i have no skills either

“I’d fight for you.” “Please don’t.”

Nursey’s hand caught his wrist before he could take a swing. He turned in outrage at the murmured, “Chill, Dex,” from behind him.

Chill?! CHILL? You heard what he said!” Dex raged, waving his hand wildly in the direction of the moron in question, who had finally gotten the message that it would be in his best interests to fuck off.

Nursey tugged him to a bench at the edge of the quad that afforded some privacy, being half-overhung by a tree.

“I know what he said. He said it about me, after all.”

Dex ran his hands through his hair and tugged in frustration. “Argh! I thought I would be done having to fight people like that after high school.”

“Just… let it go.”

“I don’t want to let it go!” He threw himself down on the bench. “How can you be so calm about this? I know you care about shit. I know you do! Why are you like this? Be mad, dammit!”

Nursey sat down and rubbed his hands over his face. When he looked up, Dex watched in shock as he saw Nursey’s mask actually fall away for the first time he could ever remember.

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Terezi Week Day 5: 4U

oh boi ive been planning to do this since janeweek! :D

Imagine this AU as crime novel trilogy, the Terezi part is legal thriller. She’s involved in tangled web of mysterious case of Gamzee Makara. All evidences points ot that Makara is the perpetrator of recent serial murder that happened in Alternia City; but something doesn’t feel right. The whole case feels like mismatching puzzle pieces that stuck together with a glue. A glue called lies. Can Terezi prove her client’s innocence and unravel the truth? Is the possibility of ‘real culprit’ exists?

and you bet my ass that there will be obligatory romantic tension between Ms. Pyrope and the opposing Detective Crocker.

So a while back (almost a year, actually) I drew these guys right here and since then I’ve sort of come up with different ideas/headcanons so I thought I’d revisit the drawings.


First part of fan comic Azul.

The story sets after the events of Sonic Adventure 2 and links both Tikal and Shadow’s stories, trying to explain untold things from their pasts and how I thought they could have gotten along with each other.
Not exactly a shipping story, though.

(This is my very first time making any sort of comic/graphic novel and I had wanted to make this since I was 14 but I didn’t feel I had the skills needed and I don’t think I have them now either, but I could use this as a practice.)

Second part can be found over here.

Shadowhunter Chronicles: Jessamine Lovelace

“Life is full of risks. Death is much simpler.”

I just watched Corpse Bride so....

I don’t have the skills to either write or draw this, but a Voltron Corpse Bride AU.

Right, so what i was thinking was:

  •  Keith as Victor. They are similarly socially awkward, and idk, I just really think he’d work well in that role?
  • Shiro as victoria - You’ll see.
  • Lance as Emily. I really think Lance suits this role, he’s really playful and well humoured like Emily, although like her he has a lot of negative emotions underneath. (Plus you know he’d make jokes about maggots)
  • Hunk as the BFF Maggot and Pidge as Black widow (except more snarky)
  • Allura as the skeleton who does the sweet ass musical number telling the tale
  • Alfor as Elder Gutknecht maybe?
  • Coran as the cook definitely 
  • I’m not 100% sure about who Barkis would be, I mean Zarkon would be the obvious thought but… idk yet

Okay so anyway, plot wise:

  • Shiro and Keith’s families have basically been arranging this marriage since Keith was born, but the two of them never knew until much later on and were basically childhood friends.
  • Story goes on, and Keith accidentally marries Lance, who flirts really badly and takes him to the world of the dead.
  • Being them, they bicker with each other more than run away like in the film.
  • Now at this point it could go one of two ways depending on what you ship:
  • Klance:
  • Keith and lance get to know each other better, they start to fall in love.
  • Keith agrees to go through with the ceremony, but when they go upstairs,  they find out about Shiro and _______, Lance realising that it is the person who killed him.
  • They save Shiro, who while is upset to see Keith go, is happy for him and Lance, along with the promise that they would try to visit with that haunting spell thing I guess. Keith and Lance live happily ever after in death.
  • Sheith version:
  • Being in the land of the dead makes Keith realise how much he loves Shiro
  • The plot mainly follows the main plot of the movie itself, with Lance telling Keith to marry Shiro etc etc…
  • (Sorry, I don’t have much for this version, I’m not a humongous Sheith shipper myself, but I know it could work well for either ship and i thought that it could be a good alternate version)

If you have any more ideas for this AU, please tell me, I’d love to know 

Sometimes when I find myself feeling less than everyone else, I make a list. I ask, “What is it exactly that’s going to make you feel like you’re just as good of a witch/pagan/diviner/writer/person as whoever it is you’re so jealous of? What do they have that you don’t?”

I try to be specific, and not delve too deeply into my own melodrama.

Usually at least half of those things are completely irrelevant to my life and my practice. Like, yes Jasmine, you could have a better working knowledge of woolly mammoth reproductive cycles, but…why do you need that? What good will it do you? And do you even WANT to understand Thelema, Jay? Really?

So then I let those things go.

Other things are sometimes qualities or skills I already have but I’m downplaying them, either out of insecurity or because they don’t fit into my current narrative of how terrible I am at everything. 

I cross those off the list too.

So whatever is left, I just keep asking myself…would this actually help me? Would this really make me better? Do I want to do this?

If I decided that, yeah, actually, it makes total sense for me to understand the history of magical and medical herbalism, and that would benefit me and my path…then I can actually go pursue that idea. Instead of crying that everyone else but me has already done it and they’re so great and I’m so awful.

And by that point, what I’m doing, I’m doing for me. Not for anyone else. Which feels so much better.

Hey guys, I’m doing commissions! My reasoning why is under the readmore t the bottom of this post as it’s very long and whatnot. If you want to read it, please go on ahead. If not, the only thing I ask is that you please reblog this. I could really use the money right now, so if you can’t commission me, at least reblog it. I feel bad since I feel like I’m guilting you guys, but I need the help.

Below are a list of things I will not be drawing. I apologize in advance, I just either do not have the time or skill to do whatever is on the list below.
> Furries / Anthro *
> Mecha
> Porn
> Gore
> Anything extremely muscular. Like bara status. I’m bad at drawing muscles. I would need a lot more practice before I do that.
> backgrounds at all except for icons. It just requires a lot of work and I’m not getting paid enough for this.

* I cannot draw animals at all, honestly, but I might be able to do it with icons as they are smaller!! If you are interested and want your fursona or furry oc to be drawn, just send me a ref and I’ll sketch it out first before I accept any payment. I dont want you to pay for something you won’t like in the end.

I mostly just want to do waist-up pictures. If you want a full body, that’s not an issue! It will just cost $5 extra as it takes more time and effort for me.   If you want to add in another character, that will be another extra $5 dollars. I will not draw more than 2 characters in a picture, unless you just want standing silhouettes for references.

I do not have internet at home, so I will not be on very often. I only have a chance to log on when I can go to the office at my apartment complex or when I go to my boyfriend’s house. I’ll try to be on whenever I can, but if I don’t reply to you right away, this is probably why.

I tend to draw fast, so if you don’t get your art or at least a follow up within 2 weeks , I probably either have 19099932092109 people commissioning me or I can’t get online.

If you are interested, please contact me at via ask or fanmail so we can discuss the commission and payment as I don’t want my email to circulate around Tumblr.

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