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Alrighty guys, it is time for a tag list cleanup. I do this every couple months so I can get inactive people/blogs or people who no longer want to be tagged off the tag lists and maybe make some room for people who want to be tagged.

Here is the rules…It’s really simple-I have a limited number of tags per list because Tumblr won’t let you tag more than a certain number of people in posts. So due to that I’m going to have to get a little creative here. Tagged in this post will be my Forevers, Jensen/Dean List, and the Our Little Secret List. For other series (Break a Little, Dirty Girl, etc…) PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK to check that you are on them. 

THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO DO…If you want to stay on the list you are on REPLY to this post with the list you want to stay on (no asks, likes, or messages unless you have questions). You have until Wednesday October 25th to do so or you will be taken off the list. After that I will be making a post about open spots.

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Fic Recs

Alrighty friends I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now and I am procrastinating my homework so when’s a better time to do this honestly lol

Here’s a list of my fanfic recommendations because I love reading what y’all put out and it amazes me how creative you guys are and that you have the guts to post it. (And I think that fanfic writers should be appreciated more) I really admire y’all, keep doin you :-) 

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anonymous asked:

Hi , I have a question , how many words is a chapter supposed to be ? Cause I have no idea how many words do I write in a chapter . And when I start writing , I keep writing and writing , and it ends up like 3500 words ! I also have another question , can I write more than just one chapter on the same actions ? Furthermore , does every chapter have to be on a different day and occasion ? Or not ?

It’s funny because I have a post coming at 5pm that has some chapter tips, but I’m not sure it covers all these questions (which are good questions).

How many words is a chapter supposed to be?

There are no set rules for chapter length, but I can give you two guidelines (that still have their exceptions). 

- Based purely on average reader attention span (mixed with a steady story pace), a chapter should be 2,000-5,000 words. I like to use attention span as a basic rule because it maximizes the potential for “just one more chapter” thought from the reader, but the content is generally more important than the word count. 

- Chapters should generally contain 2-3 related scenes. Some scenes are longer, some are shorter. Some may take up a full chapter if they’re that pivotal, and a pivotal scenes is not always a long one.

So it’s not about word count, it’s about scene organization and content. A really long chapter can be an indicator of an important part of a story or that the writer is being too long-winded. It depends on the situation. Still, if you want to use that guideline then it’s a decent element for a newer writer to work with.

Can I write more than just one chapter on the same actions?

I don’t actually know what you mean here by “actions”, but I’m guessing that you’re referring to the idea of an event stretching out over more than one chapter? For example, a festival that happens to take place over the course of 3 chapters. 

Yes, that’s fine! You just have to make sure that the event is relevant enough to be worth three chapters in the first place. Chapters aren’t an isolated part of writing, they’re related to scenes, pacing, relevance, organization, etc. 

I’d also be careful about splitting directly-continuous scenes, unless they’re longer and have natural points that make sense to chapter-jump at (like cliffhangers). Otherwise your reader will likely get confused as to why you have so many scene breaks for the exact same event. 

Does every chapter have to be on a different day and occasion?

Nope! It’s perfectly fine to have multiple chapters encompass the same in-story day. Some in-story days are more significant than others, so those days would have more documented events and naturally stretch out over a few chapter instead of one 10,000 word one that never gives a reader a place to pause.

Since you seem a little worried about your chapters, I’d avoid trying to use the breaks as special places. Instead, focus on your scenes and where they break, then when you’re finished with the draft, go back and group the scenes into chapters. 

Good luck with your chapters!

Happy Birthday, Keithy boy!

I want to write a fic, but I don’t have any Keith-centric ideas at the moment. I’m kind of deep in Burning Up, Burning Out, and it’s taken all my creativity. Anyone want to give me a prompt? Something simple, please. I’d like to write it today and post it this evening, so it probably won’t be more than a few thousand words.


Welcome to a world without Light.

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Tumblr Resources to Get You Through the School Year!

Hi guys!! Thank you all so much for your support!!! Happy 250 (EDIT: I SPENT A DAY ON THIS AND NOW IM PAST 300) and hope you all have a great start to the month! The community is more welcoming with all of you - I haven’t faced negativity from anyone at all. None of these are my posts - but they’ve helped me out a lot. With that said - let’s get started:

For bujos/planners:

This is one of my side blogs, and has tons of inspiration for weekly and monthly spreads, as well as a few aesthetic ideas and how to start one. I update this constantly.

How to start a studyblr - Studyblrs with creative fields

Lighting (for photos)

Study spreads

Planning your month

Printables (the same as some used down there but in a different category):

Weekly printable

To - do printable

Cornell Notes printable

Back to school printables

Daily Planner  @theorganisedstudent

Weekly Planner II @theorganisedstudent

Essay Planner @theorganisedstudent

Assignment Planner @theorganisedstudent

Assignment Tracker

Novel Notes

Plot Diagrams

Correction Sheets

Grid & lined paper

Weekly schedule for studying

Printables masterpost

Exam printable & how to use it

2018 Calender set (by my QUEEN @emmastudies)

For students:

Exams & Studying:

Exam revision guide

How to beat different types of procrastination

How to deal with a crappy teacher (this has to do with studying ig)

Study tips!! (its a masterpost)

Exam Printable & How to Use it

Exam & Homework tips

Coping with hell i mean exams i mean hell

A cool studying outline to try

This is my favorite thing and it’s when to use certain remembering techniques

Correction Sheets

Memorization tips for different learners

Weekly study schedule

More sites to use in normal studying routines

How to study smarter and not harder

Study smarter II

Exam printable & how to use it

Self discipline 

Study methods

Hoe tips for school and studying

Studying masterpoint

Tips and tricks to studying

Study tip - so easy

How to stay organized to study

Note - Taking:

Lecture notes

How i set up flash cards (these are nice to study from but be determined to finish setting them up)

Nifty highlighting idea (this post is so old)

Highlighting idea that i actually use

How to take Cornell Notes

Cornell style notes printable (gridded)

Notebook paper (grid & lined)

Tips for pretty notes!!

How to take notes

Notes for different classes

Life, man & general school stuff:

Back - to -school guide

Things I learned as a college freshman


Textbooks are expensive so here’s some free ones…

Tips for working students that sound extra but may work for u ily don’t overwork urselves

Masterpost for motivation and stuff

Get ur life together again bc haha i stay organized for like a day anyway

School supplies that u should have just to stay minimal

Grad school tips

Organization masterpost

Productive afterschool routine

30 websites to kill boredom

Back to school masterpost

Get confident in presentations

Overcome procrastination

Succeeding in school masterpost

For bad days 

For bad days II

A GOOD MASTERPOST for getting ur life together 

General school tips 

Free online courses


Sites to learns stuff

More learning stuff sites

Dealing with a trashy class

Study resources masterpost

Summer Productivity

Summer life tips


Honest guide to college 

University tips


What to do on Sundays

Back to school masterpost

Useful things for going back to school

How to clean your house

Cute self care tips!

More self care tips

Plant care tips!


A handy list of words to fit into ur essays

How to write an article like a journalist

Words to replace over-used words

ESSAY STRUCTURE IDEA this is in bold so u losers don’t miss this bc it’s not just for English u nerds

Get gucci while reading and be an active reader

Get gud reading them academic articles amigo

Words to replace “the author or whatever shows…” bc that is baby writing and i accidentally used that on an essay and i failed so

Novel notes

Plot Diagrams

Reading Lists

Literary techniques (what themes, personifications, metaphors are etc)

Discussing in English

How to top a literature class

Literature class masterpost

Strong/weak verbs

More essay tips!!

MLA format - a how to


How to avoid essay cliches

Chemistry (I’m taking chem so i have a few resources aha)

Da terms on exam papers

Chemistry resources masterpost

Cute periodic tables

Study chapters

History/Social Studies

How to write a history paper

AP world history powerpoints masterpost


General tips


Understanding math masterpost

Test Prep



ACT tips!

100 words for the SATs (start studying early!!)

Thank you so much for the support! I couldn’t have done it without all of you. A simple reblog or like will help others see these tips, and will be very appreciated. I hope these links work - feel free to message me with questions and other links!! A possible part 2 might come out at the end of august, and one for languages!!!

While we’re on the subject of tumblr’s shortcomings as a fandom platform, I want to say one more thing. I’ve been thinking lately about how it’s really important to remember that fandom isn’t just on tumblr, but on AO3 as well. One angle that I don’t see people talking about a lot with regard to commenting on fic is that it’s another level of interaction that I don’t think fandom can live without–not just because it fuels writers, but because it can fuel readers too. 

Over the course of my fandom life, I’ve gradually worked my way up to leaving more and more detailed comments (not necessarily always longer, but definitely more specific) and let me tell you–it’s incredibly rewarding. Just recently, I left a comment that prompted a writer to share a lot more about what they were thinking while writing the fic and to give me a rec for a fic with a similar theme to the one they wrote. Sometimes writers will reply to comments by going into more detail about the headcanons they have for characters or explaining more backstory for a part of the fic that I mentioned liking. I’ve had people follow me here on tumblr after I commented on one of their fics on AO3 (and as a writer, I’ve followed people who have commented on my fic too–if I can find them here), and from that, sometimes new friendships arise.

What I’m trying to say is that the importance of comments as an aspect of fandom interactions can’t be overstated. It’s not just about stroking a writer’s ego. You can get things out of it too, whether it be a new headcanon to think about, an insight into the creative process, or even a new friend. Being specific about the parts of fic you like can give writers the confidence to write more things in the same vein or to write more period. Back in the LJ days, fic and personal posts were all mixed in together, so it was easier to have those kinds of interactions, but now that those worlds are split, I think it’s even more important to remember why commenting is important and what it can do for fandom as a whole.

So next time you’re leaving a comment, I challenge you to view it not as “paying your dues” for reading the story, but as an opportunity to interact with the person behind it. You don’t have to be long-winded. Tell them what your favorite part of it was. Pick out something that was unique about it and ask about their inspiration. Talk about how it made you feel or what it reminds you of. You won’t regret it. 


Future AU HC : “Kenma’s Sleep Talking”

I’m having one of those weeks where, due to accumulated stress over the past weeks is finally taking a toll on me (I’m ok, it’s just a thing that normally happens) and I’m having the most uninspiring, unmotivated, god-I’m-so-tired type of a week where I just, for the life of me, cannot have the drive to be more creative for the comics, at all.

So…. I developed a habit where I draw my ship cuddling whenever that happens cos it makes me feel better. Also cos Kuroken is lyfe. It’s a small extension of my old Future AU (I say old cos it’s been months). Since it’s pretty much slice of life, I’ll update it with whatever HC I come up with ~

Part 1 I 2 I 3 I 4 I 4.5 I I


Its that time of year again [:

Hello everyone! pokemon-i-choose-you here and I’m back with another art challenge for you all! This time I’m taking the theme of Inktober and helping you, the artist, be more creative with each day that comes by in the month of October!

One worded themes for each day! Some are pretty easy to figure out (ex. Lycanroc, Pikachu, etc). Other days with each word you can be creative with what you want to draw! (ex. Crossover, Team, etc)

Of course if you have any questions my ask box is always open! And when you post, you should use the tags #PokeHalloween or #PokeHalloween2017

Challenge begins on October 1st! I’m so happy that this is my 3rd year making these Pokemon art prompts for October! Make sure you guys reblog and spread the word! Have fun with it, of course! :D


I took a break from my plant comic… to draw another plant comic

My creative process is definitely not as smooth as it looks here, but this is more or less how I got around to starting FP!

(Also the venus flytraps are definitely a reference to Little Shop of Horrors)

On lists of “words to replace ‘said’”


Replacing “said” is this trend apparently, either Snobby Writers or misled schoolteachers are telling you that using this word is bad. Using it improperly is bad, i.e.: 

“I’m going to work,” John said. 

“Okay,” Maria said. “See you later.” 

“Bye,” John said.

That is bad writing, But it’s bad writing for a number of reasons, and if you replace every instance of “said” with “hopped angrily”, it’s still bad writing. Using the word said, or any replacement thereof, is supposed to be done sparingly, i.e.: 

“I’m going to work,” John said, reaching for his coat.

Maria didn’t look at him. Instead, she kept her eyes focused on her bowl of cereal, shifting the spoon aimlessly. “Okay.” 

He sighed, shaking his head, shrugging the coat on and opening the door. He paused, turning his head over his shoulder. 



Relying on said, or any other verb, is bad writing when you’re relying on it to tell the story happening around it. But I argue that when you must use an descriptive verb like that, 75% of the time you should use ‘said’. Do you know why? 

When it isn’t every other word, you don’t even notice ‘said’. 

I find that most of the time, a ‘more creative’ synonym for that word jars the reader and breaks suspension of disbelief. Instead of thinking about what’s happening ,they’re thinking “oh, that’s different”. 

And while it might be novel for a second, I don’t care about being novel. I care about suspension of disbelief. 

So there, that’s why the endless river of tumblr posts decrying the use of the word said really irritate me, because high school English teachers and snotty English students have decided to tell the unwashed masses that using a perfectly useful tool in your writing arsenal is bad just because They Say So. 

Been having a bit of writers block for the past few months! With working fulltime, the challenges of writing and being creative daily has taken its toll. I feel dried up! Hopefully I will post more of my original poetry (and not just quotes) very soon! Thank you for all the love and support you guys have shown to my page and writing! Love you all! ❤❤ And if you are struggling with anything, know that, you will win only with positivity!


!Warning!: This post is filled with positivity and love for EVERYONE who follows or blogs about the ACOTAR universe> continue at your own risk

I don’t care if you paint Rhys the color blue: if that’s how you interpret him then bring on the sexy smurf bat.

I don’t care if your crackpot theory is that Feyre was actually on a peyote fueled vision quest the entire 3 books: what a creative idea! Please tell me more!

I don’t care if you write a fic about Cassian being sexually attracted to a rock: That’s a little different, but may the rock be as chiseled as Cassian’s abs.

AND FINALLY, I don’t care if you may have forgotten the little freckle next to the moon-shaped scar on Nesta’s big toe: We all know every detail about these characters. Life, and a piece of art, can go on without it.

THE POINT IS: Write, draw, and post WHATEVER you feel represents these books in your eyes, and give others the courtesy to be able to do the same. But please don’t give up on this fandom. You guys are the reason I joined Tumblr in the first place— so that I could have someone to share my love for these books and Sarah J. Maas with, without criticism. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the joy, laughter, and tears that your posts bring me on a daily basis. Thank you for being willing to put your thoughts and feelings on display, and know that I can see the time and effort you put in at your own free will for our enjoyment. 

Remember, we are a fandom of dreamers, and only the stars can stop us. :)

“The Court of Dreams. I had belonged to a court of dreams. And dreamers.”  —A Court of Mist and Fury, Sarah J. Maas


okay y’all have seen me gripe about this a lot but i still just wanna bring this back up again bc this always bugged me.

i know i said earlier that i didnt mind the gems not having more alien-like features but…

seeing the scrapped designs make me wish we had something more interesting. like you know those character concepts for disney films where the character looks really dynamic and interesting but then its scrapped to make an incredibly boring and cookie-cutter design? thats how it feels for SU.

before y’all say anything, im not calling the finished designs bad. they’re perfectly passable (and i adore bismuth’s design). i do have some issues with lapis since she’s a terraformer but she’s small and skinny (i’ve already explained that in depth in an earlier post).

i wish su would push their designs further and made more risks bc im getting a little bored of only getting to see cool designs in fusions (which have become a rarity now). like the only non-fusion character with an unnatural attribute is sapphire with having only one eye. I know jasper’s old concept design looks a little silly but i love the odd geometric shapes to her. it has a bit of personality to it and pushes the “big strong brute” attribute harder than her design thats just a buff lady with orange skin. or bismuth’s odd robotic body like her wrists, eyes and waist. Or lapis where her features aren’t alien-like but she has crazier hair and a more interesting facial design with 0 eyebrows and groved in eyeballs (with these weird black lines surrounding it i love it).

i dont know why the character designers  don’t want to be more creative with their approaches. are they afraid they’re gonna get hate for it? i mean people weren’t crazy about YD’s design when she was introduced, but everyone got over it and the designers brushed it off.

 and before y’all say “oh but it’ll be harder on the animators because there’s more detail” i want to remind you they’ve been managing fine animating characters like sugilite who has a more cluttered design

and sardonyx who frequently uses hand gestures despite having 4 arms

I love myself and I know I’m talented. I don’t have to put anyone down to prove that I’m better than others.
—  Affirmation of the day.

“And I came back… but at a cost; You left me disfigured.”

Steve Aoki: the man who works 361 days a year - BBC News
"When I'm not in the studio or touring and playing shows, I get fidgety," says DJ and producer Steve Aoki.

Next time you feel like a bit of a moan about how few holidays you get, spare a thought for DJ and producer Steve Aoki who plays 300 plus shows a year and takes less than an average working week off.

Okay, we understand the idea of travelling the globe and playing music to thousands of gibbering clubbers may not seem like work to most punters but the income tax man would beg to differ.

Anyway, we tracked Steve down on his uber-short vacation ahead of the Grammys where a Netflix film about his hectic lifestyle called I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead was nominated in the documentary category.

Steve also recently collaborated with One Directioner Louis Tomlinson on the track Just Hold On.

Steve, we’re speaking to you in Aspen, Colorado, how is it going?

It’s beautiful, I have a view of the mountains and the trees, it’s really nice.

Are you a country person at heart then or are you a city boy?

I’m a city boy that romanticises being away from the city.

300 shows a year and just four days off, is that all it takes to recharge the batteries?

I’ve got to take a break sometime, so I’m spending the days snowboarding and enjoying myself with my friends, I do that once a year and this is my four days off. I try to enjoy doing my hobbies. You get into a cycle and it becomes awkward when I’m not in the studio or touring and playing shows, I get fidgety, I have to get back into the grind. I’m lucky because I love what I do.

Where are you at your most creative?

That’s an interesting thing because before, I would have to find it in a a particular location but I’ve realised that my inspiration is everywhere I go and I need to be able to harness that and sometimes those moments of creativity are fleeting and you have to try and capture it when it comes. Luckily I get to travel the world and meet amazing creative people and you just have to be in the now and soak it in.

You spend most of the year travelling, what are your must-have travel items?

Just so I can survive, because I don’t have a regular sleep pattern, in order to sleep in a car or a plane, I have my eye-mask, my specific eye-mask, I have this obnoxious pillow I travel with and my headphones.

The most important bit about the eye mask is that it doesn’t touch my eyes so it looks like a bra for a doll, it’s bulging, I should paint some eyeballs on it. I put it on and it’s blacked out. I got my hood up, headphones on, if I’m travelling through Japan or China, I have a face-mask, you can’t tell who I am.

You’re working with the Migos, who were described by Donald Glover as ‘this generation’s Beatles’, what did he mean and do you agree?

I’ve know these guys for a long time, they played a show in Atlanta, we went into the studio and knocked out a song real quick. These guys are amazing, without writing anything down they get an idea and start vibing it out and just nail it in one go.

The thing about music is that you look at The Beatles and throughout history there are very few groups that define a sound and generation. That song Bad and Boujee is definitive of this time in America, of American culture, so I agree with Donald that they represent culture in a really massive way.

You had a new punk-influenced fashion collection showcased during New York fashion week, is this about scaling up 'Steve Aoki’ the brand?

I’ve been involved in fashion in one form or another for a long time, when I was 15 I was screen-printing shirts in my mum’s house for my first band and selling them on the road. So I knew it was something I wanted to do but it took a crazy long time for the Dim Mak collection to be ready.

We wanted to showcase it in the right way and so we turned the runway into a skate ramp so the energy of the [clothing] line was matched visually by what people were seeing as the skaters modelled the clothes.

You didn’t bother training models to skate then?

That would have been a disaster, we got some of New York’s best skaters that really knew how to rep the brand.

Lots of articles claimed New York fashion week was notable for how political some of the shows were. What is it like being a creative person working in Donald Trump’s America? Especially as a second-generation immigrant.

This is probably the worst period of time that I have lived in America, under this dictator-style, fascist president who is pushing his regime and clearing the rights of minorities, immigrants, women, the LGBT community, across the board - there are major steps backwards.

But one thing is for certain - the world is noticing that America itself is coming together and uniting as a voice. That’s why punk happened in the early 70s because it was the voice of protest and rebellion post-Vietnam and now its happening again. We’re having a renaissance. I’m excited about the voices and the people that are going to be speaking out.

There’s a lot of creative spirit, especially in music and the arts and fashion, it’s all part of a larger thing. The Rage Against The Machines of the world, they’re going to come back and inspire more people.

Can we expect some politically-charged material from you?

I can’t help it, it’s in my DNA and I’m not one to sit on the fence especially when something like this has shown its face. When I post something political or anti-Trump on my Facebook, some of the comments I get, you can’t believe how much ignorance is out there.

I might lose some fans by not staying neutral but I don’t have a choice, I have to use my voice.


Final Fantasy XV - StylishChocobutt’s Fan Art Collection;

Time for me to get real on a post for a moment. Above, you’ll see a collection of my FFXV fan art that I’ve completed since April. A variety of these have been noticed by their appropriate voice actors, and all of them have been loved and shared by you folks on tumblr.

If someone had told me a year ago ‘you’ll pick that tablet pen back up’ I’d have laughed in their face. I couldn’t touch that pen without wanting to cry, I’d had every bit of creative joy drained from me over the years of doing commissions for customers who more often than not could be quite hurtful with their requests after their piece was finished.

I gave up. I absolutely gave up.

And then I played FFXV, and started writing my first fanfiction: System. I saw a few other fanfics were getting fanart and I was like, nah, I can do that. So I did. Okay, NH-01987 (which isn’t above) didn’t get much notice, but I didn’t mind. I’d proven to myself I could pick up a pen. It was 17 hours of stress, anger, occasional moments of near giving up, but you know what, I finished it. I went on to do Promise, just to see if I could paint a scene like that-

And then, then I did ‘Turns out I’m one of them’ for Episode Prompto, way before it was released.

And holy shit guys, you sent that one well into 2k notes, and my follower count went from like 6, to well over 400.

Since then, I’ve done several pieces and done my best to try and push myself out of my comfort zone and into new types of landscapes.

I just want to thank you gys on here, because without you, I’d still be moping and hating myself for my art, when really all I needed was that little push in the right direction by such an amazing fandom. That’s YOU! I love you guys so much on here.

Everytime I get a comment, reblog, or like, I’m so freaking happy you don’t even know.

Thanks so, so much for the continued support!

Gonna tag some names of peeps I 100% adore and always see pop up too <3
Ilyall, everyone, every one of my followers, and even those of you who don’t follow but still support my stuff.

<3 @rogueheartedfiction @seerya @poisonous-panda @onpanwa @daemonchocobo @barcodechocobo @theasset6 @prompto-cam @galrainfused @weewildelass @destiny-islanders @asidian @rah-bop @chocobutt-trash

AND EVERYONE ELSE, I STG <3 If I haven’t tagged, I still love you, I’m just a plebe.

Robots, Gender Roles, and You.

Howdy folks, Myriad of Nocturnes here. I’m thinking of starting a series of posts where I bitch about shit that really grinds my proverbial gears. So, being the bonafide robot lover that I am, I thought I’d start us off with something that really just seems lazy to me. 

Robots, Gender Roles, and You. 

Credential wise, I’m a Transformers fan, Gundam fan, and fan of pretty much every robot focused franchise you could care to name. I love pretty much every sort of robot design, but there is one in particular that really annoys me. 

You’ve all seen the content, i’m sure. A big, hulking inhuman (but masculine coded) robot with all sorts of deadly implements of war, death, and what have you….who shares a setting with a robot with ‘feminine’ coding who looks like a shrink wrapped supermodel. 

It’s cowardly, if you ask me. People feel the need to assign some sort of humanity to their robot, rather than allowing it to be a robot. Why does your robot have to conform to hetero-normative gender roles? Why are all of your lady robots running around looking like human women with fancy helmets? Why does a robot have to act in a manner consistent with the way people act? 

Ya’ll often share posts about making monster girls more monstrous. I just passed one today that called for people to give their orc women fangs, tusks, scars, and muscles. 

I say let your robots of any gender coding have multiple arms, inhuman features, and alien thought processes. Be creative! Let your robot be any gender it desires. If you want your robot to be feminine in some manner, let it, but don’t show us that it’s feminine by giving it big anime titties. 

That’s just lazy.