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50 Famous Quotes of Fashion's Greatest.

1 ) “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” —Karl Lagerfeld

2) “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory.” —Coco Chanel

3) “I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.” —Bette Midler

4) “I loathe narcissism, but I approve of vanity.” —Diana Vreeland

5) “A woman’s dress should be a like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” —Sophia Loren

6) “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw

7) “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” —Kate Moss

8) “I can’t concentrate in flats!” —Victoria Beckham

9) “I don’t do fashion. I am fashion.” —Coco Chanel

10) “Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” —Oscar de la Renta

11) “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” —Edith Head

12) “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” —Bill Cunningham

13) “When in doubt, wear red.” —Bill Blass

14) “I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” —Ralph Lauren

15) “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” —Marc Jacobs

16) “Fashions fade, style is eternal.” —Yves Saint Laurent

17) “Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing.” —Alexander Wang

18) “How can you live the high life if you do not wear the high heels?” —Sonia Rykiel

19) “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live.” —Gianni Versace

20) “In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous.” —Elsa Schiaparelli

21) “You can never take too much care over the choice of your shoes. Too many women think that they are unimportant, but the real proof of an elegant woman is what is on her feet.” —Christian Dior

22) “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” —Lauren Hutton

23) “The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” —Hubert de Givenchy

24) “I know what women want. They want to be beautiful.” —Valentino Garavani

25) “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” —Coco Chanel

26) “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —Harry Winston

27) “Luxury is the ease of a t-shirt in a very expensive dress.” ―Karl Lagerfeld

28) “And now, I’m just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time.” —Lady Gaga

29) “My look is attainable. Women can look like Audrey Hepburn by flipping out their hair, buying the large sunglasses, and the little sleeveless dresses.” —Audrey Hepburn

30) “A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste—it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical. I think we could use more of it. No taste is what I’m against.” —Diana Vreeland

31) “Elegance is elimination.” —Cristóbal Balenciaga

32) “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” —Rachel Zoe

33) “Men tell me that I’ve saved their marriages. It costs them a fortune in shoes, but it’s cheaper than a divorce. So I’m still useful, you see” —Manolo Blahnik

34) “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

35) “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel

36) “Attitude is everything.” —Diane von Furstenberg

37) “We must never confuse elegance with snobbery.” —Yves Saint Laurent

38) “Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends.” —Kate Spade

39) “Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.” —Giorgio Armani

40) “Your dresses should be tight enough to show you’re a woman and loose enough to show you’re a lady.” —Edith Head

41) “The hardest thing in fashion is not to be known for a logo, but to be known for a silhouette.” —Giambattista Valli

42) “I don’t approach fashion. Fashion approaches me!” —Daphne Guinness

43) “We have this saying, Christy and I. We don’t wake up for less than $10,000 a day.” —Linda Evangelista

44) “My look is a cocktail. I’m not as nicely turned out as the french, but I don’t care like the English.” —Jane Birkin

45) “More is more and less is a bore.” —Iris Apfel

46) “Clothes are like a good meal, a good movie, great pieces of music.” —Michael Kors

47) “I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity—all I hope for in my clothes. —Yves Saint Laurent

48) "Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” —Bo Derek

49) “Big girls need big diamonds.” —Elizabeth Taylor

50) “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life so you bought some sweatpants.” —Karl Lagerfeld


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Why does your blog say "don't freak out"? Because you're too amazing that when people find you they freak out?


I think that’s the description I made such a long time ago I might not properly remember, but I have a feeling it was some sort of Doctor who reference back in the day. I’m no longer sure, it’s been too long..

But no, it’s not because I’m this amazing…I have heard of modesty:’)


rip my memory

someone mentioned it and I have wild flashbacks

"Modesty is not a trait I would have pinned on you."

Jack Kelly is surprisingly modest, but I feel like he’s only modest when something is super important to him.

Like if it’s a big deal to him he’s like eh its ok it’s just a bunch of trees it’s no big deal. But if it’s something completely trivial he’s like…*flips table* GODDAMNIT SPOT I CAN SHOVE FIFTY MARSHMALLOWS IN MY MOUTH AT ONCE WATCH ME B I T C H

Damon Albarn : "Est-ce que je me trouve beau ? Oui, clairement"
Après cinq ans de silence, Gorillaz sort un album corrosif sur le monde qui perd la boule, porté par la voix si flegmatique de son leader. Confidences.
By Anne-Sophie Jahn

I translated a few quotes :

- It must be exhausting to be a sex symbol?

When I was younger, I was pretty. Today, I’m handsome, I prefer that. Being pretty is not easy. When I was a kid, people thought I was a girl. I was vulnerable, the other kids hated me and beat me up. I was very preoccupied by other people’s opinion of me. I was aware that I was attractive, because of my looks, and it was incredibly easy for me to have sex with women. I always respected women, I was raised that way. I really love them so I’m very happy that they love me too.

- So, you think you’re handsome?

(he grunts) Do I have to do the false modesty thing? No, ok. Do I think I’m handsome? Yes, obviously. But not everyday ! (he laughs, showing his gold tooth). With the right angle and lighting, I’m still kind of handsome.

handwriting tag

I was tagged by @abookandacoffee for this! Let me just say, this was a joy to do, idk if I’ve ever told you how much I love writing (and my handwriting #sorrynotsorry). 

I used a .6mm Schneider pen, a PaperMate Flair M pen, and then some crappy old click pen I found in my drawer. Nothing was outlined first, took me maybe 5 mins? This is literally how I write and take notes all the time.

I tag @lu-cien, @shyvioletcat, @songbirdsbooks, @feyreaelinmaas, and @a-court-of-feels-and-sobs


Modesty: Credence, there’s like whores here and stuff.
Credence: Modesty, how many times have I told you? Don’t say “and stuff”. Just say: “Credence, there are whores here”.
Modesty: Well, there’s like a ton.

The Nice Guys (2016)

for @panthera-graves

Now for something completely different. 

Ratatouille sentence starters

124 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
‘read-more’ added for length
content warning: alcohol mention

  • “The best food in the world is made in France. The best food in France is made in Paris.”
  • “I, on the other hand, take cooking seriously. And no, I don’t think anyone can do it.”
  • “I think it’s apparent I need to rethink my life a little bit.”
  • “Woah, woah, woah, don’t eat that!”
  • “Now, don’t you feel better, _____? You’ve helped a noble cause.”
  • “It isn’t stealing if no one wants it.”
  • “If no one wants it, why are we stealing it?”
  • “Let’s just say we have different points-of-view.”
  • “If you are what you eat, then I only wanna eat the good stuff.”
  • “Food is fuel. You get picky about what you put in the tank, your engine is gonna die.”
  • “Look, if we’re going to be thieves, why not steal the good stuff in the kitchen, where nothing is poisoned?”
  • “Good food is like music you can taste, color you can smell.”
  • “There is excellence all around you. You need only be aware to stop and savor it.”
  • “Each flavor was totally unique. But combine one flavor with another, and something new was created.”
  • “Come on, you’re good at hiding food. Help me find a good place to put this.”
  • “He doesn’t understand me, but I can be myself around him.”
  • “Why are you walking like that?”
  • “_____, there are possibilities unexplored here. We gotta cook this!”
  • “The key is to keep turning it. Get the smoky flavor nice and even.”
  • “Oh! You gotta taste this!”
  • “You’ve been here a million times?”
  • “You could fill a book, a lot of books, with things _____ doesn’t know. And they have.”
  • “I don’t like secrets.”
  • “It’s like you’re involving me in crime, and I let you. Why do I let you?”
  • “Great cooking is not for the faint of heart. You must be imaginative, strong-hearted.”
  • “And you must not let anyone define your limits because of where you come from.”
  • “Your only limit is your soul.”
  • “If you focus on what you’ve left behind, you will never be able to see what lies ahead.”
  • “A cook makes. A thief takes. You are not a thief.”
  • “Food always come to those who like to cook.”

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Percival: You’re twenty minutes late, I almost left!
Credence: Okay. I was uh, dropping my sister off.
Percival: What’s your sister’s name?
Credence: Torple. What?! I don’t know. That’s not a name. I don’t have a sister…My sister’s name is Modesty?

(Parks and Recreation; Season 2, Episode 4: Practice Date) 

A mashup for every episode (10/125)

(Credence x Reader) A Safe Place [Pt.1]

Title : A Safe Place

Request : no

Warnings : none

Word Count :2,703 (SOOO MUCH LOL)

A/N : Since I have no inspiration for Newt’s… I attempted to write Credence. This is my first time writing him, sorry if he seems OOC, and I hope you enjoy!

Next : http://frostyiceberg.tumblr.com/post/154465832918/credence-barebone-x-reader-a-safe-place-pt2


The Second Salem.

Their rally has always been a loud one, full of curious people. You’re always there too, attending each rally, standing in a distance. But you never listened, not even once, since you’re a wizard yourself. The youngest one from the Goldstein family.

The real reason you’re there is because of him.

Credence, as his mother, the leader of the Second Salem, calls him. He has always looked so calm, yet terrified and anxious at the same time. He never speaks, and the only thing he does every time you see him is giving out pamphlets, or just standing behind his mother and his sisters.

And today, as usual, you stand in a distance, to examine him. Perhaps examine would not be the right word to use. Stare in wonder would be correct. The man did attract you in some way, where all you want to do is to comfort him. Never did you see him smile or relax.

“You! You there!”

You snap out of your thoughts when the leader’s voice calls out to you, and everyone’s eyes land on you. You point at yourself, asking for confirmation.

“Yes! You young lady! This woman right here has been visiting our rally for a few weeks, everyone!”

Some people clap, and some pulls you forward, in front of the crowd, to the leader’s side. You do nothing at the actions. She grasps your hands in hers, eyes glinting with a fire in them.

“Tell me my dear, what has brought you to us? I can’t help but notice you in the distance, silently listening to our righteous words,”

You cringe internally at the word righteous. This woman is a lunatic.

“I, uh… Desperation, perhaps?” you lie.

“I see, a thirst for justice?”

“ Um, yes, sort of, not sure though,”

She smiles at you reassuringly. “Worry not, we here will condemn those witches, for a better future!” she says. You give her a fake smile and she lets go of your hand. You walk away from the crowd of people, from the rally.

Little did you know, a certain man watches you as you disappear in the distance.


“[Name], you have a mail here,” Tina says.

It’s a sunny morning, despite the late November season, a few days after the incident. You’re currently waiting for Queenie to finish making breakfast when you receive a mail. A letter, to be exact.

Tina gasps. “It’s from the Second Salem!! [Name], what did you do??” she asks, worry on her face. You take the letter from her hands and see the front of the envelope. Cursive letters of your name on the front, and a stamp on the back.

“How do you know this is their stamp, Teenie?” Queenie asks, peeking at the envelope in your hands.

“Look the symbol. Hands breaking a wand? Does it ring a bell?”

“Oh, you’re right Teenie!” Queenie answers, as she brings the pancake to the table.

“Stop being so dramatic you two,” you carefully cut the envelope open, producing a single letter from it. You read the letter carefully. It says :

Dear Ms.[Name] Goldstein,

My name is Mary Lou Barebone, the head, and the leader of the Second Salem. As I have said before, in the last rally, I am delighted to know that there is someone who has interest in our teachings. That someone being you.

In regards of that, we would like to invite you to a private dinner of our little family this Saturday 7PM sharp. Just me, you, and my children. I assume you have seen or met them perhaps? Credence, Chastity, and Modesty Barebone.

I look forward in meeting you.


P.S. We rarely invite anyone. And we think of you as a special guest.



Mary Lou Barebone.

You stare at the letter in disbelief. One of the worst enemies of your kind, just asked you to have dinner with them. Your head spins as your thought goes to meeting him. Credence.

“Oh my God, Teenie,” Queenie breaks the silence.


“Our little [Name] is invited to a dinner with them!”


You glare at Queenie, which she replies with a giggle. Folding the letter into the envelope, you stuff it to your pocket.

“Tina, calm down, it’s just dinner. Harmless.”

“They are No-Majs, [Name]! You know the rules!”

“I’ll go. Not to be rude.”


“I thought you’ve always told me to be polite to others by not rejecting their offer, Tina?” you reply with a sly smirk.

She sighs in defeat. “Fine, but if something happens, come to us immediately,”

“Thanks sis. You’re the best.”

You stand and hug Tina, with Queenie joining in.

“Yay! Hugs!” she says.

Tina hugs the both of you back, a motherly feeling washes over her.

“Awww Teenie, you’re already like a mother to the both of us!” Queenie says.

“Stop reading my mind, Queenie”


You stand in front of the church of the Second Salem, the letter in your hands. As you raise your hand to knock at the door, it suddenly opens, revealing Credence. He flinches, not expecting you. He gazes down, avoiding eye contact.

“Um… I received this letter a few days back…? An invitation,” you said.

“Yes… We were expecting you,” he quietly says.

He moves from the door, a gesture to let you in. You step into the dark, gloomy building, looking around as you do so. The building is mostly made of wood, and the floor creaks every time you take a step.

Out of the blue, two hands come in contact with your shoulder, startling you. You swiftly turn back, to see Credence behind you.

“What are you doing?” you ask.

“…your coat.”

“I’m sorry…?”

“I want to hang your coat,” he says once more, louder.


You delicately take off your coat, and give it to him. Your hand brushes against his, and slightly, you feel something rough against your skin. Not sure what it is, though.

“Thank you, Credence,”

His eyes look up at you, and for the first time, you make an eye contact. His eyes are the color of your daily morning coffee, a warm color, yet it has some dullness in it. It shows a slither of hope and a little happiness in it.

But then he lowers his head again when his mother calls for him.

“Credence. What are you doing?”

He hangs the coat onto the nearby rack, then walks into the room, where the dinner table is.

“Our guest has arrived, mother,” he replies vacantly.

You peek your head from behind him, and see Mary Lou’s face brightens instantly. Chastity and Modesty, who are preparing the dinner, stare at you, curious and amused.

“Ah! Miss Goldstein! I am very glad you can make it,”

“Thank you for inviting me, Mrs.Barebone,”

“Oh please! Call me Mary Lou, no need for such formality!”

Credence walks past her mother, and to be stopped by her mother’s hand on his sleeves. The colors drain from his face.


“Yes, mother?”

“Where is your manner? Show our guest her seat! Don’t just let her stand there!”

He nods, then guides you to your seat, which is beside Mary Lou and Credence’s seat. He pulls out his seat to you, and that’s when you notice it. Several fading scars on his palm, and some on the back of his hands. You decide not to make any comment.

“We are sorry to have only this for today’s eventful dinner, Ms.Goldstein. I hope you don’t mind,” Mary Lou says.

Chastity and Modesty brings the food to the table, and they sit down. Credence sits too, and as you have suspected, beside you. The man you’ve been observing for weeks is sitting next to you. Your heart skips a beat.

The Barebone family says their prayer, and you followed suit, although what’s in their prayer is contradicting to your belief. It contains several wishes about wanting to succeed exterminating the wizards, and you can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable.

All of you eat in silence. It seems to be an unspoken rule of not talking at dinner in this household.


After dinner, Chastity and Credence clean the table and wash the plates. Modesty has gone upstairs, and it’s just you and Mary Lou on the table.

“So… Mary Lou, why did you invite me to this dinner, exactly? I am a stranger to you,” you ask her.

“My dear, you are no stranger to me if you do believe in my teachings. I have considered you as an ally of this church. That is why I want to make it official in this dinner.”

You’re taken aback by her answer.

“What do you mean official?”

“Why, don’t you want to help our cause? We would really appreciate it if you do,” she says as she takes a sip on her tea.

“I… Appreciate the gesture, and the offer, but… I can’t. I already have a job somewhere else, and I am working there most of the time,”

‘Not to mention I’m working for MACUSA,’ you think to yourself. Her smile falters, but she remains calm and composed.

“Ah, I understand,”

“I’d definitely help you if I have the time though,” you quickly add. Her smile forms again. She seems pleased to have you helping her.

“Perfect! We’ll always be here, Miss Goldstein. You know where to find us.”


After several chitchats with Mary Lou, about the history of the church, when and where the next rally will be held, you’re finally able to go home. Everything that came out of her mouth bored you to death. And all the time she was talking, your attention is fixed on Credence.

He had been sitting on the stairs the whole time you were talking to Mary Lou, and the movement he made piques your interest. It made you even more curious of him. He was caressing his palm, whilst silently eavesdrop you and his adoptive mother in the shadow.

Putting on your coat, you step outside the building. The sky is dark, but is decorated by the bright stars. It’s barely visible though, the streetlights reducing the darkness.

You begin to make your way down the deserted street before you hear a familiar voice calling your name.

“Miss Goldstein,” he calls.

You look back, and see Credence skipping towards you, coat still unbuttoned.

“Yes, Credence?”

He makes that look again once his name slips past your lips. A look of surprise, a look of hope and wonder.

“My mother wishes me to escort you home,” he says.

“Ah, that’s very kind of you, and her. But I am perfectly capable of walking myself,” you smile at him.

“Please,” he says. “I insist. If I don’t do as she says… My mother will…” he drifts off. His expression look desperate and he seems to be upset. You sigh, and start walking again.

“Alright, alright. Come on then,” you beckon him to follow you. He follows you, but then you stop him. He looks at you questioningly.

“You’ll catch a cold if you leave this unbuttoned,” you say as you start to button his coat. He takes a step back, startled by your actions. “Relax. I don’t bite.” He stands still as you make your way up, each button perfectly in place. Once you button the last one on his chest, you realize that your and his face is so close.

Your heart skips a beat again, and heat rushes to your face. You look at Credence’s face, and his eyes meet yours. You notice a faint pink on his face. Is he… Blushing?

Credence breaks the gaze and looks away, muttering a thank you. You step back, and begin walking again, hands in your pocket.

“Hey Credence,”


“How are you?”

He remains silent. You glance back, and see him bemused by the sudden question.

“What do you mean…?”

“Well, I’ll be frank with you. The whole time I was in the rally, I can’t help but notice you look upset. Even back then when we had dinner, and now,” you explain.

“I don’t know,” he replies.

You shrug. “Alright then. I trust you. But if something happened, or if you need someone to talk to, I’m here.”

It feels weird to tell someone all this, but for this fragile looking man, you figure it would be okay. An exception. Credence blinks at your sentence. ‘Trust,’ you said. It is a word he rarely uses for someone.

Snow begins to fall as you exit the area. The road is still far, but you can use the shortcut you barely use in the night. For some reasons.



“Are you afraid of the dark?”

“Um… No?”

“Good. This way.”

You grab his hand and pull him away from the street, to the Central Park. The shortcut is to make your way across the park, but at this time, the streetlights in the park are usually turned off. For saving reasons they said.

Still grabbing his hand, you enter the park and walk silently. The park is eerily quiet, and you never really liked the darkness. Combined with silence. A big no.

“Miss Goldstein?”

“Call me [Name], please.”

“Alright… [Name], are you afraid of the dark?”

“No,” you lie. Suddenly, the sound of branch cracking surprised you, and you tighten your grip on his hand.

“Okay, a little, maybe.”

He replies with silence and walk a little faster. Your shorter legs try to follow his steps, only to be dragged by him. It looks like he’s fast walking and you skipping. Credence is now walking ahead of you.

His steps come to a halt, making you bump to his back. “Oof!” you say.

“I apologize Miss Goldstein…”

“It’s okay… What’s wrong?” you ask as you rub your nose, which previously had bumped first.

“Please look up…”

You look up and see the sky, now full of stars with several clouds floating by. The moon is shining brightly, illuminating the park.

“Oh my God… When did it get this clear?”

Credence watches the sky too in wonder. He rarely goes out at night, thanks to his strict rules of his adoptive mother. His late mother used to bring him stargazing, and he always remember what she used to say: ”When you’re lost, or scared. Look up to the sky, and you’ll find the light.”

You feel giddy and warm in the insides despite the cold, night weather. It’s very nice of him to do this with you. And this… It feels like a date.

“Are you ready to continue..?” his voice breaks the silence.

“Yes… Thank you Credence,”

“…you’re welcome,”


The rest of the trip was filled with silence once more, both of you still shy to start a conversation. When you see the familiar building of your apartment, you turn to Credence.

“Well… Here we are,” you say.


“Thank you for walking me Credence,”

“You’re welcome…”

He walks you to the front door, and you bid your goodbye.


“Yes, Miss Goldstein?”

“For the last time, call me [Name]. And…” you pause.

He stares at you with his head low. Waiting with anticipation. You walk up to him, reach to your pocket, and pull out a few band aids. Hesitant, he takes it.

“Tend your scars with those. It’ll heal faster,” you say.

“Oh and… Credence? One last thing,”

“I think I like you,” you smile. “Have a good night.”

And with that, you enter the building, and immediately run upstairs, ready to tell your sisters about what happened.


What you told him took him by surprise. Never in his life had he experienced this kind of thing. Being with his ‘family’ always manages to make him busy. Sure, he has a few moments to spare, but even at that time, his mother wants him to give out pamphlets.

And every time, he always, always obediently listen.

He looks at the band aids in his palm, and silently places them over his scars as he makes his way back. And for the first time, he smiles. And he feels warm.

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Your skam meta is so amazing and on point. Would love to know your thoughts on the symbolism of hair. With respect to society, female beauty/empowerment in general and also how it relates back to Islam/the hijab.

ahhhh my gosh thank you so much <3 This is such an amazing question.

sorry for the delay, I went away when I got this to think about it so I could answer this the best way possible.

Okay so what does hair symbolise?

Hair symbolises

  • Physical strength and virility
  • and physical attractiveness
  • Female seduction
  • instinct

because hair is a strong symbol of attraction, the hijab is worn as a symbol of modesty and privacy.

lately I have noticed in skam since the episode 5 disaster…we haven’t just gotten Noora eating Sana’s carrot, but every clip we have been given of Noora after episode 5 has concentrated a loooot of focus on her hair 

I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s been shot in a way where I can’t look away (she is gorgeous holly hell)

the first clip in particular spends a lot of time just watching her run her hands through her hair and truly emphasise her free flowing beautiful hair 

Which symbolises



and freedom

and I believe these things truly coincide with THE CARROT

The carrot symbolises fertility and LUST

to further prove my point the second time we get Noora running her hands through her hair this week she also has this sticking in her mouth.

very subtle Julie oh my god. 

So yes Noora’s hair and her eating a carrot while she is doing it this time definitely symbolises lust and seduction…and maybe it does because that is how Sana sees her right now? 

she just saw her kissing the boy she liked and was forming a strong connection with so now all Sana is associating Noora with are the things she knows represent beauty and seduction and lust and it’s making her annoyed as hell 

(cue the intense munching of Noora eating the carrot) 

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violets are basically THE flower for sapphic women!!

Hi Nonny.

I have seen things around saying that violets are associated with sapphic women, that sapphic women back in the day would wear them to indicate “hey, I love women, so hit me up if you are a woman that loves women too”, or that they gave them to ladies they liked to be like “I LIKE like you”. 

We didn’t include them in posts about flowers that mean gay things for a couple of reasons. 1) They do not have a sapphic meaning in Victorian flower language, their meanings are “modesty” “virtue” “affection” and “faithfulness”. 2) I have only seen these claims through hearsay, never from a primary source, or even secondary sources that could back up the claim. 

Since it’s not really part of the meaning of the flower, it’s really more into LGBT history and the realm of @scriptlgbt. But I consulted with them and they didn’t have any better sources than I had seen. So, I did some digging. 

I still haven’t found any primary sources from the time period, but I think the secondary sources I found are sufficient to agree that if you are writing about sapphic ladies from about 1910 to 1940, violets can be associated with them. 

This link is a master’s thesis about lesbian coding and representation which talks about the association with violets.

Vampires and Violets: Lesbians in Film is cited by the first link and is apparently the premier book on lesbian themes in film, but I have not read it, only excerpts.

Violets and Vandamm is an article that specifically mentions a scene in the play The Captive where the lead actress receives a corsage of violets from her female friend and the reaction indicates the friend was her lover. This article indicates that the use of violets in plays in the 1930s was understood by sapphic women to represent sapphic love and this caused much talk and gossip.

~*Mod Den*~


Flashes of the Future (Part 6)

Summary: Time and age have turned James into doting family man.  

Pairing: James Buchanan Barnes x Reader

Words: 1834

Warnings: Just a bit of fluff. Loads of kissing. James seems to like kissing everyone he loves, haha. Not sure why I added this as a warning. 

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Chapter 6: A Flash of Adulthood

The weekends were usually filled with the laughters and joyful screams of their children as they ran around in the house, followed by the not-so-joyful screams of their mother, then often the sounds faded as the children hurried off to do some more damage in the communal backyard. Today was not like that though. Both Alex and Steven had been outside for a big part of the day, playing with their friends, and James really missed their sounds and attention. Was this what an empty nest would feel like later on? Even [Y/N] had made plans with friends, and he was left to his own devices. Before he had started his own family, he really needed a lot of alone time, but now he could not imagine a day that was not spent with the people he held closest in his heart. However, today he would have to weather the storm. He turned on the radio and listened to the news, then the ballgame. It brought back some good memories of his childhood. He cleaned up the small messes the children had made in the family room, and examined their little toys and books. Those brought back happy memories from not so long ago. When the silence became overbearing, James grabbed his jacket and went outside for a while to enjoy the sun. He met up with the crew from the neighborhood to shoot the breeze. He caught up on all the dirt and played a round of cards. After a couple of hours of being social with his community, he decided he had enough of it and he went back home to his familiar couch with a newspaper under his arm to read up on the current local news while he would wait for his family to come home.

“Sweetheart, whatcha been doing all day?” James asked Alex gravely when she walked into the family room from the bedrooms. He put away his newspaper and gestured her to come closer. She happily skipped towards him.

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Caroline stood there a second, a gentle smile on her face but without visible change of expression.

“Well, Dwight.“ She took off her hat, shook it once and dropped it on a chair. “So they have dragged you away and you have come to redeem your promises!” She went across and kissed him on the sores on his lips.

“Caroline!” He tried to turn his head away.

She said: “Good heaven, so I still have to make all the advances! D’you know, my dear, I am never allowed to retain any maidenly modesty, for I have to run after you, seek you out, and even to kiss you without receiving any embrace in return!”

He was looking at her as if unable to believe she was there, as if not crediting that she had not changed, grown older, lost any of her freshness or youth.

“Caroline!” he said again.

“All this time,” [Caroline] said, “while you were hiding in that prison camp I have been wondering if I would ever be able to bring you to the point of fulfilling your promise. Time and time again, I have thought no, he will never do it, I am doomed to be an old maid. Now, when at the last you are in England, I have to ride all morning through the pouring rain to catch you before you slip away again. Look at my habit, it will take a drying and ironing and perhaps will shrink from the very saturation. And my hair.” She twisted some of it in her fingers, and more drops fell on the floor. But now it was not only drops from her hair.

“Caroline my love, my own…”

“Ah, hear that, Ross! So he has committed himself at last! I believe we shall have a wedding after all. If we do, it will be the biggest ever in Cornwall. We shall have to hire an Admiralty band and army bugler and the choirs of three churches, all to celebrate that Dr Enys has been caught at last! …You see, I am weeping with relief. I am saved from the horrors of a spinster’s life! But Dr Enys, you notice is also weeping, and that, I know, is for his lost freedom.”

“Caroline, please,” Ross said, wiping his hand across his own eyes.

“But I shall not desert you, Dwight,” Caroline said, patting his arm. “I shall stay near this house until you are fit to travel, and shall take special care to ensure you do not slip away to sea. And when you are fit to travel, I shall sit beside you in a coach and link your arm so that you are not able to jump out. When shall we be married? Can you name the day to set my heart at rest?”

Dwight said indistinctly: “I am not fit – like this. You see, I am a little altered, my love.”

“Yes, I observe, and so we must alter you back, mustn’t we? We must feed you on mutton broth and calves’ liver and raw eggs and canary wine. Then you will have the courage to take me as your lawful wife, as we arranged in the good old days…”

Verity touched her cousin’s arm. “Come, Ross, we us leave them. I do belive they will not fall out…”

Dwight again said: “Caroline…” but as if this time all the crack in his heart were widening. “If you will still take me. But I shall need time…”

As Ross withdrew Caroline was still weakly talking. It was the one solutive. “I think it should be an October wedding, don’t you? […] Until then you must come home with me, even to the scandal of the neighbourhood. We will feed you up right away with the best things we can find. You shall be cosseted and fed and allowed rest and given the best of everything. And if you are not feeling better in a week or two, we will send for the doctor…”

– The Reunion Scene, The Black Moon by Winston Graham, pp. 504-506

i really want to see modesty and credence reunited, maybe having a place in newt’s case

  • modesty stays sad, scared and resentful for a few weeks, but she finally realises credence had never meant to hurt anyone

she is such a little rebel, when she’s finally allowed to express herself i bet she’d do it by, among other things

  • immediately cutting her hair short “like miss Tina”
  • trying to pet the nundu and surviving 
  • being a filthy enabler to the niffler
  • for some reason turning out to be an unicorn magnet and trying to get newt to take one with them on no less than twenty two occasions
  • insisting on riding the graphorns and them actually playing along

at first credence would be constantly terrified of someone getting mad at his little sister, but when she gets in all sorts of trouble and newt never even once raises his voice at her, he slowly becomes more open

  • when the siblings stage an epic battle on the graphorns’ backs, newt is not sure whether he did something very wrong or very right
  • (except not really, he is overjoyed)

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What is ur opinion on the hijab. (Please dont say if they want, they can wear it) what is ur actual opinion.

I don’t understand why you rule out “if they want, they can wear it” like ??? what am i supposed to give you ????? the answer that you want to hear??? 

bc “if they want, they can wear it” is what I believe–there’s no compulsion in religion, that’s one of Islam’s major messages and if you knew better I wouldn’t have to spell that out for you. Keeping hijab/modesty differs from person to person and it doesn’t always rely on a headscarf 

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity - all I hope for in my clothes.”
~ Yves Saint-Laurent

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hey there, i high key ship KakaSaku and i wanna read about them and all but i can't really find anything :/ if you haven't done so already, could you link some good/juicy af fics about them, i will read any genre.

KidCrooner’s Rec List is very detailed and organized by category. Almost everything worth reading written pre-2015 is on it.

@do-you-even-kakasaku​ has a more recent rec list. However Tumblr broke the links so you have to copy/paste and Google like some kind of animal.

Lastly I write KakaSaku and you should read it because I am great.

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