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clothe yourself! [part 2]

Okay, so in the last post I covered why we wear clothes and why aliens might not. I have no idea how to create a link, so if anyone wants to do that and knows the part one of which I speak then go ahead. But for anyone who hasn’t read it and wants to read that at the moment you might need to just scroll down a little way on my account, it shouldn’t be far.

Anyway, in this post I’m going to cover how weird human fashion is,  because trust me, it’s weird.

WE OFTEN LIKE THINGS SOLEY BECAUSE THEY ARE ‘POPULAR’  what’s with this? What deems something popular? Okay, let’s actually figure some stuff out rather than just going wtf. I have no idea why some things are or aren’t popular, but that’s actually an interesting point I’ll get back to later. My first point actually links into a previous post of mine “what’s in a meme?” [once again, no link sorry] for those of you who haven’t read it I’ll still clover what I mean it is the fact that we move on from one fashion to another so quickly, often for no apparent reason. Like I gat that weather changes, so they might assume that the reason we change the type of clothes we wear so often is purely to do with the weather. Now imagine it gets around to winter again, but the human doesn’t wear it’s old winter outfits. The alien is confused at first, but then shakes it off and figures that maybe human clothes just don’t have the same durability as alien ones and can only be worn that one year. They make a note to get some more durable fabrics for the human. After a while they approach the human friend about this, and ask if they would like some longer lasting fabrics. The human however just laughs them off and tells them that the only reason they don’t wear them anymore is because they aren’t in fashion. When the alien asks what in fashion means human tells them it means that it’s what everyone else is wearing, what everyone currently likes most. Cue alien being confused and wondering if it means that if how many people are ‘into’ something the stronger it becomes.

The alien eventually gives n and when anyone asks why the human’s clothes change so often the tell them that their outfits change with the ‘seasons’

“But we don’t have seasons like they do on earth?”

“I believe that it is now such a built in instinct that they can’t change it.”

Now that we’ve covered that, what about those people who don’t give a fuck about the weather and will wear whatever they feel like:

Alien: Human!george, do you not need to wear more? These ‘fishnets’ and that ‘tank top’ are not sufficient for this weather with your lack of fur”

Human: Don’t be such a worrywart, I’ll be fine.

Alien: But this planet is currently experiencing a cycle similar to one of your earth ‘winters’ my guide to humankind has informed me that humans stay wrapped up warm during these times

Human: Oh, only pansies do that, real men are out here, fighting the cold!

Alien: Human!george, I do not think it wise-

Human: Don’t worry bout a thing, a breeze and a little snow never hurt anyone

Alien: Please come inside

So that’s about it for today, in summary, fashion confuses the hell outta me, imagine aliens trying to graso the concept. Sorry it’s not hugely in depth, but once again it’s getting late and I am fucking exhausted see ya tomorrow

unlucky-marine  asked:

((yo, u inspired me to make my own OC ask blog but i have no idea wtf i'm doing ._. any tips? ))


1. Don’t feel like you have to have every detail of your character planned out ahead of time! One of the things I’ve enjoyed so much about having this blog is how it’s allowed me to learn the more minor things about my character at a good pace. You’ll be surprised what you’ll come up with as you interact with different people/situations!

2. Don’t be afraid to change facts about your character as you go! My original main story for Wendy was almost completely different from what it is now, but through seeing other characters and being inspired by them, it made me rethink a lot of stuff with Wendy. Looking back at Wendy when I first created her, she was almost an entirely different character, but as I grew up, so did she, and more than likely so will your character. Let it happen, it’s completely normal!

3. DON’T BE AFRAID TO INTERACT WITH OTHER BLOGS. YES, EVEN CANON ONES. I think a lot of us grew up in an internet/fandom culture that really heavily frowned upon almost ANY sort of OC/Canon interactions, and I feel like even now there’s a lot of pressure for OCs to pretty exclusively interact with other OCs. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the pleasure of talking to a bunch of incredible, interesting characters, but the reason I made Wendy in the first place was well, because I loved the canon characters so much! And honestly, from my own experiences (and as someone who also runs a Canon character blog), interacting with OCs is fun! So get out there!

4. DON’T STRESS!!! Rp/ask blogs are supposed to be fun! It can get pretty easy to get lost in asks/replies and stuff and get overwhelmed, but remember that at the end of the day, we’re all just trying to have fun with characters we like. It’s ok to take a little longer on certain replies/asks. Don’t feel like you HAVE to get every reply out as soon as you can, trust me, you’ll burn out WAY faster than you think.

5. Make a rules/FAQ page! It doesn’t have to be perfect and it doesn’t have to include every single detail/scenario you could possibly imagine, but you’d be surprised how useful having some basic ground rules will be in running your blog. A lot of rp blogs that I know say they require some sort of rules/about page from their partners, and I completely get that! It helps to set up what sort of things will or won’t be acceptable to talk about/rp. If you’re stumped on what you could put for rules, take a look around on some other pages and see what they usually include. You’d be surprised what can be relevant for a blog!

Finally, if you’re looking for OP blogs to follow, @opask-directory is a great resource! Feel free to message them yourself to get added to the list.

Again, thank you so so so much for the kind words, and if you ever want someone to interact with, feel free to message me. Good luck, and I can’t wait to see more about your character!!!

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I started summer classes on Monday, and today (Wednesday) I went into the bathroom during break. I came out of the stall to wash my hands, this girl sees me and gasps. She gasps guys. And she goes “Oh my god, what happened to you!” because apparently she could see my chest bandage poking out from under my shirt and strategically-placed ponytail. (Didn’t have my POC with me; she’d have gasped so big she’d faint due to lack of oxygen. Irony.)

I’m not a sassy person. Usually. So when people ask ‘what’s wrong’ with me I use the response to… educate? Basically I confound them with medical terms and walk away while they go WTF DOES THAT MEAN?! I explained to this girl that I have Pulmonary Hypertension, the bandage covers an intravenous delivery of 24/7 medication via Hickman line. And her response was: “You’re so brave!” I had no idea what to say, so I went “THANKS!” and left.

I dunno about you guys, but I HATE it when strangers randomly tell me I’m brave. It’s always based on absolutely zero evidence, like that up there. It’s kind of insulting. It’s basically saying I’m brave for leaving my house today. I know it’s well-meaning, and she was very sweet, but all the same I shouldn’t be called ‘brave’ for doing something as mundane as going to class, which is super menial and expected of everyone else. That’s like getting a pat on the back for not being dead today. I’m not brave for living my life - I’m just living my life. I have literally no choice; that’s not brave, that’s existence. It irks me. Tell me I’m brave if I climb up a glass building using only plungers as suction cups. Don’t tell me I’m brave for showing up today. 

End rant. Thank you for listening xD

More Watertribe Lance
Also avatar Lance this time because we talked about this with friends and we are lance trash we wondered what kind of pet Lance would have if he was the avatar… Like Aang has Appa and Korra has Naga.

And we ended up with a Peacock-Lion because it just suits him perfectly

(also it was supposed to be Keith’s pet -bc yeah it’s definitely more a firenation-ish beast- but things happened ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) i’ll write headcanons someday lmao)

How to say "Monday" in the Romance Languages
  • French: Lundi
  • Italian: Lunedi
  • Romanian: Iuni
  • Spanish: Lunes
  • Portuguese: :)
  • Spanish: Hoe don't do it
  • Portuguese: Segunda-feira
  • Italian: "Second fair" wtf

charlienitram  asked:

Have you ever heard of Final Fantasy XV? If so have you played it before? I'm just curious haha

Yes! ♥ My brother has been playing it recently and I’ve been watching as well ((i’m more of a backseat gamer)) and I think it’s really awesome – but the feELS!!!

I told him to hold off the final battle for a while because I need to recover all my emotions LOL ((we’ve been finishing sidequests and doing the level grinds but we didn’t know that Chapter 9 and beyond was like a one-way trip to pain wtf))

I’ve been doodling the squad sometimes too ((first time sketching them hhh pls forgive the mistakes–gotta practice moreee)) *__* I also have some comic ideas for them ((the game haS SO MUCH CRACK MATERIAL if u look closer))

+++ Ignis is best ♥♥♥

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YO KARA SPEAKING LIKE 4 MILLION LANGUAGES AMD LENA TRYING TO FLIRT WITH HER IN FRENCH OR SMTH AND KARA BEING LIKE "that's the wrong verb tense" ".what" "you used the wrong verb tense"

lena not knowing what to say to that and kara being “the correct way would be-” and repeating the phrase with the correct form of the verb

lena being ridiculously turned on when she hears kara speaking french

lena asking kara how many languages she speaks and kara being all like ‘a lot’ and telling lena all the human languages she speaks, not even mentioning the aliens one

lena thinking she was rocking it because she can speak 6 languages and then kara is finished telling all the languages she can speak and lena is just… gaping

lena asking kara to teach her and kissing kara immediately, kara saying something like “not that i’m opposed but i can’t teach you like this” and lena just doing the left eyebrow thing™ and “are you sure?” and kara just making this serious face and nodding like “you’re right. it’s better if we try this way first”

Do any other autistic people have a thing where instructions need to be very specific? Like if someone is explaining something to you and it’s vague or even slightly complicated you just don’t understand any of it? Also when I try to explain things to others, I explain it weirdly, like the way I’m explaining it makes sense to me but everyone else has no idea wtf I’m talking about.

26.4.17 || 5/100 days of productivity

Had a pretty productive day today despite my state of sleeplessness, and finally got around to deep cleaning my room. ✌🏻 I’m talking dusting, vacuuming, sheet washing and changing. The fun stuff. I also worked on some notes and reading for my digital media class, when I should really be writing my criminology essay. Oops?

On another note, I’m somehow less than five followers away from 10k???? WTF YOU GUYS?! Y’ALL HAVE BEEN MULTIPLYING LIKE RABBITS! I wanna host a fun lil giveaway so let me know if you have any ideas for the prize! I’m on a budget though guys so it’ll have to be fairly affordable if I’m gonna ship it internationally. *cries at the thought of shipping prices but puts on a brave face because I love you guys* 💛 I hope you’re all having a lovely week!

🎶 Hard Times - Paramore