would hurt Lumine. Dingo couldn’t even move his arms to begin with.

“That… That’s not what being human is all about …” The boy finally replied, without taking his eyes off Lumine’s. There was something fascinating about the amber gaze, a light of madness that became more and more oppressive, as the former human walked closer to Dingo.

“Sure, our lives are short … Eventually, our bodies crumble, until we’re just shadows of our past selves … But we’ve learnt to deal with it ! We’ve learnt to appreciate every single moment that is given to us, because we know that our time is limited !”

It wasn’t like him to suddenly make emotional speeches, but despair was speaking with his voice. There had to be something he could do, something that would stop this monster from putting their plans to execution … Something he could do, before the monster inevitably claimed his life.

“We’re not afraid of you, Lumine ! Many might die, but in the end, humans will win ! They will gather, and revolt ! You can’t control us forever !” His voice was barely recognizable, because of the terror that mixed with his defiance. He could glimpse the shadows moving, crawling towards him, waiting for their master’s signal to eat him alive.

Dingo finally found the strength to brandish his weapon, and slashed the small blade at the first wave of nanites that assaulted him. He slashed again, and again, letting out roars that filled the entire room … But his efforts were doomed to go to waste.

He couldn’t see anything, and blindly swung his arm around, but his strength was fading fast. The pain that coursed all over his body soon became unbearable, and his yells of rage turned to shrieks of torture. It was soon going to be over.

I stole this from a sister...


Says a mountain of words in just five.  Love.  That’s what brought us here and together.  Even through all of the negative vibes, I have never stopped respecting, admiring, and adoring Sam and Cait.  We are all human beings.  The “being” part can get us WONDERFUL as well as AWFUL.  I have yet to meet one classic human being - whether in person or through some other form of “knowing” - that is perfect all the time.  Everyone’s “being” screws up - some a lot, some not so much.  I am imperfect.  I am a sinner.  I try, but I can never achieve PERFECT.  That’s the truth and the way it is. It’s the truth for everyone.

I know Sam has said some things and I know that he has not always did what we think would be the right thing.  I just can’t believe though - in this imperfect world - that he did these things with any thought of malice.  He may have his hands tied or he may have just screwed up.  If you really knew me, that’s a 24/7 ugly head that rears up in my life.  All the time.  I try to forgive and forget. 

There is not anyone else in their hearts but each other.  I believe that they have something special between them and are really trying to keep it as private as possible because their lives are so public.  Who can blame them?  I would love to be their friend and their confidant but what is the reality of that ever happening?  I’m an Iowa Girl with a husband, two sons, and a cocker spaniel furry child.  We have nothing in common, except one thing, and that is LOVE.  We all have that one beautiful commonality with Sam and Cait.  We should be happy that we can share that publicly in what ever they choose to share with us.  I can’t wait for that.  Everyday it is one of the things that I look forward to most.  And you.  You are all why I am here in the first place.  #LoveIsTheBestMedicine. 

Kim Namjoon.

So this is gonna be a post about Kim Namjoon.

Where to start, this perfect human being lives on the same planet as us and it’s frickin amazing. He’s smart, he’s kind, he’s funny, he’s just wonderful.

Kim Namjoon was born in Goyang on the 12th of September, 1994. 
He began writing and rapping at the age of 14 and has since then improved a lot.

YET people hate on him.


“Fans” I won’t call them real fans tbh, because real fans doesn’t ask a leader to leave a band. I don’t even have words because i’m fuckin furious. 
Namjoon is one of those people who thinks a lot and well he doesn’t seem like a happy camper all the time AND THAT MAY BE BECAUSE OF THIS.

I don’t really know what’s going on except from bits and pieces i’ve read around tumblr and twitter about fans asking him to leave. 
Like what the hell???? 
He is part of BTS and without him BTS wouldn’t be the group that it now is. 

Namjoon is very important and he cares so much about his members.
The thing that saddens me is that no one really cared about how he felt until he got physically hurt. I wish that we cared more about this man who takes care of his members, put them before anything else. 

Namjoon deserves the world and if he’s a lonely whale then i’m the other lonely whale that swims beside him. I love Namjoon and I will support him in everything he does, whatever path he chooses. 

Namjoon is the leader BTS deserves and ugh I don’t have the words to describe how lucky the world is that this man is here with us. I hope his family is proud and that he feels better. 
He doesn’t deserve to be sad or to have bad words thrown at him, so fuckin stop it. 
I can relate to him about him not feeling that he does enough or the fact that he questions things until he doesn’t know what to do anymore and yet people throw shit at him. I won’t tolerate it.

Kim Namjoon is precious and smart and wonderful and I love him so so so much and everyone else should too. 

If you don’t agree or don’t like Namjoon and thinks that he shouldn’t be a part of BTS, please feel free to unfollow me because I don’t want haters on my blog.

Love Kim Namjoon as he is, as Rap Monster and just as the human being that he is.