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Status Curtos inglês: Namorados

• I love the way you smile.

(Eu adoro a forma como você sorri.)

• Your smile delights me.
(Seu sorriso me encanta.)

• Me and you, the rest so much…
(Eu e você, o resto tanto faz…)

• We do not mix, we complete.
(A gente não combina, a gente se completa.)

• “We were both made very much for both of us”
(“Nós dois fomos feitos muito pra nós dois”)

• You have no notion of its effect on me.
(Você não tem noção do seu efeito sobre mim.)

• I do not need you, I’m missing you
(Não me falta amor, me falta você.)

• Come to think of it, nobody did me as well as you did ♥
(Pensando bem, ninguém me fez tão bem quanto você ♥)

• If you go, I want to go with you.
(Se você for, quero ir com você.)

• Nothing is going to make me give up on you.
(Nada vai fazer eu desistir de você. 😍)

• If I have you, the rest is just detail.
(Se eu tiver você, o resto é só detalhe. 💕)

• I just want to be with you, no matter the place.
(Eu só quero estar contigo, não importa o lugar.)

• My heart has chosen you. ❤️
(Meu coração te escolheu. ❤️)

• Because I love you every day, more and more.
(Porque eu te amo todos os dias, cada vez mais. )

• If it’s not you I do not want anyone else
(Se não for você eu não quero mais ninguém ♡ )

• Made for each other, made to last.
(Feitos um pro outro, feitos pra durar.)

• And even a bad phrase from you hurts me.
(E até uma frase mal dita por você, me magoa. )

• I just know that life is more colorful with you.
(Eu só sei que a vida, é mais colorida com você. )

• You and I, together, forever! <3
(Você e eu, juntos, para sempre! <3 )

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frases/status wpp em inglês
  • good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere
  • memories destroy us
  • maybe we’re from the same star
  • whatever happens, you’re my light
  • we may not have it all together, but together we have it all
  • but darling, this is not wonderland
  • can we act like we never broke each others heart?
  • trusting people is like touching fire
  • everyone seems normal until you get to know them
  • you need a little bit of insanity to do great things
  • we’re just lost souls, aren’t we?
  • I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up
  • because alcohol tastes better than tears
  • the rebel in me will never die
  • let’s get drunk together so I can kiss you and then blame it on the vodka
  • I miss the taste of you
  • you are obsessed with finding someone to love you because you can’t love yourself
  • I cared too much and that destroyed me
  • a part of me was lost in you
  • there’s a devil in your smile
  • sometimes to stay alive you got to kill your mind
  • we all have darkness inside of us, and some of us are better at hiding it than others
  • fake people don’t surprise me anymore, loyal people do
  • if this is reality i am not interested
  • just two kids, stupid and fearless
  • we were just a bounch of trouble kids who wanted a feel of what real life felt like.
  • she wanted to be a poet, but deep down she was a poem
  • all we need is love
  • we are just kids in love
  • I don’t care how complicated this gets, I still want you
  • we blame society, but we are society
  • you ruined my favorite song
  • you can find love in the same place you lost it
  • destroy what destroys you
  • I feel bad for people who never go crazy
  • black is not sad, black is poetic
  • it hurts because it mattered
  • cool kids never sleep
  • i’m a teenager, my music will tell you a lot more about me than my mouth ever could
  • i broke my rules for you
  • i’m all yours, i’ve got no control
  • I just want my past to be a blur.
  • collect moments, not things
  • sometimes we need fantasy to survive reality
  • cause all that you are is all that i’ll ever need
  • your voice was the calm after the storm
  • there are so many types of art but you are my favorite
  • I just wanna be yours
  • you never know the last time you’ll see a place. or a person.
  • we all go a little mad sometimes
  • love is a dangerous game
  • don’t break my heart, you live there
  • lost in a world that doesn’t exist
  • first, learn how to make yourself happy
The Neighbourhood

I want the world in my hands.

(Eu quero o mundo em minhas mãos)

Lets have an adventure, head in the clouds but my gravity centered.

(Vamos ter uma aventura, cabeça nas nuvens, mas minha gravidade é centrada)

And what I think about, one love, two mouths, one love, one house.

(E o que eu penso sobre, um amor, duas bocas, um amor, uma casa)

Just us, you find out.

(Apenas nós, você vai descobrir)

I don’t mind if there’s not much to say.

(Eu não ligo se não tem muito o que dizer)

Sometimes the silence guides your mind, so move to a place so far away.

(Às vezes o silêncio guia sua mente, e te move para um lugar tão distante)

Inside this place is warm, outside it starts to pour.

(Aqui dentro é quente, lá fora começa a chover)

Go ahead and cry little girl.

(Vá em frente e chore, garotinha)

Nobody does it like you do, I know how much it matters to you.

(Ninguém faz isso como você faz, eu sei o quanto é importante para você)

The shade always comes at the worst times.

(A sombra sempre vem nas piores horas)

When I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place.

(Quando eu acordo eu sinto medo, que alguém tenha tomado meu lugar)

Keep on dreaming, don’t stop breathing.

(Continue sonhando, não pare de respirar)

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Niji scans is doing para shift but they have only release one chapter since they currently have other works to finish as well they have said that they will be doing all of it but at a slow pace ... to finish everything else they have already started

well there ya go!

you know what? i checked because i was like, wait… wuh?? niji?? because it’s actually @akumarosescans that did chapter 1… so… yeah.

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Are there different degrees to MaDD Because I dd a lot. Even to the point where I've turned from A+ student to barely passing. I hate being interrupted when I'm asking to my paras and in fact I've started to collect things that I know will fit my paras' aesthetic. But unlike many I can also push dd-ing to the static mode where it's still going on except I'm just focusing on something else. Like I'm doing life and dd-ing simultaneously. It's sorta like smiling depression but just MaDD version.

holy shit dude are we the same person

nope, there arent any different degrees of madd. what you’re going through is exactly what madd is, and honestly it kinda sucks.

i used to have good grades and now it falls down to straight Fs and now I can’t do regular tasks without daydreaming interrupting them. So my life consists of just basically my daydreams interrupting everything, it sucks as hell.

But I believe that you can go through this! Don’t stop trying to resist daydreaming whenever you’re trying to do something, don’t ever try to give up, because believe me that your results will bring you a lot of happiness. The result will be worth much more than daydreaming.

Good luck!!

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Re: Your last anon. I know you say not to panic, but it's really hard when it's pretty clear this whole Sham mess has complete control over Liam and his mouth and what he's allowed to do or say. I still have a distinct fear that something is going to happen and we will never get solo!Liam because she will cry he can't be away from her and the spawn, so being the good upstanding guy he is, he'll give up everything to be a stay at home dad while she tries to revive her dead singing career.

Hi anon

I can only speak for me and I always say I could be wrong.

The way I look at it is the UK market is what it is, a mess that’s filled with gossip media that spends too much time focusing on stuff that doesn’t really matter and tittle tattle, and that’s prejudiced by the ‘manufactured band’ label for the lads. 

That’s also the same of course with the US, but it’s just that one of the main focuses of UK media is One Direction cos they get a lot of clicks from us, and obviously casual observers.  

i  guarantee that WE in the fandom pay far more attention to the UK Media and all that happens within it relating to the lads than anyone out there which is wy we see a lot of inconsistencies and yet it still happens, but it’s still there nevertheless.

I think what I’m trying to focus on is the US side of things as far as his career is concerned. , I don’t think its any accident at all re the Trump story and how that had all the attention in the US.   Also don’t think there’s any accident re Liam attending the Drake gig, I know he’s a fan but he’s also a label mate of Drake’s.

I don’t think there’s any accident re Jaden Smith and his seemingly random tweet re Liam.  

Same applies to Nicki Minaj.  Also a label mate  I happen to believe too that Liam was at the weeknd  gig along with his team who were also at Drake.  The Weeknd is also with Republic.

Add to that, the fact that he was with the guy from Capitol UK  recently on insta when he was doing  the hoverboard doodah.

Does that seem like the behaviour of a label or labels and a man that will never release music?  

Of course I still get annoyed too by Cheryl, tho in my opinion I guarantee no more so than Liam (hence Liams Lane - Private and the hashtag of stop in the insta post he did also that night)., and this mess and I do take notice of it all, but I certainly don’t think he’ll never release stuff and I’m not convinced at all that he’s been delayed by it necessarily and even more convinced that it won’t affect him long term. 

But in saying all this,  the coming days and weeks will be pivotal.   He has to head over to the US at some point because I think the focus on his solo stuff and collabs will be US based and as far as we know the Omaze thing still has to happen. 

Hi, babies. First things first, no hate anons, it fights the funk of the dash and I’ll be damned if that’s what ruins this RP. But I didn’t log on for that, I’ve logged on to tell you guys that in front of all of your room doors, is a personalized journal. When you guys sent in your apps and told us about yourself, Admin Bey and I thought it would be cool to personally design journals for you guys. We expect you guys to write in here (do a para) once a week and then turn them in on every Friday, so your therapists can go over them! Tonight will be our first development day and Sunday dinner. Dinner starts at 8:30pm and you must have something posted about your development by 11pm. Be sure to tag us in your development post.

Hello my lovelies! So you know how this works; you like this and I’ll write you A BIG CHUNKY STARTER because I usually only manage to type out overly-dramatic paras, so I apologize for that, you don’t need to match whatever mess I type out, I tend to babble with starters. This is for MUTUALS ONLY and if you’d like to PLOT SOMETHING OUT please, please, please, do the do. I love plotting. Come INTO MY IM / ASKBOX and we can even have PRE-ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIPS set up or what have you. Or just hop into my IM to talk about whatever, what’s your favorite movie, what was the last song you listened to, do you dig fairy tales, I dig fairy tales, wanna get a thousand threads going?? I mean IDK!! Let’s just talk it out man. Hope I get a chance to roleplay with all of you and I hope you like ANGST AND PAIN because, honestly that’s all Blue Beard has to offer. Love you guys and take care - xoxo EVA


                                      El Cheapo Tactical Pt.2

                                DIY Magazine Assist / Magpul

So as I was trying stuff out with my SADF pattern 83 rig, I noticed that AR-15 magazines sit way too far down in the pouch to get out quickly. The only problem is that Magpul magazine assists are $10.00 for 3 + shipping. No bueno. 

I got some 100 mph tape in the mail (at least that’s what it was sold as, idk if it’s legit), and with that and some old nylon webbing I can make dozens of these on the cheap. I decided to go with the webbing over para cord because the nylon keeps its shape rather than flopping around, which hopefully will reduce the amount of fishing I have to do with my finger. Lemme know what you think peeps

julie was sitting at her desk, a paper in front of her and a pen in her hand. malik was asleep, so she knew he wouldn’t wake up to bother her. malik hadn’t come out to play with anyone because he was scared. he told julie he was uncomfortable and scared because he didn’t know anybody. being in new places wasn’t his forte, especially with no warning. the peace and quiet was needed for julie to write, and she began going.

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Honestly, there wasn’t too much preparation required for full moons in the State Pack house. Del and Lanta did everything they could to make sure the family was taking care of; dinner’s waiting early, the chains have been checked and then checked again, spare clothes are waiting for the morning after… all Arizona really has to do is show up. After nine years of dealing with the full moon on a monthly basis, she’s pretty much knows exactly what’s going to happen, anyway. They never really get easier, but with anything, experience leads to smoother escapades.

Ari all but slumps down the basement stairs… not the first to arrive, but definitely not the last as she moves to her usual chain and begins to effortlessly shed what little clothing she actually had on. Modesty had never been something the moonskin had struggled with; especially growing up in an environment where a lack of attire was encouraged. Some of the pack, however, preferred to keep covered up… wearing old rags they didn’t mind getting ripped up during the change. As soon as she was free of the fabric, she glances over to the clock to see it’s almost time, exhaling a deep breath before slipping on the oven mitt Delaware had left by her and beginning to adjust the chains.

She winces quietly each time the silver touches her skin, the audible sizzling a sound she’d never quite get used to. Of course, this was just how it was… nothing else would be able to hold them. And any pain she’d have to endure, it was much better than the alternative. A moonskin’s number one priority was protecting the humans; an ideal just as strong in Del’s mind as her own, thankfully. The idea of roaming free, while in a state she couldn’t control– she’d burn herself a thousand times over to keep herself from harming anyone.

Golden hues glaze over for a moment as she finally finishes wrapping herself up with a few minutes to spare before the moon would bring about the shifting. Memories of the Price’s flashes in her mind; their blatant disregard for the humans as they allowed themselves to be free every full moon, family members returning the next morning with dried crimson stains all over them, a young Willa crying in secret as she heard the news of the fatalities to ‘wild animal attacks.’ That was the past she wished to redeem; the past she never wanted any part of. So this… this was a far better option as she allowed her gaze to move over every wolf in the room.

NJ and Tex remained close, far enough away to not harm each other, but close as they talked to distract themselves from the inevitable foreseeable future. Maryland cowered her petite body in the corner, her eyelids squeezed shut as she obviously just wished it to be over already. Colorado reading almost peacefully from the book he’d strategically placed on the floor just out of reach. Arkansas looking characteristically cheerful as they struck up a conversation, not that they were looking forward to it… but they never allowed the shifting to get them down. Hawaii listening intently to Arkansas, even the rags she worse that were about to be torn apart looked better than half of Ari’s wardrobe. Nevada remained clothed as well, silent and giving off angry vibes; angry at the fact that she had to endure the transformation. And last but not least, her alpha and beta, Del and Lanta exchanged glances; the closest things to love she’d ever seen them express. 

This was it; her family that she loved unconditionally. And so she let her eyelids fall softly with an endearment that drowned out the pain she knew was coming. But it was okay– the chains would prevent her from hurting anyone and she’d awake in the same room with the ones she cared about the most.

Eyes shot open as a sharp breath escaped her when the process began… the sound of breaking bones and different cries of pain that last thing she remembered before it all faded to black.

thick skin || April & Colby

@paroxvsm past, 2015

“I mean, it’s awkward, isn’t it?” April said, pressing her fingers on the bridge of her nose, trying to think. The arena was noisy as usual, but tonight it was tense. A part of her was happy the tension had nothing to do with the Divas – April was protective over the division, no matter what others said – and a part of her was… Well. Well. “I mean, I can’t pretend I didn’t see it, everyone saw it, it was on the official site, damn.”

On the other side of the phone her sister sighed. That long, drawn out sigh she did everytime she was slightly pissed at April. “So? Aren’t you two friends? You’re just going to ignore it forever? Because you can’t unsee it and can’t pretend it didn’t happen, so.” She did have a point. “Ape, the guy probably needs a friend now. You know, someone who won’t be a jackass.”

“Then it’s not me.” She could listen to her sister’s laugh in the middle of all the noise. “I should get going, they’ll probably give me a two minutes match or something, have to check with that asshole Dunn.”

Truth be told, she was on the verge of bouncing. It wasn’t the same thing without Phil, and if things weren’t easy for her back then after the way he left things were even worse. But now she didn’t have time to think about herself, she had a friend to check on to, even if things would be awkward as hell, she owed that to Colby. It would be impossible to talk to him during the show, so April opened their text thread, typing something.

( txt → Colby ) hey dude
( txt → Colby ) wanna get the hell out of here as soon as possible?
( txt → Colby ) we can grab some burgers
( txt → Colby ) it’s going to be like FCW 
( txt → Colby ) including me making you pay for the meal because i’m cheap as hell

Afternoon Delight →

“It has definitely been a busy morning for National City’s very own hero. Supergirl has already prevented five armed robberies, delivered a litter of puppies and given one very lucky tugboat owner, some extra help hauling a tanker. She’s done a lot more than me!”

“Don’t forget that I almost got to keep one of the puppies, and that I cooked! I think that is truly the story National City should know,” So, maybe talking to her tv wasn’t the most normal thing to do, but she’s done a lot weirder things and Kara was pretty sure, nothing was going to be able to bring down her day. To say she was in some post romance, post ‘I have a lady’, post ‘that lady is very good at what she does’ bliss, would be an understatement. Her time with Lena had been a highlight, a bigger one than she’d had in a long time and now, she was feeling pretty amazing going into the start of her week.

So amazing in fact, that she had actually found the extra time to cook her lunch for the day. Which was something she hadn’t done since she had first started working at CatCo. Once she had her little lunch kit (which was another thing she didn’t even remember having) packed Kara paused just as she went to pack away the left overs for another time. Glancing between the containers in her hand and her lunch kit sitting on the counter that was when she got an idea.

It might not be the best idea and she had no idea how it would actually play out, but she decided to go for it.

Setting everything back on the counter she moved to quickly look back through her cupboards. She’d thought she’d spotted another one during her digging and after moving a few cookbooks aside Kara was instantly beaming.

“Ah ha!” placing the second lunch kit on the counter she took a second to clean it off, just in case, before packing up a second lunch. Using her freeze breath to make a second little ice pack she nodded in approval once she had both packed. Perfect.

Adding both lunches to her bag she made quick work of changing for work and heading off to officially start her Kara Danvers day.


Her day just seemed to continue to go up as during the editorial meeting for the week, Snapper not only brought attention to the article she had written about the skate park opening up, but he’d also complimented her on it. She was pretty sure she had to be dreaming now, considering that was one thing she never figured would have happened. Considering she had written that article after meeting with Lena about the contract, she figured part of her could chalk this moment up to Lena putting her in a good mood then as well.

Walking out of the meeting with compliments and a new assignment Kara was positive she was beaming.

Flipping to a new page in her notebook she absently started writing down notes and ideas for her new article, startling slightly as she heard a voice behind her.

“Well, someone had a good weekend.”

Glancing over her shoulder she smiled as her gaze fell on James before shrugging slightly. “I did, it was amazing. How was yours?” She hadn’t really been in a room alone with James since their little mishap the last time Lena had showed up at Catco, so Kara would admit she was surprised and impressed that James was approaching her first.

“Mine was alright, you know same old. I had a question for you actually,”

Turning around she set her notebook aside, leaning against the desk as she gave James her full attention. “Sure, what’s up?”

“I was just thinking earlier, about when Clark was here. And you had thoughts about moving to Metropolis…”

Furrowing her brows for a moment Kara tried to figure out where he was going with this but she was coming up blank.

“And I was thinking, how would you feel about Supergirl having a partner?”

“I…Well…” That definitely wasn’t what she had been expecting. “I mean, I don’t really think it would be needed. Plus when I have teamed up with people before, like Barry and Clark, that was different. They have abilities like me, plus Clark is family. And I can’t really see myself teaming up with anyone already locked up by the DEO,” she pointed out with a small chuckle. “But I’m also not thinking about moving again, any time soon. If that was also going to be another question,”

“Nah, nah…It was just, something I was thinking about,”

Still looking slightly confused Kara nodded a bit. “Okay, oh! Have you talked to Winn lately? I would still really like to do that superhero-ing night together. If you’d want to go that is, I know you might not want to but I’d really think it could be-”

“I’ll be there Kara. I wouldn’t miss it,”

“Really? Okay…awesome!”

Glancing over at the desk once more and noticing the time Kara instantly perked up. “Oh! I have to go,”

“Go? Where are you going?”

“I mean, I’m coming back of course. I’m just taking my lunch or whatever. I wanted to ask you if I could actually have a bit of an extended lunch today since I do have a stop to make.”

“I…Yeah, that’s fine. Just don’t be too late coming back,”

Quickly scrambling to clean up her stuff Kara nodded. “I won’t, thanks James!”


Walking into the LCorp building had been just as intimidating as it was the first time, especially considering the fact she was in red and white, she stood out almost embarrassingly so. But Kara was excited. Carefully tucking the white rose she’d gotten on her way over into her bag, since the last thing she knew people needed to see was her walking into Lena’s office with a flower, she smoothed her hands over her dress, adjusted her cardigan and her glasses before nodding a little to herself.

Taking a tiny step out of the elevator once she knew she was on the right floor Kara made her way to the receptionist desk, trying to ignore the stares she could already feel.

“Um, hi. Is Miss Luthor here? I was hoping to quickly see her. But if she’s busy I can always just come back another time or later. Or I suppose I could just drop off what I brought with you if she-”

“She can see you.”

Instantly perking up Kara grinned only to furrow her brow as instead of leading her anywhere, or even getting up the secretary just held an expectant hand out. “I do have to ask however, that you take out what you wish to bring to her. You can’t be too careful,”

Well, Kara had to admit at least she liked that Lena’s staff worried about her safety, but then again she figured it was probably part of their job. “Um, right…” already feeling her cheeks heating up Kara opened her bag, digging around in it before pulling out the small lunch kit she had packed for Lena as well as the flower. Gently setting both on the desk she took a small glance around, noticing all eyes were definitely still on her and it only seemed to get worse when the secretary looked through the lunch kit, making sure it was all fine before setting it back on the desk, giving her a very confused but also highly amused expression.

“I…You know, people get busy…They don’t”

“Aren’t you that reporter?”


“Yeah, I knew I recognized you. You were here a few months ago, nearly tripped over our coffee table, gave Alana that freaky bruise. Well, I’m sure Miss Luthor will be rather intrigued with your visit, follow me”

Before she could pipe up and point out that she didn’t actually trip the woman was standing and Kara was quick to grab her things off the desk, shyly fidgeting with her glasses as she followed her. She had to admit, she never thought she’d be back here. Let alone be back here because she was contract dating the CEO. “Is um, is everyone going to keep staring?”


“Oh..” taking a tiny deep breath Kara was glad her hands were full now, as it kept her from fidgeting. But once she was waiting outside the double doors as the secretary was busy talking to Lena Kara was quick to re-arrange everything in her hands to make sure they at least looked cute together, well as cute as a lunch kit and a rose could look.

“Miss Luthor, there is a girl here to see you. She has a…delivery, of sorts.”

Huffing a little Kara rocked on her toes, she figured she could have said it at least a little less creepy, she just had to hope Lena didn’t decide to just say no and make her leave.

“I…She knows who I am,” she informed quietly, glancing at shyly at the secretary before back down at the stuff in her hands.


Good morning, Sunshine! What time is it? Half past “Get the hell up.” Let’s go! We gotta meet the real-estate agent in forty-five. Ugggh. What was that? Was that a moan? Do you have somebody in bed with you? The paralegal! Is it the para over at–? Never mind, I don’t want to hear about it. No! I do want to hear about it. What was she like? …Ugh, violent. I gotta get the blind thing going, it’s so unfair. Oh, hey! Real-estate agent: not your type.

guys.. save your apps in your drafts once you finished them & before you submit them into an RP.. 

i cannot say this enough.. you might need to resend it in the case that it doesn’t go through, or you might want to reference back on it at some point or another.. you may want to even reuse a bio you typed up or a para sample or something that you wrote for a certain app… save your finished app in your drafts or somewhere else on your computer before you submit it. 

i swear to god it will save you so much frustration and so much work. i save every single app i fill out & it has paid off time & time again, for so many different reasons. it only takes like 10 seconds to do it. please, for the love of god– save your finished app in your drafts before you submit it to an RP. 

The Deal → Kalydia

Lydia rolled her eyes at Kais comment, took a deep breath and crossed her arms over her chest and nodded. “Sure, can you move your butt now. I don’t have hour to spend with you and I want to save my friend.”, she let out with a huff and shook her head as she got back inside the house and looked at Scott, who was fighting with himself. The straweberry blonde headed towards him, put a hand on his arm and smiled lightl. “He’s our last chance to get Stiles safe out of here.”, she whispered to the alpha and sat down on the couch then and looked at Stiles body and back at Kai.

“So what are we going to do now. And I swear I will find a way to kill you if you should break the deal.”, she warned him and took a deep breath.


“Baby, are you sure you’re fully awake? Because I swear if you’re not and you try and pull that shit and say you weren’t fully awake when I asked you a very important question, I’m kicking your ass for real this time.” Nikki was sure she was probably about five seconds away from being smothered with one of their bed pillows, but after reaching over and making sure Randy’s eyes were all the way open, twice, she proceeded on with her question for him. “So, we have been together for awhile now, a year to be exact, and I’m about to be your wifey in a few months, four to be exact, so I have a very important question for you. How much do you trust me?” The award for asking the most random question first thing in the morning would definitely go to Nicole, and Nicole only, but there was always a method to her madness, and she had a very valid reason for asking Randy what she did.

The Great Venture | Savrissa | Closed-Para

Marissa was practically jumping in her seat as the car took off. She had been waiting for the chance to take this road trip with Savannah and now it was happening. “So where are we going to go first? Have you ever been on a road trip before? I have. One time I drove Shane Humphrey to Alabama to see his parents, but I don’t remember what he said to them because I was distracted by their fancy house and nice h'orderves. Do your parents ever host parties?” She was so excited that she was speaking at a mile per minute and after a while her words became jumbled and nonsensical.