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A concept: Simon being fascinated by his boyfriend’s fangs, always, every time

(Aaaaaand there’s a sketch-y something something that goes with it)


I’m reading all these reblogs on @breeeliss’s post about how not to talk to fic writers and quite frankly I’m astonished and appalled.

“If your art is not perfect, it’s garbage”??

Wowwwwww, take literally ten thousand seats.

First of all: this is fanfiction, written for free, during someone’s free time.

Secondly, there’s no such thing as perfect art. Come the fuck on.

“A matter of respect to the reader?” You’re not entitled to anything.

And “since when you you have to kiss someone’s ass to tell someone they fucked up a verb”?

You don’t? You just don’t have to be an asshole about it?

Don’t give me that bullshit about English not being their first language and therefore the tone didn’t come across the right way. The language of condescension is universal.

And this person is a dick.

Here’s what’s so weird to me. Most people wouldn’t correct a fan artist on getting a nose a little wrong, or drawing a hand a little weird, or drawing eyes a little wonky. 

Like putting things like whitewashing aside (because the equivalent would be writing something similarly cringey), you would be hard pressed to find people reblogging art with minor mistakes and telling the artist every little thing wrong with it.

So why is it ok for people to nitpick at fanfic but not fanart?

It’s not. It’s not ok.

This sense of gross entitlement some readers have for content they get for free really disgusts me.

Just a reminder, kids. This is fanfiction, created during spare time, for free.

You’re not entitled to shit. And it costs $0 to be considerate and conscientious.

For fuck’s sake.  

I am considering giving up my dream of working as an artist at MTG and just focus on doing other jobs instead, my art is lacking too much of what WOTC demands and I wont reach that quality in my life time anyway sooo~ 

+ I was told by someone that I wont get hired by wizards at any position as I make tokens for money and have that comic, really depressing. 

Also my performances at nationals stands as a testimony on where I am at the competitive scene, very bad. Think im bout to meet my roles end in the MTG-community soon B( oh well

inspiration for this was because i have a friend who’s 6′5″ and i am a solid 5′2″ and trying to talk to him is hilarious

also some scheming kids

(i realize wylan looked like kuwei in that scene but wylan and inej are my favorite to draw so oh well)

also THANK YOU FOR 1000 FOLLOWERS!! you grisha fans are so sweet i really appreciate every single message ♡ stay tuned for more soc but this time with kuwei ;)

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Hey! i just want to say you something... i love your art from Uraraka and Deku ... damn i love it <3 i just want them to be canon :'( and sorry if i had a bad english i speak spanish :'(

Hey there! Wh– thank you so much!!  Yeah, I know how you feel, but we just gotta pull through! Andddd….since I had a bit of free time, have this as well!

every sectional i've ever been in tag yourself
  • the idiot: forgot their music, looking off of someone else
  • the freshman: constantly playing pep tunes
  • the worrier: "guys can we please practice we have like two weeks"
  • the arts-credit: texting their friends in another class
  • the socialite: texting their friends in another section
  • the leader: manages to get the group focussed, only reason anything gets done. there is never more than one of these
  • the student: ignoring everyone else, practicing by them self. perfect
  • the tumblr: wont shut up, tries to convince everyone they're high
  • the bard: takes every opportunity for Story Time
  • person f: *absent*

I’m (officially) opening commissions!! You can PM me on here if you are interested, or if you have questions.

Transactions are made through paypal

It’ll be taking me from two days to two weeks to make illustrations, depending on its complexity.

You don’t have to purchase a colored drawing: we can work out how much I’ll knock off the price for a mono drawing in chat!

And I’m probably missing a lot of info here since I’ve never done this before, so again, just ask away if anything is remotely unclear.

You can go look through my art tag to see if there’s a specific style that suits your taste!

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Have you heard of Tumblr? The popular blogging website that allows you to post more than 140 characters at a time? I believe it might be a better format for your thoughts than Twitter.

Have you heard of Twitter? It’s a popular microblogging website with a strong and active culture of threading tweets which allows thoughts to be easily shared and engaged to in a community that is alive and more diverse than Tumblr, which tends to be isolating and fickle.

Don’t try to be smart with me about my choice of platform to express myself. There’s a reason why so many artists only post art on Tumblr and their words on Twitter.

How to Break In a New Tarot Deck

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Most decks have the same standard 78 cards, but every deck is still a little different! The art, the energy, each new one can take a little getting used to. So here are some ways to do it!

Deck Interview spreads. These are really popular, so let’s go ahead and get them out of the way. There are tons of spreads available online that answer questions like, “What is your energy?” “What are your strengths as a deck?” “What kind of questions do you have trouble with?” “What can I learn from using you?” You can also just make your own! But doing a practice reading and getting the deck to say a little about itself can be very handy.

Look at it. Seriously, give it a good hard look. Spend some time on every card, seeing how the art makes you feel and what small details may support or enhance the meaning. The art will take a more nuanced approach or interpretation of the card beyond the few general keywords. For example, does the “Death” card focus more on the ending, or the renewal? Does the end look bitter?

Carry it around. Put it in your bag when you head out. Take it with you on trips. Even if you don’t plan on using it, have it on hand… just in case. Share memories with it, bond with it. Get comfortable with the presence of it.

Use it! Naturally! Eventually, you’re going to have to use it to break it in. You can’t break in shoes if you never walk in them. While I’m still getting used to the nuances of a deck, I won’t use them for my big complicated spreads right away, but I might use them for little things until I feel like I can use it for ones that take more brain power. Even if you’re an experienced reader, it’s okay to not jump in head first with complicated stuff on a brand new set of cards. There’s no rush!

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Heya~ I have a full sleeve tattoo and I live where it's almost constantly freezing so I'm in long sleeve shirts almost all the time. I once dated this boy and about a month into the relationship and he freaked out when he finally saw my whole sleeve 😂😂😂 can I get a bts reaction to you being heavily tattooed?


“That’s actually a great way to express how you feel through art.”

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“Where are you going to put my name?”

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“Are you trying to look tougher than me? Your effort’s too cute, sorry.”

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“Ahhhh those are so cool!”

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“My girlfriend is cooler than yours, hyung!”

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“…can I touch it?”

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“I want to do that so badly!”

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This was fun lol. - admin nicole 💕


hi everyone im so sorry for the inactivity, its time for finals!!!!!!! one of my finals is a collaboration installation about ocean pollution and i need people to say some positive things about the ocean! This is pretty open ended, you can say anything you’d like about the ocean and it can be as long as you’d like… tell stories, talk about specific sea creatures, etc!!! The things you talk about just need to be POSITIVE and spread a message of the love you have for the ocean

I need voice recordings by WEDNESDAY, 4/26/17 !!! If you’d be willing to volunteer and have your voice projected in a room for my installation please send me a message via tumblr, dm on my twitter, or send me an email at mickiekryger@gmail.com !!!! Please please please signal boost if possible!!! thank you so much!!! luv, ur favorite water witch


sorry for a lack of postings;; i’ve been busy with uni and work and cosplays….

that being said!! while i am not tabling at melbnova this year, please still visit my friends at table 142!! I’ll probably also be hanging around there - as kashuu on sat and salter on sun ewe

a-whispered-road replied to your post “are cyberlocks okay or are they appropriation?”

Dreadlock do not belong to the black community. Only a specific way they are done. Dreads have been here since the beginning of man. Evidence is in art. Sculptures from all over the world in older times depict people with dreads. (Im black too) not being rude or attacking anyone. Im just stating that dreads belong to everyone.

I’ve heard this argument before, and it’s BS. Historically, the only cultures to have actual dreadlocks have been cultures comprised entirely or mostly of black people. Any other examples that anyone gives you might superficially resemble dreadlocks (like how the Celts would put clay in their hair to protect it during battle) are just that: superficially similar, but not actual dreadlocks. One needs the specific woolen kind of hair that black people tend to have, in order to have true dreadlocks.

For the Alternative Outfit Challenge by @acnl-hamphrey

Beat’s more casual wear. He usually wears various t-shirts and collars shirts, along with some shorts and slippers/flipflops. He tends to wear this when no events are going on, and he can just lounge around. He prefers not to wear long sleeve shirts and pants when given the chance, especially in hot weather.

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Yo Cactus! Over the years I've watched your many blogs, and your changes and growth. I've honestly got to say, I'm impressed with what you're doing on this blog. I think it suits you well ^^! I enjoyed your stories too, but I could tell it was a lot on you - I hope that's not too pretentious to say? Anyway. I just wanted to tell you that and that you've improved greatly as an artist, too. Thanks for bringing your art to the community. :)

thank you skins!! you’re totally right- I love writing but i could never find the drive or time to finish a project/story and it was always discouraging! i kinda like the simpler style I have here since i can just throw down some art and have a good time without worrying too much about plot details!!

i’ll probably return to askskymin or askarkani and finish their stories ONCE AND FOR ALL but for now i’m totally happy just spending my free time drawing my foxes