i have no nope

sometimes i think about how baze was able to run to chirrut without being hit by a blaster bolt

even though chirrut was only able to make it that exact same path under the exact same circumstances by channeling/praying to the force

but baze made it because the force was with him

since chirrut was becoming one with the force

and then i have to slam the sad-headcanon gate shut and go nope, and lie down for an hour, a full hour

anonymous asked:

Mama, can u pls tell me, where there is a statement a pic of a quoted statement, an actual interview, by either Sam or Cait where they stated they had SO namely Tony or MM was at either event or at any event they themselves had attended was published with their own lips, or by their PR agents. It's not been see nor head. Oh yes, they'v said they're not together, they're great friends and we know they both value their privacy. SC keep it the best they know how. We don't have to like it. I ship!

🤔🤔. Nope. There’s nothin’ like that out there. I ship too 😁

annabethathena  asked:

Percy, Leo?

Percy: How do you feel about swimming? Being on the water?

Oh uh…I don’t do very well in open water…the waves and deep and…yeah nope, I have a real phobia of it. But swimming pools are perfectly fine though!

Leo: What’s your element?

Uhh…does Sunshine count? Or like..Light? cause that’d be my element ^-^

youfuckingegg  asked:

Example of poor rep: I am bipolar, and a couple of years ago, I read really positive reviews about The Museum of Intangible Things. The depiction of my illness in that book is absolutely heinous, as is its representation of autism (though that part isn't something I personally experience.) I was recovering at the time, and decent rep could have been really helpful for me. But nope. I was furious and triggered and felt very, very misunderstood.

I’m so sorry you experienced that. 💜 thank you. If you have a review I’d love to read it.

happyqueenandgrumpydork  asked:

Please tell me you have a drawing where they made up?!

Lol nope I don’t got one

But the bunker scene goes without acknowledging their fight, because the situation is just too urgent for that to be brought up. They don’t properly make up until they’re on their journey to Bergentown

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