i have no shame or regrets

Yoi Week Day 6: History Maker
// Option D: A song that reminds you of Yuri!!! on Ice//
             // Clean Bandit - Rather Be //

There could be only one. 
youtube link here: https://youtu.be/MVPBAjDWGy8 
(we’ll see if that lasts :,D)
yeah, I have no idea if it’s “shake me” or “shame” me, but honestly both are perfect. I’m twelve years old again and I regret NOTHING.

Is it horrible of me to say I have no sympathy whatsoever for poor, working class Trump supporters now regretting their vote?

You make your bed, you lie in it. My granny always told me that. 

It’s just a shame you had to condemn everyone else on planet Earth - sensible people who were smart enough to see this man for what he truly was- into this hell too.  

Starters: Things I Have Said While Playing Video Games
  • “I will shove your throat down your throat.”
  • “Oh. Oh, you have just called up the devil. You will tremble before me, and beg for mercy, and I’ll laugh in your stupid face because FUCK YOU.”
  • “Oh, suck my left nut.”
  • “I will fucking end you. I will end you so hard that your ancestors will feel shame and your family will weep upon your grave.”
  • “I mean, he is only avenging his dead brother. You can’t really begrudge him that.”
  • “Are you fucking sweating on me?”
    “Oh. Veeeeery clever, you massive cockmuffin.”
  • “Everything is pain and I regret going down this path!”
  • “Oh, great, more naked people.”
  • “I’m sorry for invalidating your gender identity!”
  • “What?! That was my fucking money! Fuck you, secret police.”
  • “I hate living in a communist country.”
  • “Okay. So. We had to kill your uncle to make life easier for all of us.”
  • “I show up, and everything’s on fucking fire. For the love of God, how? And why?”
  • “Oh joy. More tedious drudgery.”
  • “If I were a lesser man, I’d be shitting myself right now.”
  • “He might actually be gayer than me. Unlikely, but possible.”
  • “Sigmund Freud would have a goddamn FIELD day with this.”
  • “Nice try, sugartits.”
  • “I appreciate you inviting me to your strip club.”
  • “This was supposed to be a stupid joke. How did it get so real?”
  • “Do not fuck the doctor! What is wrong with you?”
  • “I want to be the spiritual embodiment of pudding.”
  • “Nothing inspires a murderous rage in me more than comic sans.”
  • “Okay, I’m sorry I killed everyone you love, but can’t we talk about this?”
  • “I wish my legs were as fabulous as yours.”
  • “Oh, you think I won’t arrest you because we’re friends? Is that what you fucking think? Well you’re fucking RIGHT.”
  • “I just stabbed a bitch to death with a pair of scissors. God, I love Tuesdays.”
  • “Part of me wants to fuck you. The other part wants to laugh at you for looking like a My Chemical Romance reject.”
  • “Oh, fuck you for trying to teach me a lesson about morals.”
  • “Literally nobody asked your opinion.”
  • “Fuck you, you’re not my mom.”
  • “I want to slather you with bees.”
  • “I’ve never been so aroused and terrified in my life.”
  • “Here’s an idea: go to church.”
  • “Something about you just looks evil.”
  • “Finally! I’ve turned you gay!”
  • “Fuck me up, anthropomorphic Daddy.”
  • “I’m starting to come to the conclusion that you’re kind of a dick.”
  • “Eat one MILLION dicks.”

Watch this program YOU WON’T REGRET IT this is Tatsuki Machida’s short program from Cup Of China that had everyone talking and screaming about the sudden changes he had made in his skating style (idk if he was thinking about katsudon but i do have a general idea what was going through his mind) THIS was the first page in his book of hi-sto-ryyyyy

Checking the Hiveswap Discussion Page

> People telling misinformation about backers only getting Act 1 and WhatPumpkin having to come through to say that they get all Acts.

> Same guy complaining about Hussie having a team of people to work with instead of doing it all by himself.

> Saying how the ending sucked and the Fandom is dead and he’s just milking it for money.

> Saying how it’s a shame and a fiasco the project came to fruition- Even though the VERY FACT it continued after the whole mess with The Odd Gentlemen and became a game is very admirable, but deciding to ignore such a fact because  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

> “Lamenting” how the 3D looked “Better” than the 2D.

God why are people so salty?

I’m gonna play the shit out of Hiveswap when it comes out and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. And if I had been able to donate to the Kickstarter back then, I would have GLADLY done so and not regretted a single cent.


Cherishing What Isn’t

by Jack Gilbert

Ah, you three women whom I have loved in this
long life, along with the few others.
And the four I may have loved, or stopped short
of loving. I wander through these woods
making songs of you. Some of regret, some
of longing, and a terrible one of death.
I carry the privacy of your bodies
and hearts in me. The shameful ardor
and the shameless intimacy, the secret kinds
of happiness and the walled-up childhoods.
I carol loudly of you among trees emptied
of winter and rejoice quietly in summer.
A score of women if you count love both large
and small, real ones that were brief
and those that lasted. Gentle love and some
almost like an animal with its prey.
What is left is what’s alive in me. The failing
of your beauty and its remaining.
You are like countries in which my love
took place. Like a bell in the trees
that makes your music in each wind that moves.
A music composed of what you have forgotten.
That will end with my ending.

so around 3am last night I had a mini breakdown and needed to be vulnerable and talk to God. i remember saying, “You know I always tell people that it’s okay to feel shameful because You’ll accept them as they are the way they are. So why is it so hard for me to come to you full of shame and regret? Why do you have so much grace for someone like me?” And I heard Him say, “Because I love you.” and so simple to hear but to know that when I feel so shameful and vulnerable God still loves us and welcomes us into His embrace.


lilyjcollins :Chilled to the bone but feeling so free. What a huge moment this is for me. Owning my past, being open, and having no shame or regrets about my experiences. Sharing my history with eating disorders and how personal this film has been is one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Thank you for all your love and support. I’m sending all of mine right back (especially today!) and remember, you are never ever alone #Unfiltered

lilyjcollins :@MartiNoxon and I are finally sharing our labor of love #TotheBoneMovie and we couldn’t be more excited! Woohoo!…

i’m rewatching jane the virgin and the first season is Really Getting To Me. like i understood from the beginning that jane’s grandma was a huge influence on her when it came to religion, but the shame she put that lil girl through. lmao. why does her decision to not have sex until marriage have to be rooted in shame, intimidation tactics, and a fear of ending up like her mom. cos her mom is chilling, her mom’s decisions about sex come from her own choices. her mom doesn’t come off as regretful to me.

i overlooked this when i was first watching the show cos it was realistic! even relateable to an extent! but now i’m just wishing that this was all written differently. jane’s religion is such an important part of her life. why not frame it positively, as a decision she’s made? because she believes in her own autonomy as a person in every other aspect of her life, why wouldn’t her faith be constructed in a similar manner?

it just really doesn’t line up with the rest of her character imo.

Never put yourself down for what you like. Don’t ever regret loving something. Even if you one day lose interest in it, don’t look back with shame or “cringe.” It was important to you at one time, and the reasons why are probably still there inside you. Everything you love, even the little things, even the trivial things, like some dumb video or old joke, all of that is important for the joy or hope or comfort or whatever they may have brought you, and small as they might seem, I think they all deserve a certain measure of respect for that- and so do you, for loving them.


I am sorry for all these wasted blood

All those silvers and reds, all bodies that flood

My kingdom, that I ought to protect. And you –

Mare, who had suffered the burden of our fates.


Apologies won’t do so much good, considering all that I have done

Vainly, I started a war in which neither red nor silver won

Each day, I long for nothing but you, Mare, and my deliverance

Notwithstanding the pain I have willingly carved in your heart, I long for you - and your forgiveness.


Can a heartless man get another chance? In another lifetime, I hope,

Another chance to see if goodness can overcome my dark, perilous heart?

Lowly, I bowed my head, as the shames of my life rises in my throat. I need to finish this.

Obediently, I followed the last wish of the beating one which has deceived me for so long. I need to finish this.


Regret will follow my grave. Yes. But, Mare, I believe that even the darkest person deserves to rest.

Eventually, but not now. I understand. Your forgiveness will be with me in the afterlife.

Maven Calore,

House of Calore; House of Merandus

The real traitor prince; The fallen king

“Lies bring me up, lies will bring me down”

Writ this day,

November 28

Day of my Death

 “Close his eyes. Close his eyes, Cal.” I tremble at the sight of the lifeless body in front of me. Tainted in silver. A dagger pierced in his heart.

Cal goes to him and smoothly runs his hand over his brother’s face to shut his eyes.

“It’s going to be fine. Everything will be,” he says. He puts a warm hand over mine but even his fire can’t kill the coldness inside me. I shiver violently. Tears stream down on my face. I break our contact, snatching back my hand.

“I love him.”


“He doesn’t deserve this.”

“No one does.”

“I forgive him.” I move closer to Maven’s body. “I forgive you. Even after everything.” I whisper, leaning to him. His temperature dropping and matching mine. For some reasons, I feel like we’re the same. He is lifeless, cold. Dead.

I am too! Lifeless. Cold. Dead. I can’t feel my heart beating. I can’t hear it beating.

“Mare. We have to go.”

“I hope my forgiveness finds you.” I can’t hear Cal. I can’t hear anyone. My tears are so loud. I plant a swift kiss on the corner of his lips. I allow myself to stay there for a while.

“Mare.” Cal moved closer to me. He puts a hand on my shoulder, urging me to stand up.

My lips are wet with both my tears and Maven’s silver blood. I stand beside Cal, both of us looking at the fallen king.

“I still love him. Until we meet again.” Cal knows the last four words are for his fallen brother.

After all this time, the real traitor prince, the betrayer, the murderer, the grandest liar… has my heart.

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