i have no inspiration for graphics right now

anonymous asked:

Any suggestions for someone struggling to make new graphics for an rp on their own? I'm having such a hard time finding the inspo and its killing me so slowly right now

I feel you so hard on this. I swear the last year or so I feel like I’ve lost my ‘touch’ or connections I’ve had with graphics. Like everything I try to start or produce just ‘isn’t right’ or ‘doesn’t look good’ but what I find doing is looking for inspiration. I go through like popular edit tags or go through the character psd tag and I see what the current trends are weather it’s bright colours or geometric shapes or whatever it is the community is doing these days and I try and do my own spin on things. 

Usually when I’m in a good productive mood I’ll flick through some tags and have a peak and what people are doing. I might even go through the RPH Tag and stalk the latest blog’s to see what their graphics are like. It’s honestly all about looking and getting inspo, go through texture tags or gather pictures of somethings you might like and try and throw something together. A PSD can really make a difference so just try your best. Ask your friends too they might be able to suggest things you didn’t think of. 

If you can wait for it

they will happen okay guys? some day. I promise. it’s not a matter of if, it’s only when.

this post probably won’t make much sense because I have tears streaming down my face right now but I just wanted to say thank you to everyone i’ve met over the past 4 years. all your wonderful posts fics arts graphics words that have inspired me <3 you are all beautiful and i want to thank you for all the love i’ve received. never stop. because you all deserve it so much when it happens <3

but i just don’t know if i can get by this. my heart is in pieces right now.

they will happen, they will. 

some day