i have no real filters i just say whatever

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     “I actually can’t believe you. The one thing I didn’t want anyone else to know and you go and tell him that? How stupid can you be? Aven or anyone else in this damn world isn’t allowed to know about the other worlds or even anything that connects to them. There could be a deadly war if he opens his mouth. I barely even got him to calm down when he begged me to tell the truth and I can’t lie to my friends.”

  Kaphona was just… Done. “Didn’t you see how depressed I was when I found out about all of this? How I’m just a coded character and not the real thing? Aven is mentally unstable. He almost killed a hundred people because YOU HAD TO SAY SOMETHING ABOUT THAT STUFF. DO YOU EVEN HAVE A FILTER?! INNOCENT PEOPLE DIED BECAUSE YOU HAD TO BLABBER ON SOME BOOK AND TECHNOLOGY AND WHATEVER. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOUHAVE DONE?!”

Chris Evans Modern Weekly Interview 2014 excerpt

MW: Can you define what is the “real” you?

CE: That depends on what kind of question I’m facing. Take a personal feature interview for example, if the schedule allows for multiple days, I can’t use 10 words to summarize “the real me”. During those exclusive interviews, I feel that the whole purpose is to be the sincere me, to reveal my feelings. You may not be able to reveal all the facets of a person in a short amount of time, but I think in those cases you are better able to express your personality. I try to be even more true to myself. Actually, I’m a person who likes to be self-deprecating. So, sometimes people will think I’m weird, especially when interviewing me because the actors they’ve interviewed previously really enjoy interviews, enjoy hearing flattering comments. I won’t hide the fact that I think that’s really silly thinking. What are we doing? (Looks around) Right now I feel pretty silly. I have to talk and laugh, pretend like it’s nothing, which I have no problem with. We can still discuss substantial and serious topics, but you have to know how to be self-deprecating, to joke about yourself.

MW: Are you a very private person?

CE: Absolutely.

MW: When you are doing interviews, what is the ratio of the “real you” to the “interview you”?

CE: The ratio is okay, 90:10. When you are doing interviews, you have to be professional—you can’t just say whatever comes to your mind without filters. But I don’t feel like I have to lie, to say things that I don’t believe in. It’s just like filming a commercial or a movie, if you really like the product or work, accepting interviews is easier, because I don’t have to pretend, I can speak the truth and also promote the product or work.

MW: Do you like interacting with fans?

CE: When I see things I do make an impact on kids, I feel really happy. But not all fans are innocent children. Unfortunately, sometimes people pretend to be fans to get close to you, when in reality they just want something from you.

MW: How much time do you have left for your personal life?

CE: It depends. If you ask superstars like Britney Spears, she will tell you, her private life left her a long time ago. She can’t even leave her house. But with my reputation (celebrity status), I haven’t reached that extreme.