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Tucker’s just really glad Wash is okay.

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you've been posting a lot of nessa and oliver pics lately, I'm just curious to know if you have any more wip/unfinished doodles that you're willing to show? like of the fon kids? sOrry I just really crave ur art. like always

OH i might have some hang on!!

(this one was supposed to be nessa and her mom but i never finished it LOL)


Happy Birthday to David Dastmalchian, an amazing and humble human being who is passionate about acting, comic books, his family & his fans.


Guys in dresses. I just had this idea because of the first picture…
Iris at one point had to dress up in women clothes, to kinda hide his identity. So it was a camouflage. He doesn’t wear women clothes on purpose, but he approached the matter of disguising himself as a woman with thoroughness.
Michael and Madd never wore women’s clothes. Though, Michael probably could buy T-shirts in a women section of a shop, just because they have nice pictures or something.
Lars also had to wear a dress, for almost a month and a half, every night. Because he was possessed by a ghost of a young woman. He wouldn’t wear a dress normally, even though some of his clothes looks feminine and often has a floral pattern.
Clark on the other hand are comfortable with dressing up as a woman, he did this a lot to disguise himself, choosing variety of styles from provocative to very classy dresses. Generally, he has this habit of borrowing clothes - be that Shawn’s huge sweaters and jackets, or his girl friend’s cardigan, or a uniform of unconscious guard…



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Intj and intp headcannons? Thanks! 💖

-INTJ slowly turns from robot to human while INTP slowly turns from human to robot and they both panic

-INTP is INTJ’s boss at a coffee shop. INTJ prefers a specific brand of coffee and keeps trying to trick/manipulate INTP into switching.

-INTJ has acquired the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in existence and has recruited INTP to help protect it at all costs

-INTP basing a book character off of INTJ but refusing to admit it

-INTP maving the Midas touch and accidentally turning INTJ to gold

-Going Christmas tree hunting except they get lost in the middle of the woods at night

-INTJ gives INTP a bracelet that tracks their location and uses it to mess with them

-INTP tries to tell INTJ that they adopted a dog except INTJ misinterprets and thinks that INTP is going to adopt a baby

I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, but here you go anyways. - INFP Mod

those anons about frank being an addict have really fucked me up ngl