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I just thought it a little hypocritical for someone "isnt here for antishipping nonsense" to shit on their followers who might like rey skywalker for something as harmless as parentage beliefs? sorry that it is affecting your life personally

You’re very clearly just trying to be confrontational, but ok I’ll bite. So just because I don’t like anti shipping that means I’m not allowed to express my own completely unrelated opinions on my own blog? What kind of bizarre logic is that?

Once again, literally all I said was that I was blacklisting it. I made a throwaway comment about it on my own blog in response to all of the ridiculously aggressive posts I’ve seen recently about how Rey is CLEARLY a Skywalker and how any other theory is stupid. So I got a little sick of it. And said I was blacklisting it, because I’m tired of seeing it all the time. Because it doesn’t fit with my ideas and I find a lot of it to be incredibly obnoxious. How on earth does me expressing an incredibly mild opinion equate to anything to do with me not liking anti shipping culture or shitting on my followers?

This has nothing to do with my followers. My followers can do whatever they please. What I’m talking about is coming from the people I’m following, or just what I see around the internet in general. My followers can believe Rey is the lovechild of Palpatine and Jar Jar Binks for all I care. But I’m not going to censor myself on my own completely untagged tbd posts for the sake of something so “harmless” as you put it. Like really, it’s not that deep. 

yo but y’all notice how those two dorks are the only ones matching, right?


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hobbies - reading, watching things, gay stuff, photoshop, music, science? Eating.

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Music Station Super Live [2015.12.25]
┖ A Very Juntoshi Christmas~ ♥

  • Me: Ah yes, love Dave Strider. Love that aromantic asexual guy. Love him. Aromantic asexual Dave Strider. Love it. He's aromantic asexual. Ace and aro David Elizabeth Strider. Love him.
  • Fandom: Noo..... he can't be aromantic..... in love with karkat...... no o o..... dave luvs karkat its canon..... he cant be asexual thats not............ no... its canon .....
  • Me: Love that aromantic asexual Dave Strider.

Arashi ★ Blast in Miyagi [2015]
┕ Juntoshi Blast ♥