i have no tolerance for this

I’ve been one to champion for ugly symptoms of mental illness for a long time and honestly @traumatizedofficial is absolutely right.

Mental illness is indeed something that is hard to live with but it does not excuse shitty behavior or anything of the sort and people not tolerating this behavior are not ableist, they know their worth.

Getting angry your friend is hanging out with someone more than you, definitely relatable ND feel but is not an acceptable reason to lash out against said friend or other person emotionally or physically

BPD doesn’t excuse hacking your fucking friends accounts to see if they’ve said anything about you in private.

I personally have huge bursts of anger where I’m straight up a really shitty person due to a mix of things most notably my chronic pain where I say and do mean af things. It’s not the responsibility of people around me to accept my anger, it’s my responsibility to remove myself from people till I’ve calmed down. I’ve had friends pull me aside and say I needed to go calm down and they were not ableist.

They were protecting me and those around me by stopping me from doing or saying something I regret.

Mental illness is a wide spectrum and people’s abilities to deal with their symptoms vary, and yes I’ll be the first to say it’s OK to be angry and or just not give a fuck about someone but your ( general you ) mental illness does not excuse harmful to others behavior.

If you’re out here doxxing your fp because they didn’t want to be friends any more, congratulations you’re terrible and that’s not your BPD that’s just you being shitty.

Mental illness is an explanation not an excuse okay, it’s a sign that says “Hi I have some issues that I’m both working on but would also like some patience and acceptance of”

idk I’m fucking high and rambling ignore me

Just checkin’

I consider creating a YoI discord channel for people 21+ who are friendly, tolerant and open-minded. (To all you under 21yo’s out there - it’s not my intention to exclude you, but for possible NSFW I’d like my people to be of a certain age lol.)

Open-minded, in this context, would mean


ABSOLUTELY NO hate in general

You’d have to be cool with people possibly liking something you, personally, don’t enjoy. As far as fandoms are concerned, my motto is: “Live and let live”

Would anyone be interested to join?

Can we talk about the fact that Dana Scully studied physics as an undergrad? The show never does anything with this beyond mentioning it in terms of her thesis or time travel and fic tends to be the same way (though would love recs of I’m totally wrong about that), but honestly…who does that? What is a Navy, Catholic girl doing deciding at age 18 in 1981 to study physics? Did she go down the list of STEM majors looking for the one that was least likely to contain women? Was this some weird, Dana Scully way of questioning her faith (smoking cigarettes in the bathroom with the professors most skeptical of the existence of god)? Did she actually want to study math or philosophy except she couldn’t tolerate that those disciplines didn’t have some kind of grounding in the real world? Was this the Dana Scully equivalent of taking art history? Like “I don’t know exactly what I’m interested in but I like the humanities and art history sounds cool.” Maybe she just liked it and shrugged off any thoughts of whether or not she was supposed to but even then…how did she get into it? Did she stand on the prow of a ship as a kid as some dashing engineer indulged the little geek by telling her about wind speed and knots? Did she pore through her dad’s books on astronavigation and weirdly physics was the discipline that made her feel close to him? Military people respect the science that gives them shields and projectiles, not that wishy washy warfare of chemistry.

Why did Dana Scully study physics.

//y’all i gotta just fuckin like. appreciate the shit outta this for a moment??? 

i’m fucking astounded that 300 of y’all took a look at this asswipe of a blog and decided it was worth following. if i’m gonna be completely honest, i’ve been kinda anxious about how i’ve been running this blog; being away, having weird characterization at points, having so many ooc posts (like damn), dropping threads and and putting off answering things…

but, over the past few days i’ve felt much better about it, even if it is kinda inconsistent at times. hitting 300 followers was honestly a huge fucking shock and i’m incredibly grateful to everyone who follows this hellhole. honestly, seeing this kinda reassures me that people do at least tolerate my content. 

aside from that, though, i gotta get a lil sappy again and say that i’m so fucking glad i decided to join this community and suck it up enough to actually talk to the people involved. ngl y’all have been the highlight of my day for weeks now ^w^

i’ll end this with a shoutout to all of the suggestion blogs and everyone who regularly interacts with them. ily all and thank you for everything <3 <3 <3

That autism feel when your legs decide to nope out of tolerating the hem of a dress that falls just above the knee. It’s not a painful feeling, just an unpleasant one that my brain refuses to ignore without constantly adjusting my clothes.

I put on pantyhose. My black ones aren’t itchy and annoying, but putting them on is a pain. That helped a bit. At least I can walk without looking like I have a Dalek up my butt.

Otherkin Kik Group!

I’m making a kik group for Otherkin/Therian obviously. ALL kin is allowed!! It’s fine if you have fictionkin types!!

Please note: MINORS WILL BE ALLOWED. If you cause any problems, you will promptly be removed from the group. I won’t tolerate immaturity. (This goes for all ages.)

• You have a dislike for a certain kintype just because of yours. I won’t have people get salty just because a demon/angel/etc. joined the group.
• ALL kin will be allowed to join, so if you do have a problem with/don’t “believe in” a certain kintype, kindly take yourself elsewhere. • You are Godkin/Deity kin and plan to make people worhship you. I’m Godkin, and I will kick your self righteous tail.
• You’re a “powerful” kintype and plan to put others down because of this. You don’t have rank above anyone. You are like the rest of us, in a human body.
• You are any kind of bigoted against trans, etc. people. None of that in my house, son.
• Treat. Everyone. Equally. • You are factkin.

Message me here or on my kik (colakaa) with your name, pronouns, kintypes, and tumblr! I will check out everyone’s tumblr before they are allowed to join.

i just get sad thinking about how my own hatred of myself keeps others from enjoying things with me /: like if i feel ugly i will not go out with my friends or i will and leave early bc i feel so gross. or how i cant do cute things w my bf bc my relationship w food makes me incapable of eating regularly (or at all sometimes!) with him. and me using substances to cope w my depression, anxiety and ed means i overshare sometimes and make ppl uncomfortable. if i didnt have such a horrible relationship with myself/my body maybe id have more friends and experiences and be more tolerable as a whole lmao.

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Hey Dark! What's it like having to share the same plane with Mark? Is it fun, or do you just kind of tolerate his existence?

I am a completely different entity from Mark. He and I may share the same face, body and voice, but we are nothing alike. I tolerate his existence because it gives me something to look forward to. That is all, for now.

In case I haven’t made myself clear on few things:
  1. I really don’t give a damn about Loki in the Norse mythology. 
    I love reading stuff on mythology and whatnot (including Roman, Egyptian, Greek..etc), but I just don’t give a FLYING FUCK IF IT’S HELL OR HEL OR SHIT. OKAY? I REALLY DON’T. And I am completely fine with y’all being interested in that. And I have no problems with that AT ALL. But once you start throwing shit about it and correcting me on something that doesn’t need correction (because I, solely, base my views, opinions on the Loki FROM THE MARVEL MOVIES; AND LET’S BE REAL MARVEL MOVIES ARE BEING DISTANT FROM THE ACTUAL NORSE MYTHOLOGY, WHICH BY THE WAY HAS SO MANY PLOT HOLES JUST LIKE ANY OTHER MYTHOLOGY, OR ANY PRESENT RELIGION(s) - REALLY… I am here for MCU Loki only.
  2. I will not tolerate anyone’s shit on my posts or my blog anymore. Like, I don’t care how rude, awful it sounds, I literally can’t care anymore. Imma call you out if I have to. I’m going to take your shit throw it at a fan and then turn the fan to your face, if I have to and I don’t give a damn. 
  3. I literally don’t care if some of you unfollow me after this. But I will definitely not stop you. In fact, I encourage you to do that if you really don’t want following me. It’s simple as that.

I wish you all the best! Have a great day! <3

To the person who I blocked, I don’t get your messages.  It shows a notification but there is nothing there.  So, don’t bother trying.  I can’t undo it either since you decided to send your troll message without showing yourself.  Hope it was worth it.  I have no time or tolerance for bullies and trolls.

I’ve been told over and over again in my life that I need to learn to compromise. That having an unbending commitment to moral principles is a recipe for disaster: losing friends, losing family, winning battles but losing the war.

And it’s not like there isn’t a point in there. Sometimes you should bend. Sometimes the right thing to do is to bend.

But far and away the majority of the voices telling me to compromise are people who want me to stop talking not because I’m wrong but because I’m making them uncomfortable with their own privilege. And I’m not willing to let sleeping dogs lie: if they think queers are less than people, they’re not my fucking friends. They have no right to my friendship or tolerance or support.

So if I have to pick a direction to be wrong in–and I do; statistically I WILL be wrong about some percentage of things, like calculating sensitivity and specificity; I could raise my sensitivity but at the cost of my specificity, or vice versa–I will pick being wrong in the direction of being too rigid. Because the people who hate me for existing would rather I was wrong in being too lenient with them.

And fuck those assholes. No justice, no peace. Acknowledge that we all have basic humanity or get the fuck out of my way.

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Does your Springtrap like his nickname Springo? Does he like Springy? Does he like fresh baby kittens? What about flowers?

“Yeah!” Springtrap chuckled rather darkly. “It’s a cool name. I like being distinguished.” He smiled. “You are definitely cool, and rather cute. I see you more as a brother, or even a child, than an interest. I have my eyes on someone else for that.~” He grinned, almost caught up in a daydream. He quickly shook his head, snapping back into reality.

“Nah… I don’t really think I enjoy living things all that much. I wouldn’t try to murder them, but I woudln’t have fun with them.” Springo answered truthfully, shrugging. He had never seen a baby kitten before, but he probably wouldn’t enjoy or tolerate the presence. “As for flowers, they can definitely be very cool, and shouldn’t be underestimated for their true beauty. A flower can be and do so many things, it’s very difficult to understand 100%. They are beautiful, for sure.” He let off another chuckle, this time rather innocent.

“And thanks for the ask!”

Sorry in advanve to everyone who might read this, it’s long.

After silently watching you follow me around for all these months because your impotent rage has left you no other avenue but petty childishness, I’ve had enough. I have reported you to the GMs for harassment, but their legendary high tolerance for this kind of bullshit means it’s likely nothing will be done for some time, if at all.

So in the meantime I’m going to get a few things off my chest. And I hope this gets back to you. I hope you figure out this is you, but I hope you worry about it for a while first, because someone like you deserves the kind of discomfort you heap on others turned back on you once in a while. You are a lonely, pathetic loser who fixates on people and then skeeves them out with inappropriate sexual innuendo and nonstop declarations of love before finally deciding that if they aren’t willing to be the fantasy you’ve built up in your head, then they’re trash and you’re going to stalk, harass, and lie about them until they regret ever giving you the time of day.

Well, spoiler alert, I already regretted that before I told you to fuck off and never contact me again. I hated being “friends” with you. Did you know it was an accident to begin with? I was going to whisper you something about what an asshole you were being on the forums, but at the last second I decided that was too mean, so I pretended I’d mistaken you for someone else. That’s how our “friendship” began. But it ended because you’re a genuinely terrible person. You are cruel and demanding, and you go out of your way to harm people. There is nothing about you that would make anyone want even a fraction of your time but pity, and pity is what kept me around. Because I’m a pretty okay person, and I thought maybe there was something in you that was worthwhile and good, but I’m also naive.

I know everything you have said to them. I know that five minutes after I told you to fuck off and blocked you, you ran to him and not only lied about everything that had happened, but showed him some very carefully selected screenshots. People don’t like you because you do things like this, why would they believe you? What makes me despise you most is that they included very personal information about my life in your infodump. You had no right to show that to anyone.

I also know that the moment you caught a whiff of my friendship with her, you unloaded all your lies on her. What’s particularly hilarious and pathetic is that all the things you heaped on me in your little expose were actually the things you had done. See, she didn’t believe it because she knows me. Unlike you, I can be friends with people without using abuse, manipulation, and lies in an attempt to control them. We laughed at you. We still laugh at you. Every time you show up and downvote a post of mine because you're that obsessed with me. Every time you message her and try to steer the conversation to some subject where you can complain about me, thinking you’re being really subtle. You’re not.

I will give anyone a million chances to improve themselves. You are incapable of improving. There is nothing but spite, viciousness, and cruelty in you. If you weren’t so incredibly boring you could be a fantasy villain.

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have you seen beauty and the beast? if so, do you think zen's just a bit like gaston?? but like, less of an asshole?? lol i like gaston's actor so maybe i'm just being bias butttt (o‿∩)

If you mean the live action, I haven’t watched it yet, but I have watched the animated film. Gaston’s narcissism definitely reminds me of Zen, but Zen seems much more tolerable and reasonable, hah.

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I understand your anger about that magazine but can we just take a minute and stop generalizing all christians to be homophobic and transphobic when there are christians who are in fact LGBT. I completely disagree with this particular group's views which you have mentioned but let me just point out that a lot of religious groups (not just christians) are very close minded about LGBT. Please don't take this as an attack or anything. Just a comment.

I didn’t say that. Did NOT at any point say that ALL Christians are homophobic or transphobic…but this article could perpetuate intolerance. That Christians that ARE anti-LGBT (or at the ones that say they are “tolerant” but don’t “agree with the lifestyle”) this article gives them more justification to treat LGBT people like they need to be “fixed” or saved from themselves.

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Hey I have a question! The ginga anime seems like something I would like, do you have advice on where to start/where to find it?

You should start with Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, it’s all on YouTube if I remember correctly, and then move onto Ginga Densetsu Weed! Keep in mind of two things tho, one, the animation in GNG is pretty ok imo but GDW has HORRENDOUS animation. Two, it is written by an old man and has a lot of dated views regarding female characters (there are hardly any and they are often damsels) but I found it tolerable in favor of other fun elements of the series!