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Thoughts on Wonder Woman that literally nobody asked for:

  • I loved the little girl and her face and everything she stands for omggg
  • That scene?? where antiope trains teenage diana?? and hippolyta enters all furious?? and these ~50~ year old sisters just fight and make up and agree?? SIGN ME THE FUCK UP MATE OHMYGOD
  • Okay but as brutal as it was to watch antiope die, for me it was actually worse to watch the beginning- where the bullet flies for the first time, and strikes an amazon who’s jumping behind diana- and diana realizes the true horror of what’s happening. 
    • Like to see the effects of war on this paradise island
    • was
    • heartbreaking
  • steve’s scene in those pools. I AM JUST——- [insert incoherent mumbling/sobbing/shrieking here]
  • Diana is innocent and shining and beautiful. I would totally die for her. She will make Steve believe in Ares with the strength of her own belief. That boat scene slayed me a thousand times over.
  • Coughs and slides into a puddle on the floor about diana saying, “baby” bc i have never seen such pureness EVAH it turned my skin clearer than a fucking transparent sheet of plastic.
    • just rip my heart out you little ball of wool and wanting and teeth, just tear it out, ohmygodddd
  • Also, ummmm, that scene. Right before Diana gets ice cream. bc there were sikh soldiers and SO MANY soldiers of color and I did not expect that but I was so glad to see them.
  • I- as much as I understand why steve and diana shared that night- didn’t really like it all that much. Honesttogod would’ve liked it better if they’d kissed on the tarmac. 
    • That said, the scene was shot. so. well. 
    • all dark and intimate and silent. PERFECTION.
    • Apologies to gifmakers though that scene must still be causing y’all nightmares lmao
  • “What I do is not up to you.”
  • ALSO ALSO ALSO: that scene where diana rides off with the horse- after the village- it was such a parallel to the scene in the beginning, where she’s a little girl and in the perfect world and everything is sunlit and bright and golden; but now diana’s raging and armored and fierce as any goddess, in a darker world; tired, and still, despite it all, lovely.
  • (Apparently if diana looks up and closes her eyes and thinks she’s at peace, everything will just become worse. This happens twice, jfc.)
  • “Maybe it’s not what you deserve.” 
  • “Maybe I don’t deserve it.”
    • Listen, I am many things but I am such a sucker for the way Steve Trevor doesn’t pin his hopes on Diana and walks away from her on that tower- he loves her; he does, but there’s no time for Diana’s crisis of faith here. And Steve tries to bring her back to him, but when she refuses- he has to go. He walks away. And he doesn’t hold it against her, because she’s from another world and another culture, but he doesn’t coddle her about it either.
    • And then Diana fights back and she fights forwards and Steve has faith in her even after all of it.
  • Diana knows paradise, okay? She knows paradise, she’s lived there for centuries. And Ares shows her this paradise and shows her what he plans and shows her what could be-
  • And Diana closes her eyes. Diana imagines.
  • And then Diana says, “I could never be a part of that.” and gives up her vision of paradise in favor of reality 
  • There was a meta talking about Diana wielding a sword and how it was the antithesis to her character bc it’s a masculine weapon and I’d just like to say that I went into this movie expecting to hate it and then that sword got fucking DESTROYED and it was such a cathartic moment
  • Chief and Sameer and Charlie resigning themselves to death. Together. Knowing there is no way out; deciding, eyes wide and open and hands clenched tight- they were shadows at the end, lit against flame, visible only through their silhouettes- and they just ripped up my heart into a thousand pieces I hate them all so much.
  • Chris Pine’s eyes have never been bluer than when he points a gun back at a cargo of bombs and swallows. He looked so young; looked so afraid; but he kept those blue eyes open and pulled that trigger and idk man but he is the son of my heart and I will never let him go, like ughhhh.
  • But tbph that scene where Isabel Maru’s mask rips off- was just. so- poignant.
    • beneath the plastic; beneath the half-human half-machine monstrosity that is isabel’s face; beneath this person who is a villain in the purest sense of the word- 
    • there is a scar.
    • there is fear, and loss, and just- mortality. 
    • And Diana sees, even in the depths of a grief deeper than anything she’s ever known, and she chooses not to kill Isabel. 
  • Diana chooses to kill Ares with his own power, which was an amazing choice. Also that scene where she fights him with the lasso on the rooftop? I will never get over it. NEVER.

So, like, this movie is fucking iconic and also fucking amazing and I am fucking ended ohmygod.


└ How can this adorkably cute mien be that of our oldest member? Muri desu~~ Too squishable~~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 11.03.2017


I have this kind of mild nice-guy exterior, but inside my heart is like a steel trap.

Happy 65th Birthday to my love Daniel Edward Aykroyd (July 1st, 1952-) ❤️

I start my new job tomorrow!!! A few days training before I go on holiday and then I can start on my driving lessons now that I actually have a rota not just two weeks in advance but for the whole year! It’s all go!

Writing reactions
  • Me: how the hell am I supposed to know how they’d react to you being pregnant
Me: I don’t fucking know them…. 
Also me: he looks down at the ground flashing his white teeth and box smile. He has always. Wanted children.
Me: oh that’s so v ….
Scenario 2:
Me: *reading the reaction request* what would seventeen do if you killed their dog?
Me: what the hell do you want me to say? That they’d wrap you in there arms and tell you that you are all they need, nah bitch all of them would be pissed. HELL IM PISSED.
Scenario 3:
Me: I hate lovey dovey shit, I ain’t writing nothing like that!
Also me: he pushes a strand of hair from in front your eyes then smiles brightly.“ I think I’m in love with you y/n”. You look at the ground clearly not knowing what to do. You feel raindrops patter on the peak of your head. Mingyu picks you up and runs to the next shelter, “ I will never let anything or anyone hurt you ” he says leaning into you. You guys lock eyes ,soon you start feeling you eyes close shut as he kisses you. You feel a gust of his breath on your face as mingyu giggles, “ I love you !! ” he screams allowing the whole neighbourhood to hear
Drop some reaction requests and I will do them asap ( as in tommorrow or Saturday since I don’t have a life ) and it doesn't only have to be bts and seventeen 🤙🏽
The Healer | Powers Unveiled | Chapter One

A/N: New series yay! And this time it’s actually a Bucky x Reader. Gonna be a little gradual but hang tight! Don’t have a schedule for this yet but if I manage to finish all the other chapters (aiming for about 20-30) I may be able to have one. However they’ll probably be relatively short because I have a life unfortunately.

(Will be posted every Saturday, no exact time, but sometime that day.)

Pairing: (Gradual) Bucky x Reader/Clarissa.

Warnings: None really. Slight angst perhaps? The reader (Clarissa) feels like she doesn’t fit in because of her powers.

Originally posted by love-is-in-the-air-baby-love

The first time your powers had revealed themselves had been in the last year of middle school, when you were 13. Your best friend Casey (or KC for short) had managed to break her wrist while playing volleyball, and due to that she was sporting a boring blue cast around school the whole day.

However, to spruce it up she had brought a Sharpie along and had gotten all her friends to sign it, maybe drawing a flower or smiley face next to their name or a short but sweet get well message.

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it’s father’s day in my country tomorrow but my dad got angry at me because i’m not there today and basically told me he never wants to see me again and that he’s not my father anymore, so long story short i’m some sort of orphan now

  • Dude at the comic shop: It's so obvious who the Armoured Titan and Colossal Titan are, especially the Colossal Titan. I mean, the guy has the same blank expression that the Colossal Titan has.
  • Me, a Bertolt Hoover Fan™ with two degrees in Bertolt Hoover-ology: My buddy, my guy... Are you looking for a fIGHT?
Friday , Saturday, Sunday

Why have I never been to The Keys before?
Because it is so damn far!

What do I think now?
It’s interesting, not your typical Florida Beach town, not a place I would want to live

Any day on the water is a good day

Going 27 miles on a jet ski?
Don’t ride double , just spend the money and get two

Yoga on a boat?

Southernmost Point of the United States?

Sit on the water where the Atlantic and Gulf meet?

Snorkeling was absolutely amazing, I would like to spend more time doing that!

I am sore, exhausted , and filthy
Can’t wait to get home, shower , and fall into bed!!
DO NOT want to go to work tomorrow … ugh

Imagine XANA observing the CL kids playing a game of Monopoly and is just so fucking amazed that he, an intelligent AI, can’t break their friendship apart with his plans but a stupid board game somehow can.