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When I’m out of adaptation oblivion you guys finally will get to meet the cast of one of the handful of graphic novels I have in development right now…
The World is Ours!
It’s about some housemates in their 20s who want to take over the world and stuff happens.

One of their inspiration themes came on while I was working on stuff so I drew them.
I love them.

Emotional Consent

I’ve always been hesitant to post about this because I’m worried people will take it as a personal offense and I just want to say in advance this isn’t “@ anyone” or a callout even

I just feel like emotional consent as a concept is rarely talked about and therefore it’s often breached unknowingly (hence why I don’t never get mad at anyone specific for breaching it), and also I think it’s important I make this post. I didn’t learn what it was till I was older, and most people don’t.

Essentially “emotional consent” is a mutual understanding and willing agreement between both parties when discussing directly emotional or potentially emotionally loaded questions.

I’m going to start with examples, and I know it might feel bad at first if you recognize you do some of them (it’s okay, we all do from time to time), but please keep reading because I promise I’ll get onto alternative dialogues and solution

Here are some examples of what a breach of emotional consent can look like- not all the ways of course, but the major ones off the top of my head:

  • Venting to someone without warning or established boundaries this can look like starting a conversation by venting, or detailing graphic information seemingly out of nowhere and without effective trigger warnings. This can put people in situations where they feel like they have to respond, even if they’re not emotionally equipped, if they’re busy, or if they don’t have the spoons. Of course, usually this wasn’t the intent of the venter, but still has the same effect. FYI- this includes celebrities, social media icons, and people you admire. 
  • Talking graphically about sex, masturbation, or anything in that range without warning or established boundaries this can look like anything from sharing a funny sexual escapade with your friends, and dirty jokes, to sexual harassment and telling someone hows bad you want to fuck them despite not knowing how they feel about it. Sometimes in these scenarios, people can appear visibly comfortable in attempt to fit in and not seem prudish, or to avoid awkward confrontation. This can also be especially sensitive because this is a topic that can very easily and unexpectedly bring up traumas and insecurities along with the discomfort, and it can perpetuate rape culture.
  • Using pet-names and romantic implications, even platonically, without established consent this one was tough for me to swallow at first because I love pet names and I love using them platonically to show love. But even more, I want the people I love to feel comfortable and safe around me. Some people have deeper more negatively charged, or more intensely charged feelings around pet names than I do, and I wouldn’t want to subject them to that. Some people are also comfortable with certain pet names and not others. Also things like calling platonic meetups dates, cuddling, and platonically holding hands mean different things to different people, which is important to respect.
  • Showing people media or sending articles or news with heavy emotional content either without warning, or with the expectation of discussion part of this is about including trigger warnings, and making sure viewing triggering content is optional in spaces and interactions we have control over. Another part though, is the fact that we often expect people to have interactions and discussions with us about emotionally charged topics, including politics, crime, oppression, natural disasters, etc. without fully understanding how this can affect the other person.
  • Telling someone they’re the only person you feel comfortable telling something to, or be open with this one sucks because it usually (except in cases of abuse) comes out of genuine care and wanting to make the other person feel special. That being said, no matter how you phrase it, it can put a massive responsibility on the person that similar to my first example, can make them feel obligated to help even when they’re not in an appropriate place to. 
  • Expecting people to share personal or intimate information a lot of times we ask emotionally loaded questions because we care about and are interested in the lives of our loved ones. That being said, if we’re not careful people can really feel obligated to share information they’re not prepared to, or don’t want to process at the moment. This can look like “How’s your health been?” “How are you handling [life event]?” and “Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

so now the more pleasant part! What can it look like to prioritize emotional consent instead- these correspond in order of initial bullets

  • Starting vague and asking if it’s okay an example dialogue could be “I’m feeling crappy about [blank] are you up to listen to me talk about it?” I also love to add “or should I try [alternative coping method/talking to someone else right now?]” to the end of that if I have one so the other person knows if they say no I have something to turn to. Another example could be “Would it be alright for me to vent right now? FYI it may include mentions of [possible triggers] so if you’re not up for it right now I understand?” or simply “Are you comfortable with me talking about [blank?]”. Also talking to a celebrity or idol “You really helped me with [blank]. I don’t know if you’re comfortable with detail so I won’t elaborate, but I really appreciate it.” or “You really helped me with [blank.] [An explanation about what specifically helped or inspired you in more detail rather than graphic description of the event.]”
  • Again! You can just ask example dialogue can include “Can I mention something about my sex life?” “I have a joke but it’s dirty so I want to make sure thats okay with you” “Can I say something nsfw?” “Is everyone here okay with sex mentions?” 
  • Asking still works! Example dialogue can be “Thanks [petname] (are you okay with me using that or would you rather I don’t)” “Are you okay being called [petname]?” “Are you comfortable with [intimate platonic act]?” “Do you want to [intimate platonic act]?” “I’d like to [intimate platonic act] if you’d be okay with that”
  • Ask/Warn ahead of time or clarify you don’t need response example dialogue “I want to process [news event] but I know it’s heavy so I wanted to ask first” “Jsyk this article contains [possible triggers] so don’t read it if you think it’d be harmful to you]” “Can I ask your opinion on [charged topic]. If you’d rather not, I understand” “[thought or link to article] FYI no need to respond. I just wanted to share.]”
  • Show you’re appreciation in other ways using phrases that show appreciation but don’t implicate responsibility like “Thanks for being here for me whenever you’re able to” “I really appreciate being able to talk about this with you” “It means a lot to me that I can feel so comfortable and open with you” “Being able to talk about this with you has been really helpful for me and I’m really glad I was ables to.”
  • Asking with an easy out or optional response examples include “Hey, I know you’re dealing with as lot and grieving right now so I absolutely don’t need a response, but I wanted to remind you if you need support in any way I’m available and have time right now.” “Do you want to talk about [emotionally charged life event] or would you rather talk about something else right now?” “I know it’s hard to talk about these things and I understand if you can’t, but I want to remind you that when you can and want to I’m available and won’t judge you.” “Would venting be helpful or draining right now?” “What’s the best way I can support you, or are you not sure right now?”

Sorry this became a long ass post but I thought it was important. I should also add that the exception of course is therapists and counselors, crisis hotlines, or other people trained and already prepared to cope with these things. but besides that- try and emo responsibly. 

patrick’s URL graphics

i have not been feeling very creative or inspired by the 20 unfinished edits i have saved on my computer, so I have decided to do some url graphics get me creating again.

here are my basic rules
- must follow me
- reblog this post right here
- can be from any fandom, but i’d prefer to do music-centric things!
- explain what your url means in the tags if it isn’t obvious
- i’ll choose the urls that inspire me the most!

i promise the edit is going to be good lol i’ve gotten way better during my hiatus from photoshop and i’m so excited to get back on it now that i’ve improved!

this is a remade blog so i do not have many examples of edits on this one, but click here for about 1% of the things i’ve made.

The Buddy System

For @apanoplyofsong, sorry i’m late


“What’s your going rate?”

“Depends what you want me for,” Monty says, never missing a beat. “I don’t sell weed anymore, but if you want some I might know a guy. Computer stuff, I charge by the hour. If it’s holding your phone for a night while you drink so you don’t call your ex, that’s a flat fee of thirty dollars.”

“Wow. You had that example right on the tip of your tongue,” Clarke says, amused. Monty flashes her a grin.

“I did it for free for Jasper for way too long before I wised up. Why don’t you tell me what you actually need and I’ll tell you what it’ll cost you?”

“I need a plus-one to my high school’s alumni weekend.”

Monty actually pauses his game to turn and look at her, which is mildly alarming. She hadn’t realized this situation warranted such drastic measures.

“Okay, I have questions.”

“Fire when ready.”

“First– your high school is having a seven-year reunion? I mean, come on.”

“It’s not technically a reunion. It’s– So I went to this tiny private school, right?”

“Sounds like you.”

“And about this time every fall, they have a day where they get former Alpha Prep students to come back and have career day, basically. All the upperclassmen pick a presentation to attend each period and it’s supposed to be inspirational and stuff. And it is,” she hastens to add. “My senior year, I only picked one seminar that wasn’t STEM-related, and it’s where I was introduced to the concept of graphic design. I didn’t even know the field existed before. And now they’re asking me to come and present on it, show the work I did with that sparkling water company last year, and it’s kind of a big deal.”

“You don’t have to convince me that it’s a good idea for you to go,” Monty points out. “You just have to convince me it’s a good idea for me to go with you.”

“My ex is going to be there.”

“Finally, it’s getting juicy.”

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This is my lame attempt at a banner because I have zero time, zero fancy software, and honestly, who cares? It’s a celebration!

So I reached 3k today (wow you’re all SO amazing and lovely) and to celebrate, I thought I’d do some url edits! Let’s not draw this out. Here are the rules:

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note: these may be a mood board, or a graphic, depending on how the url inspires me

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in honor of the end of teen wolf, i would just really like to shoutout to all of the twrarepair content creators who i’ve known throughout the years. i love so many ships in teen wolf, popular ships included, but the rarepair content creators constantly inspired me with their creativity - the ways that two characters who have very little screen time together could have a flourishing relationship in a fanfic or be manipulated together into the same image in a graphic or gifset. i’m just gonna take a second to thank everyone i can think of right now. i’m not even gonna make a read more you just have to witness my great love and appreciation for these people.

@clizzy​ / rogue: i haven’t talked to you in a million years but your ongoing creation of dallison and dallison+ content was a huge reason why i go into rarepairs in the first place. also you supported me and my love for dira and i really appreciate that <3

@torple​ / sarah: you’re the entire reason i learned how to make gifs?? your lyric gifsets are so beautiful and you were always down to fill my random rarepair lyric requests and you’re so cool and i love you

@killstiles​ / nicole: i don’t even know what to say you’re just the best and you love all the best ships and most importantly allison and scott and kira.

@derekslaura​ / ellis & @sleepy-skittles​ / kat : you are polya teen wolf royalty!! you’re always down to talk rarepairs and esp polyships and you have so many good headcanons any time someone has an idea for a rareship! thank you both for doing such important work xoxoxo

@jameskirk​: i’ve never spoken to you so i’m sorry if this is weird but i’ll always appreciate your dedication to creating beautiful dallison content. your use of color and of one of my favorite teen wolf ships has been so important and inspiring to me over the years!

@queerkira / liss & @dianameras / katie: you both have made so many creative au rarepair gifsets and graphics and i’ve gone back to your work countless times for inspiration and ways to rethink different tw relationships

@inell & @elfysparkles88: semi - i know you a little from the twrpnetwork and inell i haven’t spoken to you ever i think, but you guys are so great. i know that any time i search for a rarepair fic on ao3 and i’m worried that the ship might be too rare to have anything, probably one of you will have written something for them. so thank you both for filling the void of fanfiction for all of my fave rarepairs.

@letscottmccallbehappy2k17 / kim: thank you for your endless dediction to scott mccall and vernon boyd. also for inspiring me to create content for ships like deucalion/kira or boyd/brett or any number of pairings i may never have thought of without you

@lesbiancleophas / ella: you are a femslash rarepair fanfic mvp ur great never stop <3

also thanks to anyone who has ever been a part of @twrarepairnetwork that i might have missed. imogen, you’re not on tumblr any more but thanks for bringing us all together and giving us such a great gift. to any members, you’re the coolest and you made my time in the teen wolf fandom better. to anyone who participated in a rarepairweek, thanks for being one of us and for making the fandom richer and more diverse with your rarepair content.

anyhoo i know i’m forgetting a million people but i just had to say thank you to all of these wonderful people for the roles they’ve played in my life for the last five years. you’re all amazing and thank you so much.

Oh look, I have updated my blog theme and have added links on the right there to three tags to make things a bit easier to find,

my fic - for all of my fic postings, including ongoing multichapters like BtH and BH&H, as well as one-off stories, ficlets drabbles, etc. 

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beyond the horizon - same as above, only for Beyond the Horizon content.

I’ll be going through my archives and adding the tags to any old posts I missed and may be refining things some more, so this will be a WIP for a little bit.

Dear Thyroid Freinds!

Thanks for all your sweet messages and sorry for the dely! I’ve been having a hard time the last couple of weeks because I’ve been sick and I was going to begin an internship as a graphic designer this fall, but it fell through. So now I’m having crisis where I don’t know what to do with my life + I’m sick and tired so things are not good right now. But I’m trying to find a job or another inernship and I try to get healthier. But yeah, right now things suck and it’s hard to find inspiration and energy, but I haven’t forgotten about the Typical Thyroid. It feels nice to know that I at least do something good with this blog and that I get to use my graphic skills to reach out to people. That makes me happy.

I want to talk about something that has to do with having hypothyroidism. And it’s about energy. Several years ago I took my energy and health for granted, and I never worried about not having enough energy to do things. I could do things nonstop for hours. But now I feel like I am running on a battery that’s low, and I have to use it only when necessary, otherwise I’ll crash. So if I have choir practice one evening, and I go to the gym before, my energy will be all used up so I don’t have any energy to go to my choir practice, this has happened several times. So basically I try to plan things so my energy will last. So I will probably only work out if I don’t have any other plans that day. It’s a lot like having a mobile phone, your phone won’t last all day if you play a lot of games on it, right? That’s exactly how I feel. It’s not just about being fatigue, because I can feel like I have energy, and then suddenly I don’t have any, it’s been all used up.

Of course this has become better with the right amount of medication and a healthy lifestyle. I have more energy, and I can do more things, like cleaning my house and going to the gym regularly. But I do feel like I have to be careful and not push myself to do too much, because I will and I have crashed and then I don’t have energy to do anything. 

Do you feel the same? If not, then you’re lucky I guess.

Take care of your Thyroids! XOXO

Guess who’s finally going back to school today! It’s only a six week course on graphic design but it’s something, right? I officially dropped out of uni over a year ago because of my depression but now I think I’m ready to kick some butt!!!

Special shout out to @leigh-kelly for inspiring me w her post from a while back 💕 Hope to make a comeback just as brilliant as yours!


There wasn’t a wrong or a right he could choose
He did what he had to do


Hello all and welcome to Mayhem’s Q&A with Claudio Marino (Vocalist/ Songwriter) and Martin Persner (Guitarist/Songwriter) of Tid.  This is another first for Mayhem Music Network! This is the first Q&A where questions were submitted by both Mayhem staff and fans of the artist. We would like to thank all those fans of Tid (you know who you are) who provided great questions for the guys. Great job everybody!!! And thanks again to Claudio and Martin for taking timeout of their busy schedules to answer these questions. Questions are in bold with answers provided by the guys in italics.  Enjoy!

 1.       Tid has a strong fan presence, not only in Sweden, but the US and other countries.  Many of the fans would like to know if the band will tour in support of the new album and previous works.  If so, where and when does the band plan on touring?

There are talks of shorter tours on smaller selected venues. Nothing set yet but hopefully in early to mid 2017. Probably in reverse order to how Leonard Cohen [toured]. *a reference to singer/songwriter Leonard Cohen’s touring in that he, “…took Manhattan before Berlin.”

2.       The band has already released 2 other EPs.  The fans have expressed interest in learning the lyrics and their meaning.  Are you planning on releasing those previous EPs on vinyl or CD, and will lyrics with translations be included?  Will you be releasing any additional lyric videos for this album or previous works?

Yes, we are planning to re-release the two previous albums in several formats, physical as well as digital. The translation we leave to the fans. About lyric videos – maybe so. We couldn’t very well disclose our working plans, could we? :)

3.       What are Tid’s influences and inspirations for: writing music; for artwork; and creating videos?

Lots and lots of things. Music of various kinds and age, paintings, cultures, history, fantasies of the future and lots and lots of movies and documentaries. Film and music can be said to be the main influences. It would be unfair to point at any specific music or movie as we take so much in and try to squeeze it in to the world that we decided that Tid is going to depict.

4.       There are many references in the band’s videos and artwork to Egyptian culture, anime, manga, mysticism and science fiction (Sci-Fi). Can you explain why this interesting mix is part of your art, music and videos?  

Tid is a balance between history and future. Ancient times and what is to come. Visually that could have been represented by knights in shining armor and Star Treks in tight overalls – we simply prefer it this way.  For us, an interesting thought has always been that maybe these ancient cultures understood or knew something that was lost as they perished. As much as humanity is striving to understand life and time – maybe we have already at times long gone.

5.       Can you explain to us the meaning behind the concept for the Aurora Surrealis video?  It blends between Sci-Fi and mystical genres.

The two aspects of Claudio represent the old and the new. Humanity and our travel in time between the two are represented by the wandering woman. As she progresses on her journey, we can see the Tid logo develop over time.

 6.       Tid has a unique sound.  Does the band plan on continuing in a more electronic direction with its sound?

Yes. Synthesizers can create sounds that “normal” instruments cannot. We invite these sounds. It is safe to say we will most probably always use guitars, bass and drums and vocals along with electronic stuff though.  But we actually don’t know. It would be awfully boring if we did. We will see where our imagination takes us.

7.       There was a difference with the vocals on Fix idé. On the previous EPs, the vocals were similar in part, but quite often death metal screams.  Claudio, your vocals/growls were strong, but with a subtle tone.  It sounds amazing!  Also, I noticed some of the other guys singing, specifically in Demimond and Nadir. Would that be all four of you guys singing, or outside parties brought in to provide additional vocals?

Some of us sang on this album because the songs demanded it and our imagination told us that it would sound good and serve the music good. We also brought in our friend Fia from a band called “The Great Discord” to help us depict the Goddess of Stupidity in “Dumhetens Gudinna.” Using other people’s voices is interesting and gives the songs depth and a sense of definition of the band.  People hear and sense it is strange and odd and new, and that means that we have succeeded in taking the songs beyond what people expect and thus we have also opened their imagination a little bit. And it sounds good simply. That’s our priority. We, like most bands have rules and directions of what our band should sound like. It is a living plan that develops. Thankfully.

8.    Can you take us through the production of this album?  Did you have clear concept or path in mind when work began on the album?   If so, what was that concept or path?  Was there a shift in “duties” within the band as far as who played what instrument or provided additional vocals?  Did you utilize any different instruments or production effects?

We had an exact idea of what it should sound and feel like. Down to the last note. When choosing Niels Nielsen as a producer and engineer, we did so because he had shown he understood what we wanted to do. A well planned recording, down to the last sample.

Yes, of course we used strange instruments and tried all kinds of things when it came to put the finishing touch to the album. And yes, to answer it clearly – it is Martin and Simon singing on Demimond.

9.    Does the band have plans to release any videos where we see the whole band playing? Something maybe similar to Världen Stannar Med Mig?

 No, not as of today.

 10.  What are the goals or plans for Tid in the future?

 Continue to write music, create artwork and do shorter tours.

 Specific questions for Claudio

 1.    Can you tell us about your musical background? Were you always a vocalist or do you play other instruments?  Did you have private vocal training or learn through a school/college music program? What inspired you to become a vocalist and musician?

I’m from a metal and hardcore background, grew up on Guns n’ Roses.  Apart from vocals I’ve only contributed with audio samples and such live. The only school I had for my vocals is the hard rehearse twice a week for about five years. Later on I started experimenting in the studio.

2.    I am a singer as well, how did you develop your tone?  Do you find the “death screams/growls” difficult physically on your vocal chords? How do you protect your vocal chords and your voice?

Not if you do it right. Real screaming should stem from the stomach not the throat. As for growlier results, I don’t think actual screaming is the way to do it.  

 3.    How did you first get into graphic design?

Well it all started when my first band (with Simon) needed a cover for our first demo tape. That was around 1996 and it was made in Windows Paint. From there on there was a lot of trial and error and late nights.

4.    How do you juggle multiple creatively intense careers (music, writing, performing and graphic design)?

It’s the way I live. I’m simply used to valuing my time.

5.    What kind of music is on your iPod (or other MP3 device) right now?

Wardruna, Die Antwoord, Suicide Commando, Pg Lost and Cult of Fire.

Specific Questions for Martin

1.       Can you also tell us a little about your musical background (how long you have been playing guitar, were you privately taught, learned by ear or have education through school/college music program)?  Is your primary focus guitar, or do you play other instruments in addition? Personally what inspired you to want to play guitar or become a musician?

 I have no musical education whatsoever. I started playing guitar when I was 10 years old. My dad is a music teacher, but he never pushed anything at all on me and never taught me to read or write sheet music or anything like that. It’s all by trial and error and learning by doing. I wanted to be a musician since forever. There was never talk of anything else at all.  Strangely it’s not dad that inspired me most to listen to music – it was my mum. And no, she is not a music teacher.

2.    With both you and Simon providing the guitar work for the album, how do you guys divide up the work?  Do you play lead on some songs, while Simon takes lead on others?

We have no real leads in Tid. It’s all about distributing parts between each other that make sense live. And we have different areas that we are good at. So naturally he does what he does best and I do what I do best.

3.    What equipment (guitars, amps, etc.) did you use for this album?

Oh, lots of different things. For all clean guitars we used VOX AC 30, and as for the distorted sounds we used Orange and lots of other amps and experimented til we found a good overall sound.

We used a wide range of guitars – Gibson’s, Fender’s, old shit guitars to get a specific sound for some songs, acoustic guitars – just lots of things.

4.    What kind of music is on your iPod (or other MP3 device) right now?

It’s constantly the same songs – I add to my list little by little everyday so it’s a long, long list of various songs that I like and probably listen too much to. But as for new albums in their whole:

 “Skeleton Tree” by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

“Magnatron” - a various artist album with retro-wave synth music

“Give my Love to London” by Marianne Faithful.

Name/Alias: The name is Carrie, like Stephen King’s Carrie.

Writer Favorites:

  • Faceclaim: For as long as I have roleplayed I have truly loved Rachel McAdams and Kat Dennings, with time I have grown accustomed to many others. I think I would love to use Ana de Armas and Eiza Gonzales soon! As well as Nicole Kidman and Brie Larson.
  • Muse: Carrie Sutton, no doubt, my oldest muse and also the one that inspired me to get this alias. She was a journalist that fell in the spiderwebs of the mafia for a note’s sake.
  • Character: Amy Elliot-Dunne, Cersei Lannister, Dorian Gray and Jay Gatsby.

Personal Favorites:

  • Subject/Class?: *Phew!* Right now I am mesmerized by Psychology of Design. I will tell you a little story, I am a graphic design major and last semester a friend of mine said he would buy me red velvet cake if I made a report for him. He aced his report, I fell in love with a subject I was not even in yet and got my cake. Win-win right there.
  • Movie/Show?: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Buzzfeed Unsolved.
  • Food/Drink?: Any type of bread (…it’s your homegirl, Jeanie Valjean) and strawberry milkshakes.

If we were to read a headline about you, what would it read?: “Venezuelan Student Raises The Bar By Suggesting To Replace The Word Fiance With Husfriend

What concept has piqued your interest/are you most excited to see?: Ripen. The moment I read the skeleton I felt lightheaded and that is something amazing.

A gif that best describes you:


“I really like my life right now, I have friends around me all the time. I’ve started painting more. I’ve been working out a lot. I’ve started to really take pride in being strong. I love the album I made. I love that I moved to New York. So in terms of being happy, I’ve never been closer to that.” - taylorswift (inspiration)


Kick-Ass Chicks: Illustrator, Melissa Chaib

Artist and stationary shop owner, Melissa Chaib is no stranger to choosing the path less drawn. While spending years as a graphic designer, the young Mexico native found her true calling through illustration, and ultimately opened up her very own shop catering to creative women around the world. Learn how this kick-ass creative found her way into the art world, and how she stays inspired. 

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