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[Christian. When were you ready to expect?]

“Which one am I supposed to buy?” Christian grumbled into his phone in English, taking salvation in hoping that the old ahjussi working couldn’t understand him. There was nothing more embarrassing than standing in a convenient store in the middle of the night looking at the various pregnancy test.

“I don’t fucking know Christian” you groaned pacing back and forth in your living room. “I haven’t done this before-just get all of them.”

“All? There’s like thirty different brands. Have you lost your mind?”

“Yes Christian. Yes I have because SOMEBODY may have gotten me pregnant.”

“Chill. I got this” he sighed looking at the shelves “…Hmmm this should be fine right?” He shrugged, grabbing the more inexpensive of the brands and shoving it in the bottom of his basket. There was no way in hell he was going to leave this convenient store with only a pregnancy test in his basket. He grabbed chips, cookies, and drinks. Anything that’ll prolong the clerk from getting to the pregnancy test. “Babe, you want anythin?”

“Yes I want to not be pregnant”

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favorite people: lee jinki

“You don’t know how other people will accept words you say by mistake. I believe that you can change a life with just one word, if I feel that I’m the wrong then I apologize no matter what, if I happen to slightly brush past someone on the street I say that I’m sorry first. That’s what my parents taught me to do since I was young, to always greet the security ahjussi even if I see several times a day. I think the inner thoughts that I formed as I lived like that have made me who I am

갑자기 달라 라는 말이 좋아서 핸드폰에 써보았다. 애 같다. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Suddenly really liked the word “dalla” so I wrote it in my phone. I feel like a kid. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ



Why is it that in the 21st century, we have to be different from others?

A diverse society, a unique society, they say being different is good

But ahjussi, I don’t like it

I want to be alike as that’s comfortable for me

Just give it to me in money

Different, it’s different

Give me a dollar

*T/N: “달라” (dalla) can mean different, to give to me, and is the Korean written form of “dollar”

Trans cr; Wonnie @ bts-trans



[SNS] 160122 Jonghyun Instagram & Twitter Update Update 

The ceiling had spoken.

In a waiting room not even 5 square meters, bustling as usual, more than ten people just finished the make-up war with fun, but where are they at this moment and left me alone.

Sitting at the corner leaning against the wall, like I used to do, stared dazedly at the ceiling, it’s a total blank in my head, except for the female voice often heard in game said, “Lee Jong Hyun, your life has passed for 27 years and 21 days.” Although I’m clear that this is a voice that is heard from my inner heart, I couldn’t understand why there is such a thought that appeared at this moment. It’s a relief that the female voice appeared, I laughed at myself for having these silly thoughts.

Not sure if I would make use of the chance while I am alone to present a new year resolution to myself after the long period of time : The new year has come, Cheer up, have to enjoy life well. Although I would have such a thought every year when it comes to this timing, the actual thought actually started when the era of as I entered the second half of this year, it is a feeling caused that makes it sad. What else could I do well in?

I know that after saying such words, there would be a lot of people that would say “Why do you say such things in front of me, what am I as compared to you if you say such things?” Or they would ask why would you think of it in such ways? Isn’t it this the best of the times where you are doing well? Firstly, I would like to apologize, (to people who are older than me) but I would like the younger ones to listen. I may be enjoying the best times in my life. I’ve received a lot of love from the people due to luck, it is a chance for me to learn to grow up. I am still 14 years old, I am still in lost when it comes to life (although my appearance might not look like my friends who has the same age) there isn’t any difference. Although not everyone would face the same situation.

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♥  37thMStyle  ♥   What am I going to do without you? ♥  

i might be posting this extra late than expected but before this day ends, i would like to thank God for Minwoo Oppa’s existence.. His whole personality as a man really makes me want to adore him more than just an ordinary Oppa.. Yes he is that M Style, that cool guy, a sweet dependable hyung to Jinnie Oppa and Andy Oppa, Oppayam’s chitchai combo, Hyesung Oppa’s Papa Bird and Eric Oppa’s special stupid co-ceo ~ no matter what name or how we put it 

– he’s that guy who endured all the pain during concerts to dance in front of us, the same person who composed heartfelt songs to cradle our emotions, the person who smiled like he can face the world as long as the Orange Ocean is with SHINHWA and the one who said the words “I LOVE YOU” so many times together with his brothers towards us..

every camera encounter with Minwoo Oppa is a mixture of sincerity of his gratitude and a warm confession of his love for us.. he deserves to be happy on his special day ~ and of course I hope for God to grant the desires of his kind heart ~ ^^ HBD :”)

Episode 10 - Dalpo's Dilemma

In the past few days, over the various internet forums, there has been a simmering discontent over how Dalpo has been treating his brother. Although it doesn’t affect the quality of the series, the discussion has gotten to the point when I feel like I have to address it, since it pops up here and there.

The comments range from, “WHY DALPO U NO SAVE YOUR BROTHER” to “urg I hate Dalpo more and more, Inha is the best, he is such a wimp”, but all in all the sentiment is that Dalpo should have told his brother about his own identity the moment they met under the Christmas tree. To which I have one question: what then? If they reunite at that point, does Dalpo hide the fact that he knows of Hyung’s murders and continue to live a even more painful lie as he investigates the case? Or does he join forces with hyung, The Revenge Bros?

I’m sure you can see how this doesn’t fit with anything that we know about Dalpo so far.

As for Inha being the mouthpiece and getting a lot of the moments of moral upperhand (which leads to some people thinking Dalpo is written badly), I hope they can see that Inha and Dalpo are two very different characters. Inha lived his life hiding nothing. Dalpo lived his life hiding everything. She can go up to her mother and shout at her; Dalpo can’t even tell his future father-in-law about his real self.

Dalpo needs to change, of course, but you have to give him the space to change. He needs to see how Inha does it, and he can follow through.

As for the people who think the writer steals Dalpo’s moment to give to Inha (which I have seen being mentioned somewhat during liveblogging), NO. The writer more than made it to him by having Inha look at Dalpo during the confrontation, borrowing his words word-for-word to use against her mother. In an earlier scene, Inha was lamenting how she was much weaker than her mom when it comes to verbal discourse, but with Dalpo’s words and her courage, they can take down Mom.

Also, they even had the YGN ahjussis acknowledge that Inha basically used Dalpo’s speech. The writer understands that we want Dalpo to have that big explosive moment of emotion, but he is not the kind to explode all over the place. He holds it in, he has learnt to for so many years. In the end, we got our scene of reunion. From what we can see in the preview, Dalpo explains himself pretty clearly. I hope it is the beginning of the path back to light.

Finally, on the topic of Hyung, if I have to hear one more complaint about how he is the true hero of the story… He is basically Min Joon Gook, but more handsome and tall. He has definitely murdered at least ONE person. Never forget what Hyesung said, “Once you murder, you are no longer a victim, but a murderer.”

To say that Hyung is on any moral high ground is laughable; and to say that Dalpo is emotionless for not falling immediately in line with Hyung, is ridiculous to me.