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hey there! I'm sure you get this kind of ask a lot, but I was wondering if you have any 'wonder woman' comic recommendations? esp ones that feature her lgbt identity/ies? (as I know diana is canonically bisexual, but I've also heard through the grape vine that she's trans in at least one comic canon as well!) thank you! ❤️💛💚💙💜 happy pride month! 🏳️‍🌈


There was a panel making rounds on tumblr that suggested that Diana was trans, however that panel is sadly a manip. To my knowledge there aren’t any canons in which she’s hinted to be trans. 

Diana has only been confirmed as bi/pan recently, but I’d still recommend the Gail Simone run from 2008 (Wonder Woman Vol. 3. #14-#44). Gail herself has said that she considers Diana to be pansexual and she has a history of handling LGBTQ+ characters well. 

Other than that I’d definitely recommend the Rebirth run, Diana mentions having had a girlfriend (it’s also implied that she’s had multiple other lovers) on Themyscira and this run is just excellent in general, if you ask me. Also, starting with issue #26, a new, female writer is going to take over, so maybe there’s more representation to come! 

Happy Pride Month!


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Do you know what Wanda and Hawkeyes (616) relationship is like? I know that in the past it was hinted at that he had a crush on her and eventually slept with her one once after House of M, but apparently it was actually a doom bot disguised as Wanda or something?? lol I'm not even sure anymore. btw I love your blog you write great meta.

He had a crush on her, yeah. Clint has A Thing for Eastern Europeans. He also has trouble with Eastern Europeans. It’s the things we love the most that destroy us (and stand outside our apartment building with baseball bats).

They both joined the Avengers way back in Avengers Vol. 1 #16 during an era known as Cap’s Kooky Quartet. There was a subplot about Clint pining for Wanda while Wanda pined for Steve. It was pretty typical comic book stuff, and there was never any sign Wanda reciprocated Clint’s feelings.

Eventually, Clint started dating Black Widow. Then he got dumped by Black Widow. His crush on Wanda returned, but only to cause drama in the Wanda/Vision romance, which wasn’t official at that point. Wanda and Vision’s relationship was constantly being derailed by these kind of obstacles (see also: Pietro, Mantis, angry protesters, Vision’s… Vision-ness). Clint decided he still liked Wanda and kissed her, but she told him she was in love with Vision. Vision saw the kiss but not the rest and misinterpreted it. This was all straightened out pretty quickly, and Vision and Wanda started dating. Hawkeye was so upset that he left the team.

After he returned to the team, the crush seemed to go away. There weren’t any real signs he still had feelings for her until many years later. (I’ll get to that in a minute.)

CLINT: Hiya, Witchie! How’s tricks?
WANDA: Hawkeye! How are you?
CLINT: Back from the dead and ready to party. And I must say, you’re looking quite ravishing, as always.
WANDA: Ah, thanks. I—
CLINT: Don’t worry. I’m not hittin’ on you. I do learn, sometimes.
Avengers Vol. 3 #1 by Kurt Busiek & George Perez

People tend to remember that he was attracted to her, but to me, the more important thing was their friendship. They have a lot in common. They’re both orphans who grew up in a rural area. They started out as bad-ish guys who weren’t really bad. They have brother problems and violent fathers (yes, yes, I remember Magneto isn’t Wanda’s father anymore). Much of their identity comes from being Avengers. They tend to be team players, even though Hawkeye (bless his heart) thinks of himself as a loner. They’re kindred spirits in a way.

In other ways, they’re opposites. Hawkeye is the best at what he does. He can’t miss. He has to hit the target every time because he has no powers. In place of powers, he has skill and hard work and determination. Wanda is all raw power, potentially immeasurable power. Wanda’s powers are such that “can’t miss” is a laughable objective. Missing is part of the game. There is a certain amount of danger and unpredictability that comes along with what she does. There’s a reason she compared chaos magic to “tossing grenades.” She has to accept that things will sometimes go horribly wrong. Clint can’t allow things to ever go even sort of wrong. Clint is all precision and Wanda is all disorder.

Up until Avengers Disassembled, Clint was one of Wanda’s best friends. Something about that mix of similarities and differences worked very well. They got along. Everything was very nice… and then she killed him. She got powered up by Doctor Doom and started losing her grip on reality and hearing voices that told her to kill the Avengers. He was one of the ones who died.

What really happened was that Avengers had become an unpopular book and writer Brian Michael Bendis was hired to reboot the franchise. He was given a list of names of characters he could kill off and Hawkeye was on the list. He said, “There’s no way I can kill off Hawkeye. People will hate me,” and so, because he is a troll, he killed off Hawkeye. There’s no real reason Wanda would want to kill Clint (Vision is the only death in Disassembled that made sense), but his name was on a list.

Bendis (and Wanda) resurrected Clint in House of M, but he was really mad about being killed so he went after Wanda. They had a very emotional confrontation where she didn’t seem to 100% understand what was going on (“I loved you. I would kill for you.” “I love you too. I brought you back.”) that ended with her accidentally killing him again. Or erasing him from existence altogether. It’s not clear.

She brought him back again at the end of that story, but he was a mess after that. He became a ninja. (We don’t talk about that time Clint was a ninja.) It was just… a mess. Did I mention it was a mess yet? I respect Clint’s right to be traumatized by dying twice (and Bendis’ right to bring up his own stories ad nauseam), but a ninja, really?

Clint wanted to know why Wanda killed him. He went to Transia to track her down, but when he found her, she had no memory of anything that happened or who he was. She had given herself amnesia at the end of House of M and was no help in Clint’s quest for answers. And so he slept with her.

I’m trying to keep this from devolving into a Comics Have Consent Issues discussion, but suffice it to say, that was not a good idea. A Wanda with her memories would not have slept with Clint. She made that abundantly clear when she did have her memories, and as an amnesiac, she lacked necessary information that would have affected her decision to have sex with him. She and Clint were not on equal footing in that situation. This was a bad story, and everyone involved with making it happen should feel bad.

[Note: During this period, Clint also kissed Loki while Loki was disguised as Wanda, but that’s a different story.]

Avengers: Children’s Crusade tried to fix this by having the Young Avengers find Wanda in Transia only for that Wanda to turn out to be a Doombot, while the real Wanda was in Latveria with Doctor Doom.

CLINT: You found her in Transia?
BILLY: No. The Wanda we found in Transia turned out to be doombot.
CLINT: What?!?
HANK: You’re joking.
JESSICA: Please don’t be joking.
Avengers: Children’s Crusade #6 by Allan Heinberg & Jim Cheung

These panels come right after Clint mentioned sleeping with Wanda in Transia. The implication is obvious. Clint didn’t really sleep with Wanda. He slept with a Doombot. But it’s far from a confirmation. We have no idea when Wanda was replaced by a doombot or even when she met up with Doctor Doom after losing her memory. Characters saying or believing something =/= that thing being canon. Tom Brevoort has always maintained Clint slept with Wanda and not a Doombot. How seriously you take that depends on how much you care about Word of God.

There is another complication to the Doombot retcon, and it comes during Avengers Vs. X-Men, just as Wanda was returning to the superhero fold.

CLINT: What did she say?
JESSICA: You mean: What did she say on our all-day ride home in the quinjet? Where all she talked about was you?
CLINT: You guys aren’t going to tell anyone about this, right? Bro code?
JESSICA: Where she said: I wonder what things are going to be like between you two now that she is back with the Avengers? And I said: Whatever do you mean? She says: We have some unresolved issues in that we used to have a thing. But her knowing you as well as she does, she’s wondering if and when it’ll ever resolve itself… this thing with you and her… and what did I think of the whole thing? You know, me being a woman of the world.
CLINT: What did you say?
JESSICA: I said I wanted to light you on fire.
Avengers Vol. 4 #30 by Brian Michael Bendis & Walt Simonson

This is one of those moments of Bendis canon — and they happen a lot — where things just make no sense. Characters talk about their lives in a way that does not reflect what actually happened. Wanda and Clint did not have a thing. He had a thing for her, but that was many, many years earlier. It’s not like they had some unresolved issues right before Disassembled.  They have unresolved issues in that she killed him, but that’s about it. I can buy that Wanda has a quinjet’s ride worth of things to say about Hawkeye. I cannot buy that she has a quinjet’s ride worth of things to say about her non-existent romance with Hawkeye.

The only thing this can reasonably be referring to is them sleeping together in Transia, which is why I’m hesitant to say the line in Children’s Crusade makes the Doombot thing officially canon. This is Bendis’ attempt to counteract that. For a guy who loves to rewrite others’ stories to mean the opposite of their intention, he’s surprisingly prickly about other people undoing his stories.

This conversation that Wanda and Jessica Drew had would have made perfect sense… if she had been talking about Steve. Wanda and Steve have an unresolved thing. Since we don’t see her actual conversation with Jessica, it’s not hard to believe this has a touch of the unreliable narrator. Characters saying things =/= things actually happened that way, remember? I don’t know what to make of this scene beyond that it’s Bendis trying to assert that his ship was canon.

If I choose to believe Wanda didn’t say the guy’s name during this off-panel discussion and Jessica assumed it was Clint but really it was Steve, and Clint DID sleep with a Doombot, is that cheating? It doesn’t make everything right in the world, but it’s a minor improvement.

Anyway, Clint doesn’t seem mad about being killed by Wanda now. It hasn’t come up in a couple of years. They seemed okay with each other in Avengers Vs. X-Men. That doesn’t mean some new writer won’t show up who has him hate her again (hopefully, sans the ninja thing this time), but Disassembled and HoM were written a decade ago. I’d rather have comics that tell new stories than ones that obsess over old ones.

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Hi! I was wondering! Do you think Dick could accidentally reveal his identity to someone they are close to by calling them by a nickname only he uses for them while he is in costume?

Nah. Dick is way too careful for that. He was raised by Bruce, master of secret identities, and Dick puts an emphasis on secret identities himself.

(Titans Vol 1 #3)

I want to point out that anyone who is close to Dick is bound to know his secret identity anyway, so there’s really not much risk of him ever using a nickname with someone on accident that ends up giving him away. Once Dick trusts someone, he shares his identity with them. The vast majority of the Titans know who he is because they’re his extended family. When Dick has new teammates, he’ll keep the mask on at all times, and he’ll even have his friends stay in costume and hide their identities as well (probably both for their benefit and due to the possibility that his identity can be revealed through them somehow).

(Titans Vol 1 #3)

When it comes to Dick’s civilian friends who don’t know he’s a hero (like Clancy), it’s highly unlikely that they’d ever run into Nightwing, and if they did, Dick would be very careful about not giving himself away because he’s too much of an over-thinker.

But yeah, Dick is shown with trust issues often. It actually took about 5 years for him to really open up about himself with the Titans even though they were like an extended family to him. Dick takes being a vigilante so seriously, and it makes him such a fun, paradoxical character to me. Dick has levity and he’ll quip in battle and goad his opponents, but he takes everything that he does seriously to the point where he berates himself and holds himself to nearly impossible standards. He is an extroverted character, but Dick cuts himself off socially a lot.

(New Teen Titans Vol 2 #6)

Considering Tara betrayed the Titans in The Judas Contract, I think that could definitely be a reason that reinforces Dick’s paranoia about secret identities in later years. (I mean, his own teammate turned out to be a traitor, and she was someone that Dick grew to trust even if he didn’t know her well.) So I don’t think Dick’s paranoia is unfounded at all.

(Batman #697)

But yeah, I can’t see Dick giving away his identity under any circumstances. It would more than likely be one of his friends that gives him away on accident if anything.

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hey so i recently got into comics and i've been using your marvel rec list to kinda pic what to read but i really want to get into dc and i don't know where to start so I was wondering if you could make a dc rec list because I trust your taste and you seem like a pro at this stuff.

oh noooo I’m really still very much a baby at dc stuff!!! and I have read like one new 52 title so far, so I don’t know anything that is happening in the current dc universe. really I’ve just been picking characters I like and reading everything with them, which is a good method for me. but hmmm some good titles to read that are new-reader friendly and that I loved to bits lessee

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HEY FAN OF TIM DRAKE one of the things I encounter a lot being sometimes in the dc fandom is that a lot of Tim characterisation is shit? I've been meaning to read some comics and I'd like to read a few with "correct" characterisations before I get used to him being... flat? So do you have any recommendations/favourites that you reckon I should read? Thanks!! (OH and also stuff with Kon... I see so much cute fanart of them and I'd like to know more about their friendship!!)

aha i’m so glad you’re not falling into the fandom tim trap because yeah, a lot of the times his Characterization DOES suck! it’s super disappointing because he’s really interesting and a great character when handled well. :(

but anyways, i’m glad you wanna read some stuff about him! i’m answering this on mobile and it using references so i might get some stuff mixed up. @marbleaide is also a great person to ask! she’s been a tim fan longer than me so she knows the ins and outs haha

okay so!
• stay away from New 52 Tim to start tbh he is just disappointment. his backstory is ruined and his characterization gets pressed down to a few traits.
• like i’m not trying to be biased but i think of all the batboys his reboot characterization was the shittiest overall. (don’t even get me started on the girls)

that being said!! (this isn’t in order of how to read them btw i’m just listing as it comes to mind)

• Red Robin (2009-2011) - probably the best, most concise Tim thing you can pick up to read? I don’t just recommend it because it’s my favorite and the art is amazing (thank you marcus to!!) but because it’s only 26 issues so really don’t have to spend a lot of time or resources reading it. as compared to like, his robin run or detective/batman comics and everything. but chris and fabian both do an AMAZING job with his characterization there! he’s smart, he’s witty, he’s sassy, his internal dialogue shows that he’s actually a giant fucking nerd. it’s really really good ! if you read nothing else tbh just read this.
• A Lonely Place of Dying (1989) - it’s pretty short and it’s about how Tim became Robin so it’s not the worst thing to pick up to have in your mental inventory about Tim’s characterization.
• Identity Crisis (2004-2005) - its not Tim-centric but it’s only 7 issues (?) and there’s some very important events that happen in it and characterize Tim and his relationship with his dad and Bruce so I think it’s worth the quick read.
• Teen Titans Vol 3 (2003-2011) - you don’t have to read every arc but if you’re looking for Tim and Kon shit, this is primarily where you’re gonna find it unless you go back to the old 90’s Young Justice comics. I think Titans Tomorrow and Titans of Tomorrow are good arcs (Tim’s pretty fucked up in the one) and the Life and Death (?) is more Kon-centric if you’re looking for those interactions I haven’t actually read all of these but @marbleaide did recommend them so I take her word
• Robin (1991-2009) - the dates might be off because volumes and yes it’s long af but and i haven’t even read all of it because the art style of the early stuff is just. so bad. But anyways, it’s entirely about Tim. It’s neat to see him evolve too, because he really changes from start to finish.
• Young Justice (1998-2003) The style is fucking ridiculous and I honestly have trouble reading most of the early parts of it because of that but it’s really fun and ridiculous and goofy and Tim has friends !!! Also lots of Tim and Kon interactions if that’s what you’re looking for. Plus 90’s Kon

• Adventure Comics #3 (2009) - takes place within the red robin comics and is entirely Tim and Kon and their friendship. It hurts my heart so good every time so I gotta recommend it.
• Superman/Batman #7/#26 - also some Tim and Kon stuff. Not full arcs, just a couple random issues that focus on them.

That’s……. all I can think of off the top of my head? There’s A LOT with tim drake tbh because he’s been around so long. not all of it is good- a lot of it is just kind of… eh. what I recommended is some of the better known Tim stuff that I think has pretty decent characterization. I know there’s other less Tim-involved arcs that he shows up in and a ton of other places he shows up, but yeah, this is the most “concise” list I can give you!! hope it helps !!