i have no shame

20 years from now I’m going to be on this blog and my husband will walk into the room and roll his eyes because he can’t believe that I’m still actively blogging about him and his stupid band


[DW meme] Favorite ship
 River x Doctor

“It just messes The Doctor up and makes him go, ‘Oh Christ, River’s here’, and it frightens him. And weirdly he’s going, 'Why the hell am I attracted to her? What’s that?’ That’s the woman who makes him go whoa.” [x]

  • Me, on a date:so, what's the rarest Pepe you've ever come across.
  • Date:who's-
  • Me:hoe don't do it
  • Date:who's Pepe?
  • Me:oh my god
  • Date:wait don't go
  • Me, shoving breadsticks into my purse:I'm sorry I have to leave right now like immediately.
  • Date:*mm whatcha say plays*