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What’s been going on in this house isn’t just some affair. No. No, it isn’t.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #57
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>Phil:</b> Dan, The End is here<p/><b>Dan:</b> <p/><b>Dan:</b> Why did you name our child this way<p/></p><p/></p><p/></p>

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From my Good Omens fic A Memory of Eden, the waterfall scene.

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Probably During The Blackout At Some Point
  • Sonny: Pete, I'm hurt!
  • Pete: What?! Let me see; it's gonna be okay.
  • Sonny: Pete, kiss me!
  • Pete:
  • Sonny: I'm bleeding right now!
  • Pete:
  • Pete: *leans forward to kiss Sonny before looking down at the 'blood'*
  • Pete: Dude, is that red slushee?
  • Sonny: Are you gonna kiss me or not?!
  • Pete:
  • Pete: Yeah, okay, I'll do it.
Never Again

[title]: never again

[pairing]: shawn mendes x reader

[requested]: yes – (x)

[summary]: #54 | “i’m not good enough for you.”

[warnings]: swearing, a wee bit of violence, slut shaming

[author’s note]: okay, so i might have changed the prompt for this imagine just a lil bit because i had imagined how i’d write this in my head and i like the way this turned out haha

but i’m gettin’ back on that grind, y’all :D

Originally posted by mednes

Your surroundings were hazy.

Swaying bodies, a mixed aroma of liquor and sweat, blaring music, red solo cups littered in almost every crevice in the house.

Shawn and you had made your way to a high school party being thrown by one of your friends: Lauren Arendse. It was close to the end of the year and the both of you had discussed going out together, yet somehow came to the final decision of making an appearance at your friend’s party.

Although you weren’t the biggest fan of parties, you hadn’t been to one in a number of weeks, maybe months, being an upperclassman in high school. From the outside, Pickering might seem like a small, peaceful community (which it is), but when it comes to high schoolers throwing parties, things can get pretty intense; especially drinking parties.

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to go get us some drinks.” Is what Shawn had said to you almost fifteen minutes earlier.

Apparently for the past fifteen minutes, he had been “getting drinks” for the both of you, but as the minutes kept passing and passing, you weren’t so sure that was what he was up to.

For the past seven, however, you were starting to worry about your boyfriend.

Looking around for any glimpse of him, he was nowhere in sight, to your dismay.

Maybe I should go look for him? You questioned in your mind.

Nodding to yourself, you make your way around the spacious living room, avoiding bodies and trash littering the floor of the room.

Lauren’s parents must be loaded. You thought to yourself, admiring the features and different characteristics of the house you stood in. Her house was basically a mansion and a half. It was everything you could’ve wished for of your own, but you didn’t mind your own life, your parents making a healthy living for you and your family.

Staring at the beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling, your feet carry you straight, before forcing you clumsily forwards into a large wall-like figure.

“Hey, watch it!” A low male voice booms, a tall, broad frame turning to look you in the eye. A mean look is etched in his rather attractive facial features before realization finally hits the both of you.

“Y/N?” He asks, taking a better look at you.

“Drew?” You ask in return, your heart starting to flutter.

The blonde haired boy pulls you into a hug, picking you up and spinning you around before placing you down on the ground.

“Oh my God, Y/N,” he smiles, “I haven’t seen you in so long, how are you?”

You could smell a faint scent of alcohol on his breath, which meant he couldn’t have been that drunk, the majority sober, perhaps.

“I’m great! What are you doing here? I thought you were in Chicago!” You exclaim.

Andrew Cannon had been one of your closest friends growing up before you met Shawn until he moved away to the states in the ninth grade. You and him had always hung out, inseparable, until the day he had to leave. You tried to keep contact with him when he moved, but the time difference was significant and you both had different things going on in your lives. Therefore, you had lost most contact besides social media but you never really had the time to sit down and have a long conversation with him, which saddened you.

“I was, but I came back to visit my grandparents for the week and I heard our friend was having a party so I decided to pop in quickly.” He smiles.

“Why didn’t you tell me, you big bum?” You playfully punch his bicep, laughing. It was like punching stone.

“It totally slipped my mind, I swear.” He laughs along with a grin plastered on his face. “So how have you been? Who are you here with?”

“Good, for the most part. I missed you and hanging out with you.” You pout. “And I’m here with Shawn.”

“I missed you too, it’s been too long.” He says, offering you a sad smile. “And oh, mister ‘big shot’, huh?” He smirks, nudging you.

You laugh, shaking your head lightly. “That’s him.”

“I’ve heard lots about him and you. How are things with him? He’d better be treating my best friend right.” He says jokingly.

“Of course, I’m really happy with him, to be honest.” You reply. “Except, he told me he was going to get us drinks twenty minutes ago and he still hasn’t gotten back yet.”

“Sounds like a hell of a boyfriend to me.” He raises his eyebrows.

“Hey. He is, I swear. I just don’t know what happened.”

“I know, I know, I’m sure he is. I’m just jokin’ around with you.” Drew smiles.

Right before you had met Shawn at the near end of freshman year of high school, Drew had developed and had recently uncovered feelings he had for you. He had told you that he had those feelings for the longest time; since the day he met you.

That part of your time was filled with endless thoughts and feelings because you weren’t completely sure you liked Drew or not. A part of you did like Drew because you and him had known each other for the longest time and you’d gotten to know him so well. However, another part of you had a gut feeling that Drew just wasn’t the one for you and that your destiny awaited you in the future. 

You had to let Drew down gently, knowing that he was moving with or without you acceptance of a new blooming relationship. He told you that you could beat the wide six hundred mile distance between the two of you. As you rejected him, you knew he was sad even though he denied it, repeatedly saying he understood.

Then you met a charming boy named Shawn soon after. And that gut feeling was in fact correct.

“I just want to make sure you’re happy.”

Soon after Drew’s arrival in Chicago, he found out you had been hanging out with a new boy by the name of ‘Shawn Mendes’, which made him feel sad. He felt replaced, but no one could ever replace your best friend.

“Honestly, I haven’t felt this happy since you moved and it hasn’t really hit me until now that I’ve missed you so much, Drew.” You say, somberly, feeling yourself about to cry.

He pulls you into another hug, rocking back and forth to comfort you.

“Hey!” A voice all too familiar yells out, making you detach yourself from Drew. “What the fuck?!”

Standing there, all tall and mighty, Shawn stares you and Drew down from the other side of the room in the doorway, a mean scowl played on his lips.

“Shawn—” You start before he ignores your call, almost stomping over towards the two of you.

With your arms still around Drew’s middle, Shawn wraps his arms around your waist, ripping you away from your best friend, pulling you to the side.

“What are you doing?!” You exclaim, throwing your hands up.

“What the hell, Y/N?!” He shouts, drawing everyone’s attention to your situation. You could clearly smell the scent of beer in Shawn’s breath, much stronger than Drew, yet not drunk enough to be considered completely wasted. “I’m gone for ten fucking minutes and you take it upon yourself to go and flirt it up with some other damn guy?!”

Your eyes widen, taken aback as you look at Drew for an answer, his eyebrows scrunched together in confusion as well.

“What are you talking about, Shawn?”

“Oh, don’t play dumb with me, Y/N. I know you were all over him when I walked in the room, flirting up a fucking storm with him.” He snarls.

“I was not, Shawn. It’s called ‘enjoying someone’s company at a party’ instead of ‘leaving your girlfriend for a half an hour so she’s all by her lonesome at a party, not that you’d know the difference between them.” You shoot back.

He simply ignores you, turning to Drew. “Don’t ever touch her again.” Shawn warns.

“Shawn, he wasn’t doing anything—”

“Shut up!” He shouts, pointing a finger at you.

“Hey!” Drew yells abruptly, getting in Shawn’s face. “Don’t talk to her like that, man.”

“Drew…” You say, attempting to reason with the two boys.

“Stay out of this, Y/N. You’ve done enough.” Shawn says, focusing his eyes on Drew with a stone hard expression on his face. “I never, ever thought you’d be the one to become a slut.”

Your stomach drops at this remark.

“What the fuck did you just call her you dick?!” Drew roars, pulling you behind him.

Your head was spinning as this all went down; as the words processed in your mind.

“You fucking heard me. Now get out of my way!”

Shawn had never even thought about slut shaming you, never mind actually doing it. His words hurt; not like the sting of a simple bee, but a punch to the gut. A stab to the throat. A kick the the curb.

In the back of your mind, you knew it was more than likely the alcohol speaking, and that his conscience was put to rest at this time and place. Nonetheless, you caught your lip in between your teeth, trying to blink back tears desperately.

On the other hand, Drew had never been one for slut shaming. For any of his friends. He knew it made girls feel dirty and down on the inside and he wasn’t going to stand for that.

As Shawn started towards you, pushing past the broad figure standing in front of you protectively, Drew shoves Shawn back, shooting him a glare of pure hatred.

“Get the hell away from her, dude.” Drew says calmly.

Right then, you catch a glimpse of something in Shawn. His eyes. That chocolate, velvety shade of brown once glittering in his eyes was now a murky, hue of ebony and vile loathing. You’d never seen Shawn like this ever.

And then suddenly, both Drew and Shawn are on the ground, Shawn being the one who had tackled him to the floor. Your hand immediately shot up to cover your mouth in horror when Drew threw the first punch, his fist colliding with Shawn’s cheek. From there, all hell broke loose.

Punches, curses and name calling was exchanged as you stood to the side of the two boys. By the third hit directed at Drew’s jaw, a crowd had formed, all watching in awe of what was occurring in front of them. 

“Shawn!” You screamed. “Andrew!”

Tears were streaming down your face, your cheeks flushed a crimson red shade. There was no telling if there was an end to them or not. Sobs slipped past your lips as your eyes focused on the two guys on top of each other, beating the life out of one another.

“Stop it! Please!”

Your adrenaline finally kicking in, you lean down quickly to try to pry the two off of each other, only to be restrained at the waist by Ian Warburton.

“Let me go!” You scream, tears blurring your vision.

Shawn had never gotten into a fight, never mind drunk and with your old best friend. You’d never thought Shawn would involve himself in something like this. You had always thought he was civil and able to contain himself from getting himself into trouble. Must be the alcohol.

Ian placed you down on the ground, keeping a hand wrapped around your forearm so you don’t try to involve yourself with the fight again. You then turn to the crowd, their eyes fixated on the scene continuing to unravel in front of everyone.

“Someone, do something! Please!”

At last, three or four guys run in and barely detach the two guys, holding them back from each other.

The both of them are beat up pretty bad as they continued staring one another down. The tears flowing from your eyes were relentless.

Drew shakes his head, breaking from the two guys’ grip on him, beginning to walk towards the door of the house. Before he goes to open the door, he turns his head and looks directly at you before faintly saying, “I’m sorry, Y/N.” And with that, he disappeared through the door, making his way to his car and speeding off.

Everyone is silent. So quiet, you could hear a pin drop.

Shawn turns to you, making eye contact before you lost it. Your sobs, now at a softer tone escape your throat as you run for the front door, slamming it behind you.

Shawn shoves the two guys off of him, looking around at everyone with shocked looks on their faces. “All right, show’s over.” He bluntly states, running after you.

He followed you all the way to the car, somehow able to jump into the passenger’s seat. You were crying hysterically on the steering wheel, but you knew he was in the car right next to you. Shawn knew better, even intoxicated that you’re better off alone if you were upset; especially if he was the cause of it. He knew he fucked up real bad, this time.

Knowing that he was gonna attempt to try and talk to you, you turned the ignition on, backing out of the parking space you were in, speeding off for home.

The car ride was completely silent, except for a few small sniffles coming from you. The whole ride, Shawn focused his eyes on the passing houses, the trees and the pitch black scenery of the night outside. You on the other hand bit your lip as you focused on the road in front of you.

Ten minutes later, you were at Shawn’s house to drop him off. Parking in his driveway, you cross your arms over your chest, looking down at your tear-stained jeans.

Shawn licked his lips, beginning to feel himself sobering up a bit. He wasn’t that wasted. “Y/N…”

“Get out!” You yelled, your eyes glued to your jeans.

“Please, just listen to me.” Shawn pleads.

“I have nothing to say to you, Shawn.” You say calmly, tears threatening to spill again. “Now get out. Please.”

“No.” He simply replies. “I’m not getting out until you listen to me.”

You roll your eyes, refusing to look at him.

“Y/N.” He starts, looking you up and down with your hair covering your face as your eyes remain looking down. “I’m so sorry.”

“I know what I did was wrong, with the whole thing with Drew.” You don’t say anything “I’m sorry for every burden I’ve created.”

“It wasn’t just the thing with Drew. Even though that pissed me the hell off, it was everything!” You finally say, turning to him.

Shawn almost gasps at the amount of tears streaming down your face, the red tint of color in your cheeks were visible even in the faint light of Shawn’s lit porch light.

“You left me by myself for a half hour! I had no idea where you were or what you were doing, so when I decided to go and try to find you, I ran into Drew. You know he’s my old best friend so I decided to catch up with him. I know you were drunk, but you shouldn’t have falsely presumed that I was cheating on you! You know I would never do that to you! Then you called me a slut, caused a huge scene and went and beat the fucking shit out of him! I can’t believe you!”

Shawn sighs, looking down in guilt. “I know, I know. I’m stupid. I shouldn’t have just assumed that he was gonna make a move on you and that you were gonna cheat on me with him. I shouldn’t have left you for a half hour, I had found Lauren and I was catching up with her too and I lost track of the time—”

“See? What if I had walked in on you and Lauren casually chatting and I just assumed that you were gonna have sex with her right there and then, making a big scene?” You shoot back, along with a glare.

Shawn rubs his eyes with his hands, sighing. “It would’ve been bad, I know. I was stupid and I know it. I’m never fucking drinking again.”

You roll your eyes, knowing that was probably a lie.

“About the slut shaming thing… That I certainly, absolutely, one hundred percent didn’t mean that. I mean that. I would never say anything remotely like that to you ever, even if I was threatened to be killed if I didn’t say so. You know you’re the farthest thing from that and that I love you with all of my heart. I’m so, incredibly sorry, my love.”

You still weren’t completely convinced. “Shawn, I’ve never ever seen that side of you before. I saw darkness in your eyes. It was terrifying.” You say honestly, rubbing your arms.

Shawn looks down at his shoes, biting his lip. “I felt something inside of me too… Something that felt different. I never thought that jealousy or envy would drive me to feel so dark and desolate… I’m a monster.” He pauses, taking in a deep breath. “I’m so sorry—”

You turn your head to look at Shawn, sympathy beginning to fill you up. “Shawn…”

“—I don’t know who I was then… I’m not good enough for you…” He whispers, beginning to open the passenger door of the car.

You shake your head vigorously, knowing this wasn’t the right way to end all of this. You reach out and grab his wrist, pulling him towards you. He turns back to you, tears running down his face like yours.

Looking up and down his face, you finally pull him in for a kiss, putting so much passion into it, you could nearly feel the sparks. You could feel the wetness of his tears on his face as he kissed back, desperately trying to get the most out of this embrace between the two of you.

As you pull away, you look him in the eye, then pulling him into a tight hug.

“You’re better for me, you make my life complete.” You whisper in his ear.

“I’m so sorry I made you feel that way, baby.” He coos back. “Never again.”

“I love you so much, you jerk.” You smile.

“I love you more, my precious Y/N.”

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I’ve been trying to just ignore obvious trolls and bigots in comment sections more often lately, but decided not to let this person off the hook. 

Autism is not a shameful thing, don’t let anybody ever try to shame you for being autistic!! They will try, but just keep being your true self, you’re autistically amazing!!! 


funniest dair moments

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