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They'll be filming in Edinburgh again this week in the Canongate area (Tweeddale court, Bakehouse close). Some people posted few pictures of the set on twitter (@HYjewellers and @Annika_N83). Hope we will have some BTS pic. We need some new things.

oooh, thanks for the info! I’m reposting some of the pics on those 2 twitters - nothing super exciting but it’d be nice to get some actual pictures of the cast this week!

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What is your 10 day plan about?

It’s a 10 day plan that I created after following advice from my nutritionist and my personal trainer. It helped me lose 10 lbs, 2 inches off my waist, 1.5 inches off my hips and 0.5 inches off each thigh :) It has a diet plan, an exercise plan, a grocery list, my favorite recipes and tips on how to continue eating after the 10 days are done! Following this plan multiple times, I have managed to lose 40 lbs in 3 months 💪 i still do this plan every now and then, whenever i have an event coming up, or if i am going to the beach or a party, it helps me get rid of bloating, excess water weight, flattens my stomach and boosts my confidence :) and i love how it makes my waist and thighs look smaller :)) find more info and other girls’ progress pics here: http://35-24-35.tumblr.com/10dayplan :) ❤️


It’s been awhile since i opened commission because of school but i finally have the time before next semester to open them up again!

Email me at linzh444@gmail.com (which is also my paypal) or send me an ask/fanmail/or pm me here if you are interested and you must pay through PayPal !

All prices are USD!

Please send a ref if not multiple pictures, info if it’s your own character and extra details that you want! ex. specific pose, this color palette instead, etc. etc. 

more examples of my art in the “my art” tag on my blog


- The price may vary depending on the complexity of the character

- A simple one color bg is free but a complex detailed bg will be extra $$

- Waist up additional character-lineart - $10 Full body–lineart additional character - $15     

Waist up additional character-full color $20—-Full Body additional character-full color- $30

- i have the right to decline a request if i feel uncomfortable with it

I will draw

- OCS (please send some ref pics and a brief description helps)

- Fanart

- Blood and Gore (not too heavy gore but blood is fine)

I won’t draw


- hate art

- too complex machinery

If you have an questions feel free to ask and if you can’t commission me, reblogs are appreciated :0

EDIT: changed the prices on additional characters

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Do you know if this is a real pic or a manip or what? Lots of people are saying this is Katie with her natural hair color but I can't find any actual source past pinterest and stuff. images5 (.) fanpop (.) com/image/photos/26000000/Katie-blonde-hair-katie-mcgrath-26011726-376-500 (.) jpg

The only (real) blonde Katie photo we have is from her school days (this school photo was shared by one of her classmates a few years ago on twitter). Katie dyed her hair black a few years later and since then she’s always been brunette (and yes, in Dracula she wore a partial wig).

other pic from the school book…although in b/w


Just in case you didn’t get the memo, or read it, i refuse to discuss anything that involves a certain person and her IG pics. Again I get info on her.

I feel she has taken up to much space on my blog and time in my life.

i also refuse to give any more to this person, as I feel she is deliberately trying to take the shine from Cait on such an important weekend in her life.

Cait has worked hard to get where she is. Whether you like or dont like Cait, you have to say that a woman who takes a complete turn around in her llife and goes into another career path; has a lot of courage. Cait went to school for acting and has put all her effort into making Outlander a great show. I feel someone who is leeching off of anyone for attention of any kind is not worthy of this fandom.

We have a lot of women here who get up every day and face the shit that we have to in order to make money just to live. i cant in all good conscience give any attention, respect or emotion to this person. She is not the person I would want to be associated with no matter who says she is so sweet. Her association with an actor in a popular show does not make this person an interest to me.

This weekend belongs to Cait. I am praying hard that she wins. Anyone else trying to take her glory she has worked so hard for can fuck off as far as I am concerned.

Just saying.

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Hi. Im not sure I see a difference between those feet. I was away for the majority of 2016 and I don't have all the info that went down. When I looked at those two pics I just thought the baby moved their legs or something. Am I missing something?

look at the toe placement (especially the pinkie toe) and the actual size and shape of the feet.

they’re different feet.

and more importantly - the baby in the first picture seriously seems to be a reborn. the pads of the feet look synthetic and, for the age we were supposed to think that kid was at the time the pictures was posted, ‘freddie’ would not have been able to hold his legs up in the air like that.

if you’re still not sold i’m going to suggest you take a look at this post because i didn’t even know reborns were a thing until babygate happened and holy shit they look freakishly realistic (though from the moment i first saw that instagram pic i screamed because those look like plastic feet to me that doesn’t look like real human skin - it’s the uncanny valley version).

also the baby we got in the pictures for the first month and a bit always had his fingers in the exact same position in every picture. i don’t think they started using a real baby until early april.

A tidbit from unexpected source

Okay, so I went to WS twitter last night, cause I am an idiot, but was curious.

Anyway, among all the nonsense conspiracy theories he has come up with, secret blogs, shipper only FB groups where the “core” group secretly plots… Is he for real???? Totally unhinged… LOL LOL

Well, among those ridiculous tweets, the tweet below stood out!!

What makeup artist? Is he referring to the pics from the Saks photoshoot? 

When someone says to me “oops I let that info accidentally slip” to me that means the info was real but you were not supposed to say.

So, is Shatner confirming that makeup man accidentally gave us info? (or that other have accidentally given us info) This would mean the info was actually good??!! LOL LOL Saks makeup man was a great piece of info, I will say!!

Does Shatner realize that he has accidentally confirmed something that goes directly against his narrative???

Things that make you wonder, from a most unexpected source…LOL

And I’ll read them aloud during the holiday stream on the 17th! We’ll be playing Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star! I’ll have more info on that later today!

The card will even be designed by Birdcheese!

You can also get the birds something from their Amazon wishlist if you like, and I’ll be sure to send you a card! 

(No Longer 1895 - The TJLC Podcast)

Kate ProperGenius (she/her) and Phoenix Sherrinford (he/him) have special guest Oak Culverton (she/her) join in on their discussion of the second episode of series 4 of Sherlock! Here we discuss our feelings on the episode through a Johnlock reading as a preparation for the kiss soon to come. I hope you enjoy and GET YOUR HOPES UP!!!!!

1) TFP setlock info

2) TFP promo pics

Special thanks to Oak for joining us today!!!

Made with SoundCloud

Hey I’m having a giveaway!! Buy two or more earrings to enter!!

Giveaway ends when I run out of earrings, first place winner gets first choice of the cartoon earrings or the 8 bit earrings. Second place gets second choice. 

These earrings are not the same quality of the earrings I am selling, and I made them about a year ago, I’ve just never worn them. They are not professional enough to sell, but I figured that some of you guys would find more happiness from them than me :) Here’s some quick info on the earrings:

8 bit earrings: pixel by pixel to match the in-game icons. I’ve got more pics of them here. Sans has what appears to be a faint crack across his eyes, as you can see in the picture, but it is barely noticeable. They have a bit of a scratchy appearance from the type of shrink plastic I used. Slight discoloration on Sans. Again, none of this is noticeable once they are in your ears.

Cartoon Earrings: More of a shimmery look to them. They are larger than the other pair, but are perfect if you want people to notice your Undertale obsession. Unscratched, but because of the size, the plastic is not entirely flat. Again, unnoticeable when they’re in. 

Both are made from transparent shrink plastic, sharpie, and white nail polish in the back, with stainless steel backs.


🌴Karlie in LA.


(Sorry It’s messy but theres Karlie’s IG for the period - earlier pics at the bottom. The other pics are in (probably) date sequence from various sources)


🌻I’ve been trying to piece this all together. Lots of conflicting info. Best I can do is below.

🎙Taylor’s concert is Saturday 22nd, so that is where I will begin.

💫Saturday 22 Taylor flies direct from concert to LA. Having performed TIWYCF.

⭐️Karlie and Kimby also arrive in LA from Japan. Kimby flies back to Florida late Saturday

💖Sunday night is Drake party. We know Karliie was at Taylor’s before or after (or both)

🍟Monday all day filming Bill Nye (snaps and klossy video)

💎Tuesday is crazy busy. She does Swarovski fashion awards then the meet and greet then drives to Laguna beach for WSJ event.

🕵Tuesday she also films the thanks air bnb video she doesn’t post till Wednesday

😝Wednesday is hike/train/sushi with the team at the Airbnb house. Then basketball with Kendall.

☀️Wednesday is hot sunny day. She posts tongue out pic which Taylor instantly likes

🌊this is also the day I think she took the diving pic she posts on the following Saturday. It is captioned California dreaming, same as an IG post from vogue cover shoot with Taylor in 2014

💖Wednesday she also posts pic from the Eliot concert night to remind us of her last gay date with Taylor.

📽Thursday she films Bill Nye. Snaps a cloudy day training/boxing.

💅this is maybe when she films goodbye house (white t short, black choker, black jacket) section in klossy video

👀Thursday is first pic of Taylor’s gold angel wings (confirmed later in IG from Drake.)

👙Thursday is also first rumours of Karlie returning to VS

⭐️️Thursday night/ early hours of Friday she posts drake pic with Taylor. Polaroids taken in Taylor’s house.

❤️Friday she is papped leaving LAX. Black top and jeans and black jacket.


⭐️️It was a crucial and VERY kaylor/Drake week.

⭐️i think the girls spent a good deal of time together. The Airbnb house was very close to Taylor’s place

⭐️️I think they were together Thursday night and posted the Polaroid pic together

😤And Friday is missing except the airport pap shot- she was possibly not expecting to be papped leaving LAX.

🕵We don’t hear from Karlie again till she arrives in NYC the same day as Taylor the following Monday, except for the diving pic which is possibly intended to suggest she left LA later than she did.

✈️Taylor’s jet may have gone to NYC Friday then to London back Sunday late. According to the jet tracking blogs

🕵The klossy LA video edit is a mess dates wise. It was posted without warning yesterday


this was Boa’s 2016

I hope 2017 will be better and celebrate endless titles & success
🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 💖😙

the save gif is from leomessy

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What do you think your old celebrity blogger boss/partner would say about all of the SC burning bush shenanigans? I wonder if by now he has heard rumblings in his world or if this is just so stupid it's still contained in the Outlander Porta Potty section of Shitville, USA? Thoughts on the yearly Matterhorn sojourn by one of the "players"? I think it's so trashy I hear dueling banjos coming from the balcony.

I can almost guarantee there isn’t so much as a rumbling throughout mainstream online gossip, and if there’s any knowledge, it’s been through a tip handed down. I was a micropeen in a sea of horse schlongs compared to those sites and wouldn’t have wasted my time or effort on completely unsubstantiated rumors like airport sightings and info borne of ship wars. Big sites like JJ, Popsugar, Celebuzz or Perez wouldn’t even bother trying to barf something out on a slow news day without a smoking gun (pics, marketable drama outside a small subsection of a TV show fandom) or proven interest in the subjects in the past (he’s a relatively unknown TV actor, she’s even less known). I’m not just blowing smoke up my shipper sisters’ asses when I say the vast majority of the public and entertainment media has seen and ignored shit like this for years because it’s a dime a dozen and only interesting to a small handful of people. No clicks on links = no revenue. They follow the money.

announcing… december sparklies 2.0!!!

as december approaches, i’ve decided to bring back december sparklies, one of my most successful harebrained ideas, for another go! if you’re unfamiliar with december sparklies, read below for some info.

sign up here!

sign ups close saturday november 26th and matches will be sent out shortly thereafter!

what is a sparkly?

a sparkly is someone who messages their sparkly match anonymously for the whole month of december. a sparkly sends good vibes, nice messages, book recs, song recs, pics of harry styles, pics of puppies… whatever their sparkly likes. a sparkly is kind of like a tooth fairy who specializes in niceness instead of teeth.

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Psst psst...I have some info, I know you're not gonna believe me and that's ok. Either way, my insider just told me that Louis is currently cuddling with Doris and Ernest and the puppies. I'm sure there won't be pics, but I promise is true...😉😉

These are the kind of shady anons I enjoy.

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I am so thankful for your logic and your level head. So I'm wondering what you think about Sam's response in his last Q&A about his holiday plans. Something like "definitely no skiing (ahem)". How do we look at that in view of all the latest info? Thanks!

I think his “definitely no skiing” response is just what it says. No skiing. The pic we got from him on 2 January was not a skiing pic, he was hiking or climbing. He may be prohibited by contract from undertaking a pastime which carries such a great risk of broken limbs, or worse, that would set the production schedule back months while he healed. He also may just not be a skier- his past holiday posts have not suggested that he has any inclination towards the sport.
But whatever the motivation behind his words that he does not ski, they certainly do serve to put some additional distance between himself and an erstwhile “female companion” who seems to be quite taken with the sport. And that distance is in addition to the physical distance that is likely in play here too between Sam and “this woman” who is currently posting from ostensibly the same area that he posted his MPC climb post from two days ago on 2 January-which itself was probably made a day after he left the area as he was spotted at an airport on New Year’s Day and for security reasons he isn’t likely to be posting pics from an area until he has left. So it’s “a day late and a dollar short”, and “close, but no cigar” for MM again. She’s perhaps in the same place today that Sam visited several days ago whilst she was holidaying over the new year in Amsterdam, but he has most likely already departed the area for LA for the Golden Globes, or home to Glasgow if he’s needed back on set early. And she is engaged in an altogether different pastime than he did whilst there. And I think that Sam’s comment was designed and intended to point this out.

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Hi, I'm thinking about getting a commission or two (just need to sort out money ;-; ) but my question is, will you draw original characters? And if you do, how do you handle getting the info you need for them?

I do draw OCs! I will need very specific descriptions though(even better if you have reference pics)