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“Bruce,” Geoff says as he holds the phone to his ear. “I didn’t know you even had my number.” The words were casual but the accusation underneath was not missed.

“I got it from a friend.”

“And who-”

“We need your help,” Bruce interrupts, his tone firm and not betraying any further intentions though Geoff could tell immediately something was up.

“And what makes you think we’re going to provide you any help? I thought you would ‘rather loose your dick than accept help from us’ if I remember the conversation right.”

Bruce doesn’t react, doesn’t correct Geoff that that wasn’t what he said and Geoff frowns in concern. Clearly Bruce wasn’t fucking around. This was serious.

“We need your help. They have Elyse.”

Geoff takes a sharp intake of breath, face hardening. Geoff starts trying to calculate what weapons they have, how many people he can spare at this moment, how fast he could get there-

“What do you need us to do?” Geoff says, already preparing himself to do whatever is necessary to help.


all the relationships in pushing daisies |→ olive and emerson

“If the day finally comes that being around pie boy and his pie girl make your suffering insufferable, I just want you to know that there’s a place for you–right here in this professional establishment.”

The Raven Cycle Fanfiction Recommendations

So I did a thing for science recently. I went through AO3 and read all of the completed The Raven Cycle fanfiction on there except the really weird shit (meaning anything involving fucking Kavinsky & his crew, Gansey/Adam, Gansey/Ronan or Adam/Blue and most death fics because FUCK YOU SERIOUSLY WHO WRITES THAT SHIT I WILL FIGHT YOU)

And yes – somehow 90% of these ended up being Pynch I have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER how that could have happened. I mean, I’m sure there are lots of good Bluesey fics out there but I am super picky about them for some reason

*I’ll probably update this periodically if I read anything exceptionally good in the future.

General & non-ship specific & OT5 fics:

Prelude in BMW
-A prequel chapter of sorts to The Raven Boys

Eight of Swords
-Unfinished business needs to be resolved before Blue and the boys can safely enter the cave by the dreaming tree in Cabeswater.

-Angsty Noah shit

Your Hand in Mine
-Adam Parrish feels

All the Rooms of the Castle
-The Adam/Blue/Gansey/Ronan(/Noah) fic you knew was coming. Maggie Stiefvater said that polyamory was not the answer, but she’s clearly wrong

The Smallest Twine May Lead Me
-Blue is attacked by a giant bug. OT5 feels.

Something Old, Something New
-Short OT5 feels pre Bluesy wedding

Mt. Nail Gun
-Ronan builds a giant volcano. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

The Secrets We Share
-Ronan and Matthew have an important conversation.

The One Where the Tea was Mislabeled
-Adam and Gansey happen upon Ronan and Blue who are high as fuck. OT5 feels obvs.

All The Things You Might Have Said
-A day at the Barns, searching for hidden treasure amongst the dreamt objects. OT4 feels.

Bed Defacement
-Blue and Gansey are speculating over their friends when they walk in on Adam and Ronan doing something that will leave Gansey scarred for life

Things You Said
-Multiple characters/relationships from Things You Said prompt

Helter Skelter
- Sargent-Lynch siblings AU.

-Blue and Ronan have a brief conversation.

Tired of Waiting For You
-Super short but super adorable

Out for Re-Henge
-Ronan teaches Blue to drive stick and they have adventures.

Blue Takes Ronan to Prom
-The title says it all tbh BROTP

Asking Nicely
-in which Ronan contemplates throwing Blue into the sea for being difficult.

Our Sisters Hold Our Mirros
-Ronan and Blue BROTP that overlaps the end of/set immediately after blue lily, lily blue. some minor tweaks to the canon re: blue’s injuries.


Taking Something More
-Blue isn’t going to let any old curse stop her from getting it on with Gansey.

We’ll Never Sleep (God Know We’ll Try)
-Blue, Gansey, Adam and Ronan are stuck in a motel. Bonus Blue/Ronan BROTP feels & background Pynch

Hurts a Little Less
-Blue is not feeling great. Gansey sends people to make her feel better Cuteeeee

Guess Who?
-Gansey surprise Blue


The Lives of the Heart
-Vignettes of Adam and Ronan, running from pre-series through the future in no particular order.

Dream a Little
-Adam is the one dreaming this time.

First and Third
-Ronan and Adam getting together. Poooooooorn.

Here and Now
-Sequel to First and Third

And I Like You
-Driving. BMW. Much yes.

-Ronan is very bored while Adam is studying and is annoyingly demanding of attention and affection.

The small room in the attic of St. Agnes
-Ronan’s first sleepover at St. Agnes. Between Raven Boys and Dream Thieves.

The Fear That You Can’t Shift
-When the BMW breaks down in the middle of nowhere during a heat wave, Adam insists on trying to fix it. Ronan has other ideas.

You’ve Been Lonely (too long)
-They are becoming a thing.

-Adam sees himself in Ronan’s tattoo.

We’ll See What This Love Is For
-Porn with feelings

The Evolution of Pynch
-Seven part series. Feelings.

Paws and Claws and Kisses
-Pynch with kittens AKA the cutest thing ever

Let’s Start Wildfires
-Post BLLB. Pynch at a funeral (not Gansey’s)

Our Veins Are Busy but my Heart’s in Atrophy
-the beginning of ronan and adam

Your Cold and I Burn

Places and Moments
-Ronan can’t sleep, so he goes to see Adam.

Show Me How The Bones Shake
-First kiss fic

In Your Dreams
-Ronan’s been dreaming a lot about Adam lately.

(I’d be an anchor) but I’m Scared You’d Drown
-Adam is drunk, Ronan is staring

Burning Away from Inside
-Adam and Ronan get snowed in at the Barns for a few days and it’s pretty much as disgustingly cheesy as you can imagine.

Bearing Gifts
-Ronan gets Adam a phone

So We’re Helpless in Sleep and Struggling at the Bootom of the Pool
- In which Ronan thinks he’s going to teach Adam how to swim.

An Evening Spent Sledding
-Pynch & bonus OT5 feels

You Did Say You Liked Peppermint
- Ronan gets Adam a peppermint latte for the first time and watch all the dumb Christmas movies alone at Monmouth

-Angst lovely angst

In Soft and Sheltered Places
-This time it’s Ronan who’s fluently disdainful of Adam’s clumsy attempts to communicate. Until he realizes what Adam is really trying to say.

In this Light, I Can’t Even Look at You
-Ronan takes Adam to the Barns a second time, in the middle of the night.

Steal Me Away With Your Eyes and Your Mouth
-Maybe Ronan only knows how to love dream things. Adam’s not anyone’s dream.

Pound of Flesh
-3 part series with established relationship & feeeeeeeels

-Ronan dreams up a picnic, which he and Adam share on a sunny Saturday morning – amidst unresolved tension, Adam’s slow realizations of what he wants, and lots of slow-burning, of course.

Close Your Eyes and Shut Your Mouth
-Five times Ronan slept at Adam’s, and the one time Adam asked him to.

Said Your Name in an Empty Room
-Adam kisses Ronan and then goes to D.C. with Gansey & stuff

Things You Said at 1 a.m.
-Adam somehow knows exactly who it is even as he’s pulled from sleep.

As Loud As My Heart
-Adam figures it out, with some help from his friends.

Circular Logic
-Right now, Adam hates just about everything, and Ronan will not just go away like any normal person would.

The North Star
-Adam’s second favorite pastime is not getting caught staring at Ronan. He’s very good at it.

I Would Be Glad to Tell You and Walk Away
-The problem, when it came down to it, was that the longer he waited for Ronan to actually do something about how he felt, the more Adam wanted him to.

Burning all the Bridges
-Ronan gets Adam high fucking hiiiiiilarious

Just Forget the Night
-They weren’t dating. Not technically, anyway, no matter what Gansey’s raised eyebrows and Blue’s knowing smirk said.

An Accidental Kiss
-In which secret relationships are actually not secret at all and Noah is a little shit.

Physics Homework & Vocab Building Strategies
-Two parter. Ronan is distracting. A+++++

Like Vines
-Communication is hard, especially when one of you can’t speak at all.

I was Just Late to Want
-Sometimes, Ronan dreamt of a beach. Sometimes, Ronan dreamt of Adam.

All the Ashes in my Wake
-four times Adam wakes up in Ronan’s bed (and one time they wake up in his)

-Scapulimancy is the practice of divination by use of scapulae (shoulder blades).

And I Swore they Started Singing
-Ronan Lynch is kicked out of Monmouth for the night and Adam Parrish has a lot of feelings.

-Adam thinks, wishes, dreams, longs for: warmth, comfort, the right thing to say.

Bad Ideas
-Adam should’ve known that Ronan’s idea of ‘fun’ would involve breaking the law and public nudity.

-Besides, it was Ronan who had started watching him. Ronan who had decided that Adam Parrish was indeed something worth looking at.

Shaking Hands with the Dark Parts of my Thoughts
-Adam tells Ronan about the death list.

The To Not Do List
-Adam wants to stay in bed.

Curious Little Thing
-In which Ronan accidentally dreams himself a baby, which looks oddly like Adam.

Roses on Parade
-Adam accidentally ends up in Ronan’s dream and Ronan is very Ronan about it and Adam is very Adam about it.

-It was difficult for Adam to ignore a question once it was posed, and Ronan was the biggest question of all.

All that We See or Seem
-There is something in the air. Something that has loosened a bolt in Ronan’s chest, loosened his tongue in the process.

Swallow My Heart and Flee
-Things Ronan thinks about.

Lights Will Guide You Home
-They’re too young and too stupid to understand what it means to be forever; but little by little they get there.

Under Me You So Quite New
- He thinks he’s forgotten the feeling of anything but Ronan Lynch’s eyes on him.

The Dreams We Should Be Having
-Ronan shows up while Adam is sleeping

Between the Daylight and the Deep Sea
-Two part series. Adam comes to terms with his truth, with help from Cabeswater and Gansey.

Could You Put a Name to Someone Else’s Sigh
-Sometimes Ronan dreams about sex. Sometimes he dreams about Adam. And sometimes he’s worried that those dreams won’t stay safely in his head.

Body Count
-AU where Adam doesn’t leave after Ronan’s dream body dies in front of him during BLLB.

Boys on Fire Never Burn Out
-Ronan’s always Ronan. Even when he isn’t.

Don’t you Wanna Claim My Body Like a Vandal?
-This has no conceivable plot, it is basically just grown magical boys being nerds in the bedroom.

Drive It Like You Stole It
-“He wants you,” Gansey said bluntly. Adam sucked in a breath, feeling the words in his whole body. “I’m not saying Cabeswater can do anything about that. But I think it’s important to wonder if it might.”

-Dreams do come true. Ronan and Adam take a trip to the barns to let off some steam. It is exactly what both of them need.

Give Yourself Completely
-Angry Kissing

Hold the Light that Fixes You in Time
-Adam and Ronan get all domestic

-At twenty-two, Adam hasn’t been back to Henrietta in two years. He convinces himself he doesn’t miss it, until the day it comes looking for him.

Hotter Than the Sun, Sweeter Than Spring
-Out in the sun-warm grass of the Barns, everything is funny, and Ronan makes Adam wish that it would always be summer.

I Am Stained With Light
-One morning Adam wakes up to find that Ronan has cut himself on a sharp, heavy piece of stained glass he accidentally pulled from his dream. This gives them each different things to consider.

It’s Been a Long Time Coming
-Adam hurts and seeing Ronan hurts a little less.

It Won’t Ever Get Old, Not In My Soul
-Ronan walks in on Adam naked. A character study of sorts.

-In that moment they were limitless, the two of them, careening down a nameless road outside of Henrietta in a car as black as the night around them.

Let’s Be Reckless Teenagers in Love
-It was like the shopping cart all over again.

Matchmaker Calla
-Adam was so tired of being afraid.

Not His Fucking Pillow
-Adam is sleeping, Noah is teasing

The Numinous Intent
-For Adam and Ronan, fathers and poetry and love are heavy things, made more so by their necessity. But bodies, bodies are simple and can say twice as much.

The Opposite of Violence
-What he didn’t know was when it had stopped being a crush, and when he started feeling Ronan’s gaze glancing off his skin like sparks.

Simmer Down and Pucker Up
-Cabeswater had taken his dream and shared it with the only other person who could ever be close enough to Cabeswater to see it.

A Streelight For the Stars
-Ronan brings back a Dream! Adam. Shenanigans ensue.

-Pynch roadrip

Talking Body
-Drunk idiots

These Hands are Tied
-Adam and Ronan determined to prove that they could keep their damn hands to themselves

Things to Keep in Mind When Loving Adam Parrish
-A mental list that Ronan carries as he progresses through his relationship with Adam.

Things to Keep in Mind When Loving Ronan Lynch
- A mental list that Adam carries as he progresses through his relationship with Ronan

Things You Said Through Your Teeth
-Ronan isn’t ready for this. It’s possible that he’ll never be ready for this, never be ready for Adam to tell him one way or another what it’s going to be.

This Isn’t a Heist
-Ronan only says it to piss off Declan. He doesn’t take into account what it will do to everyone else. (Or, that one where Adam and Ronan are fake dating.)

You’ve Discovered Something You Don’t Have a Name For
-Ronan kisses Adam. Feels ensue.

Aromantics do not have to be in queerplatonic relationships. Aromantics do not have to get “friend-married.” Aromantics do not need to make up for our lack of romantic attraction. There isn’t an empty void left behind that we have to fill with some other form of a deep relationship. Choosing not to pursue these things is completely fine and doesn’t invalidate anyone. 


Right. So this is what I wanted to talk about.

Guys. Now hear me out here. I think Garnet is a fusion.

With all the information and evidence this show has shown in the twelve episodes I have seen, this is the one rational conclusion I can make. It answers every little question I possibly have, and doesn’t conflict with any information I am aware of.

Garnet turned on the red and blue Gemstones on the door, matching her eye colors. The magenta-like color of hers is directly between red and blue on the color spectrum. Both she and Opal have two gemstones and additional body parts on their bodies. She is also notably more powerful than both Amethyst and Pearl. And additionally, her two gemstones have different cuts.

The two missing members of the Crystal Gems *are* Garnet. The trouble is, I have no idea why they’re fused 24/7. I have no context whatsoever for this.

Yes, this is what I believe. I’m going to be keeping an eager and earnest look out for all information related to fusion and Garnet from now on– And I once again ask that no one spoil me on ANYTHING. Not even so much as a hint, or a “you’re on the right track” or anything of the sort. Thank you.

Confessions (Bucky x Reader)

Word Count: 1,500

A/N: kk guys so i have like no ideas at all like whatsoever so ur going to just have to deal w the bs i post until one of ya’ll sends me a request 

                When you finally got together with Bucky, as an official couple, you expected him to tell at least Steve. It had been a couple months now, and when you two were by yourselves, it was amazing. He would treat you like a princess, he never stopped smiling, he would always be touching you, someway, somehow. His hand was glued to either your waist, the small of your back, the back of your neck, or your shoulders. He just loved having the human contact.  

               But when you two were with the team, he barely looked at you. You were lucky if you got a single smile in a whole session. You had tried to sit next to him, but he refused to put his arm close to you or around you, and it was starting to make you angry. You knew that he could do better, but you hadn’t known how ashamed he really was of you. He wouldn’t even let his friends know about you.

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anonymous asked:

Even though I've read the entire manga, I'm still confused as to why Fai uses "ore", which is a tough/masculine/semi-rude way of saying "I" in Japanese. Normally his character archetype would use "boku" which is a more meek/polite/timid way of saying "I", or "watashi" which is neutral/standard. Fai, what do you mean by that? Have any ideas, completeoveranalysis? Anyone else? x-x It's really confusing to me. Given his personality/mask, "boku" or "watashi" would seem more fitting, yet...

I wish I knew enough about Japanese (or Fai) to answer this! But sadly, as it is, I have no idea whatsoever. 

Unless it’s just Fai messing with us on purpose. That seems to be his specialty.

Hey fellow Septicfans,

I have a really good idea, for a Jacksepticeye fangame, but I have NO knowledge whatsoever about game developing or any of this, so I thought maybe someone wants to team up with me about this?
I’d really appreciate the help, since I wanna make this idea come true, like a BOSS.

Thanks for helping and spreading this around. I really hope someone will help me.

Till, then stay cool you guys!

@therealjacksepticeye Can you spread this, maybe, so I can find someone? Thanks. You’re awesome!

We Try And Run Away, But End Up Running Back

Hi im in the study area in college and I have another exam tomorrow so I probably should be doing anything other than writing fic but . oops

Also I hope no-one can read this over my shoulder im so paranoid lol I’ve had to turn my laptop screen brightness right down how #shady of me

Although this is primarily reality-based, not all the elements of this fic are accurate so pls excuse if Dan and Phil’s roles seem a little out of character lol I don’t often write reality stuff I think AU is more my calling

HoweVER I still hope this is somewhat ok <33

(tw; brief mention of self-harm)


summary: It’s 2012, and they’ve settled into an unhealthy routine. They argue every day, fight every night, and Dan plays the piano at a volume no-one would deem acceptable for 2am. But when they’re in bed and too tired to bother with conflict, 2009 doesn’t seem as distant as it does in the daylight, and perhaps they never fell out of love after all.

words: 4.3k

(kinda loosely based on creep by radiohead [x] and crash by ymas [x])


It’s two in the morning, and Dan doesn’t really know how this argument started. There are too many arguments these days; every day in their recent lives another episode in the series, crashing into another in a medley of fights and tears and one door slam after the other. He’s lost count – he can’t remember.

But what he does know, is that however it started, it wasn’t his fault.  It wasn’t his fucking fault and he shouldn’t take the blame for it, he won’t let Phil push the blame on him for this.

“Why the fuck didn’t you check?” Phil follows him into the kitchen, shoving open the glass door from where Dan had slammed it behind him.

“Why is it my fucking duty to do everything?” Dan fires back, feeling the thrum of his heartbeat in his ears. “What do you expect me to do – sit on fucking Tumblr twenty-four hours a fucking day?”

“Don’t you think it’d just be a little more logical to track your tag every now and then?” Phil grits his teeth.

“And what – scroll through hundreds of fucking posts per second?” Dan shoots back. “It’s impossible for me to check everything, for fuck’s sake.”

“When did I ever suggest you check everything?” Phil challenges. “I just- we just need to be a little more careful, is what I’m saying.”

“Careful?!” Dan repeats, his voice going a little shrill; probably from the constant shouting they’ve been doing all evening. “You don’t even fucking know the meaning of the word careful.”

“I know more than you,” Phil folds his arms, leaning against the worktop and Dan sees red.

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so bc of textsfromphan i just about pissed myself with everything they made and for some diddly do reason i thought maybe i could try it out and submit it but hm the submit wasnt working on my crap computer…i made a thing basically 

Inspired by didyoumeanphan 

anonymous asked:

Hi, Jenna! Thank you for your wonderful blog (and your book, of course). I was wondering about your daily routine. I have no idea whatsoever how a full-time writer spends her day! Like you wake up, meditate and have a run, etc.? I mean, if you have all the time in the world to write, how can you escape this pleasure and do something else?

Short answer: you don’t.

Long answer: A full-time writer doesn’t just write all day. Writing, regardless of being self or traditionally published, is a business, and there are lots of other jobs to tend to outside of just writing. There is always something to do. I can get ten things done in a day, and I’ll still be behind on my list. It’s a very involved, very busy job. I’ll have time to meditate and go on a run once I get to a point where I can afford an assistant. Maybe. 

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22 for andreil!! I love your writing

fic meme 1-100: andreil + 22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

send me a pairing (preferably from aftg/trc) and a number and i’ll write you a drabble (1-50) (51-100)

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riosdraws  asked:

I love your game. Please continue working on that. Can we have Karamatsu trying to flirt with some girls and being rejected? And then it explodes? (??)

yknow thats a fucking brilliant idea i actually have no ideas whatsoever what to put in the game so this helps a lot nice